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Hey there people, I’m” stopmany “my nick name I’m studying in my college and I’m 20 years old 6 feet tall. Well, I’m staying in Bangalore it all began when I was in my 12th holidays no one was there at my place so I decided to leave yo my friend’s place which is near Chennai. I was staying there for past 10 days and my friend used to go from entrance exam classes during 6 pm to 9m one fine evening I was getting bored and hence I started watching porn in ma mobile, I had forgotten about locking the door.

I was masturbating in the room and once I was done I noticed my pubic hairs were grown a lot so I decided to cut it off I took the scissors and as I was cutting it I saw a beautiful lady aging from 35 to 40 a pure fucking milf.. She saw me cutting the hairs.. I was speechless and I was embarrassed.. I didn’t speak to her for three to four days.. After a week my friends and his relatives were all leaving for Temple I was alone and I didn’t know even that lady was also there.. She was taking tuition classes for small children.. I was bored so I had to approach her and we started our conversation.. It was gng good but I developed my feelings on her to fuck.. Mahn hottest milf ever her boobs size would be 36 and hip size 32 her ass was just like a Ballon.. After that evening..

I went to her room the other day.. And we started talking randomly.. And I asked her as in what u felt when u saw me nude trimming my pubic hair.. She kept quiet but later she was like it’s good that u maintain and clean it regularly.. Then I replied I felt embarrassed when u saw me like that. She laughed and was like nothing baba chill.. I slowly aroused my feelings to her.. I kept my hand in lap and was slowly rubbing it while talking. She took my hand off and went.. The next day morning I saw her in kitchen.. I went behind and hugged her I kept on telling I’m sry I’m sry I’m sry.. She turned around and accepted my hugg and was like come to my room at 3.30pm.. I went to her room I saw her in beautiful red saree.. She asked me to sit in bed and she laid beside me.. I couldn’t control and I started kissing her.. We were kissing for some 15mns Smooching..all over her body..

She couldn’t control and I guess her panties became wet.. She stood and went near the wall I went behind her turned her around leaning against the wall and again started Smooching n Kissing all over her body.. She removed and started licking my body I planned to tease her so I took the honey bottle and dropped all the honey over her body I opened her blouse and her bra.. Mahn those beautiful boobs I dropped honey and I started licking her nipples.. She kept on moaning.. Ahhh uhhhahhh.. I then moved towards her belly I was playing and eating her belly out.. I slowly Removed her panties and dropped honey on her pussy .. It was a hairy pussy and I started licking and made her cum..

She then pushed me back and removed my pants and took my 7inch dick in her mouth.. She gave the best blow job.. I began to cum inside her mouth .. She till kept in her mouth and made it harder again then she asked me to fuck her pussy like one last time.. Brace yourself ladies. I took my 7 inch and pushed inside her pussy.. I started stroking continously non stop for 10minutes then we changed the position.. I took her out to the doggy style and stroked her out for 5 minutes.. We were tired and she then sat on my cock and started cow girl.. She started riding my cock I was about to cum.. I have my load inside her pussy.. We then rested for a while. Then I closed her eyes with a ribbon and took her to shower..

I opened the shower.. Bathed her with the gel and stared Smooching her again.. My 7 inch was ready to go for a ride again.. I striked her from behind but this time in ass.. It was tight in beginning but later It went in a flow.. We had 3 anal sessions in shower.. After that we came in and changed our clothes.. And she thanked me with a kiss..later that night she again called me and this time it was in terrace.. This time she began to tease me.. She told she’ll be in terrace but there was no one I was super upset and I returned to the room and again I got a call from her she immediately asked me to be in terrace.. I was shocked looking what I saw..

I swear this was the best night ever.. I saw three beautiful women in saree with each holding a honey bottle.. She introduced me to them and she told even they want to try my honey sex experience, I slowly started Smooching these ladies it was a gang bang happening in terrace one was on my lips one was sucking my dick.. I fucked all the ladies over night and ya using condom.. Trust me even I was surprised to see my 7inch dick jerking out so many times.. Once all was done they asked me to make them cum again.. So I opened the honey bottle poured honey in all those four pussy and began to eat the honey.. I took my tongue and went inside it and gave a love bite.. They were shocked by this move (this is my personal favorite move) I slowly rubbed it again and they began to flow with their cum…. All the ladies were satisfied and took my number.. My sex life became so beautiful after that day.. So people if u enjoy reading this, give me a feedback to [email protected] thank you!

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