Nice Swapping Of My Boyfriend

Hi all, I am a great fan of ISS. I am Jayashree and am a software engineer. This is the true story happen in my college life. When I studied in my engineering 1st year , I had a good friend come best friend called Jayalaksmi. We both used to say No good boys in the world , mostly we will get used boys. Finally we got a good boy in my class called Karthik. He is very active in studies but very silent in nature. So we try to love him. AS i was very friendly to him , I started loving him and jaya started loving a boy near her house.

Day past very fast and karthik became very close to me. One day when i was started message with him in night time , I start increase his mood to make in my way i started talking rubbish time. Finally he asked me “What r u wearing ?” I told “nighty ” then he asked my “inside?”. I told “Stop it don’t talk like this” and switch of my mobile. He send me more than 50 sorry msg and try to reach me but i went to sleep.

Then next day in the college , he asked me sorry but i shown my face to show him am angry with him but am not angry with him. One week later, I came to know jayalakshmi becoming close with karthik . So I accept his sorry and start talking normally. Now I though of use his innocent behaviour to lead a secure life.

One month later , I bought a new system. I got most of the software’s from karthik since i don’t to install the software , I called karthik to my house on a Saturday when my parents went to thirupathi. I though of enjoy with him on that day. He came to my house by 9 AM. I was wantly put a night which is make clear visible of my nipples. He notice my nipples many time while talking. By 11 o clock , I went to bath. He start installing the software’s. After my bath, I call him

ME : hey i forgot the towel da. Can u please take it?Him : where it is jai?Me : In the hall!He came and given the towel, I said thanks. He was standing at the bathroom entrance I know it well but I came very casually . He came behind me. When I enter into my room , i told “karthik please go out I thought u r good boy” with rough face. He went to system room but I decide to enjoy with him.

So i put my bra & jutty and came to computer room where karthik was sitting. Now karthik is in shock. He look me with shocking eyes .ME : Hey came to take my dressHim : U look so sexy!!!!Me : Thank you Him : Can i kiss u pleaseMe : No before marriage nothingHim : Please

He Came near to me and start kissing lip to lip for 5 minutes. Slowly he removed my pant and keep his finger . Am totally out of control. He taken me to bed room and open my legs wider, started to suck my pussy it was cleanly saved.Me : Hey hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm suppu da (Suck it well)

He done a very active foreplay with me. Then i remove his pant. It is surprise 4 me, 8 inc cock he has.

He : shake it and start suck it please.Me : No this is badHe : started insert his finger inside my pussyMe : started sucking it

He lied me in the bed and told me to start suck his pennies in 69 position. Then he started to press my boobs and suck it. My hand are in his pennies. I started rubbing it with my pussy and told please don’t break my virgin . He coolly replied “am not gonna do anything jai , you gonna break it by yourself see you’re rubbing it”

Then we went to bathroom and have a nice bath with foreplay and he cum me in my mouth. Then we done the same thing @ 2 o clock also. We enjoyed alot

Next Monday, I told this incident to jayalaskmi . Jaya have some interest with karthik.

Jaya : Hey how he done and how many minuted u done foreplay?Me : one hours. He make to the extreme core what a performance!!!!!Jaya : Enjoyyyyyyyyy  Shall i ask one thing?Me : What yarr?Jaya : Shall we have couple sex?

Me : what?Jaya : nothing wrong, u enjoy with ur boy friend and I will enjoy with my boy friend thats allMe : How can i say to him?Jaya :u can !!! Boys like it very muchAfter long conversation with karthik , we told ok . But jaya was laughing like villi

We plan to go for short trip to jaya’s farm house . We start talking with each other . Really big house then all became very comfortable

Jaya : Hey come here !!!!!Me : what yaar?Jaya : miss this tablet in juice and give to him!!!

Me : It is Viagra right ????? but he can be spent more time without thisJaya : but my boy friend told it can be work for more than 1 hours

Finally we both came out nude with a glass of juice and sit on our boy friend given them Viagra. Then we started kissing and start removing the dress. We started sucking pennies . Suddenly

Jaya : hey karthik , come on i will suck ur pennies!!!!!!!Me : Hey jaya what is this then what i will do??????Sathish (jaya’s boy friend) : Come and suck me baby!!!!!!Jaya : come on karthik

Karthik : jai this is good deal , we will swap.Jaya : thats good

Sathish : start licking jai and karthik was sucking by jaya

Jaya was super figure karthik said this. She is tall and big boobs and blacky pussy

Sathish start sucking my pussy and created mood . Karthik was in action with jaya and jaya told shall we fuck karthik???Me : hey karthik u break my pussy

Karthik : sure ;)Sathish : Do u have condom?Karthik : No . can u give one for meSathish :ok

Karthik slowly insert his pennies inside my pussy and broken my virigin . Jaya don’t have this prob , she was not virigin at that time. Karthik started fucking me for 15 minutes slowly as it increase th mood he started fastly . Sathish came near to us and told “Boss I wanna fuck her , u can use jaya for some time”. I don’t like that but I cant stop him , cos jaya and boy friend in hang over then sathish insert his pennies into mine, it is bigger in wide than karthik . So more pain.

On other side jaya is ridding on karthik pennies with lip to lip kiss . both of them fuck us really hard and finally sathish got cum first and we both went to bathroom to wash my blood and his cum. We came after 10 minutes, still karthik is fucking jaya. It was climax stage so we help jaya to get organism by licking her pussy when karthik’s pennies is inside .

Then karthik taken jaya to bathroom and wash it. All 4 was in nude for half and hour then karthik and jaya started kissing again . Sathish not having idea of taking out his hand from my pussy.Send me your feedback to my mail ID

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