Orgasms & squirts in the lesbian sex with nurses

The first part shows how a simple housewife discovers her sexuality at a doctor’s clinic. She gets involved in group sex.


I took her hand and put it on my boobs. Allowing her to fondle my boobs and show as if her punishment is over. Now it’s time to enjoy. Now Manu was freely squeezing my boobs, pinching my nipples. Then she started licking my boobs crazily.

Priya tried to come forward. But perhaps she forgot that her pants were down to her knees. So she tumbled and fell on the floor on her knees. She turned and lay on her back. Rani hurriedly moved forward and took off her pants. Now she was naked from the bottom.

Lying in that position, she raised her middle finger and gestured to me to come with her middle finger. I went near her and sat between her legs. First, I quite deliberately tore all the remaining buttons off her shirt. Then lifted her bra upwards and brought her milky melons out of the bra.

Then he lay on her and started kissing her passionately. I was fondling her boobs, and she was teasing my clit with her fingers. In between, she gently put her fingers into my pussy. Just then, Manu’s voice was heard. “Rani, you bitch, how can you remain in clothes when we all are naked?”

Seeing my attention was towards her, Manu said, “Ma’am, please do the honours.”

Me: Do fuck with that ‘Ma’am,’ and call me Harsha.

I walked to Rani. I held her tightly and started kissing her lips, cheeks, ears, and neck everywhere. For the first time, I was getting a taste of Rani. She had a much better figure and bigger boobs than Manu. I felt like keeping her reserved for some later day and enjoying the other two girls for the moment.

So after kissing her for a few minutes, I left her and returned to Priya. Priya held me and pinned me to the floor. Now Priya was sucking my boobs and fingering my pussy simultaneously. Two of my most sensitive parts were attacked in tandem. I was completely out of control now.

She had inserted both her middle finger and index finger and almost fucking me with those two fingers. Priya’s fingers were not good enough for my pussy. I wanted a cock desperately. I was moaning loudly. Aah, Fuck me hard, Priya.”

Priya got up and took out a device from a cupboard. It looked like a dildo, but it definitely wasn’t a dildo. It had a wire attached to it. It had a white plastic handle almost 2-3 inches thick and 4-5 inches long. It was attached to a 12 inches long and 1-2 inches thick cylindrical bar.

Its head was slightly thicker, something similar to a cock. The entire bar was covered with latex. She applied some gel to it. I knew what was coming my way. Priya approached me with that device in her hand. I spread open my legs as much as I could.

Priya sat beside me near my waist. She put her left hand on my mouth and closed my mouth. Then inserted that rod right into my pussy. In a second, she pushed it completely into my pussy. The entire 12 inches long latex bar disappeared into my pussy.

I wanted to scream loud. I like to scream a lot during sex, making Hiten fuck me even harder. But Priya had already covered my mouth. But I was in heaven. Hiten has a normal 6 inches dick. I had a fantasy for a much bigger cock, as they have in porn movies. Now that desire was fulfilled.

Priya was fucking me with that rod very quickly. Manu was kissing me and fondling my boobs. I was also squeezing her boobs. I had the most inexplicable experience of my life. I was reaching the point of climax. My hands and legs were stiffened, and I shivered a little.

Seeing that I was reaching the climax, Priya stopped. She got up and offered her hand to help me get up. I didn’t want to stop. So I said, “Why did you stop? Come on fuck me, fuck me.” Now she lay beside me on the floor in a 69 position. She asked me to turn on one side towards her.

I did that and started licking her pussy in that position. She kept that rod aside once again and started to lick my pussy. I wanted that big rod deep inside my pussy. Perhaps Priya, too, knew that. That’s why she was teasing me by not giving me what I wanted. She was denying me the orgasm.

“Fuck me hard, you bloody bitch!” I was almost screaming. Manu came with a similar device, like what Priya had inserted into my pussy. But the one Manu had was much smaller than that of Priya’s, like a one-fourth replica of that device. She came to my back and spread my asscheeks.

I was wondering what Manu was trying to do. And just then, she inserted the little rod of that device right into my asshole. Almost 2 inches deep into my ass. “FUCK!”  I screamed. For the first time, something had gone inside my asshole. We had never even tried anal sex.

Priya took her device and put it deep into my pussy again. The two girls double-penetrated me. The two girls started in-out motion in tandem. I was completely in heaven. Now I am reaching the climax point. I started to feel as if something had burst out of my pussy.

Again it was a feeling I had never had. Then finally, I cum and squirted all over Priya. On her shirt and her face. I was out of breath, and I was trembling in excitement. I was gasping for air. My legs were shaking. I had never had such an experience in my life.  I had never squirted before in my life.

Priya got up and went towards the washroom. I was still trembling. Manu quickly lay beside me and hugged me tightly. Her little device was still inside my ass. After lying there in Manu’s hug for almost five minutes, I regained my senses. Though I was still panting, Rani came with a glass of water.

I broke the hug and sat on the floor. Now Priya, too, was back from the washroom. This time she, too, was stark naked. She looked at me and smiled. She took up her rod, handed it to me and lay on the floor with her legs spread apart. I straightway inserted it into her pussy and started in-out motion.

While I was fucking her with that rod, Manu took the small rod and started to tease her clit with that. “No, please don’t,” she was moaning. Just then, the intercom rang. Rani received it. After the call, she said, “Sorry to interrupt you, girls. But Cyrus sir will be here in 10-15 minutes.”

Priya immediately stood up. Rani started cleaning up all the mess I made with my squirt. I wore my top. Manu wore her apron over it and sat in her chair. Now she, too, was fully dressed up. Once again, I was alone, naked in the room.

Me: What should I wear when I go back?

Priya: Now that’s your punishment (winked)

Manu: Don’t worry. I will do something till Sir examines you.

I took the hospital gown. It was like a bathrobe. It had two laces on the left side. It was short in length and too wide for me. It barely covered my ass, even though I tied those laces as tightly as possible. Still, It was too loose for me.

The two overlapping sides, which were supposed to cover my boobs fell aside and showed ample cleavage. Before this visit to the clinic, I would have preferred to die rather than go out in front of an unknown man wearing something like that.

But today, it was altogether a different Harsha. I had no qualms about going to the doctor in something like that. I wouldn’t have minded going out completely naked. Then Rani led me to a door, and there was Dr Cyrus’s consulting room. I entered the room.

The room was quite big. It had a large table, and one handsome guy was sitting there. There was an examination table and lots of different equipment around it. There was one more sexy girl standing near the examination table. She was even sexier than Priya.

One more chick. Seems like the doc is interested in some hot chicks. I stared at the doc. He was busy reading the paper Rani had handed over to him. He seemed tall, fair, well-built and handsome, wearing a white shirt and sky-blue denim. He looked like a model.

Realizing that I was in the cabin, he smiled at me. His smile was a real killer. Is he Dr Cyrus? Wow! I had thought of an old guy, not a handsome dude like that. All of a sudden, I was quite happy that the gown given to me was showing ample cleavage.

‘Harsha! What the fuck is wrong with you? You just had a lesbian orgy. Now all of a sudden, you are attracted to this handsome guy. Don’t forget you are married and have a husband at home. You are a nice housewife and not a slut or a sex maniac.’ My inner voice was telling me.

“Hello, Mrs Shah.” A strong and commanding voice broke my thoughts. I looked at him, greeted him with a smile, and said, “Hello, Dr Bombaywalla.”He got up from the chair and started walking towards me. He was very tall, at least 6 ft.

He was staring at me, my figure and the ample cleavage I showed shamelessly. Is he, too, finding me as attractive as he is? Is he staring at my beauty or looking at just another patient? I was lost in thoughts again. “Mrs Shah.” the voice again broke my thoughts.

He stood before me with his right hand stretched out for a handshake. I shook hands with him. Wow! what a firm grip he had. Very manly. With my hand still in his hand, he put his left eye on my shoulder and bent a little. He touched his left cheek to mine and made a kissing sound.

Something like Europeans do when they meet. And in that flow, when he moved his neck to touch his right cheek with my right cheek, I moved my neck to touch his right cheek. Accidentally, instead of our cheeks, our lips met. Wow! Now that was one more brand-new experience for me.

Again for one more time, a man other than my husband kissed my lips. I was awestruck by that experience. He touched my cheek with his with the same sound and broke the handshake.

Cyrus: I am sorry for that, Mrs Shah.

Me: That’s okay, Dr Cyrus, and please call me Harsha.

Cyrus: Sure, only if you agree to call me just Cyrus.

Me: Sure, Just Cyrus (And I winked)

He gave me one more killer smile. He asked me to sit at the examination table. But I found it was a bit too tall and there was no stool or something like it to climb that table.

“Where the hell is the stool?” he asked Rani sternly. Rani quickly went somewhere. Then he held me near my waist, lifted me, and put me on the table. In that process already short gown went a little further up. In fact, above my pussy.

But just because I was sitting with closed thighs, my modesty was protected. On the top, the neckline slid up to my left shoulder. My left boob was almost out, with barely the nipple still under the cover. I would have loved to get naked and show off my sexy body to this handsome hunk.

But not in this way, or I didn’t want to leave the impression of being a desperate slut. So I adjusted the gown.

Cyrus: I guess you are uncomfortable with that gown.

Me: No. That’s okay. Being at a doctor’s place is always full of anxiety for the patients, na?

Cyrus: That’s true. But you don’t need to worry because you have just missed your periods and I don’t think it’s serious.

Then he asked me questions about my periods. Any history of similar problems before etc.

Cyrus: How long have you been on contraceptive pills?

Me: Since my marriage, i.e. for one year now.

Cyrus: Did anyone tell you you shouldn’t take pills for more than 6 months?

I nodded negatively.

Cyrus: And how is your sex life?

I was taken aback by that question. For the first time, someone asked me that question directly. My mom and my friends have asked me about it indirectly before.

Me: It’s good.

Cyrus: How many times do you have sex in a day?

Me: In a day? Once or twice a week.

He raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Me: Is it that surprising?

Cyrus: Actually, yes. Being newly married and having such a sexy wife, don’t you think it’s too little?

Now I was surprised. How the hell he pinpointed my desire for more sex so precisely? Had anyone else called me sexy, I would have felt offended. But this time, I was happy to know that he also found me sexy. There was a long pause.

Cyrus: I am sorry for making a too-personal comment. I didn’t mean to offend you by calling you sexy.

Me: Please don’t say sorry. I should thank you for calling me sexy.

Cyrus just smiled. I felt he was rueing himself for making such a statement.

Cyrus: Would you please lie down?

Rani helped me to lie down. As I lay down, she touched my ass and signalled me to lift it. I lifted my ass a little. I thought Rani would pull it down and make it proper. But instead, she lifted the gown further up above my navel. She just pressed my waist and touched it back to the table.

Rani spread my legs at least 2 feet from each other. Now my pussy was visible to him. Cyrus looked at me. What a scene it was! I was completely naked bottom side. He could see my flat stomach with a nice round belly button at the centre and a cleanly shaved pussy.

My sexy milky white thighs and legs.

Cyrus: Harsha, we must do your sonography to see the problem internally. We will need to do TVS.

Me: I know sonography. But what’s TVS?

Cyrus: Trans-vaginal Sonography.

I was still puzzled.

Cyrus: In simple words, sonography of your internal reproductive organs through your vagina.

All I could understand was he would do something with my pussy.  I started feeling excited about that. Just then, he took up a device from a piece of equipment near the examination table. That device was exactly similar to the one Priya had used to make me squirt just a while ago.

Is he, too, going to insert it into my pussy? Or is he going to put that big rod into my asshole? Is he, too, going to make me squirt again? The thoughts made me even more excited, and my pussy started to get wet again. In the excitement, I just closed my eyes tightly.

I was eagerly waiting for what he was going to do now.  To be continued.

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