Nice Road, Nice Sucking And Fun…

Want to share my experience when I was coming back to Bangalore in evening after long day of drive. I usually take NICE road to avoid city traffic. I am in my late thirty with average built and interested in guys and gals who like my 7.5 inch dick and never miss a chance if I get with a guy as well. I am with full energy and lookout for my chance.

On that day when I was yet to go to toll on NICE road, a guy mostly in late twenty asked for lift. It was getting dark and I stopped the car ahead. He came running and asked for lift to Hosur road. In the first look I found him juicy. He was fair with lips were thick, athletic body, neatly groomed and eyes were shining and looked fresh with light blue T-Shirt and dark Blue Jeans.

I felt there is something going to happen today. I opened the passenger door and asked to come in. Purposefully I kept my left hand on passenger seat. He did not observe and sat on my hand. Wow.. his bums are round and soft. My dick pushed my red Jockey inside my Jeans. In the process of taking my hand I felt his ass and ass cracks and felt his V-shape underwear. He did not react to my act and closed the door. He was smelling fresh with cologne and I was slightly with my honey sweat smell.

The door did not close properly and open indication was showing. so I leaned stretching my left hand and pulled the door with my right hand closing the door myself. Yes, it was fresh cologne smell coming from his body. While coming back to my seat, I lost my balance and to avoid falling I put my one hand on his chest and other on his thighs and said “Sorry, I slipped”. He said “Its Okay.”

He was not wearing vest and could feel his chest and nipple. After I started the car he said “Thanks for the ride” and I said “Its Okay”.

He said “I hope you are driving from long time” smelling my honey sweat.I said “Yes..”

When I put the first gear, my hand felt his right thigh. I did not do much as we had to cross the toll and had a small pep talk with him on what he is doing and where he is staying and so on.

I paid the toll and started again with first gear. With changing the gears, I occasionally started touching and brushing his right thigh from knee. He did do anything to avoid this and that gave me courage to do more. I did not lift my hand from gear lever and started driving not too fast. Then to try my luck, I put my hand on his knee. He looked at me and smiled. Now I thought this is my time to rock and roll. I did not move my hands from his knee and to that he opened his legs widely.

I slowly took my hand from knee to his crotch area. He again looked at me and I asked “Do you like it?”

He just nodded.

Then I touched his zipper of the Jeans to feel his dick. Slightly pressed the bulge he had on the left side. He moaned and felt both of us were aroused. I was also hard by this play and he took his right hand to feel my dick. Then he opened my Jeans zipper and put his hands inside. He caressed my side and I was enjoying while driving. then he removed my Jeans button and hold my dick. Already I was hard and precum was oozing. He took that in his finger and licked. Then he leaned and used his tongue to clean my precum from my dick. I pressed his head to take completely my dick in his sweet mouth. I was enjoying and driving.

To my bad luck, there were three trucks which blocked the way and I had to take my hand from him and he also took back. By the time I overtook the trucks, I touched his zipper and the excitement was reduced. He asked to stop to take piss. Again I felt this is one more chance I got and stopped where there were some bushes and trees on the left side which is almost half way of our journey.

Although I did not want to piss, I also got down and followed him. He went into cover behind the bush and tree so that no other vehicle could observe him . I went and stood next to him. He removed his Jeans button and zipper and lowered the Jeans to get a glance of his underwear. He was wearing white Calvin Klein. He lowered further and I could see it was a V-shaped one. He smiled at me naughtily and took his fly. It was a cut cock. I was pressing my dick all the time from my Jeans and squeezed his ass. He asked “You do not piss?”. I said “No. I want to see your dick and so came”

By that time, he did finished and didn’t pull his underwear and Jeans and came to me. He kneeled down and started opening my Jeans.

He lowered my Jeans and started pressing my dick on Red Jockey underwear. I started moaning and started to pinch my nipples myself which I enjoy a lot. He looked at me.I said “Jockey or nothing” asking him to remove his underwear.

He started sucking me and I was in heaven. He squeezed my ass, took my shaved balls in his mouth, played with my tip, drank my precum. I held his head and started to stroke and he gagged. After a while I said “I am coming..” He did not took his mouth and I shot a huge load like a fountain in his mouth. He did not leave a single drop and licked me dry.

Now I asked him to remove his underwear. He removed his Jeans and underwear and jacked off his 7 inch cleanly shaven dick. Then I did not leave him to wear Calvin Klein as I said “Jockey or nothing” 🙂 .

Then I left him on Hosur road and went back after exchanging his phone number. If you like the story contact me at [email protected]

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