Office Story – Mingled With Rishi

It started to happen when we were made part of the new project in the office. We, Rishi and I, were chosen to be the single point of contact at offshore, India side and were assigned a team of 13 people to manage.

Definitely, it all had to start with long duration conferences and client calls in office that surely Eat up the regular meal times. In that case, everybody else being subordinate, I had to accompany Rishi outside the office for lunch etc. This brought sharing views for the different thing at a personal level. Through that itself I got to know that he was not keeping well with his newly married wife those days due to some unavoidable reasons and had been depressed lately. This showed a decline in his work performance as well. I could never bear this on my work so had started sympathizing with him a bit more than just being another colleague.

Not sure what he derived out of that but he started to take me as another partner in his life and share almost everyday activities with me after reaching office. One evening when we were in a client call in a conference room, he told me that we should shut this call or take a break and then connect back again. I didn’t even listen to him for that. To this, he felt pity for me and stayed with me and started murmuring that he will relax me. I still was answering the client doubts for once in every 15-20 mins. Immediately I noticed Rishi\’s hands on my neck and felt his palms rubbing it through my shoulder blades very gently. I really felt easy after that. Again he started rubbing his thumb flesh on to my neck line below my head on both sides of my neck. This was the most relaxing touch I could ever receive from anyone and hence I did not notice that it was Rishi, a married Colleague of mine who is doing this. I quickly took my concentration off my relaxed body and answered abruptly on to the call and told them I am not feeling well so we can carry this call tomorrow same time. Once mutually agreed by every attendee, I hung up.

I turned back to check Rishi and did not find him in room. I got out of that room and went to my desk to notice that Rishi\’s bag was open there and understood that he fumbled for something in it. I went to fresh room noticing that entire floor was deserted. As soon as I reached there, the door flung open and Rishi came out. He was wearing a great fragrance as it spread in that cool a/c air. I told him that client was asking about him to which he shrunk and said what was my reply. I said I told the client that you went home. To this Rishi went to his desk being tensed. I went to my fresh room and helped myself urinating there and releasing all the mighty pressure on my bladder that mounted during that call. I went to Rishi\’s desk and then sat on his work table looking at his worried face and told him that there didn’t happen anything like that and I was just kidding to release the tension. He started to spring up from his chair and jump on me whereas I started running out in the office alley and went into that conference room. He entered there and reached me and told me that he wants to punish me now.

I bowed to him and said I am ready for any and every punishment. He said he is really good at taking revenge so I should better be sure before agreeing. I said I am an adamant soul; once committed to something I do it for life and death. And there I gave him leverage. He told that he wants to see me in fewer clothes. I urged that this is stepping on to my personal space and he can ask for anything else. He replied that I have also given a personal pain to him hence to avenge him I will have to bear the brunt. I kept looking into his eyes. Then I thought to myself that he is really good at working these days and what if I deny to his asking for that favour???? I also thought that there is no-one in office right now and I can dominate him by the traits of his personality hence I decided to earn some professional loyalty in lieu of a personal compromise. I immediately said OK Rishi, I will do. I was wearing a white shirt and black trousers and I started to unbutton my shirt when he quickly said it\’s alright Akriti, you can ignore my request. I can ask for something else maybe some other time. I immediately backed off and took my bag and went out of office that time.

Next day, I came wearing a stretchable Lycra black and white stripe skirt and a body hugging cotton top and had been working late evening with Rishi. There was no call that day but Rishi then asked to meet him in the board room for some doubt clearing session and I went in there timely. The board room is the one which is not bothered by anyone unless and until invited in. Also, there is an automatic lock which stops all kind of recording unless and until asked for in advance. I firmly took my laptop and asked how can I help you. To which Rishi came to my seat and pushed down my laptop to sleep and dimmed the room lights and twisted my chair and told Akriti I want to feel you today. I grinned to his request and stood up and allowed him to do so while thinking that board room will never help me escape in case he gets wild.

To which Rishi kneeled down and started clasping my lower legs in his palms and trying to feel my waxed glossy skin. He then pressed his face onto the middle of my skirt resting his cheeks on my thighs. While doing this he inserted his palms underneath my skirt and started feeling my shapely calfs. He murmured, Akriti, you are extremely fair complexioned and on top of that you wear these dark coloured clothes that rather than hiding your body brings out the hungry wolf in entire male crowd working under you. Today, I want to see and feel your body in and out as I have got the leverage from you and feel lucky to be part of your team. As he said this, I could feel his moist fingers touching my knee backs inside my skirt while he reached up to put his lips on my genital triangle on top of my skirt. This really made my adrenaline run down my spine and make me weak in my knees.

I closed my eyes to closely feel his desperate masculine touch on my naked waxed and shiny skin. He then made me sit on black mica of the board table and wrapped up my skirt to look at my naked legs. He almost reached just above my knees when I hugged him tightly in my arms feeling his lightweight torso to press mine and wrapped my legs around his slim body so tight that he could not even move. To this, he started sucking my lips in his as if my lips were a juicy fresh jelly giving a fruity flavour with every suck on them. I was sure that he was wet by then so I thought to put him to testing. I backed him off and made him sit on the chair. He was panting like hell and was strengthless by then. Then I stood up and took off my footwear and then pulled down my panty from underneath my skirt. I threw that in front of him just by the side of the chair as I knew that he wanted to feel and look at all the things I have been hiding in and on my body. My panty was in cream colour and was having a glossy hemline. He kept staring at it when I raised my skirt and sat on his crotch in a chair facing him. He was stunned to see this kind of person in me.

Yes, I was undressing in front of him which he could not ever think so while working with me. I then undid my hair and started to press him eventually pressing the chair to the wall. I then adjusted the chair upwards to pull myself up completely resting my slit on his hard penis while his legs were still on the ground. There I raised myself up and kneeled on the chair between his legs and pulled out my body hugging top eventually moving up my 34B moist assets along with my bra with that top for few seconds. Once I took my top off, my breast completely brushed his mouth as I rested down on the chair. He was breathless by then looking at me. I told him Rishi, I am all yours and he can treat me like a personal belonging.

With this, he grabbed me in his arms and started sucking on my midriff like an animal. He bit me there twice thrice and more while doing so. He then told he wants to see me like an angel. I said he can do this only when he takes off his clothes. He did that right in front of me. I saw his hard rod freeing up like a milk filled pipe to be milked very hard and I was determined to do so. I lie down on board table and he started kissing my navel which was relaxed this time. He bit me so hard that he planted a love bite at 4 different spots on my entire midriff. And then went to unhook my bra and sucked my ample breast with erect nipples. I was so wet by then and had been trying to get a grip on his hard organ. He kept kissing, kneading and sucking my breast like a small baby when I suddenly grabbed his hard-filled organ in my palms. I urged him to fuck me in that room so that I can assess him on his hardness. But he had some other plan before that. He then wrapped up my skirt to my waist and started licking my inner thighs and widened them to suck my open lipped vagina for almost 2-3 mins.I COULDNOT bear that and had a quick orgasm deep within my body. He then told that he wants to fuck me now. He then made me stand on one leg and other still on the table.

He then inserted his hard iron like penis deep in my loins through my wet labia and inner folds. He pumped me like an animal in and out to fuck me like a bitch to which I truly screamed this time. But there was no one to hear that. He then pulled out his organ and then asked me to suck it for him. I was fully charged by then and kneeled down with my soft skinned knees onto carpeted floor of that boardroom and started sucking his piston like it was my favourite orange candy from which I was planning to extract the liquid that day. No loose efforts on my end finally made him ejaculate on my filled breasts and I could empty him in a jiffy. But his excitement was still at the highest level and he made me lie on the table this time while facing it.

He then hugged me from back holding and squeezing my firm breasts in his palms while planting his again ignited penis this time from the back and still into my swollen lip vagina. It was not a problem for him at all and he got successfully into my body and crushed through my inner skin folds and fucked me again like a street bitch. I urged him Rishi please leave me now I want to make lots of love by hugging you in my arms. He did not stop but ejaculated 2nd time inside me and then finally relaxed. To which I made him sit in his chair and then sat on his crotch again and then loved him by pulling his body against my naked body and gave him all the warmth I could. He thanked me and kissed me on my cheeks and said you are one of them best fucks I could ever imagine in my lifetime. I then got up wishing him goodbye and wearing my clothes while giving him an idea to see him tomorrow at 9:00 am again.

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