One Plus One Offer – Wanted Sindhu, Instead Got Her Friend

Hi,ISS readers this is Kiran from Hyderabad and this story happened two years back I am a regular reader of ISS for past 5 years. Myself good shape with normal fair 5.9 with good looking…

Always wanted to write, but never got time for it. But today it feels really good to share my sex experience. Sorry guys if you find out any mistakes or anything else as this is my first time writing without my notice I have made some mistakes by the next time on words I will be more detail and do the best.

Coming to the story sindhu is a beautiful girl, fair and tall.She had huge boobs, that one cannot control to press on seeing them.( I am lucky guy to taste those.) she is my friends friend. One fine day he introduced to me. This is the first time I met her and she was wearing denims and a jacket.

Believe me guys she is very hot in that. We shake our hands and for 1 hour spent time. I was waiting for the second meeting I keep on asking my friend to schedule a meeting(as I dint take her number).

Finally day has come and we met at cafe coffee day. This time I thought I should take her number. To my shock she asked my number. We exchanged our numbers and left. Days passed we became very close. One day while chatting she asked me “What you liked me” then I replied your milk(boobs). She replied like “What?”. I said nothing. She keep on asking me then I said your asserts.

She replied “Then why dont you have it?” (Immediately cock got up.)

Me: “Can I have it directly?”.

She:”Yes dear your wish”…..

Like that we chatted for 2 hours. During

This I have scummed also. In middle I said that I can give you good massage dear so that your pains will gone. Very next message from her that “Tomorrow at 3 we are meeting”. I was happy(thinking that time has come to drink her milk) and asked place.

Next day I was waiting at that place and she come to me and got on bike and asked me to start the bike. I started my bike and she guided me.

We went to one area where hardly you can see people near that place. Seeing that even my feeling got raised. We moved to one house and she ranged calling bell.

One lady has opened the door. She is very beautiful and she was in her shorts and sleeves.

Sindhu has directly taken me into bed room. Guys you won’t even imagine how my cock was dancing at that time. She closed the door by that time I am ready to hug her. To my surprise she asked me to sit on the bed and she sat on chair. I asked why dear come

On. She told me that we came here not for that I need help from you. On the spot cock got down. She asked me that I want you to massage my friend kiran. Again cock got up.


She:yes! Kiran she keep on telling me that she want massage from opposite gender.

Me: no sindhu. If you want I will do for you.

She: pleased me.

Me: agreed.

She: she comes close to me and has give lip lock and whispered in my ears that soon you will get chance to drink milk baby.

Me:hugged her and kissed on boobs.

She: lets move to her room.

She guided way to her room. I forgot to tell sindhu’s friend name. Her name is shiney. Guys believe me she is like actress shilpa shetty. Her structure is better than sindhu and she is very hot as like sindhu.

I opened the door by that time shiney with her towel.She comes very close to me and said I need good massage yar. I haven’t noticed her boobs but now I can clearly See half of her boobs(milky white).

Me:”Lay on the bed”

She:”Before that I want you to change your dress”

Me:” I dint carry anything with me”.

She:”No problem, I will give my lingerie”.

Me:”Shocked!. What???”

She:”Yes yar please wear it.Please please please”.

Me:”Convinced!. Ok give.”

Went to wash room and changed my dress. Never thought that I would wear such kind of dress. When I come out of the wash room she comes close to me and just started to smell. I asked her what you are doing?? She replied that the lingerie was not fresh but it is her used one that day.

Now I asked her to lay on bed she did that. Wow what a moment it was on seeing like that I want to hug her and want to taste her milk.

Mission started ! Started pouring oil on her ties and kept my hand on her ties. This is what the feeling when you touch opposite gender.

While doing that I asked her can I move up your towel little bit up?? You naughty I know what you want but first I want massage. I kept my hands under the towel and started applying oil. I was very smooth and was very near to touch her pussy also. Lightly I touched her pussy two times.

Now its time her top section. I moved on to her shoulders and poured oil on front part of her shoulders. What happen is oil drops slightly went inside her boobs without any intention to clean that I kept my hand inside.

She then hey kiran want to touch???? No shiney oil drops went in so I am trying to clean. I have applied oil fully and massaged the upper part. She then asked me to come on her. This is the chance I am looking for. Now I went on her and placed my hand on her boobs.Wow this is what every men will look. She then kept her hand inside of mine.

Ohhh this is awesome feeling and only men can enjoy that feeling.

Her hand is very soft like cotton. She observed my feelings and suddenly she removed her towel and hugged me. Remaining part I will upload soon. But guys this is one of the most beautiful experience I have ever faced. And also encounter with sindhu is super. I will let you know all those in next part.

Kindly provide your feedback. And any ladies who want massage or sex or play can reach out [email protected].

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