Office Training With Two Hot Ladies

Hello, my name is Pravin Kale from Pune. This incident took place 6 months back. Sorry for any spelling mistake.I am not a story writer I just want to share my experience. Please leave your suggestion/feedback. My email id [email protected]. I am going to narrate this incident in short. Before beginning, I will introduce myself. My name is Pravin 24 yrs from Pune.

I have completed my b.E from Pune university in 2015. Now working as a design engineering. In one of reputed mnc company in Pune. About my body, I have average body 5.7 ft tall, skin brown in colour and I have never measured my cock size but ladies of this story told me your penis is huge approx. 7″+ & 2″ thick (black). Now let me introduce ladies of the story pranjal & Ankita both of them are married. About pranjal 28 yrs old fair body static 34 24 36 long black silky hair till waist & Ankita was 30 yrs old fair body 32 24 34 black hair. Both of them were innocent but naughty also.

They were senior to me. Now coming to the story 6 months back a small team was a form for a new development project. In design team, me, pranjal & Ankita were the member and our team head was mr. Sharma. Our team head calls us in the conference room and share the details of the project and at last, he told that next week there will be training for you related to this project. So all 3 of you should attain the training. Which was at Chennai branch for 3 days. I was happy after the announcement of training I get a chance to visit Chennai. But after getting out of conferences room I saw both pranjal and Ankita was discussing something. I ask them are not excited about training. They said, that they never went out of the state without their husband or family member so they need to take there family member permission. But they were happy that I was with them for support at the new place.

Next day when I enter in our department and move toward my desk. Both of them come towards my desk from behind and wish good morning. I saw them and smile back saying good morning, I ask them the reason behind their happiness. They told that their family member gave them permission for going to Chennai for training. So, now they started planning the visit, training and also place for visiting in free time. Training was on 10th/11th/12th of November. So our bus ticket was the book for 8nov from Pune our boarding point was wonder city katraj. Bus timing was 5 pm but we gather half and hour early at boarding point.

We reached at Chennai on 9 November around 3 pm company person have come for pick up us at a stop. He dropped us at the hotel and told us that due to some technical issue the training was postponed and now training will be on 12th/13th/14th. So till then you can enjoy near by place. Because it will be wastage of time & money returning back to Pune. We were happy after listening to this news. We inform our family members. Since it was a long journey we were tired so we had our dinner early.While having dinner we plan for next day and went back to the room for sleeping.

Next day, the morning we get ready had to breakfast, company car was ready at the doorstep for us. To visit in town or nearby place. Till now there was no any bad intention in my mind for both of them. We were like the best friends. The whole day we enjoy lot return back to the hotel. During dinner, both of them told this was there the first trip without any family members and they have enjoyed lot.They also thank me for support at the new place. We enjoy our dinner. After dinner I ask them while going towards room do you want to night out. They told its new place so it would be no go. So I told them to chill we are not going anywhere else let enjoy in the room. They were confused looking at each other face. I told let’s play some games, dance , etc in the room until whole night. Both of them agree. I told to get ready and come at 10 pm in my room. Till then I will arrange everything.

Both of them come at 10.05 pm in my room. They were wearing kurtas and legging. I welcome them and our normal chat began. We started watching marathi movie sairat on my laptop. We all were in good mood so we were enjoying movie between that we were cracking jokes and teasing each other. When the famous song of sairat ” zingat” start I stood up from bed and start dancing also is call both of them for dance. Both of them join me on the floor. We were dancing like crazy. While dancing I saw at pranjal and ankita both were enjoying the dancing. While dancing there boobs were jumping which made my tool hard. It was not enough that while dancing once pranjal boob crush against my hand.

Which completely turns over my mind set and make me think to have fun with two ladies. We replay the zingat song for 3 to 4 times. Now we all were in dancing mood. So I stop movie and play some remix video song. I purpose fully play the video song in which actress or side actress are in short clothes or bikinis. After 5 to 10 min I ask ladies have ever wear bikini or small clothes and dances in front of your husband. Both of them laugh and said you say to your future wife to dance in short clothes in front of you. I said yes, of course. Anikita said, seriously you are going to tell your wife. I said yes. I want to see the reaction of the ladies. Soon, pranjal said, our husband will kill us if we wear bikini and all that.

Ankita also agree with her statement I ask them you don’t feel some times to wear such types of cloth or you don’t imagine your self in such type of clothes. So now we stop dancing and was talking on this topic. Ankita said we will like to try such types clothes but you knows our tradition and family. I said , I am agree what you have said, but if you like to try new thing you have chance right now. She said, what are you talking. I said look, in chennai no one knows us. So you can buy and wear such types of clothes. She was confuses both of them look at each other than ankita reply that it will be waste of money to buy small clothes/bikini and also I feel scare to wear small cloths and roam outside in new city if something wrong happen. Pranjal said I also agree with ankita. I said fine, but you can enjoy to wear bikini etc in side the room.

You don’t need to go outside. And about money bikini is similar to bra and panty which you are wearing. Just you wear those two things and you can feel like you are wearing bikini. Suddenly both of them laugh, pranjal said, good idea. Ankita ask me in naughtily, wait a minute but why are you forcing us to wear it.What its”Your intention. But I reply her in serious way. That I just want that till we are in chennai we can enjoy our life/dream. She said, ok just chill, they both were looking at each other. They don’t know what to reply. I said if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe its ok. Its your choices. Anikita reply, no we trust you, but we are scare if our family”Come to know about it.I said who is going to tell your family member. What is going on in this room. Now they were looking at each other. I know that they need some time.

So I excuse them and go to wash room after returning back after few minutes. I saw they were talking and laughing. When they saw me they stop talking and both of them looking at me. I said what happen. Ankita said only for today night out we will be on bra and panty in this room. But promise me that nothing wrong should be happen. Pranjal also said nothing else should be done. No physical touch etc. I said ok, but I think you both don’t trust me.I said I a single men and you two ladies and easy punish me if I do something wrong. I took flower pot from table gave it to pranjal and told her that if I do any mischievous with both of you break this into y head. After that pranjal said no we trust you. Ankita spoke in middle ok now don’t spoil mood. Let enjoy night out. And look at pranjal and sign her toward washroom and told me that we both we come removing our clothes. They start walking towards washroom.

I said wait a minute, you are just going to remove your top and legging. So why are you going in washroom it will get wet in washroom. You can remove here. They think for 1 sec and pranjal said he is right we will remove here. They went at one corner of room they make back toward me and remove their top ( kurtha ). Now they were in slip and legging. Now they remove there legging. I can clearly see their thigh, both of them were looking to hot. They look at each other face talk something and move toward mirror. They saw them self in mirror in different pose. Now they were feeling shy while coming towards me. Both of them were trying to cover them self with there hand. Both of them was looking gorgeous. I appreciate there beauty. I tell them be comfortable. To make them comfortable again I play some music and pull both of them for dance.

They join me and slow they become normal started enjoying the music. While dancing I can see clearly see there cleavage ,bouncing boobs, and butt. Which make me horny many times there butt got touch to my body which passes electric current through my body. After dancing few minutes now pranjal said stop the music, and told that we are dancing in our under garment so now you have remove your shirt and pant dance in under garment and she look at ankita and laugh. Ankita also laugh and said yes, you should also remove your clothes. Now both of them were in naughty mood. So I said ok, I am removing my clothes. I remove my shirt and jeans. Now I was in underwear and sleeveless t-shirt. After removing clothes I ask them how I am looking. Ankita said you cant wear sleeveless t-shirt. You have to remove it. I said, since you are not removing your slip. I will also not remove my t-shirt. I said I will remove it if you remove your slip. Again they look at each other. Before they will say some thing.

I said now don’t waste time in thinking lets enjoy. They said ok. And they remove there slip and I remove my t-shirt. Now both of them were looking stunning. They were only wearing white bra and panty. Now we started dancing again. I cant remove my eyes from both of them. They also come to know that I am looking at them. Now we all were in mood. We all started teasing each other. Ankita said looking at pranjal somebody I looking too hot big boobs and all. Pranjal reply, ya I am hot, but you are looking too sexy. Any men will loose his control after looking at you. Why pravin she ask me. I said of course both of you are looking too sexy.

Now I come too know why your husband don’t send you alone any where. We all laugh. Pranjal said, some one is getting too horny. Looking at my underwear. Ankita reply, ya something is getting big inside. I said its saluting two beauties of the world. I was feeling little embarrass I change the topic. I told them now we will enjoy rain dances. Ankita ask how..?. I told wait a minute I ask pranjal to bring laptop. I hold both ladies hand took them toward washroom. While moving towards wash they got my idea they said no. But I took them in washroom kept laptop at one side. Where it will not get wet. And first in lock the door, both of them were saying no but I start shower slowly we all start dancing we all were now totally wet. While dancing pranjal move toward my side and we had eye contact. I move toward closer to her.

We don’t broke our eye contact there was less than half feet gap between both of us.After few minutes she make back toward me. I took a chance and move toward her. My cock was fully erect it touch her ass. When she sense the touch she stop dancing for sec. But she don’t react. I take it as positive way. I put my both arm around her waist and bring her closer.Now there was no gap between us. With one hand I make her wet hair one side. I start moving my hand all over body. But she don’t response or react back. When I move my one hand toward boobs. I was going to enter my finger inside her bra. She hold my hand. But not remove my hand from her body. I move my second hand toward her panty. She hold my hand but I enter my hand inside her panty. I was her pussy lips with my finger. She was holding my hand but not react or stop me.

So I put my first hand on boob squeeze it and same time I places my lips on back side f neck and start licking. Suddenly she turn around and look in to my eye she place hand over my shoulder. All this thing happen with 2 or 3 mins, soon we heard voice of ankita. Hello guy what are doing. Both of them come into sense. I said nothing we are dancing.She also said yes we are dancing. We make 2-3 steps so that ankita can feel that we were dancing. After few min. Pranjal excuse us and move out of washroom.So ankita & I was in washroom, now I was not in mood of dancing. So I going to stop shower till that ankita leg got slip and she fall over me. Now my back was touch toward wall. Ankita boob was fully crush over my chest and her hand was near my shoulder.

I hold her tightly such that my cock was exactly touching her pussy. When she got senses. She look into my eyes. I just ask are you ok. While asking I was moving my hand over her back just above her panty. She just nodded her head as yes. I insert my hand in her panty and move towards ass crack. She slowly close her eyes and move her lip forward for kiss. I was going to kiss till than we heard the sound of pranjal and we got separated. Pranjal come inside washroom and ask what happen why ankita scream. Before I could say anything ankita tell her about falling incident. Pranjal took her out of wash room. While going back both of them were looking into my eyes. I follow them. Now we all were wet. I can easily see the ladies nipples and skin of ladies through there bra and panty. I was sure both of them were horny now. Pranjal said we all are wet, lets change the clothes. But problem was there spare bra / panty and towel was in there room. So I said used my towel.

Pranjal took my towel and was going towards washroom. I stop here and said wait you change your clothes here inside washroom there is chances you may slip like ankita. Ankita also said yes, he is telling right. But how can we remove our garment in from of you. I said I will hook one cloth you go back side of it and can change. We do all arrangement. We switch of the light and only one table lamp was on. Behind the cloth. Now pranjal went behind the cloth and start removing her garment. We were sitting on bed we can see the shadow of pranjal removing clothes due to lamp clearly. She was having curvy body big tits. Ankita said looking hot pranjal she look at her and smile and than look at me. We again make a eye contact. She was drying her hair, looking a me. She move her hand over her boobs and body which make me horny.

Now she ask ankita to give her top and leggy. But I refuse you wear it right now. Still our nighty out is not over. So they ask what should we wear. I gave them 3 option you can wear wet bra & panty/ wear towel/ or don’t wear anything come out nude. She both of them were horny right now I don’t need to convince them too much. Pranjal said ok I will wear towel. She wear towel and come out side. Now ankita go for changing while removing bra and panty. She was looking towards me. Both of them were looking dam hot in towel. Now it was my turn. When I remove my underwear my tool got erection which got visible to both of them through shadow. They comment big tool. I said yes and make back toward them so that they can not see the erection. Now we all were site near bed and we all were horny but don’t know how to start. I ask them do you like what we have done till now. They reply yes. Ankita said. For this wonder full night we will give you gift from both of us. I ask what gift.

She said one kiss on chick from both of us. Both of them stand for give me kiss. Ankita come front to gave first I said not on chick on lips. I pull her closer we lip lock. The smooch was too passionate. She circle her arm over my shoulder. While kissing our towel got loss and fall down. Ankita came into sense she broke the smooch and bend to pick up the towel. I hold her hand pull her closer and said please don’t wear towel lets remain nude. And place my lip over her she also response. Now we broke our kiss. We both we completely nude. Ankita look at pranjal and said you should also remove your towel. Pranjal got up from bed and said no. We said ok. I went near pranjal for smooch she was looking at my tool. I pull her closer and lip lock. Ankita came from behind and pull pranjal towel.

Pranjal try to hold end of towel with one end but I hold her both hand from back side. My tool was touching her ass crack she notice that she look at me. While look at me she lose her grip over towel and ankita took the towel. Now pranjal also agree for not to wear anything. Both the ladies were looking dam hot & sexy. We all were standing nude. Both ladies were looking at my erect tool and I was looking at there big boobs. Now pranjal ask now what to do standing nude. Ankita smile and said, yes , tell us what to do. I reply you know now what we have to do. Both reply no we cant do that. We are married women. I said come on lets enjoy from where your family member going to know what we have done here. Both were looking at each other and smiling I take it positive. I move towards them. All knows men love big boobs and among both of them pranjal have bigger one. And I was knowing ankita was to horny. So I went near pranjal took her into my arm and move toward bed.

I placed her over bed and liplock. My one hand was near her neck and other hand was massaging her boob. She also response well. She was moving her hand over my hair. I slowly move down toward pussy and start licking. My both hand was playing with her boobs. She start moaning and pressing my face against her pussy with her hand. Now ankita also join us she started stroking my tool. I ask her for suck my cock. She told she have never done this. But she agree. One by one I play with there boobs ,lick & finger both ladies pussy. Both of them cum onces. Both of them suck my tool. We all taste each other cum. Now it was time for main game. Both ladies were laying nude on bed. Now both of them were horny waiting for fuck. My eye was on pranjal. So I make decision that I will fuck ankita first so, that pranjal will become more horny. I came over ankita. She spread her leg.

We maintain our position such that my tool was at her pussy entrance. Ankita guide my tool through my hand. Her pussy was well lubricate with her juice. I tried to push my tool but it not enter at all. Her pussy enters was small. So I apply little force and push tool inside. Only 20-30% tool enter into her pussy she scream. Tears roll down from her eyes. She request me to remove tool . I remain in that position for some time. When she got relax she said please don’t fuck me your tool is to big. I can bear it. I said don’t worry. And lip lock lock she to response. I massage her boob same till. While she was enjoying the kiss and boob massage I give one huge trust. She again scream, she dug her nail into my shoulder. I remain in that position, lip lock and massaging her boob. Till 30-40% tool was remaining to enter. Once again now I gave 2 time trust so that complete tool enter into her pussy. She was crying with pain she hit me on back. After relaxing slow I started stroking. She to started responding my stroke. I was at pranjal she was fingering her pussy but looking scare. Similar I fuck pranjal also whole night we enjoy try different position. We don’t know when we all sleep at night. In morning when we got up, we was all bed sheet is wet and cum smell was coming.

I was at both the ladies there was shyness on her face what we have done. I ask them how was the night. They don’t speak any word just smiling. I request them for remaining days we all should live in same room and when ever we are in room we should not wear any kind of clothes. Bath together,etc. There answer surprize me. Both of them said yes without any argument. All remaining days we only went out for office training we enjoy lot. I fuck both of them like my wife. We try various position had lots of fun. On last day both ladies thank me, they said, we have never enjoy so much what we have enjoy with you. And we decide among us from now onward no one will talk about what we have done her and we will behave with each other like earlier. Other wise it will affect there married life. We all agree for last time we had kiss. And live the room. While coming back from chennai to pune we all behave like earlier ( clever). When we reach pune at 4 a.M morning both ladies husband were came for pick up them.

And we were on our own route. I was very much happy with what I get. I was fully satisfy. We have one day off. Next day it was time for regular office work. I was happy to meet them in office. Morning I got message from both ladies. Which was shocking. Pranjal send her nude pic and leave message getting ready for office. Similar ankita send me nude video of bathing. When I reply them what is this, both reply me we cant forgot those memorable moment we had. This is return gift for you. Both of them told me this will be between us pranjal said we will not tell to ankita what we are doing or planing. While ankita say we will not say to pranjal what we are doing we will behave like what we have decide when 3 of us are together. But alone we will enjoy.

When I went into office I was searching them. Both of them were looking at me with naughty smile. But behave like innocent in front of us. Now more than 6 months pass. When ever they are alone or get free time we enjoy. Since we 3 of us belong to middle class family. So we cant afford lots of expensive. So once in month when we get time we go near by pune to have fun. Please leave your feedback/comment my email id [email protected].

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