Other Side Of Best Friend – Part 2

Hello Everyone, I’m Arya back with another set of incidents that happened in my life over the past few months which are exciting and fun-filled, also sex filled. Before I start thanks to all those who have mailed me their valuable comments and opinions on my previous writings, and for those who are reading mine for the first time, I’m from Hyderabad and 22 years old, well-built 6’ft tall guy. For those who want to chat with me or give their opinion on my writings can contact me on [email protected].

Please not this is the continuation from where I left in the previous part, please note that its lengthy and descriptive and if it’s not your cup of tea reading lengthy stories then stop it here itself, if not please go ahead.

Friday she told she needs to speak with me and asked me to meet after office hours and………

This is where I left in my previous writing and continuing from there, I waited for her after the office she came and sat on my bike and we left from our company premises towards a nearby food junction and we went into one of the place there and ordered food and sat facing each other awkwardly, in the mean while to break the ice I started to say her sorry for my act and how it happened and all, she was embarrassed, which made her cheeks turn little red, she told its okay and started apologizing and asking me to forget and be normal again, I was like yeah okay and we diverted the topic and started discussing about other stuff and it again became normal between us but in my head I was not able to forget anything, the beauty before me whom I have seen naked enjoying, squirting, and having pleasure on and off her body.

I was lost in these thoughts and was unknowingly staring at her cleavage, boobs many times during our meeting that day, which I thought she hasn’t noticed as I didn’t get any stern face or “hello mister” kind of look which we get generally when we are staring at a girl. After the food I dropped her back home, thanks to the traffic and road situation I had to apply breaks and she was falling on me, after the first fall I expected her to put her bag in between but it didn’t happen, I enjoyed the touch whenever it happened, a soft touch on the back who would resist it, thus the day ended with me masturbating thinking of the touch and looks and also that incident.

After that day we were again back to normal with a pinch of teasing of that incident I.e. whenever she stares at some girl for long time in front of me, I start clearing my throat or pointing towards her with my eyes and indicating that and all, we started becoming a bit closer and open we started to talk even about sex and other stuff limited but okay kind of stuff.

This went on for a month, and one day we were teasing each other like this and in the conversation, we spoke what I don’t remember exactly word by word but the conclusion was she is bisexual and even has interest in boys, and for which I ask her to prove me and she asks me why can’t I see that she is in me, that leaves me blank, she asks me to meet after office, we meet and there she talks and talks and talks too much…. The synopsis of it is she knows I’m interested in her, I stare at her assets, and sometimes touch them on purpose, also on that day she observed that my penis was hard that to with just couple of seconds of string at her (well she doesn’t know that I was there from the start), I was shocked at all her observation, which is obvious as I thought I skipped all these, but I was granted the chance to which I didn’t know.

Then finally after she revealed everything, she told she likes me and thus allowed my acts, I was jumping in joy inside but as if I was shocked I sat there staring at her and then the magic moment came, she invited me to her home after 2 and half weeks’ no one would be at her home and asked me to come then.

I told okay, we left and from that day for the next 18 days we spoke spoke and spoke mostly about the D-day and how we have to go about and what to wear and our likes dis likes weak spots favorite spots positions, what not everything from fantasies to dream sex to oh god name it and we have mostly done it.

Finally, the D-day, I woke up early got well-groomed and left to her place buying condoms, chocolates. I reached her place and she opened the door, she was stunning loose hair, whitish orange t-shirt with red bra inside (came to know from the string around her neck region of it) and pajama style bottom which had flowers design on it.

I entered the house, she greeted me with a hug and peck on the cheek whispering in my ear well prepared huh…! to which I smile and move towards the sofa giving her the chocolates and she offers me coke bending as much as possible for me to have a view of her boobs and cleavage hidden in the red bra which covered the required and left the rest to my eyes feast.

It was tempting me but she was blocking me saying we have the whole day, patience and went and closed the door and windows (well experience, one bad experience teaches) and then again came and sat beside me rubbing my thighs and making my penny hard as rock and when it was at its peak hardness she left me to suffer and moved away smiling, but the beast in me woke up, thus I followed her trying to catch her, she escaping from me laughing and pushing things at me.

After few minutes of running and jumping, I was able to catch her and hugged her hard so that she won’t escape again, but she was fidgeting and trying to set herself free, and thus came our first kiss of the moment, a passionate sensuous lip lock, the first meeting of 4 lips in the day, touching first, becoming one, not willing to leave, sucking, holding on to each other with the help of teeth exploring the depths with the help of tongue, having a war for dominance yet surrendering for the might of love, it was one of the finest kisses in my life we had such passion that neither of us stopped, even when we were out of breath, but she started to bite me so hard that it started to bleed, pushed me and moved away from me laughing, this made me angry and I threw water in the jar beside me drenching her.

Making her t-shirt stick to her body revealing the curves, the bra and seductive lustful eyes. As soon as I threw the water that made her wet she gave me the most seductive look that I was spell bound and was staring at her and she was slowly, it was like ultra – slow motion, started removing her top, revealing her navel, the start of the bra and then becoming top less with a body to die for, she was fab, seeing her from such close distance was driving me mad, she had great skin tone, even, flawless, slight amount of fat near the waist, smooth clear armpits and a knot hold bra having the best melons begging to be released.

Seeing her in such state I became more wild, went near her pushed her towards the wall and started kissing every inch of skin available to be at my disposal, licked her dry and kissed every inch, on her neck, top of the cleavage, armpits, boobs top, navel everywhere, all the while taking turns to press her soft boobs over her bra, after nearly I don’t know how much time, but with satisfaction of kissing every inch of her skin I untied her bra knot and pulled it over her shoulders making her semi-nude, and pounced on her boobs and started sucking her nipples like a baby making them hard as rock and red. This went on and on for long time with me going between her boobs in turns and making them red and in between her other parts of the top, making her turn red from white, while all this she had couple of orgasms and moaned so loud that I feared neighbors might come, but thank god no one came.

After the second orgasm she pulled me from her and pushed me on to the wall and slowly went down and pulled open my penny and started to suck it passionately, licking the pre cum drying it up and blowing it by making circles and treating it like an ice cream man, I was in some other world even more than heaven, I never knew when I came and she drank everything, and was still sucking it trying to make it ready for the second round of blowjob, but in the mean while I pulled her up and lifted her and…….

I shall continue this in my next part, please do leave your comments and reviews or any kind of conversation at my email Id [email protected]. Please don’t ask for details I would not be providing them.

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