Office Ki Ladki Ne Choda

Nikki was married for the last two years. She loved her husband Vishal very much. It was very unfortunate for her that he had to go to US for 6 months. She, being a career oriented woman had decided to stay back and continue with her Job. Nikki was good at her Job. Her Boss liked her work and her colleagues respected her work ethic. She stayed in late when the team needed her. Never used the girl card to get away. She had three boys in her carpool and everyday picked and dropped them. She had joined this job round about the time her husband had left for US. Soon enough the friendship between the colleagues blossomed. She went out with them often to movies and malls. Later they started going to pubs and long drives to dhabas at the outskirts of the city.

She told everything to her husband by the day’s end on Skype. Vishal was not the jealous type. He would listen intently, ask questions, encourage her and just talk sweet nothings. She loved him very much. He used to do little romantic things that would melt her heart. Like play songs to her on a guitar. Late in the night she would do a strip tease for him and ask him to show his cock. She forbid him to touch it and through her skill with antics saw the cock rise to an erection. She loved her power over his manhood.

His cock was an average cock. Not small but nothing to write home about. 5 to 5.5 inches. The length was not the issue though, it was the girth that had disappointed her on her suhaag raat. In the darkness of the room she had excitedly reached out and felt her husband between the legs.

Before he immediately pulled back, she knew that it was going to be a downgrade for her. She had come off a relationship with an asshole who only had one quality – he was awesome to fuck with. It had been a slippery slope to be with him and she had known that all along. The more her body yearned for him the more it became apparent that this guy is untrustworthy and full of shit.

It was after this turmoil that she had met Vishal. He had at the time lend her support and was a clean slate for her. He was as tall as her and a bit pot bellied but his innocence and purity had made Nikki want to be a better person. He was more cute than rugged but soon enough she knew that she loved him with all her heart. She wanted to settle with Vishal as she saw them growing old in love. She found it adorable that Vishal was a total noob at sex and came in like 5 mins on suhaag rant. Needless to say he was a virgin. It took him a few nights to get his dick in her pussy. Vishal had gotten a lot better under the tutelage of Nikki but once in a while Nikki yearned for more. With him gone to US, her sexuality was building up. She had so many plans for the day Vishal would be be back.

For now she asked him to be stark naked and started mutual masturbation. She could see Vishal’s body tighten. His toes straightening and chest heaving. He came with a groan. Nikki wanted to hold him tight as she always did when he came. He would shiver uncontrollably and she would hug him strong. Tonight she was not feeling much and did not cum. She wished goodnight and slept.

On her way to pick up her colleagues for work, Nikki stopped by Arun’s house. She called him up as he was not at his designated spot. Arun came to balcony of his 1st floor apartment only wrapped in a towel. He said he just needed 5 more minutes and he was very sorry to keep her waiting. Nikki liked Arun. He was a good friend. He was smart looking but a bit rustic as he was from a small town.

Recently he was in conversations with this girl who was proposed by his mother for arranged marriage. Their families had also agreed and engagement was due in a few months. But today when Nikki saw Arun in his semi naked stage something tingled in her. His wide hairy chest, his toned muscles, flat abs. She registered everything. She imagined what his bum would be like and what could be between his legs. In a short while he arrived. She definitely was feeling some attraction.

She started getting close to him. They soon they started having coffee together. They started sitting close to each other in parties. They started chatting on whats app. Nikki saw this just as a fling. She felt a bit guilty but in her mind she loved Vishal. Arun to her was a nice diversion. Things she now knew about him were – Arun drank too much. He was mostly scared of girls. He never had any girlfriend. He had funny stories of how his rustic ways fell flat in his attempts to get girls. He had a bunch of stories of his hometown which he missed in Mumbai. He was a good guy overall.

Months passed and it was 10 days to go before Vishal was to come back. Nikki was super excited now. She had bought short dresses and was working out to please her man. Unfortunately that night she received a call from Vishal that his deputation has been extended by 6 more months. Her heart broke. He asked her to come to him and leave the job. Nikki was an achiever. She was one of 4 daughters in her family. She had the best academic and non academic record. She was 5 ft 7 in. She was state level hockey and basketball player. She had competed into one of the best Engineering schools in the country and had always got good marks. She could not throw away all of this and quit her job. She smiled and declined and said that she will wait.

Her friends did cheer her up in a while. One night she beat Arun in a drinking contest. Later that night she peed on the road as Arun was on a lookout. Another weekend all the friends had come to her house. Arun hungover from last night slept in a room while the rest watched TV. Nikki ogled at him for long. She particularly liked his ass. In that moment she felt like bolting the door and fucking him like an animal. She somehow controlled.

One evening Arun messaged Nikki – I don’t want to marry.

Nikki- kyon?

Arun – I don’t love her yaar

Nikki – kya bol rahe ho. Itni soni hai.

Arun- Hai lekin mjuke sahi nahi lag rahi.

Nikki- 2 mahine bache hain teri shaadi ko, Ab tum natak shuru kiye ho. Ye nahi sahi hai to tumko kaun sahi lagti hai.

Arun – Tum. Mujhe tum bahut attractive lagti ho. Tumhari jaisi chahiye

long pause

After that Arun wrote 100 sorry messages. Nikki was confused about what to do. She replied that they will talk tomorrow when he is sober.

Next day went in lots of silence. Arun said sorry in person blaming his daaru. He tried to break ice many times but it was awkward all day long. In a get together, Nikki did not come to meet her friends. Arun straight way went to her house on that Friday night. She opened the door after a few knocks.

Nikki – kya hua

Arun – sorry yaar. Aise mat karo.

Nikki – Nahi it is ok. Dont bother. This is all my mistake. Maine sahi nahi kiya.

Arun – yaar nikki aise mat bolo na. Tu hai attractive to bas nikal gaya. Lekin apni dosti bhi to koi cheez hai. Aur mujhse gussa hokar tune baaki logon ke saath kyon enjoy karna band kar diya

Nikki- Ek din nahi gayi hun. Itna kya bada ho gaya.

Arun – Chalo mere saath abhi. Daaru bhi nahi pee tujhe laane ke liye

Nikki – Please aaj nahi. Aaj mann nahi hai. Chalo ek movie dekhte hain yahin pe.

Arun- hmm. sure tu thik hai to chalo thik hai.

They started watching the movie on a sofa. It was rather a cool night so they snuggled inside a comforter. Nikki was occupying more space and Arun was all balled at one end. Nikki was poking her toe into Arun. He was making more and more space for her. Nikki threw her comforter and went to her room. In a moment she appeared in a tight white tshirt, a very short red skirt and high heels. Arun’s mouth was wide open. She was a tall goddess. Short straight hair. Fair punjabi skin. She was 33B-28-24. Her boobs were perky. It was hard to take eyes off them. Her long legs glistened in the candescent light. With hips swaying from one side to the other, she walked confidently to Arun. Arun got up.Though Arun was slightly taller, Nikki was towering over him due to her high heels.

Arun – um.. kya hua ye.

Nikki – Do u like me?

Arun – gulp – kis tareh se.

Nikki – chutiye, jaisa ek ladka ladki ko chahta hai.

Arun- haan (not maintaining eye contact)

Nikki – kabhi sex kiya hai?

Arun – sex? nahi. Ek baar daba ke bhaga hun.

Nikki – controlling a laugh – shaadi ke pehle kuchh seekhna hai? Ya aise landu jokes se apni wife ko satisfy karoge.

Arun – haan .. ummm .. matlab sikha do.. lekin

Nikki came closer and planted her lips on him. She placed his hands on her hips and embraced Arun and smooched. Slow at first then passionately. She held his head by the hair and pulled it back and stuck her tongue in. She embraced him tighter. He kissed her back and embraced her tight. She started melting in his arms. She caught his lower lip with her teeth and pulled. He felt a stab of pain. He groaned, she kept biting. He yelped and felt his lip. It bled slightly. Nikki smiled. She took off his tshirt and tore off his inner vest. All Arun could do was caress her with his hands. He was still not sure what was ok and what was not. Nikki asked him to drop his pants and he shyly did.

Nikki stepped back and walked around Arun to fully take in the sight. Arun just stood looking here and there not knowing what to do ending up covering his groin are his hands. Nikki went behind him and started feeling his entire body. Squeezing his muscles and feeling their firmness. She dug her nails in his chest and shoulders. Felt his biceps and abs. Suddenly she squeezed his both bums. Arun let out an Ah and moved ahead. She smacked his bum.

Nikki whispered into Arun’s ears – main tumhe pyar nahi karti but meri body tumse bahut attracted hai. Kaafi dino se. Main jo kehti hum wo karna. She pulled his underwear down with this. She stepped infront of him and removed his hands. Her mouth gaped at the sight. It was a huge dick. She smiled looking at his face. This was bigger than even her ex bf. Arun tried to cover it again. She smacked his hands off. She was looking at a 7.5 inch thick erect dick wet with precum. His balls were nice and round and even. The erection was strong pointing up.The veins were very pronounced. And to top it all his his mushroom tip was large. She liked dicks were mushroom was pronounced. His foreskin covered almost all of his dick.

Nikki – oye tu muth bhi nahi maarta? Itna skin tera tight kaise hai.

Arun – Kabhi kabhi marta hun but generally nahi.

Nikki – Abe kitne dino pe. Last kab maara tha?

Arun – 12-13 dino pehle

Nikki – Ye mujhe saare pandit kaise mil jaate hai. Ab main kya karun. Tu to 2 min bhi nahi tikega.

Arun – Are to mujhe kya pata tha ki aaj.

Nikki- Tu hamesha itna clean rehta hai neeche.

Arun – haan

Nikki – I am impressed. Ms Arun is lucky.

Nikki pushed him to the sofa where he fell in a heap. She held his warm cock and said – nikalne se pehle batana. Then she started licking the tip. Then from the base to the tip. Then she sucked his balls. He quivered. She had always said to her husband that dick size is not important but in this moment she realised how hypocrite she was. She was definitely aroused more. The idea of larger manhood was so appealing that she was sure her panties must be wet by now. She took the dick in her mouth and started sucking. Going up and down. Her hands holding his hips so that he doesn’t move. She went all in and touched the balls with her lips. Arun was grabbing the sofa hard and groaning.

Arun – AAhhhh. you are so good. How are u so good.

Nikki – Mere husband ka lund main tatte ke saath le leti hum. Tumse pehle maine 4 ladkon ke saath chudai ki hai. Mere husband ko ek ka bhi nahi pata. Aur I have to say, tera sabse bada laura hai. Be proud.

She grabbed his ass and took all of his dick in and sucked and held the position.

Arun- oh no- nikal jayega…. aaah aaaha…

He came buckets but Nikki did not spill one drop out.

Arun – sorry i couldn’t control

Nikki- (smiling) Mujhe pata tha tujhse nahi ho payega. Koi baat nahi. Puri raat hai.

She held his dick and pulled him to the bathroom. She took off her clothes and gave him the full view. She saw movement in his dick. She switched on the shower and hugged Arun. Arun started squeezing her round perky boobs. He pinned her back to the wall and went mental on her boobs. Nikki’s pink nipples were standing .

She said – pura muh mein lo. and pulled his face in. She cupped her hands over his and pressed the boobs harder showing that she needed more and he did not need to be gentle with her. His dick was already up. But now was about her. Arun saw her hips moving back and forth. He went down and pulled her panties down. He saw a porn perfect pussy. Water from the shower streaming down the crevices to her thighs. He kissed her pussy. She grabbed his hair and pushed him to lick all over the vagina. Arun licked all the areas gently caressing her thighs. She parted her petals and showed him the seed.

Nikki – isko lick karo aur suck karo achhe se.

Arun did. Gently and slowly.

Nikki grabbed his head pushed against the wall where she was pinned and brought Arun’s head between the wall and her hips and started to thrust hard.

Nikki- aur zor se chahiye. Aggression dikhao.

She grabbed his head & kept humping. Soon she gave a big hump and squirted on his face. She couldn’t keep standing and fell clumsily on him. She grabbed his hair and gave him a passionate kiss with lots of tongue. They lay there for a while panting and catching their breath.

Arun- Nikki tu ekdum bomb hai. so aggressive.

Nikki- Awe. I know. sorry agar zyada ho jaun to, mujhse control nahi hota jab main excited ho jaati hun.

Arun – karo bhi mat. Jo dil kare wo karo.

Nikki- Haha, 1st time hai tera, so I am going easy on you.

Arun – to kya agli baar hoga kya?

Nikki – depends on your performance tonight. Chalo pick me up and carry me to bed.

Arun carried her and kissed her all along the way. He threw her onto the bed. Nikki liked that. Arun’s dick was semi solid now. She held it again and guided him to stand near a window. Although it was dark inside he felt people could see through the large window. She started stroking him from behind. He tried to move away but she stood firm. Soon enough Arun was groaning again. He said – Nikki stop stop …please…..Nikki felt his dick harden. She stopped stroking. Instead she squeezed his bums and Arun came his load flying out of the window.

Nikki – virgin boys ka yahi hai, 4 stroke mein puch.

Arun – panting – sorry yaar.. i couldn’t control…

Nikki – ab to tera reload jaldi hoga nahi. kya?

Arun – sorry yaar. thora time lagega.

Nikki – ek tareeka hai, but u have to trust me. Ye tere liye thora advanced hoga so just trust me

Arun – Ok

Nikki made him sit on the bed. She then pushed him so that he was flat on the back she held his thighs and opened them up. Then she sucked his balls. Hard. He tried to get away due to too much pleasure but Nikki held tight. She pulled him back and sucked the balls harder. Arun was in a place he did not know existed. Nikki started liking his ass hole and inserted her middle finger up his ass. All muscles tightened in his body.

Nikki – relax karo nahi to dard hoga

Arun – kya kya kar rahi hia yaar.. ooohhh.

Nikki started massaging his prostate as well as his balls at the same time. In seconds his dick was up like a pole. Pain had turned into pleasure. The poor guy was literally shaking.

Nikki pulled out and stood over him. Her desire was in front of her. She knew that she wanted that in her. She looked into Arun’s eyes the way a hunter looks at the prey.She started squatting over his dick.

Arun – stop. condom? do u have any?

Nikki- no fucking way. not tonight.

She touched his dick with her pussy. And went further down consuming the mushroom. She moaned out loud. Hers was tight. Her pussy was pulling the foreskin down his dick. Arun sat up. Only to be pushed back. She went further down. Both felt the pain. Soon she had all of it in. The settled and were helped by all the lubrication in her pussy. She straddled his hips with her legs and started riding him. Soon her pace grew. She grabbed his hands and placed on her boobs. Arun squeezed. This time hard. Her pace grew more. Arun’s groans grew louder. She placed her hand on his mouth. The bed was moving like anything now. From squeaky sound to the bed post hitting the wall.

Arun- mera hone waala hai… phir se.

Nikki – no NO, thora roko , I am also there

Arun came first but Nikki did not stop and came with him wriggling under her in pleasure with force. The bed had moved a good feet off where they had started. The mattress was all wet and half of it off the bed. Picture of Vishal and Nikki had fallen from the wall and both side tables were toppled. They lay next to each other panting heavily.

Her phone rang. It was Vishal. She asked Arun to sushhh .. and put the phone on speaker

Vishal – how is my baby

Nikki – oh mera bachha. kaisa hai. I am good.

Vishal – why are u breathing so heavy?

Nikki – just masturbated after a long time.

Vishal – why did u not tell me. very bad. I wanted to see you. What were u thinking when you did it?

Nikki – i imagined u with a bigger dick and me fucking you so hard that our bed broke.

Vishal – I will have to masturbate just for that sentence.

Nikki – baby I am tired. going to sleep now. Do send few pics of your dick.

Vishal – ok babes. night night

Arun’s mouth was wide open. She signalled him to come to her. She slowly laid back pulling him over her such that his limp dick was rubbing against her clit. She squeezed his bum and rubbed her clit against that flaccid dick.

Nikki – I love my husband very much but I am crazy about your body. Meri body ki need is my first priority. I think a girl like me is entitled to that. Manzoor hai?

Arun nodded – haan. tere liye sab kuchh allowed hai.

She tugged his limp dick and bit his lips.

Nikki – agar mard hai to bina ruke 2 ghante lagataar chod ke dikha. Mere 2nd partner ka record hai.

Arun lasted 15 mins before he came again in her pussy.

The next day Nikki went to work while Arun just lay in her bed exhausted and dehydrated.

All of Arun’s friends went to his marriage. Nikki suggested that if he feels his fiancee is open enough she could be invited for a threesome. Maybe her and Nikki wont need Arun at all. Arun did not smile at this.

Even before leaving for his Baraat Nikki had fucked Arun on his way back from parlour in her car.

After the suhaag raat Nikki messaged – was she a virgin?

Arun – nope 🙁

Nikki – nice;)

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