Office Assistant Turned As Lover

Hi! I am a regular reader of this site. This attempt of writing stories and I have thought for a long consider to write then dropped and continued the same and finally now I decided to write, because.

I feel in the same line that happiness is doubled when it is shared of course; sex is also joyful fun, when shared. I mean if it is only one partner of the two enjoys not minding about the other, and then there is no sex.

Its only fuck and just as like as one drinks water from tap to quench his thrust. Guys, we men are always special. We can enjoy and be enjoyed. un like girls we may not have sexy curves, but we have nice assets.

I am such a owner of nice assets hhhmm this story is a true incident happened way back in 1995 when I was at 23. I was living in a small town, working in a local finance company. First five months nearly, went very much usual.

I went to office regularly learnt the work sincerely, of course, smooched the girls, whenever possible occasions come. Normally, I use to go to the record room, and call one girl married but slim and charming for assistance when she tries to pick records.

I go after her and stand close to her perfectly on the back side of her and when she bends for taking record ledger, I press my erect penis hidden under my pant. She would smile back but nothing could happen beyond that.

Because, our town is a small town, any attempt beyond such adventures, will cost our career and life because, in small towns, speaking to girls itself is a serious affair among the public. Hence, even though mutually we have desire to fuck we had to bury the desire in our heart.

Only this kind of small adventures which greatly helped our heart and mind by way of masturbations thinking these small pleasures after five months over and one new guy was appointed for office assistance. Already one office assistant was there with us.

He was middle aged. Not having the expected efficiency hence our owner has appointed this guy. This guy on the first sight itself attracted to me. Because and he always smiling brown in skin tone and lean and tender and very much younger.

He was at the age of only 19. He was a Plus two failed guy on a friendly chat I happened to know he is a Brahmin. Days have travelled very fast, after his coming. He was such Brisky during the second month after his joining.

I went for taking out ledger from the record room. The middle aged office assistant also came in. I was wearing a T-shirt and the Office assistant, who was chewing a petal nut came near to me and took his one finger which is coated with lime stone raised my T-Shirt slightly

And inserted the lime stone coated finger in to my belly nut and finger fucked the belly nut for quicker session for two or three seconds. I have small boob grown out of the efforts of my previous gay friends which may be compare to a bigger lemon.

My areole is brown in colour and having size of 1 rupee coin, and my nipple is just above it like a pepper in size. By the efforts of finger fucking, by the office assistant, my nipples got erect and my boobs have an urge for suck.

My penis got erect by this sudden and unforeseen advancement by this guy. Before, I object, he patted my buttocks and went swiftly away. I got irritated by this because I did not expect this from this guy.

I had no idea to have fun with him and thinking the idea even now it’s highly disgusting. However, why I recall this is to describe how my outlook attracts to everyone even the female wanted to have fun with me.

My friends, class mates, who are all top, tried me at least once. Some got success. Many didn’t in this back ground, after long time, after completion of college and I did not have any male partner to have fun. This young guy was very much attracting but I did not have any idea of having fun with him until happened to stay in the office one day.

My office was computerised. I was given the in charge to computerise then I was sitting late and entering all the data. For my assistance, this guy was staying. All the staff members except us went back. I was working and this guy was standing beside me.

He was speaking to me about common things speaking to him was fun. He was such a humorous guy. All the time he was speaking he tried to touch me one or the other way. Mean while a staff visited to office to supervise how much.

I have completed until he goes, this guy was sitting silent after he went, this guy started to touch smile at me differently after some time and I planned to go back to home but this guy encouraged me to carry out the work and finish it off.

I told him that completing the job overnight was not possible since I needed to sleep. He suggested staying and sleeping in the office itself with a wicked smile. I got his point. My mind got enthused.

I called my home and informed that I needed to stay there. After that I worked for 3 more hours than this guy signalled me to come inside to the AC Room where bed is available. I went in. After I went in, He also came in.

We jumped on the bed and put on the Air conditioner. He was in his shirt and dhoti and I was in my shirt and pant. AC was in full chill and we looked at each other as lovers steal each other through staring meanwhile door knocked and a guy who is owner’s relative

And Personal attendant came in. He normally sleeps there. Hence, we decided stay calm, slept in the same bed side by side. We put off lamps and the owner’s attendant went to sleep. I laid myself showing my back to my boy. He caught my idea and places his right hand on my ass and left on my left boob.

He started to squeeze over my shirt and pant. I opened my shirt slightly to give him access. His hand is big, and his fingers are also lengthier. He just inserted his hand in my shirt caught my bare right boob.

Since it was in lemon size, he was very much satisfied as if he was holding a teen girl’s boob. He pinched the same and screwed with his forefinger and thumb. I didn’t open my mouth fearing my sounds will wake the other guy.

But this lover boy did not stop squeezed my both buttocks, un buttoned my pants and encouraged by my boob size, and the touch his fingers went on travelling on my bare hip and navel.

He pinched my hip and rubbed his hand around my navel. I was lying sideways and my backside was facing him. He pulled me more closely and I hush to him, that the other guy is also present.

He raised his head, watched what the other guy was doing, and said to me he was sleeping sound and there is no disturbance. He continued to pull me close to him while reaching him close, by the effect of pull, I felt a rubber rod like material hit my butt crack.

I understood what it was but kept silent anticipating his advancement. It was his cock half grown and sheltered under the jetty. His un zipped my pant and pulled down.

It went up to my leg and now my buttock and trunks, are open to him for his ruling. He rubbed with his hand, squeezed slightly, patted gently, and removed his tool from the jetty.

It was a bigger tool, which should have impressed my butts, so my butts went closer to it, and my butt hole also slowly expanded wide, so as to give a royal red carpet welcome to its ruler at this point and I just held my penis and rolled on the bed.

Seeing this my ruler boy, jumped on me adjusting his sacred rope, raising his dhoti, removing his jetty, freeing his ruler tool which roughly measures to one feet, he tried to find my butt hole with aide of the one feet penis.

I slightly turned and saw the other guy has woken up. I shouted to this guy that he was woken up. The boy jumped on other side and we slept in the morning we did not speak and also to the other guy.

But this lover was staring and smiling at me. After a month, I started to purse him for jerk. He did not mind and I pleaded him on my repeated pleads and he agreed to again fuck me with a condition that he should be paid a sum for his petty expenses.

I agreed and said that I would take him to a remote location agreeing to my point, he came along with me. We went to the railway station, riding a bi-cycle. I was sitting in the front bar, since no career was there.

He was riding the bi-cycle whenever chance came; he rubbed my thighs with his thighs. We reached the railway station in the late evening at 7.00 pm. It is a remote place, since not much of trains pass through, the railway station is always lonely.

Normally power will not be there in the platforms, until the train comes. Hence we chose a platform which is away from railway station for a minimum of 750 yards. I stopped at a lone platform and entire railway station in clouding this platform is thickly dark.

I stood before him facing my back. I took his left hand and place on my left boobs with the other hand, he encircled my hip and pulled close to his penis. Now my butts are rubbing against his penis over his cloth. There was a chill wind, which added flavour to the occasion.

He un buttoned my shirt and started to squeeze my boobs, initially gently, suddenly somewhat roughly. His long finger that too fore finger and thumb were skilfully playing with the long awaited nipples and boobs and I just bent forward for him to do more favour to these balls.

They were waiting for such occasion and they merrily enjoy that touch and treatment. He lowered his hand and placed on the hip. Because I bent forward my butt went backward to meet his penis.

My butts were trying to arrest the growing ruler in the clift. The ruler doesn’t get arrested and started to beat both the butts who wanted to hide him. I started to moan. He simply said to lay on the floor.

I have done. He lay over my back and his penis hit my butt. He cupped my both boobs. Gently expanded my legs and guided his tool to my ass hole when its tip was rubbing at ass gateway.

I was closing my eyes tightly and lifting my hip in an attempt to welcome the long ruler the station’s all the lamps were blown with lights. There was a special train going by this way.

My ruler did not give up. He pushed himself to search the hide out. I was leaping with pleasure and with shame on the other hand since the train was approaching near to our plat form, where this boy fucks me.

I tightly closed my eyes there was ho-ho sound from the inmates of the train. My ruler boy has hushed my ear that, don’t feel ashamed. Desire has no shame at all and you are wonderful.

Be proud how many would get a chance to display their fuck for nearly thousands of people. You are doing. This is a life time experience. Completing this word, he entered fully in me.

His rubber ruler went in and out. I am still unable to explain what sort of pain and pleasure it was. The train gave deep whistle. My sounds also lapsed along. He shot his love juice on my thighs. He patted my buttocks and said you are Marvellous. What a lovely butts.

This is your special kind and keeps this in the same size and flexibility. By this he dressed up and ordered me to get up and need to go. I rubbed all stains, and go along with him. This is my ever remembering lovable story.

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