Noor Arora: Weekend With Mama Part 2

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Romy (I am a guy) back to bring you more episodes in the saga of our favorite slut noor. I have received great feedback for noor’s stories and hope you guys keep continuing the love. Please do not forget to like the story (give thumbs up) because that gives stories popular or editor choice status. Let’s go from noor’s pov now. Hope people are pleasuring themselves to these stories. I have received primarily male feedback. Would love to hear from the women who read iss as well. Going to noor’s pov now.


Hi fellow indian sex stories readers


I hope people liked the first part of the weekend with mama. This part will be different to the others as this is going to be pretty hardcore. I expect quite a lot of people pleasuring themselves over this, and well that is awesome always. Keep sending the feedback.


Okay, so in the last part you read how my mama caught me with my shorts down and a dick in my pussy in the open, then how we ended up finally having some nice hardcore sex. Well, lets continue from there.


We woke up at night in the same position with our dirty bodies entangled. I felt my boob being massaged and noticed mama had already woken up and was playing with it. He just said “Good morning” and kissed me like a lover entangling my tongue with his, mixing our spit. I really like that. As we made out, I started getting horny again and my pussy started getting wet. I could smell the sex in the room, coupled with the smell of cum, spit and god knows what, and the best part was it was just the start of our weekend.


I looked at the clock and saw it was 9:30 pm now. It was Friday night and my parents would be gone till Sunday afternoon. Arun mama now moved one hand down to my pussy and grazed his fingers over my clit and said “Oh noor, you are so wet”. I had hair down there as I did not expect to have sex this weekend, “Look at how wet your pubes are noor”, he said as he raised the bed sheet. I was quite horny now so I split my legs open and was just moaning as he started playing with my pussy. “Noor you have such a nice cunt baby” he said, “And it is so tight”, he put once finger inside. Now I was just losing it, my breathing had gotten heavy, he was teasing me with words “How many men have had the chance to play with this pussy noor, tell me honestly”, I replied while breathing quite heavily, “10 till now mama”, “Who was the first”, he put two fingers in my pussy now, and was moving them in and out.


“When I was 15, remember ramu, the servant who had gotten married 2 years ago, I made him play with my pussy and sucked his dick a few times”. Mama was visibly turned on, his dick was getting hard now and I had grabbed it. God, I love how a dick feels so warm, so a soft and hard at the same time. Now, mama had started fingering me quite roughly with 3 fingers and I could not control. I was moaning like a slut, begging him to make me cum. He just moved up a little so his dick would line up to my mouth. He stopped fingering so I could start sucking it, but started again and I started moaning again forgetting arun mama’s dick. He thrust a fourth finger in my pussy, and at that moment I screamed like a slut, and as my mouth was wide open, he thrust his dick into my mouth, almost to my throat and started face fucking me. I was very close to cumming, he was forcing my head to fuck his dick while his other hand was finger banging me like crazy. It was so hardcore, my whole body was being shaken as was fingering me, and at the same time he was fucking my mouth like an animal. I was about to cum, but suddenly I felt his balls tighten up and he came deep in my throat, cum started leaking down to my boobs, and at the same time he went crazy fingering me and I also came and shivered like a slut on my bed for a good 2 mins, screaming abuses such as “Bastard, fucker,” as I calmed down from the orgasm.


Once he was done, he just put his head on my lower stomach and said “Your mouth are amazing noor”, as he played with my pubes. We were getting hungry so decided to get up. As I was trying to picking up a shirt, mama said “Now, now, you think we need those?”, and I just looked at him, his now soft dick and balls dangling below, I realized there was no need for clothes now. I threw away the shirt, and we walked to the kitchen naked, my boobs bouncing as I walked and arun mama kept playing with my butt all the way.


My mama sat down on the dining table, naked like me, as I started heating the food mom had left for us. As I heated the food, mama was just watching me intently. He started commenting, “Do you know noor, when me and your mom were kids, I used to masturbate so much thinking about her, I would peek at her while she took baths, while changing also”, “And right now, you remind me of her so much, your breasts are bigger, and your ass is tighter, but other than that I have to say you are a carbon copy of your mother”, I just smiled at him, and shrug my ass a little. I asked mama, “So did you try to fuck mom?”, and he said “No I was always too scared”, he had such a sad face for a second. I wanted to make him happy, and asked “Mama, do you know what role playing is?” he said he did not know. So I explained, and said “How about, after dinner, I go get ready in mom’s room, like her, in your favorite mom’s dress, and you fuck me, your niece, thinking you are fucking my mother?”.


Just from my words, mama had gotten horny, and agreed. The food was ready and I put the stuff on the table, came and sat on mama’s lap. I could feel his dick crushed, so I raised my ass a little, grabbed his now hardening dick, stroked it and nestled it nicely in my ass crack. We proceeded to eat food making out, him playing with my boobs, feeding each other like lovers. Once done, I realized we were both quite dirty, and as we had planned a good session, I asked mama if I can take a shower. He just said “Why not me?” and I laughed. I thought it’s better to go to mom’s shower, so we took a bath there. Mama soaped me up, from bottom to top, focusing extra on my boobs. Using his hands to trace every part of my body, which he seemed to had wanted forever. Then before he soaped my pussy, he went down on his knees and started licking my clit. First he took my clit into his mouth and sucked on it, I was getting horny. At the same time he kept playing with my buttocks, and then he moved down to my pussy and started licking with his tongue, in big strokes. I was getting very horny now and wanted a dick in my mouth. But I let him continue, my hands forcing his face in pussy almost suffocating him. He kept lapping up my pussy with his mouth and soon I started shivering. It was so hot, the water falling over my naked body as my own mama, who held me as a child, was licking my pussy and fucking it with his tongue between my legs, I came like an animal and squirting on my mama’s face. He commented “Noor, I have never been with a girl who came so much, noor”.


I just laughed, and I noticed his dick was hard. I made him started licking his lips, tasting all my cum as well. We then kissed wrestling over tongues for little while exchanging saliva, until mama commented, “Noor tuu kitni badi randi hai”, I smiled and got down on my knees and took the head of his dick in my mouth, and started rolling my tongue on his dick. I started moving my head taking his dick in and out slobbering over it. This felt so good, his dick tasted amazing. I played with his foreskin a little, sucking it getting him close to cumming. I was playing with his balls with my hands, and exchanged places and started licking his balls and stroking his cock with my hands. I took one of his balls in my mouth as I sucked it, then the other and returned to his dick by tracing my tongue on his dick from his balls. He was very close now, as I could feel on my tongue his dicks mushroom getting warmer. I kept licking all over the dick as I felt his balls tense up in my hand, as he came blasting yummy cum in mouth. I kept all the cum in my mouth until he was done, and then showed it to him like a good girl and swallowed his cum. He picked me up, kissed me for a bit, made me sit on floor of the cubicle in my bathroom.


I realized what he saw, it was my razor, and he came and started putting shaving cream all around my pussy. I used to shave, but had never had a guy do it. So cool and hot it was. Once he was done, my pussy was shining, bald and looked like it was a 12 year olds pussy. Btw, I have one of those pink internal pussy that form a perfect camel tow. :p. He put soap and washed it. Then we got done with my shower. Oh while walking out, he needed to pee and so did I. I asked him “Can I hold your dick while you pee mama”, he just said “Noor beta with a smile, choos toh tum chuki ho, pakarne ke liye kya pooch rahi ho”. I got another kinky idea, and sat down on the toilet, and asked him to aim at my pussy. “Mama, lets pee together”, he got the idea, and as his pee came out, it hit my pussy and I also started peeing. This was too hot.


We cleaned up and went to my bed in our towels. It was already 2 and we were both tired. Once in bed, we made out a bit where he pressed my boobs and ass, and I was stroking his dick. Once he got hard, he just climbed on top of me, came between my legs, and stuck his dick in deep inside me. He kept playing with my boobs as he kept fucking me harder. I was so tired but I wanted to get fucked harder, so the only thing that could be heard was me begging, “Fuck me arun, fuck you bhanji, fuck the pussy of the child of your sister you niecefucker”, and he kept going crazy and crazy until he withdrew his dick and came all over my stomach and boobs. Once done, he just collapsed one me, between my legs. Such an amazing site, I looked into the mirror near my bed, my legs were split open as my mama was nestled among them his chest flattening my huge boobs, as I passed out and so did he.


I woke up naked with my mama still between my legs, with his full body on mine. It felt amazing, and quite turning on. It was around 9ish and mama was sound asleep, and looking at him I remembered the events of last night, and how we had fucked me so well. I slowly moved him over, and after giving his dick a kiss, covered him with a quilt. I got up, and went to take a shower to clean myself. Washing all the cum on me got me quite turned on, and I started playing with my boobs and pussy in the shower, and soon I was cumming while I rubbed the hand shower on my pussy. Then I remembered how mama told me about his wish to fuck my mom, his sister. I thought I would surprise mama, so after the shower I covered myself in a towel and went to my mom’s room to get her clothes. While going through her clothes, I found her marital dress. Nothing could have been more perfect, so I wore mom’s red lingerie and then her red saree. I did my make up, and wore some jewelry too. When I looked in the mirror, I couldn’t believe how I looked like a carbon copy of my mom. Although, the blouse of the saree was quite tight, as my boobs are bigger. It seemed like it would burst.


I looked so hot, I knew mama was going to flip. I went to my room where he was sleeping and started waking him up with excitement. As he got up, he looked at me and was quite shocked. Btw, moms name is radha. I just said “Arun, kal raat ko shaadi ke baad, mere pati ne mujhe haat bhi nahi lagaya”, “Mere bhai, you need to help”. Mama understood what I was doing, he said “Radha, ye sahi nahi hai, tum hara pati kya bolega”, “You should not have left your marital house”, “But, arun, main tumhe kuch batana chahati hoon”, “Main pichle teen saal sai tumhare bare main soch ke apni chut ke saath khelti thi”, he got more excited, and said “Didi, woh toh main bhi, I used to watch you in the shower and masturbate, but this might be the wrong”.


I slowly moved my hand to his dick under the sheet and grabbed it. It was hard and warm, and said “Does this feel wrong”, and he just said “Didi, mat karo, if I lose control it won’t be good”. So I said, “That’s exactly what I want bhai”. In a second, my mama grabbed me by my arms and threw me on the bed, got on top of me and started groping my boobs over the blouse. After groping for a bit, he got on top more and thrust his hard cock into my mouth and said “Bhai ka lund chahiye tha na randi, choos ab, apne bhai ka lund”, and started fucking my mouth hard. In the meanwhile, he had undraped my sarree so I was only in a petticoat and blouse. He was groping me all over while he kept plunging his whole dick in my mouth. Then he suddenly stopped and grabbed me by my hair and made me stand. First he kissed me hard, then starting pulling me with him. He took me to my parents room and threw me on the bed and said “Ab main tujhe iss bister pe chodoonga jahaan tera pati tujhe chodega”, and I said “Haan, in kapro main hi chodega who mujhe”, and he took off my petticoat and panties in hurry, pushed my legs up to his shoulder and rammed his dick all the way in my tight, now completely hairless pussy.


I started moaning like crazy, as he started humping me. My bare hairless pussy was making a chap chap sound, as he kept going. I broke character and asked “Kaisa lag raha hai mama, apni behen ki beti ko chodd rahe ho bhen ke shaadi ke kapro main”, he just said “Kisse pata tha meri behen ki beti itni bari randi hogi”, he was groping my breasts and soo took off the blouse. Now, I was only in my mom’s bra, in my mom and dad’s room getting fucked out of my mind by my mama, who had pulled my legs all the way up to my shoulders, folded me, and was pounded me like a sport star. I was loving it and could feel my juices leaking to my asshole and making it easier for his dick to slide in and out of me. Mama stopped and asked me to turn around, and I got into doggy style position and arched me ass back at him. He slapped me ass hard a few times, which hurt but made me hornier. Than he started fingering me from behind and licking my pussy. My head was on the bed, as he made me cum like a bitch. Then he got on top and started fucking me again, this time from behind, his dick almost penetrating my pussy to my womb. I started moving my ass back on him to meet his thrusts, and I could feel him close to cumming as well.


Suddenly, he pulled me back, pulled my bra down so my boobs were bouncing, and said “Radha behen, maine apne sapno main in chuchon ke saath itna khela hai, but phir bhi mujhe aaj aisa lag raha hai ki main svarg pohonch gaya hooon”, and grabbed my boobs from behind groping them really really hard. He just grabbed me by my hair, pulled me off his dick and pulled my face near his dick and thrust it into my mouth as he came in huge yummy spurts coating my throat with his semen as he kept saying “Apne bhai ka muth pee jaa behen”. I cleaned his dick nicely, and then liked his balls until he sat down next to me. We kissed for a while and I said “Bhaiya, apke liye breakfast banaun?” he just nodded. As I was getting up, he just looked at my bra (which was almost off) and said “Iski zaroorat nahi hai behen, ab jab tak papa mami ghar nahi ayenge, hum kapde nahi pehenenge”, and I asked “Aur kya karenge”, as I took the last piece of cloth I had. He said “Aur tumhara bhai tumhe chodege jam kar, pura din”, and I smiled and asked “Jewelry utaroon”, he said no. While walking out of the room, I just said one more thing, “Bhai, behen ki gaand maarna mat bhoolna”, and he got crazy excited, but before he replied I had gone to the kitchen to prepare food.


It was so awesome roaming around in the house I grew up in naked, with my boobs swinging, my pussy wet and cum on my legs. I felt so lewd and every time I would pass a family photo I just got more turned on. As I was readying lunch I heard mama come from behind, his dick dangling between his legs. He came, nestled his dick in my ass and hugged me from behind and gave me a nice kiss and said “Noor, I cannot tell you how hot you look like this, a complete slut”, I just said “Radha bhaiya, noor kaun hai”, he smirked and said “Sorry behen, noor ek aur randi hai kisko main chodta hoon”. As lunch was served, I came and sat in mama s lap as he fed me and I him, while touching each other and kissing. He kept playing with my boobs, I could tell he was super fascinated with them. It was almost 4 pm by the time we were done and I asked mama what he wanted to do. He just said “Noor, I am getting tired from all the fucking, but I just want to fuck you as much as I can in the time I have :p”. Once done, we went and took a shower while playing around, and mama specially washed my asshole too.


Once we came out, all wet and clean, mama made me dance for him in the towel to cheap thrills by sia. I danced very seductively swaying my hips and boobs to the music. I was giving him good views of my cleavage and ass and he was enjoying it. We were in my moms room and suddenly he got up and pulled my towel, and said “Ab nanga naach mari randi behen”. I got more turned on, and started dancing very lewdly by pressing my boobs together and splitting my legs so he could see my wet pussy. He was loving it, until he suddenly got up and got my dad’s bottle of whiskey. I did drink sometimes, honestly, only before sex :p. We started drinking and he got up and started dancing with my, rubbing his dick on me, grabbing my ass and boobs. He was getting quite drunk (so was I) and suddenly he got too turned on and he pushed me to the bed heard first so my ass was facing him and said “Bohot ho gaya bhenchodh, bohot charaha liye hai tune, ab meri bari”. He seemed angry for some reason and started spanking me like crazy and I was moaning. I said “Bhaiya, aram se, dard”,. Before I could complete he turned me around and slapped me and said “Chup randi”, and I got scared and turned on like crazy. He turned me around, and actually started spanking me with his belt. It was burning like crazy but then I noticed my pussy was dripping wet. I was loving being treated like a whore.


Suddenly he started kissing my asshole and making it wet, he even spit on it. I really liked when he liked it, but then he started putting his finger and it really hurt a lot. I said “Aram se bhaiya”, and he just stopped. Idk, I did not dare look behind, then suddenly he put something cold and oily on my asshole. He started inserting his finger, it went in easily, but really hurt. In order to forget about the pain I started playing with my pussy. I was getting turned on, then he put a second finger inside me. I screamed “Nahi mama, nahi hoga”. He pulled his fingers out, grabbed me by the hair and slapped me hard and said “Tu batayegi ab mujhe kya hoga kya nahi”, and slapped me again. He turned me around, spit on my asshole and put some more oil then he came close to my face and pushed his fingers (the ones from my ass) in my mouth. I swear I could taste some shit, then he said “Sorry behen, dard hui?? Ab aram se karoonga”, and I looked at him and smiled. The next second I felt as if I had died. He shoved his whole dick in my ass splitting my ass wide. I cannot tell you how it felt to be honest, try putting something in your ass for the first time, then replace it with something 100% bigger in one go. I screamed like a crazy person, I felt a crazy pain in my stomach as if I was going to shit.


But then he pulled it out and shoved it in again, and again and again, and soon the pain was gone, my asshole was inviting his dick and I started moaning. He just said “Mujhe pata tha, randi ko gaand maraani toh achi lagti hai”. And I said “Haan mama, bohot mazaa aah raha hai, omg, gaand maardi meri, aur maro, maarte raho”. “Fuck your niece in the ass mama, fuck your sister in the ass”. He started moving faster and faster and I could feel his whole weight push me into the bed as he came down on my asshole with his dick like a dog. I was fingering myself also, and he kept fucking my ass like crazy.


My buttocks were red from the spanks, and now from his groin hitting them because his dick was all the way in. It was feeling absolutely amazing, and suddenly he started alternating between fucking my pussy and my ass. Omg it felt like I was going to die as I came multiple times throughout coating my parents bed with my cum. He suddenly reached out and grabbed a photo with me mom dad and my brother where I was 6 years old. He showed it to me while pounding me from behind in my asshole and said “Look at this noor, who knew this sweet 6 year old would be on her knees on her parents bed getting her ass fucked like this”. I could not say anything other than listen to him defile me, abuse me and well to be honest satisfy me. He kept going and shoved my face in the photo and drove his dick deep inside me as he came filling my asshole with his cum. I loved the feeling, it felt like my asshole had warm liquid in it. Amazing. He collapsed on top, but I rolled him over taking his dick out of my ass. It left a nice thread of cum from my ass as well. I was so satisfied, so horny, feeling so good, I grabbed his dick and sucked it off (yes straight out of my ass) and cleaned it completely like a nice cum slut trying to satisfy her mama.


Once done, he seemed to lie down as I got up and did my walk of shame with cum leaking from my ass. I could not walk straight, my asshole was throbbing from the pounding mama gave me. I limped to the bathroom and sat on the pot. It was so weird, I felt I had to shit, but it was all cum. I took it out, peed and then started cleaning my pussy. Then I had a smoke thinking about the events of the past two days, the numerous times I had been fucked and was going to be, fucked on my mom’s bed, got my ass fucked on my mom’s bed too. Damn I love my life, it was a good good weekend. Then I got up, washed up and started walking towards my mama wondering how he was going to defiled me now. From there on, mama fucked me 6 more times till my parents came. Actually, he was fucking me in my ass when we heard the doorbell to my parents :p. We made them wait while he filled up my ass with his cum again. He fucked me on the roof, on the floor, in the kitchen, in my bed room, on the pot and even in my brothers room.


After this weekend mama shifted to the states but we still met here or there, and never missed the chance to fuck like animals. It was a good experience, and he taught me so much about anal sex and the ultimate pleasure of it. That’s it for this story folks, that ends my tryst with my mama. Hope you enjoyed this as much as the ones before.


Romy here people! I am a guy FYI. It seems that the feedback has dried up, so is there a reason guys? If you have ideas for stories do email them and I can expand and make stories out of them. So please keep them coming at [email protected].


Till next time. Next time will be noor’s first ever gang bang.

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