Noor Arora: 2 Dicks In One Day

Noor arora:

Hi guys,

Romy (I am a guy) back to bring you more episodes in the saga of our favorite slut noor. I have received great feedback for noor’s stories and hope you guys keep continuing the love. Please do not forget like the story (give thumbs up) because that gives stories popular or editor choice status. Let’s go from noor’s pov now. Hope people are pleasuring themselves to these stories. I have received primarily male feedback. Would love to hear from the women who read iss as well.

Hi d’s and p’s

I hope people are pleasuring themselves to my stories. I just love knowing someone is imagining me somewhere stroking their cocks or fingering their pussies. It definitely turns me on, and I would be lying if I did not admit I have played with myself reading all the good feedback.

I hope everyone loved the goa vacation story. So this time, I have a slightly long albeit quite horny story from college. Ok, so at the time I was kind of dating 2 different guys (yes, I know, slut). Neither of them knew, well they were more than content at being lucky enough to have my mouth around their dicks, so I doubt they would have cared anyways. So this is the story of one of those days when I kind of went wild and too horny and ended up getting destroyed by both (separately) of them. So this is from when I was in first year college, (du), I was dating one muslim guy ahmed and one hindu guy salil.

Ahmed was from jamia, I met him on tinder and we hit it off. He was 5 feet 10 inches, slim had a good body and a nice 6.5 inch uncircumcised cock (which made it look bigger). Salil was from my college and was 6 feet, had a nice 5.5 inch cock which was much thicker than ahmed’s. This was a usual day; I got up horny (more than usual), wore my robe and went to the loo. Oh btw, I stay with my parents and my younger brother who is 16 and in 11th, we like in a bungalow in civil lines as my dad is quite wealthy. While talking the shower, I started getting quite horny, but I thought I would get ready first so kept myself from fingering. After I came out of the shower, I wiped myself with a towel and looked at myself in the mirror.

God, I was hot, I had nice black hair with curls at the bottom, which were at the moment wet and hugging my body. They were up till waist length (need to get a haircut), as I kept checking myself out, next I stared at my big breasts. They really are perfect man, for a girl at the age of 31; they are perfect, 34c, big round, perfectly perky, no sag and super pink nipples. Most of the guys I have been with always spend a special extra amount of time on my nipples, because they could not believe how pink and yum they looked. By now I had gotten horny, so I started massaging my right boob, pinching the nipple and the other hand was grazing my labia and my pussy. Now, I was getting in the mood, so I sat down on the tub edge with my legs spread in front of the mirror and started fingering myself. I could feel how wet I was, and I came soon gushing cum out. Once done, I brought my finger to my nose and smelled it. I thought fuck it, and put the finger in my mouth, and oh my god, I could not believe how much I loved the taste of my own cum. I masturbated again and got ready for college.

I wore shorts (not too mini, don’t want to get raped in du) and a nice tube top. It was the summers so it was ok. I was wearing orange bra and panties underneath. I always wear fancy underwear. Went and had breakfast with the family, until salil came to pick me up. As I got in his car I was already a little horny and wanted to kiss, but was worried my mom or dad would see. Once we were a little away from my house, I grabbed his face and planted a nice and wet kiss on his lips. I love kissing too guys, by now you have realized I am sure. He stopped the car on the side, and we kept kissing, which turned into wet french kissing and he started groping my breasts too. Loved it when he stopped and said “Someone’s extra horny today”, I just gave a smirk and said “I am always horny baby”. We got back on the road and I could feel my panties quite wet from the make out session. He suddenly said “Noor baby, I am too hard now! Who is going to take care of that” and I responded “Who else baby, your slave noor” and started unbuckling his dick in the car. We only had 10 minutes so I quickly took it out and in my hand. Man, since I had woken up, I was thinking of when I would have a dick to satisfy me. And finally, I had one. Salil’s dick is super thick, like I have to stretch my mouth around it. I started stroking it, pulling the foreskin down slowly and playing with his balls. Suddenly, he grabbed my head and pushed me to his cock.

Being the nice slut that I am, I invitingly took the huge dick head in my mouth and started twirling my tongue around it in my mouth. I rubbed his dick head in my cheeks, stretching my mouth. Then after licking from his balls to his dick head, I started taking it in my mouth and started fucking my mouth with his dick. I loved the awesome amount of pre-cum coming from his dick landing on my tongue. I loved playing with pre-cum. I kept bobbing my head down and up on his dick, and as I was bend, he easily started molesting my boobs. I loved it. I got up a little to notice we were in the parking lot of the college, which meant the parking guy probably saw me sucking salil’s cock. I loved it. By now, I was bending on my seat; he was thrusting his dick in my mouth and groping my boobs. Then he put one hand on my ass and started groping it through the shorts. I was getting so turned on, I was slobbering all over his dick, spit, pre-cum and maybe piss had mixed in my mouth, when he suddenly put a hand on my shorts from behind and groped my naked skin by grabbing one of my butt cheeks. I could feel he was going to cum soon, so I started licking his balls while stroking his dick. He suddenly put 2 fingers in my pussy and started fingering me like crazy.

Now I was freaking out, and as he kept going, he grabbed me by my hair, thrust his dick in my throat and started cumming. While cumming, he did not take his finger from my pussy, and kept bringing me close to orgasm. It was such a dirty thing to be doing. My mom would freak, but here I was, in my boyfriend’s car bent over his dick, with it in my throat and his fingers in my pussy in the college parking lot. Haha. Once salil was done cumming, he went crazy on my pussy fingering it with 4 fingers. When I was about to cum, I just raise my face off his dick (I had collecting all his cum in my mouth and was gargling on it), and started staring at him feeling the 4 fingers in me. Suddenly, he put one finger in my ass, and that was the trigger to me cumming. As I started cumming, I grabbed his face and thrust my semen covered tongue in his mouth and kept on making out knowing he was kissing his dick and semen, which turned me on even more. He cleaned my mouth with his tongue, and once I was done cumming, he just grabbed my head and hugged me tight. Hehe, he was a little sentimental. We got out of the car, fixed our clothes and head to classes.

I just love walking into college, knowing my panties are wet, my pussy played with and cum in my mouth and lips, while no one has any idea how dirty I am. I love how random shady guys stared. I turned myself on thinking, poor guys would masturbate right now if they knew what I was doing 30 min back. I had to meet ahmed after college today, and I was sure he was going to fuck me properly. The thing is, I was dating salil just because he was in my college, but he had gotten a little attached to me. Ahmed, I met 2 months ago at a muslim friend’s party, and we just hit it off and it ended with him fucking me in an empty parking lot. Salil never knew, and because he would work with his dad during the day, I had enough opportunity to meet ahmed. I had 0 intention of marrying either of them so I did not really care even if they found out.

During college the only thing I could think about was to fuck, I needed a dick in me as my pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I texted salil “I need my pussy pounded right fucking now”, and he just looked at me and smiled mischievously. We still had 3 hours of college remaining, so he started thinking. Suddenly, I got a call from ahmed and he said he was outside my college. He said he wanted to surprise me and fuck. God, I could not believe my luck, I told salil I was going to meet a friend at costa and left class. Ahmed has a scorpio so we used to fuck a lot in his car only. As soon as I got in his car, I started making out with him. (ha-ha, he was indirectly kissing and licking salil’s sperm). Doing these kinds of things really turns me on. I really feel like a slut thinking I had someone else’s cum in my mouth and am making out with someone else. I made him go to a secluded area near north campus, the ridge by the time we had reached, I was already stroking and sucking his uncircumcised mushroom head and my t-shirt was raised to my head so could grope and maul my boobs with complete freedom. The thing I like about cut dicks is that the head is not sensitive, so I do not need to be careful while stroking it. It is too much fun going crazy on it. Although, the smell and taste of an uncut dick is better.

As I was nicely moving my mouth and lips over his big nice hard dick, he pushed his seat back and started playing with my ass. After he spanked me a few times, I raised up, took off my shorts and panties in one go and went back to bobbing my head on his dick up and down. Now, I was naked in the car, while only his dick was out. I was arched like a dog, with my pussy and ass spreading and leaking juices from behind in the car. I told him to take off his shorts, and as he was doing the same, I moved up my face and started licking his lips with mine and thrusting my dirty pre cum tasting tongue in his mouth. He loved this, he pulled my hair from behind and started licking my lips. He thrust my face to his dick, grabbed his dick and smudged the wet pre cum all over my face. Then he slapped my lips a few times before rubbing his dick on my lips. Then he again pulled me up, took my dick covered lips in his mouth and started making out with me. By now there was a puddle under my pussy and I was getting way too horny. He realized this now, and asked me to move to the back with my back on the seat and legs on the ground. He quickly took his clothes off and came to me. He asked me to lower myself on the seat and he stood with his dick in front of my mouth.

I was saying only one thing on repeat now “Fuck me ahmed, please fuck me, my pussy craves your huge dick, I want to be split, I want cum in me, it is my safe day baby, you can come in me. But please just hurry and ram that cock in my cunt please”. He shut me up by face fucking me and kept saying “Bhen ki lodi, to batayegi mujhe kya karna hai”, “Darr mat, aaj teri chuut ache se maroonga. Iske baad tu dhang se chal nahi payegi” “But abhi to main tera mooh aise chodonga ki jabra dard karega”

And with that he kept going till my jaw actually hurt, and suddenly pulled my dick out and pushed my legs up and in one swift action drilled his big cock in me in one big stroke, filling me up completely inside. My little tight pussy was stretched at one go, but because I had been leaking cum all day, it was easy for ahmed to jam his cock inside. I felt so good, since I had woken up I wanted this. And now, only a few hours away from sucking salils dick in his car, I was on my back on the seat of ahmeds car, completely naked, with my legs up in the air while ahmed was pounded his dick into me with constant speed parked in a random spot on the ridge. He kept thrusting inside screaming obscenities “Bhen ki lodi, ab mazaa aah raha hai tereko, teri choot chudh rahi hai mere land se”. My boobs were bouncing everywhere as he was slamming into me. It was getting quite hot, his thrusts were so powerful that the car was moving, but it did not deter him. The only sound in the car was me screaming “Fuck me, chodo mujhe chodte raho”, coupled with his grunts and the sound of his balls slapping my ass. There was an amazing thap thap sound, when he suddenly withdrew and shoved his cock covered with my pussy juices in my mouth. He fucked my mouth roughly, and returned to fucking me. While fucking my mouth, he would take breaks and shove his asshole on my face. I did not mind as I love licking a guy’s ass. He alternated between my mouth and cunt for a while and I was just a slut in heat now. In his control, he could have done anything. I had cum a few times and another was approaching when he suddenly went to fucking my face and fingering me like crazy. I came again and went wild shivering on the seat.

He turned me around, made me horizontal so my face and boobs were on the window and put me in doggy style. I arched my back and stuck my ass out for him. He just started liking my pussy from behind, and quickly stuck his huge dick straight in and started spanking my ass while he fucked me like a dog. Oh god, I just love doggy, something about being on my hands and knees, my pussy on display from behind, and a hard dick pounding me from behind. I started thrusting back which led to more sound, and by now, my boobs and face was smashed on the window of the car. He suddenly came close to my ear and while groping my boobs like an animal said “Bohot tharki thi na tuu aaj, saari tharak nikal dunga aaj tu dekh” and rolled down the window and thrust my face and boobs out of it, and kept pounding me from behind. Omg, I came again, just from the fact that anyone passing by could see me getting fucked and my boobs jiggling like crazy.

I just wanted his cum in me now, and I said “Maderchod, chal ab jitna tez chod sakta hai chod, meri phuddi lal karde, mujhe apni bitch ki tarhaan chodh aur apna muth meri chooot mein nikal de”. I knew I would come again from feeling his cum inside me. I felt his grip on my waist tighten as his thrusts became almost animistic. I felt his dick throb and spurt gallons of cum deep in my womb, as I came again like a slut, started banging back on his dick till my orgasm subsided. I got back in the car and cleaned his balls and dick with my mouth, licked all the cum and made it shiny clean. Then I liked his asshole and balls and got up.

We just sat naked for a while, I was sitting with my legs open because I was so tired. I could see a little sperm cum out of my pussy, so I scooped it and ate it. The rest I remain in my pussy because well it was a turn on. Ahmed said he had to go so we dressed up, I fixed my hair and makeup and ahmed dropped us to the college. The second I reached I called salil to tell him I was back and he came running to the gate and gave me a hug. Now, in du people stare, sure there are plenty of horny women, but everyone goes to the parks and do not do stuff in open. He hugged me, and purposefully bashed my boobs on his chest. I just grabbed his face and gave him a nice deep french kiss right there mixing my tongue with his, making him taste ahmeds cum and asshole. Salil had no idea I was getting pumped like a bitch 30 mins ago. It turned me on more. Then we walked to class. Oh also, I could feel ahmeds cum in my pussy all the way to class as I walked.

During class salil was getting way too horny and handsy. Normally I do not mind, but in class, I did not want to be labelled a slut. But he knew how horny I was and kept going after me saying no. So I got ticked off and decided to get off and to fuck with him. I whispered in his ear “If you eat me out after this period, I will give you a hand job during the last period”. He obviously did not suspect shit, so after class, we were in an empty class room, my shorts and panties were off, and I was gripping his head with my legs sitting on the table. He was on the floor on his knees licking and eating my pussy like crazy, spending a good amount of time on my clit and labia, and well licking off ahmeds dried cum too. :p. I asked “Meri choot ka taste kaisa hai” to which he raised his head “Jannat jaisa noor”. Hahahah

I was so turned on, knowing he was eating ahmeds cum from my pussy. He kept going and going and made me cum right there in class. I shivered and almost suffocated his head with my legs. After that we returned to class and during the same, I did as promised. I opened his shorts and put my hand inside. We were on the last row so no one could see, and kept stroking his cock until he could not control and grunted and came in his underwear and on my hand. Hehe, the teacher looked at us but had not idea. After that, I withdrew my hand and sucked off all the cum to tease him. Shit, I was getting turned on again. And the pussy eating session had gotten me even hornier.

I knew I had to take salil back home today. My parents work and only my younger brother is at home during the day, although he just plays video games. Although I have been wondering lately whether he does more, because he is at the age of horniness. The rest of the day I and salil kept teasing each other and I kept telling him the dirty things I wanted, and how I wanted to get fucked like an animal. We got done with college and bought a couple of beers and head to my house. Ram (my 16 year old brother) opened the door, and let us inside. I asked him what’s up and he said he was playing xbox and rushed back to his room. I looked at salil and gave a smirk as we started moving to my room.

Now, btw, I should mention that I did not ask ram if he was alone (big mistake which you will know later) and I should really not have taken liberties knowing ram was at home. Well to be honest, nothing bad happened, to the contrary, it was a lot of fun and set me up for the future but it’s a story for next time.

Me and salil rushed to my room, and in no time I was on my knees naked with salil standing over me with his big hard dick in my mouth, thrusting it deep into my throat and out. He was getting quite wild , and so was I. I loved fucking in my room, specially knowing my parents had no clue. I kept licking his dick and balls and then said “Suno, kya mera ek kaam karoge” to which he said anything, I just said “Mujhe raaand banake, kutiya ki tarha chodh do please, I love you baby, I want you to fuck me like a slut, rakheil banado aaj muje, jitni jorr se choddh sakte ho chodh do”. He did not say a word, and just wipped his cock out and started slapping me with it. He knew we only had 1 hour, so he wanted to utilize it perfectly.

Then he slapped me and said “Randi ko thapad toh parne chahiye, chal thook aur chaat meri gaand”, with that he sat down on the edge of the bed and split his legs in the air. His dick looked so good like this, and so did his asshole. Which I started licking like mad, thrusting my tongue, while I stroked his dick and balls with my hands. I kept alternating between sucking his dick, balls and asshole and then quickly got up, got on top of him so my pussy would just rub on his dick and started making out with him. I just said “Bhenchod, bada acha lagta hai apni gaand aur lund ka taste na”, he realized, but did not care. That was the best thing about him, he was as dirty as me, and he said “Agar tuu mera piss bhi peeyegi to main phir bhi tujhe kiss karoonga”. Now he grabbed me by my boobs and tuned me over in bed, got on top of my stomach. He brought his dick to my face and said “Chal geela kar”,, which I did diligently, and then he moved a little down to fuck my tits. He spit betweem my boobs and got them slick, the grabbed them and covered his dick in between them. Then he started fucking my tits as he played with them. I quickly removed his hands and kept my boobs in place so he kept fucking them. He started fingering my pussy from behind (that’s why I removed his hands).

After a while, he got down, made me hold my legs open, and started fucking me like crazy. Finally, I was back in my favorite position, legs split open, pussy gaping and stretching along with a cock going in and out. My boobs bouncing, spit covered, red from constant mauling of two guys and the dick pistoning in and out of me. He kept going for 15 minutes, and I came twice already. By now, we were in normal missionary, his whole body was on my body, my breasts slamming on his chest as he fucked me from below. Our bodies were entangled, and I loved it. He was getting close to cumming, so I said “Chal mujhe aple land me charale, aur uchal”, he grabbed me by my stomach, and turned me around with his cock inside me. Now, I was loving it. He was staring at my boobs as I was bouncing on his cock. I got up a little and squatted and kept humping his dick. He was just starting at it going in and out of my pussy, I was looking at the same thing. A dick going in me is the best site ever. I could feel he was close to coming so I got up, turned around, and sat on his cock in reverse. I love this position as I can slide my ass up and down cocks, and especially because I can see my boobs in the mirror. I said “Mere choot mein muth nikal lodu”, and he suddenly grabbed my arms, stopped me from moving, and started archinh me so my tits popped out more. Then, once I was in a good open position, he started pistoning his cock from below, nonstop, and like mad. I kid you not, he had never done this.

He left my arms, but I kept in the same position, and he grabbed my boobs in hand, and suddenly screamed “I’m coming baby”, as he said that, I started moving and he stopped, I humped him like crazy, and he suddenly put a finger in my ass. Oh god, with that I came as well, feeling his cum inside, dripping on his dick a little, throbbing inside my pussy, leaving gallons of cum inside me. As he slowed down, we could see cum dripping from my pussy to his dick. I got kinky, and got off his dick, got up and shoved my pussy leaking semen on his face. He not to disappoint, lapped his tongue all over, cleaning cum (his own this time) and I cleaned his dick and balls.

We were so exhausted, and my parents were about to come, so I reminded him and he quickly got ready. I just sat there with legs spread, and pussy gaping looking at him. I swear I saw a glint of eyes near the door, but I did not think about it twice. As salil left, I got up and locked the door, came to my bed and passed out for a bit.

I thought it was a good day, what I did not know was it was going to get better. But sadly, for that, you will have to wait for the next part.

Romy here people! I am a guy . You will have to give me feedback and show me that you guys like these, because to be honest, writing these stories take time, and it’s amazing to know that others like and care for them, so please keep them coming at [email protected].

Till next time.

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