Other Side Of Best Friend – Part 3

Hello Everyone, I’m Arya back with another set of incidents that happened in my life over the past few months which are exciting and fun-filled, also sex filled. Before I start thanks to all those who have mailed me their valuable comments and opinions on my previous writings, and for those who are reading mine for the first time, I’m from Hyderabad and 22 years old, well-built 6’ft tall guy. For those who want to chat with me or give their opinion on my writings can contact me on [email protected].

Please not this is the continuation from where I left in the previous part, please note that its lengthy and descriptive and if it’s not your cup of tea reading lengthy stories then stop it here itself, if not please go ahead.

I never knew when I came and she drank everything, and was still sucking it trying to make it ready for the second round of blowjob, but in the mean while I pulled her up and lifted her and …….

This is where I left in my previous writing and continuing from there,

Slowly went down towards the only part of the body being covered with cloths which is the lower body and started pulling the pajama which was covering the body revealing the prized possession covered under the panty, after pulling the pajama out completely I started kissing her feet and coming all over her lower body till her pussy, which has soaked her panty due to the couple of orgasms she had during our session,

After kissing her outline of the panty I pull it out and attack her pussy, which made her smile and shout out my name, she had a slight hair on her pussy mostly trimmed, I started to kiss her pussy and lick the juices which have already been out and after licking it dry I slowly start kissing her pussy and licking it and trying fingering it and licking it simultaneously, I guess it has stimulated her well as she started to moan out load and I started to push my tongue more deeper inside till I think I reached her G spot which I am assuming only by her deep shout,

I slowly increased my speed and started licking her dry and also fingering her with one then two fingers at a time this made her come for the third time and squirt all the juices on my face some of which I had licked, after this I licked her pussy for some more time and then when she regained her sense to being normal she pulled me back, kissed me hard with a tight hug and then started her second round of blow job, this time it was more passionate and more breath-taking for me, I came pretty soon than I expected, even after trying to control it, I failed too.

After I came she took it in and then came up and we both slept hugging each other, kissing and having small pep talks, with me revealing what actually happened that day and she pinching and hitting me and saying she knew it and giving me a shock and after sometime, she again started to stroke my penis and it regained its lost glory and was ready to penetrate her pussy, while even I was fingering and licking her pussy to make it easy to enter thus we went into 69 position with she on top of me with her pussy on my face and she on my penny,

After making them ready we went into position and I was teasing her by just entering in and removing it and rubbing the pre cum all over her pussy, this made her go crazy and started to abuse me and asked me to enter her immediately, thus I slowly positioned myself and entered her, she was tight and as soon as my whole penis went it she left out a loud should and hugged me tight, then I slowly started to give strokes and once she was comfortable and making her hip moments accordingly then I started to move faster and thump her more hard making those weird noises, it was kind of funny to describe by pleasure to experience it.

We started in missionary position and slowly moved to girl on top, this is seriously the best position always you enjoy the best view in the game possible a girl riding you with her boobs flying every time she moves it’s a crazy sensual experience, thus we had done the session in that position for some time and then shifted to doggy style and had a go on each other with me groping her boobs from back and trying to kiss her and finally after long session of thumping and multiple positions we both came at the same time and fell on the bed exhausted and slept hugging each other with my penis still in her pussy. It was a tiring and exhausting session that I had, after, I don’t know how many hours

Later I woke up and saw that our lips were also hugging each other like we were and there she was sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face and hands around me firm enough to not leave me but still, I left the bed went and prepared food to eat and came back to find her partially awake and I went and kissed her and offered her the food I prepared, which made her smile and impressed(later she told me) and after the food we had another round of only foreplay, cuddling and then I left her place giving her a good bye kiss and left to the home with a smile of satisfaction and memories of pleasure to remember forever.

Well this is the end of my series of what has happened completely. Please do leave your comments and reviews or any kind of conversation at my email Id [email protected]. Please don’t ask for details I would not be providing them.

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