Next Girl Door Turned Me Lesbian

This is Poonam from Bangalore. A incident with a girl next door has ignited the lust and crave in me for a women’s body. I was not a bisexual before, just few incidents when I was 18. I have always been crazy for sex right from my childhood when I use to see my parents mate and few times I had seen house maid’s making love with driver.

For my introduction, I am poonam married and settled in Bangalore with a businessman. I am over satisfied with my sexual life, as my hubby sanjay satisfies me 2 or 3 times a week and he is just awesome in bed. I am 32year old and am on leaner side. People generally say I am skinny but have good bust size of 34. I have a son of 8 years age. Not many people know us in Bangalore as we have settled very recently in Bangalore. Being from a traditional community, my husband and me have a very reasonable and modern mind set.

Lesbian was introduced to me. My cousin was in 1st year degree. But that was at very lower level in sense that we fingered each other, hugged and kissed. But now it’s something different.

We came to Bangalore a year back and settled in a very good locality in individual bungalow. Neighbours are good and decent. It was a locality of mix religions as one neighbour was a kannadiga family and other one was a Telugu and in front where marwadi . I had brief introduction with all since we use to buy vegetable from the vendor who use to come in morning.

Marwadi women was in her early forties and kannada one was in middle 30’s. Telugu women was also in her late 40’s but had a daughter named priya. She is in 1st year degree and is very sweet and innocent looking girl. She is tall, slim but little darker in complexion. She regularly compliments me on my looks, the way I had maintained and mostly about my fair complexion. She loved my white skin. It seemed very normal as college going girls have the crave for fair complexion. Priya and me are good friends as I understand her well and more than her mother. In fact some times her mother comes and tell’s me to explain certain things to her as priya listens to me. In a short period of months we have become good friends.

Priya use to tell me about her friends, how things went in college and other stuffs. She use to spend at least an hour daily with me and talk her heart out. She was turning to be not so sweet as I had thought. She told me that she was not a virgin as her boy friend has sex with her twice and then they broke up and she was in pain since then. I told her to be very careful with boys as most of them don’t look beyond sex at this age to which she agreed and said ‘that’s why I am prefer only girls now a days’. I asked her what she meant by word ‘prefer girls’ and we laughed naughtily.

Things went smooth and her compliments increased day after day and now she started calling me with names like sexy, sweety, beautiful etc and also started tapping on my buttocks. It reminded me of my hubby who is very fond of my buttocks and tap it when ever he is at home. I dint mind priya doing the same as I thought it was a friendly gesture. Slowly from a tap she started to squeeze my ass cheeks which I thought was not usual but dint say any thing to priya. Priya always tried to touch me with one or the other excuses. She was little taller to me but had almost same vital stats except that I have almost a flat tummy and she has a very small belly.

One afternoon she came to my place with some clothes in her hand. She told me that she had picked up an outfit which she wanted to wear for a disco party next evening. She wanted me to judge how it looked as it was little revealing and her mother will not like it. I agreed and she came in and started to remove her clothes in hall. She was in a tight salwar suit and she immediately lifted the top exposing herself to me in a black net bra and pulled her paijama down exposing her black net panty. I was little surprise as she did not go to my bedroom or used a toilet to change. She then pulled her bra exposing her bare breast to me. Now I was little shocked although women do this in front of other women and don’t hesitate. Looking at nice shape of boobs I was little moved but not that i wanted them but it was nice to see young and nice shape boobs.

Then she opened the cover and took out the top and wore it. It was a soft material and stuck to her boobs and showed her exact shape of boobs and was short not even reaching half way to her navel and then pulled out a skirt and worn it which was black color and very tights and gave good fit and looked good on her nice shaped buttocks. Top had very deep cut and with out the bra inside it looked very vulgar. I know the different in vulgar and being sexy. Her belly was not flat and it looked odd and her boobs where not that big to look good.

So I told her top dint look good but skirt was very sexy but little short as it was a mini skirt. I never tried a mini skirt as I was not allowed or never had guts to do it even after having best figure for the same. Priya also agreed and was disappointed. Then she took out the top and again was topless and gave the top to me and said ‘sexy you try this as I am very sure it will look fantastic on you’ and she threw the top to me. I was in tights and a kurti.

I hesitated but when priya forced even I also wanted to try some thing like that. I dint want to get myself off clothes in front of priya but had no option. I pulled out my kurti and was in soft white bra and then priya commented ‘wow beautifull you are so white and have figure to die for’. I blushed and tried putting on the top as priya took of her skirt and was in her panty only. I could not help noticing her boobs again and again which priya noticed and she commented cheekily “mine are not as good as yours”. It was embarrassing and I wore the top.

Priya- you have to take the bra out as this top will not go along with the bra.

Me- no let me see how it looks, taking of bra is not needed.

Then priya threw the skirt to me and I pulled down the tights and just then priya tapped me on my bare ass cheeks and squeezed them as well. I loved it but felt little awkward also. Priya’s comments where turning me wet, priya was calling me with things like sexy ass, miss perfect boobs, sex delight and on and on. I was hot for what I don’t know but I was wet and turned on. I wore the outfit and it was looking so sexy, I never looked so sexy before. That outfit was designed for my body, I looked like a college girl in that outfit.

Priya- “wow you are looking so sexy and so yummy. Sweety you should wear this in front of uncle, he will eat you right there and then. Hhmmm you are looking dam sexy and beautiful. Take of the bra, its spoiling the look. With out bra it will look out of this world.” Saying this priya came close to me and touched me all over pretending to look around, she cupped my boobs, felt shape of my ass, ran her finger on my flat tummy, all this made me very hot and I was loosing control. She went back and lifted top up and unhooked the bra and pulled it in a single second exposing my half boobs.

I pulled down the top and actually I was looking sex goddess. Her warm breath on my neck was toxic and her body so close to mine felt so nice. I don’t know what was happening but I had lost control. Priya saw me with sweat on fore head and shivering and she knew what it was and she used the situation which I thing she created. She planted a kiss on my neck and ran her tongue up to my ears mean while caressing my boobs. I had given up myself to her. As she licked my ear lobe she went below the top and cupped my bare boobs. Ohhhh hhmmmmmm aaaahhhhh I was kind of moaning now. She played with my boobs, caressed them, squeezed them and pinched my nipples for a minute or so and continued licking and biting my ears. I was holding wall as her boobs pressed against my back.

Then she turned me around and I did not had guts to open my eyes, she started kissing my lips which slowly turned into smooch and her tongue entered my mouth. Her bare boobs where erect now as where mine and both where crushing against each other as she squeezed me in her arms as she French kissed me. From my waist her hand traveled down to my ass and she was caressing my bare ass cheeks and slowly started squeezing them lustfully. I felt as if I was very weak, I never understood what happened and what was happening. I actually dint try to either. I enjoyed priya and what she was doing to me. Almost 10mins we kissed and she caressed my body and I reacted positively and she then with confidence parted with me and bent and pulled down my panty and skirt and pulled down her own panty. We were completely nude and I was so wet that I was almost dripping.

She guided me to sofa and she sat and made me sit on her lap. Ohhhhh the soft skin of another women felt heaven. For next 15 or 20 minutes we just kissed and she caressed me. Atlast I reached for her boobs and cupped it. She squeezed my hands on her boobs and then she moaned aaahhhhhhhh…She ran her tongue from my lips to nipples and took nipple in her mouth and started to suck my nipples. Oh god her mouth was warm and my nipples where erect and ready to be crushed and chewed. I was breathing heavily and was restless, and suddenly with her left had she touched my pussy and with a shiver I jumped.

She stopped and both of us went inside to my bedroom and she also lifted the cover in which she had bought the outfit, there was something in it. We went inside the bedroom and now she was like a tigress who wanted to eat me. She pushed me on bed and was standing near my feet. She was looking at me and took out some thing from the cover. In dark I could not see what it was and she threw that on the bed. She reached for my legs and went on her knees and licked my toe and then took my toe in her mouth and sucked it…aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh hhhhmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhh yyyaaaaaaa I moaned out loud. No one had done that to me and I never knew it felt so nice.

She ran her wet tongue from toe up and reached my knees and then to upper inner thighs. It was heavenly feeling as she approached my pussy. She was a master and was doing perfectly and slowly as she reached boundary of my pussy. She circled the skin around licking and sucking and with a swift movement licked my clitts. I jumped with a shiver but she controlled me. My hands were on her shoulder and moving on her head and hair. Aaaahhhhhhh ooohhhhhhh hhhhhmmmmmmm nnnnaaaahhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aise nahi, I uttered but she did not stop. She licked the clitts and then parted the lips and went deep and started to lick as deep as possible. I was shivering and moaning loud. I never had such feeling when my hubby sanjay licked me.

To be frank I had my first round of orgasm there as she tongue fucked me and was relieved and settled and came to my senses some what. Priya knew I had leaked and could taste my cum but she never stopped. She continued licking my pussy and inserted her finger inside my wet pussy. It was nice feeling but as I had just cummed, I was not on. She came up and kissed my lips and we smooched and she was squeezing my boobs. I then reached for her pussy and caressed it. It was wet and sticky.

She put my finger in her pussy and moaned. I liked the warmth of her pussy and started pushing my finger in and out and she was enjoying. I bent a little and sucked her boobs and she was moaning heavily now. She was spreading her legs wide and pushing my face to her pussy. I knew she wanted her pussy to be licked. I slowly wet down and I swear it smelled like hell. For a second I pulled back but then I thought she licked me so well and made me cum and ate my sperms and I will have to at least lick her.

I went near and touched her clits with my tongue and she forcefully pushed my head on her pussy. Initially it was bad but then I liked the salty and musky taste of her pussy. I was licking it as I could because I dint knew how to lick. She was moaning and making loud noise. It turned me on and I finger fucked her and licked her at the same time as I had seen in some porn movies. For a minute I licked her and then priya said to come in 69 position. She made my lie down and she reached for my pussy and started to lick and giving her pussy position of my lips. We were licking each other and with these kind of things I was again turning on. Priya was hot and was eating my pussy with aggression and me to was doing the same. But priya was also fingered my ass hole in middle which felt so so so nice.

She was caressing the hole and tried pushing her finger in the ass hole which she succeeded. An inch of her finger was in my ass hole and she was moving it up and down while her tongue fucked my pussy. I got aggressive and inserted my finger in her ass and inserted my face in her pussy with my tongue in action. I felt her tongue on my ass hole and I realised she was licking my ass hole but she had also inserted some thing in my pussy which felt awesome. She was fucking my pussy and licking my ass and which made me go mad and I inserted my max finger in her ass and bit her pussy and chewed her clits.

I inserted one more finger in her tight pussy and started fingering her hard and licked at same time. She was shouting now and in no time she asked me to lick deep and remove the fingers. I did that and in less than 10 seconds I could feel warm drops and bad tasting drops of liquid. I realised it was her cum and wanted to pull but priya shouted “go deep with your tongue you bitch…” this language scared me and I kept my tongue running in and out and took her load of cum in my mouth and swallowed it. It was horrible.

She was slowing her movement of pussy on my face and I wanted to explode and told her I wanted to cum as well. Priya said ‘wait a minute you bitch I will fuck you and eat your sperms. And then she inserted some thing deep and started to fucked hard and also licked my ass hole at the same time. I said I am coming and she made me sit on her face so that complete load of my cum could be in her mouth and she swallowed every drop of it.

I was exhausted and dropped down on bed and she took out some thing from my pussy and started licking it. Later I realised she had a sex toy penis. Small not big, but very effective. She stayed on bed for an hour kissing and hugging and touching each other caressing. That’s when I realised what had happened. Priya made me lick her for 10 more minutes and busted another load in my mouth but this time she asked me to spit that in her mouth as she wanted to eat her own cum which I did. Priya was a dirty bitch but was too good.I asked priya “did you plan all this or it just happen”.

Priya- I knew your melting point and I planned this for last 3months. I have worked on it and executed it perfectly. How can I bring a sex toy if I have not planned it? I had an eye on you since the day I saw you in a thin saree a day when you were taking vegetable and while taking some thing your soft boobs pressed against my hand, I decided that day that I will nail this sexy bitch.

I was shocked to hear this language and change in tone from priya. But I loved it to. I asked her why only me, there are so many other women in this area.

Priya- none have white skin like you have and have a figure like yours. All are fat and out of shape. Yes smitha (kannada) is good but she does not last long and cum’s within minutes of licking.

I was shocked that she had sex with other neighbours also. Smitha was also good looking with big boobs and round ass. I was surprised when she said that we will have three some later as smitha is the best licker. Smitha was so simple looking and use to always talk of god and act holy and she was also a lesbian bitch I thought.

We got up and washed our mouth and fingers and dressed up. I was back to my tights and kurti and she was back in her salwar. As she was going she turned back and smooched me hugging tight. I took support of wall and balanced myself. She was squeezing my boobs and then pushed down my tights and turned me around facing wall and bending giving her good access for my pussy and ass hole. She kissed and licked both. Then she forced me on my knees and lowered her salwar and pushed my face on her ass hole and asked me to lick. I said I can’t do that and I kissed her ass hole and licked her pussy. We kissed as if we were lovers and she went home.

This happened yesterday and I don’t know what will happen today when she will come in evening to my place. I am scared and also excited as this is new world and I am enjoying.

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But don’t expect me to have sex with you, even if you are a women.Love,Poonam

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