Our First Night And Thereafter – Part 1

Well after so many years we decide to share our first night experience. And we are writing the story together. The best thing in the world is Love and best relation after Mother Child relation is Marriage. Ours was arranged marriage and we met first time in our engagement. We had few phone calls before marriage, so we knew a little bit about each other. We got married in March.

I am about 5’9” slim ( a senior exec in a reputed MNC fun loving) she is 5’4” slim fair and beautiful With good vital stats (outgoing and funloving) . Marriage is the best thing that can happen to anyone. It spells romance, togetherness love and obviously Sex. The mere thought of (especially first time) gives out shivers. As to how will it start, who will start, How to break the ice. Let’s come to the night straight. After marriage, our house was full of guests, but we were given a separate secluded room. My brother had nicely decorated it with flowers. With lots of roses on the bed. Room smelling of flowers and spray.

After dinner I was waiting to go in but hesitant, my cousins all chatting and joking. I was getting frustrated. Finally my cousin Bhabhi pushed me in at about 11:30. I was really nervous. The moment has come, but did not know how to start. She was sitting on the bed in a blue saree and jewellery ( my favourite color is blue). I closed the door and sat beside her. I just extended my hand to her for a gentle hand shake. And asked “are you OK here and Happy” she shyly replied in Yes. I first asked her “be simple, remove all the jewellery” she slowly removed all of them and I helped her.

As I touched here it gave shivers down my spine. Well after that I took out a Pearl necklace from my pocket and gifted here “ it’s for you, my first gift” she thanked me and asked “ can I wear it” I helped her wear that. After that we kept on chatting for nearly 2 hours. Telling about our families and ourselves. Education hobbies and friends, we discussed all (Still nervous). But I was now holding her hand softly and resting on her lap. Again I pulled out a small gift of pearl earrings from my pocket and that was a second gift. I could see gleam in her eyes (first gifts from husband). And we talked again. Still recall it was 3 in morning and we were half lying. She was couching on the bed and I was resting on her lap.

All this while I was thinking on how to start ( at least a Kiss) Finally (still shivering) I sat down and pretended to put my hand in pocket and said “ one more last gift for you” she said smiling “what more now” and I asked her to close her eyes. As she closed her eyes, first kept looking at her face and bent forward and gave a small kiss on the lips. She pulled away in a shock , but smiling she was looking down shy said “no”. I was surprised and asked her “no ???” she just said “light off kar do please” I put off all the lights except a small lamp. I could just see her lovely face. The time had come. She was sitting with eyes closed (as if waiting) I bent forward held her face and said “ ankhen kholo please’ As she did I said those golden words “My dear, I Love You ” She said “Love you too” and I started going forward, she was leaning back till our lips met.

I started kissing them softly, she responded with a deep Kiss. I was holding her by shoulders, her hands embraced me from behind. She was now equally responding to kisses. Her hands were holding me tightly and we were kissing furiously and sucking each other’s lips. Both of us were panting heavily and moaning. We kept kissing for nearly 5 minutes (First kiss has to be long). Our bodies were stuck together. I moved my hands on her smooth tummy and started rubbing gently, occasionally kneading them. She was just responding with Ooh Aah. I went down and kissed her naval button and tummy. Back on her lips , this time I slid my hand up on to her breasts (hesitatingly). There was a loud oomph from her and she arched back.

I squeezed them over her blouse, gradually hard squeeze and moved over to unbutton them. Looked in her eyes, they were closed, I unbuttoned her blouse and parted them. She was in a light blue bridal silk lacy bra. My first sight of a woman in lingerie. Kept looking at her for a minute. She looked into my eyes and said “kyaa dekh rahe ho” and I said “ you are really beautiful, I am the luckiest guy today” Yes she was looking a goddess, lipstick smeared over near her lips ( she had applied fresh lipstick some time back) . Even my lips were red with her lipstick. I held her breasts and leaned forward and started kissing her cleavage, her smell was intoxicating.

My hands were moving from her tummy to breasts, feeling the silk skin. She had her eyes closed and just moaning. I made her sit and removed the blouse. She had perfect rounded boobs, encased in wonderful silk Bra. I embraced her again tight, her body was hot. Her hands were inside my t-shirt and was trying to lift it. I removed my t shirt and again pulled her to me. First time our hot skin was meeting. We were embracing so tight, even wind would not pass between us. Hesitating I slowly tried to lower her bra strap. No reaction from her I removed the lowered bra straps one by one. She was just silent and looking at me.

I reached back and struggled to open the bra hook ( My hands were trembling) She reached back and offered to open but I said “let me open” I finally unhooked and her bra fell off. Two silky round firm breasts with pink nipples looking at me. She had her eyes closed. I held her boobies. An ooh from her , I asked her “ can I kiss them” a gentle nod and I bent forward and kissed each mango one by one.

Then took them between my lips and started sucking them. She was sort of uncontrollable. She was holding my head and I was sucking on the boobs left and right. Finally I finished and started kissing her again. I moved my hands down and opened her petticoats. She helped me in removing them. She was now in blue silk panties only and I asked her to remove my pajamas. She lowered my pajamas and I was in undies only.

She came forward and started to lick my nipples with her tongue and then started biting them. I was in high. Went on for some time, then I removed her and embraced her tight again kissing her. My hands were now probing her bums. Squeezing then and moving my hands inside silk panties. My cock was rock hard and bulging out. As I was holding her tight, my bulge was rubbing her pussy. We were enjoying this. I laid her back and started to explore her stomach again.

I took lots of flowers from the bed and rubbed over her boobs and tummy. She was oozing a rosy smell. Gradually I moved my hands down and touched her pussy over her panties. She arched back and crossed her legs tight. I asked her “pair hatao na” slow and hesitating she parted her legs.

I started probing her pussy again, with gentle tickle and rubbing finger over her pussy. She was moaning loud. I was really nervous as I thought of removing her panties. I took some time moving my hand inside her panties, she held my hands and stopped me saying “No” i asked her “no??’ she said “I am nervous” and I replied “me too, but let me” She let my hand in and I felt for her pussy, and started rubbing slowly and poking finger inside. Her cunt was wet and she was now moaning madly. I slowly and hesitatingly started lowering her silk panties.

She resisted initially saying “no” but I continued and ultimately lowered her panties. She hid her pussy with her hands, and said “put off the lamp please” Though I tried to persuade her but she said “aaj off kar do please” Finally I put off the lamp and it was dark. I could just imagine her nude body. Once back on the bed I held her and kissed her again passionately. Her stiff boobies poking my chest. She was holding me tight, my legs on her and kissing. I held her hand and gradually took it down and over my stiff rod. She just kept it there and after some time squeezed it lightly. I was my turn to arch myself.

She was just holding my rod over my undies. I asked her “utaar doo kyaa” there was just a hmm and I lowered my undies. My rock hard cock sprang out and touched her belly. I was again fingering her pussy and she was making loud noises. I asked her to be soft. She held me and said “I am nervous, kabhi kiya nahi and also afraid, it will pain” I laughed and said “to kyaa maine kiya hai, even I am nervous. Dear whenever you are uncomfortable we will stop, I will not hurt you” On her OK, I sat up and said “ Jaanu let’s put on the lamp” No “ Dear can’t do in total darkness” She finally agreed and I put on the lamp. The most beautiful lady in the world was there lying for me. bare. I commented again “Dear you are the most lovely and gorgeous female” I reached for my kurta pocket and pulled out a condom. Turned away from her and put on the condom. The moment has come what every married couple waits for. I came near, she had eyes closed. I kissed her boobies and it was an oooh.

I went down and down till felt her wet pussy. Fingered her again to arouse her. She was ready and I said “main upar aaoon” and a hmm again she said “ dheere please” I climbed her, she was holding her legs tight ( obviously nervous) I asked her “part your legs jaanu” she did and I positioned my hard cock at the love gate. As it touched her pussy she pulled back again and an AAhhhh from her “I am still afraid” she said and I replied “ OK if you are not OK we will not do today” but she said “Nahi, I am ready now, Do it” I pulled her down ,put a pillow below her ass and positioned my cock again. This time she was ready and went out to meet my rod. I started pushing in but it slipped out. Tried again but slipped. Frustrating, but can’t give up. She reached down and parted her lovehole using her fingers and said try again.

I pointed my cock again and started pushing again, Woooooow it was inching in this time. She left and moved her hand to hold the pillow. I was pushing in, she was crying now (must be paining) tears were now flowing from her eyes. She was clinching the back of bed and arching up. My cock was facing stiffness but I was forcing my way hard and pushing hard. I gave a small jerk and it slid in fully. She let out a loud cry “Aaaaah Ooooooh” tears were flowing and she held me tight, her nails digging in my back. She was crying “its hurting “ I pulled out my rod, saying “its paining dear, shall we stop” She just panting heavily but said “ naaa, karo na, I’m OK now” I held my cock positioned again and started pushing in. This time my rod went in fully with much ease. Her cunt was still tight and hot, my cock was burning.

Once fully in I asked her “is it OK now or ???” I was breathing heavily and She was just moaning loud and said “I am OK do it” Her nails were digging in my back and I was feeling the pain but .. I started pumping her slowly but deep, She was moaning rather loud . I kept my hand on her mouth saying “ahista dear” she said “control nahi hota and it was a silent aaah and ooooh. I increased my pace and so did her chants. I asked her “is it OK dear, are you enjoying” her eyes were closed and just a hmmm. I was fucking her deep and fast and with every stroke there was an aaah. I bent down and took her lips in mine and started sucking them, she responded and was sucking my lips furiously. My hips were bumping up and down, and my hard cock sliding in and out of her pussy. I asked again “darling, are you enjoying” and she said “yes, keep doing” .

I continued my humping doing deep and fast. I was reaching my climax and I looked into her eyes cried “I gonna come now” increased my pace. She held me ever tight, I finally shot my entire hot cum in the condom. I could not continue and just collapsed on her. Exhausted and sweating and breathing heavily. Finally I withdrew , cleaned up my cock and laid down beside her. She pulled my hand under her head, turned towards me and gave me a bigggg kiss and I said “sorry for pain sweetheart” she just slapped me softly and said “I loved it & enjoyed it ” End of days sex but start of a lifelong sexy journey. That was a perfect first night and the ice was broken between us.


The second day was busy with our grand reception party. By the time we retired to our bedroom, we were dead tired . No sex we decided. We just took off our clothes. Only in our lowers we embraced each other and slept holding tight. Our bodies becoming one soul. But had dreams for next day. I don’t know how we spent the day. All the guests had gone off by then. This night as we went off to our room, we had new dreams new ideas. But we were still nervous. Though it was cold but the room was cosy as hot blower was on. I changed into Bermudas and t—shirt and asked her to change too.

She quietly asked “can I change in nighty” I agreed, after taking some time in toilet she came out. She was wearing a bright red satin night gown which was tied with belt by her waist. No make up, her hairs lightly tied back she was looking goddess of beauty. I felt like jumping up and holding her tight. But was nervous again. Lot of thoughts coming again, planning, how do we start today. I just said “Sweetheart you are looking beautiful” I’ll ever be yours”

As she came close I gave her one more gift. This time a perfume . She took it with a smile and crying she said “I am the most luckiest girl today to have a husband like you , sorry I could not give you anything” I took her close and said “sweetu my gift is pending, I’ll claim it later will not leave it” She asked me to close my eyes and I felt her lips on mine. It was as mall kiss as she said “I can give you this only now” I replied “its worth billion” Putting all lights off except a lamp, we again sat down chatting , she was sitting and I was in her lap. My hands playing with her fingers and work upto shoulders. I could guess, she was wearing a nighty underneath.

After some time I suggested and we switched positions. As we got up I asked her to remove her gown. She asked me to close my eyes and after few moments open again. She was standing on the bed in a light blue nighty. A knee length low V cut nighty with thin shoulder straps. It was flowing over her perfect body like water. I asked her to come down, took the perfume bottle and sprayed few puffs over her breasts and cleavage area. She took it from me and said “t-shirt utaaro” I took off my t shirt. I was in my colored baniyan. She sprayed some perfume on me. I sat down resting back and she was resting on my lap. Her cleavage clear and deep. Her smooth skin was glistening.

I asked her “can I say something” she said “haan kyaa” I gathered courage and said “sweetheart You are looking Sexy” She looked at me with some surprise and smile and said “like to hear that again “You are damn sexxxxy my dear” and gave a small kiss. I said “thats a sexy nighty you are wearing” she just said “you too”. We were getting free now but I still was nervous of how to start sex today. So was she.

We kept talking for long. Discussing our girlfriends and boyfriends . I was admiring her silk body. My hands were playing with her hairs and bare shoulders and occasionally move my hands to her cleavage. Still not able to start the sex. She was breathing heavily and her boobies were rising up and down. I gathered courage and placed my hands on her breasts. There was a loud sigh from her as she looked into me and closed her eyes. I bent down and placed my lips on her. She responded by sucking them and held my head and pulled it towards her. We were now kissing furiously, sucking lips. Our tongues were exploring each other. My hand were kneading her breasts. As the nighty was low cut , I slipped my hand in and held her ripe mangoes. She was going oomph now. Her nipples were erect and I was pinching them, and every time it was an Aaaaah.

Due to her wriggling her nighty slipped upto her thighs and it was a hot sight. A perfect carved out thighs smooth as cream. I slowly lowered the shoulder straps one by one. And lowered the nighty to reveal her boobs. Jokingly I asked “can I kiss my mangoes”. A hmmm and I bent down to first kiss then bite them. I started sucking them like mangoes and she was ecstatic and was arching up. She was holding my head and pushing to her breasts. I lowered my hand down to reach for her pussy. Started rubbing over the nighty silk and gradually slipped under to feel her panties. They were wet. She was moaning softly. She struggled to take off my t-shirt. She lifted herself and started nibbling my nipples. I was now on a high, my hands massaging her back. As she finished I told her “we’ll do something different and new today” .

She sat up on her knees. Her nighty fell down and there she was in only her silk lace panties. She got down to remove my shorts. I also sat down and held her close and tight. Her boobs poking me anad my cock poking her pussy. We were passionately kissing each other. I laid her back on the bed and kissed & sucked her mangoes and slowly started coming down till her naval button. I licked & kissed her tummy and proceeded to go down further. She held her legs tight, and said “Naa , what are you doing” I kept quite and forced her legs apart. She asked “is it Ok , kyaa kar rahe ho” I said “mujhe karne do you just , enjoy” and started kissing her pussy over her wet wet panty. She was arching up and let her leg loose.

After doing for some time I parted her panties and just put my tongue there. She let out a rather large cry. My first taste of a Pussy. So was hers , as I probed my tongue further and began exploring her clit. I asked “can I lower it now” and on her Hmmm lowered and removed her panties. Her legs were loose and she was lying legs apart. I asked her” Sweetu did you enjoy the lick” a ya and “I want to lick you more” I spread her legs and started to lick her hot wet cunt. Parted her clit using fingers I began exploring inside. She was ecstatic and uncontrollable and was pushing her bums up. She moved her hand down and parted her pussy lips and let my tongue in. Her other hand was pushing my head hard. I kept slurping her cunt and she moaned and moaned. I got up , her juices still on my lips, I kissed her lips to share the taste.

While kissing I took her hand and placed over my cock and said “your turn sweetu” She said “No, I am feeling odd, Nahi kar paoongi” I said “try it dear, anytime you are not comfortable stop” again a NO and I insisted “Pleeeaaase Dear, sure you will enjoy” Hesitating but agreed to try out a new adventure. She kissed me from top and slowly moved down. My cock was bursting to come out.

As she slowly lowered my undies, my rod sprang out dripping. She said “ it’s wet dear” I wiped off the cum with my baniyan and asked her “first kiss it then you can lick” She was holding my rod, took some time and gathered courage to kiss the tip and asked “Karooo ??” ya and she took the tip only in her mouth. Ohhh I cried. It was a warm feeling (first time) She was sucking the tip only and I said “take it in jaanu” She slipped in further. Suddenly she stopped and said “muh mein mat karna kuchh” I said “sure kuchh nahi hoga” She first licked the tip with her tongue and then took half of my shaft in her mouth. Started stroking in and out. I was feeling heat on my cock, I asked her “try to take it in fully” she responded and took in further. I could feel the tip of my cock hitting her throat her tongue exploring t. I got excited and moved my hips up and down inserting my cock in her mouth. She was responding well and started sucking desperately and faster.

My cock was red with her lipstick. Went on for some time, till we both were ready for ultimate move. I stopped her and made her lie down. Kneaded her breasts a little bit. I asked her “can we have it without condom today” she smiled and said “ya, its safe, do it” As if a dream come true, I climbed over her, eyes were closed I first positioned my cock between her boobs. She opened her eyes in a shock. But I said “ do it here first” She squeezed her tits and I started titty fucking her the rubbed her nipples with my rod.. She was moaning softly. Gradually I moved down and touched her love gate with my rock hard rod.

I started rubbing her clit. She was in ecstasy, moved her hand down and parted her cunt lips. I positioned my cock at the gate and started pushing in, it was tight but I was pushing hard and my rod was moving in. She held me tight and I forced my cock fully in. My tip was hitting her inner walls and I started stroking in and out.

Again her nails were piercing my flesh as I increased my pace. I was literally jumping over her fucking her vigorously and she was enjoying and moaning like mad. She was bolder today as she was crying “aaah Ooooh Aaaah more more and faster” I withdrew my cock, and she asked “kyaa hua why did you stop” sounded desperate. I asked “sweetu can we try something different” and “What “ she asked. I wanna enter from behind” some hesitation but she agreed and asked how “get up and turn back and get on all fours” she followed me and got into doggy position. I got behind and aimed my cock and tried pushing in.

After initial few failures, I managed to push in as she let out a load moan. I was in and started stroking slowly initially. Her boobies though tight were hanging down and moving with every stroke. Increased my pace and depth. She lowered her head on to pillow , giving me a better angle. She was enjoying as she held her boobs and pinching her nipples, I reached from back and held her them squeezing and holding tight. She got up on her knees, my cock still in. Now I was kneeling behind her and started stroking. Hands clutching her breasts and she was holding my head.

We were sweating but no stopping. I was hitting her bums with my groin and making flapping noise. She was crying in ecstasy. I slowed down and asked her “sweetu where dya want me to cum” She was breathless and shy a bit and said “its safe you can cum in” Great I turned her back and started fingering her cunt again. She was getting hot. She was just moaning loader and dripping juices. I licked them once again drank the juices and asked “can I come again” and I climbed entered her from front. She held my cock and guided it to her hole and I rammed it in. She let out a loud “ooooa and said slow dear “ I was unstoppable and started pumping hard and fast, she was matching my pace. Holding my back tight she was getting stiff “aaah ooooh”

Finally I climaxed and emptied my entire hot cum in her. Continued the slippery fuck till I lost my hardness. She would not leave me for some time. Finally I got off. We lay besides for some time. She said in a slow voice “thanks for a great night dear, I am the luckiest lady in the world today” I just replied “Sweetheart We are the luckiest today to have each other, I’ll make you luckier and luckier each day” with a wink and a naughty smile

Those two nights broke the ice and bonded us better. But the bond has to get better and stronger. We went for our honeymoon after two months. The story will follow ……

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