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Hi readers! This is Dave from Bangalor. First of all, I have to thank all of you for your wonderful and exciting stories and adventures. I have decided to share of my own experiences this time.

I am 21 years old, 5 ft 9 inches tall, fair in complexion, quite muscular body with broad shoulders.

I originally live in Bangalore but I came to Coimbatore for my degree studies. When I first came here I was quite depressed because for the first couple of months, I never got to get any action. Moreover my college has only boys which makes it even more difficult. I had to wait till I get leave.. I could feel my sexual urges increasing and all I could do was jack it off.

One day at a place about 3 km near college called mill gate I noticed an usual number of girls who dress very modern and freely. It reminded me of my times in Bangalore. Often my friends and I would sit in the bakery and notice these girls but none of us had the courage to go up and talk to any once or them.

I was returning after dinner one day and I saw the most beautiful thing ever! An white Angel dressed in a Navy blue dress with flower patterns just passed by me. I just got a glimpse of her before She went to the store to make some purchases I guessed. As she passed by, I took a deep breath. WOW!!! It was intoxicating! And so so attractive. I decided to go by the shop and act like I’m making some purchase.

As I approached the counter, she turned to me and I looked at her and smiled. She smiled too and returned to the shop keeper. My heart was beating faster than a racecar. I noticed she wore black bra from her straps. I scanned her from the counter. Head to toe. And my God was she fine. Her curly black hair extended till below her shoulders, she wore black specs which made look like a brazzers pornstar, her ass was TIGHT! Boobs looked firm and a curvalicious lean figure. Yummyyy! I licked my lips. I was trying to control myself.

So then I was eavesdropping when I realised that there was a communication gap and that she was struggling. I went near and

Me: hi! Do you need any help?

She: yes please!! He doesn’t understand what I’m trying to tell him.

I then help talk broken Tamil which I learnt from my classmates and get her whatever she needs. After the purchases,

Me: I’m David

She: I’m reema( name changed) . Thanks a lot back there

Me: no biggie! I have been there hahah

We then share a small laugh. Soon we start talking to each other and asking each other about college and general questions like that.. Until finally she breaks out the question which changes everything.

Reema: do you drink?

I was like fuck yeah! And she giggled. I told her that her giggle is too cute and she blushed. She told me that she had not drank in a long time and was looking to get drunk. I thought that it must have been a dream. My mind started drifting and thoughts wandering. I started seeing pictures of us having mad sex. Blood started to flow into my penis and I was getting harder and harder. Thats when I noticed she was looking at my semi erect dragon. Immediately I asked her

Me: soo should we go to a bar or pub? Do you have any place in mind?

Reema: nooo, i want to go someplace quiet

She told me that she stays in a hostel and since I do, it was difficult to go there.

Me: ummm do you wanna book a room?

Reema: a room? Hmmm ….

She thought for a while until she said why not?? With a wink. Happiness was overflowing inside of me. I knew it was going to be a great day! She also seemed happy and very excited like a small girl. We walked around and caught a bus to Gandhipuram where booked a room. We held hands whenever we walked or crosses the road. Everyone was staring at her. Like she was a bomb. So fucking sexy. At times I hand would brush her boob but she also would purposely rub is more harder. I enjoyed every little moment. She would use double meanings and talk dirty. She also told me sex jokes. Ohh i enjoyed it all.

When we entered the room, I asked her to freshen up while I go and buy some hot drinks. She asked me to buy vodka for her. I went and quickly bought whiskey for me and vodka for her. I even more bought some touchings. All the while I was not even focused. All I could think about was that sex bomb wait ing for me back and the lodge.

When I neared the door, I wondered if I should knock or just enter. But I was curious as to what she was I silently opened the door and peeked inside. She was facing away from me and tying her hair. Ufff. The view of her from behind was even Better! She has the perfect hour glass figure with a been bubble butt and smooth skin. My dick stood in one second. I was to go right up to her and fuck her hard. That moment she turned to the mirror and saw me from the reflection. She got startled!

Reema: what the fuck are you doing??? Couldn’t you knock???

Me: I swear. You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I was just admiring your beauty.

She then cooled down and with a dirty smile she asks me

Reema: then why are you looking from so far??

I understood the hint and took slow steps towards her.. Step. By step. We were still maintaining eye contact. Her boobs were rising as she started to breath heavily. My dick was crying for air. My pant had so much pressure and I did not give a fuck if she saw because we were in the same boat. I reached 2 feet away from her and I could hear her breathing. I removed her specs. I told her that her natural beauty is the best. She put her head down.

I pulled her chin up. We were still maintaining eye contact. Then I brushed my hand across her face. She leaned in and kissed my cheek and stood back to the same position. I held her face gently and planted a kiss on her lips. She closed her eyes and responded. I could taste her strawberry ChapStick. We kissed heavily for about 5 minutes. I squeezee her ass and it was soft. Ahh she lets out a moan. when she asks me don’t you wanna drink? I say hahaha okay let’s drink first.

I could tell she was also really horny as she drank shots very fast. We spoke a lot because we got drunk. I had a big boner for more than one hour. I went to piss and left the door open because she also did the same. after I was done and I had flushed the toilet, I heard she voice saying, don’t close it!! I turned back to see her standing in the bathroom. I said what?? She said mujhe dekhna hai like a small girl. My heart melted. I turned and showed her my semi erect penis.

She walked to me caught my penis and stroked it back and forth a couple times. She then loosened my belt and removed my pants. I removed my shirt. She took water and cleaned my penis. After that she gave me the best blowjob ever! She teased a little and then Sucked it like a pro like she has never seen a dick in ages. After 10 minutes, I carried her and put her on the bed.

I was now on top of her and fully naked. She on the other hand had all her garments on. We made out a lot and pulled the straps of her dress down her shoulders. Her skin was like silk. So smoooth. I was Kissing her neck, then her shoulders and at the same time pressing her boobs over her clothes. Her boobs were more softer than her ass. Ahh ahh she was moaning and letting out heavy breaths.

I removed the zipper and took off her dress. What a sexy body I tell you. Magnificent. I thought that it should be made as a famous painting. I admired it for a second and took off her bra too. Her boobs were waiting to be set free! They sprang out. And i caught them that soon. I licked, suck and nibbled each pink nipple for at least 15 minutes. I kissed her down and down past the navel down till her pubic hair. It was neatly trimmed and had a good fragnance to it. I wasted no time and sucked that cunt out. She was moving and shaking wildly on the bed. I spread her legs and finger fucked her till her Juices flowed out and she let out a loud scream ahhh.

She was breathing heavy and now resting. I took my penis and teased her. She whined like a baby saying pleasee pleasee. With one thrust of my 6 inches dragon, I entered her and she moaned fuck yeahh. Fuck me. I fucked her in missionary for about 15 minutes. Then she sat up and hugged me and pushed me on the bed. Slowly she climbed over and teased me too. Then she took my penis and guided it into her. She rocked her ass up and down. Thap thap the sound came. After 10 minutes I told her that I’m going to cum. She immediately got up and started giving me a blowjob till I came. Ahhh I still remember that orgasm. We fucked more that night. We even tried doggy position and we slept in the spooning position around 3 am.

In the morning I woke up to a wet feeling and found her sucking my dick. What a girl. We sex a few times only because of our busy schedules but whenever we do we fuck a lot.

Anyways that’s it. I would really love feedback at [email protected]

Girls and women in coimbatore or Bangalore interested in a good time can mail me 🙂

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