Outdoor Sex With My Boss’s Beautiful Wife

Hello Friends. I’m Damodaran. I’m 26 years old. I’m here to share my 3rd real-life sexual encounter with my boss’s busty wife, Lakshmi. I shared my previous encounter with her through my story, ‘Intimate Sex at Lunch with My Boss’s Beautiful Wife.’

As you would know from my previous 2 stories, Lakshmi is 38 years old woman with a regular body type, 36D bust, fleshy thighs and a little broad cylindrical arms. She looks beautiful with a lemony fair complexion and is a mother of 2 kids.

This encounter between us happened on 25th November 2022. If you have read my previous story, Lakshmi and I had planned this encounter just after our previous intercourse 4 days back.  We had some quick smooches and boob squeezing during the 3 days whenever we found time alone at my office.

On 25th November 2022, the plan was to leave the office at about 5 pm. I would check in to a hotel in East Coast Road (ECR) in Chennai. Lakshmi will mark attendance at the wedding reception of her friend’s brother and reach the hotel before 8 pm.

But the plan shattered because of my jinxed boss and his demands. Around the afternoon of the 25th, I asked permission to leave the office by 5 pm. But my asshole boss was hell-bent on me sharing a report with him, which was due for submission on 28th November 2022.

I was so desperate not to miss my encounter with Lakshmi that day. But I had to give in to my boss. I was so dejected that I missed informing Lakshmi about this. She entered the office at 4:30 pm to inform her husband that she was leaving for the reception.

Seeing her dressed up, I went into depression, thinking I might be unable to put my hands on her that day. She was wearing a thin cloth, sky-blue saree with a deep V-neck blouse. The blouse only had a knot behind, just below her neck and a single hook strap above her waist.

I was staring at the laptop with my mind filled only with Lakshmi.  She addressed all in my office and asked, “So, guys. It’s Friday evening. All of you in the weekend mood?” We all were quiet. My boss sarcastically replied, “Don’t know about others. But I have put a pause on Damu’s weekend mood,” and laughed.

Lakshmi turned and looked at me, enlarging her eyelids and asked her husband, “Why?” He said, “There are some customer commitments on 28th November. Just wanted to ensure that things are to complete the report on the 28th. So, I’ve asked Damu to share the first cut report today at any cost.”

My idiotic boss did not stop there. He said sarcastically, “Damu wanted to take his girlfriend out today. But I spoiled his plans.” He continued to laugh. I was feeling too frustrated that I wanted to smash his face. But then, Lakshmi played her part and started being sarcastic.

She asked me with a smile, “So, Damu. How will you convince your girlfriend about this? She might feel let down, right?” The entire office was chuckling and giggling.

Biting my teeth, I replied, “I only said personal commitments. I never said, girlfriend. But I am sure I can manage both personal and office commitments today with some adjustments.”

The office went silent, but Lakshmi raised her eyebrows and said, “Good to hear you have not given up.” I smiled back at her. She then said, “Ok then, guys. Wish you all a happy weekend. Wish Damu a happy delayed weekend.” My colleagues and boss laughed as she walked out of the office.

A few minutes after she left the office, Lakshmi started messaging me, “So, how are you planning to manage your girlfriend today?”

I replied to her, “We planned to meet for 3 hours. But it does not seem to be possible now. No point in booking a hotel. You let me know once your attendance is completed at the reception. We will figure it out.”

Lakshmi messaged me at 7 pm, stating, “I am done with the reception. Where are you?” I replied, “You need to wait for me. Will take close to an hour.” She sent a shocking emoji. I again replied, “See, I want to have sex with you tonight. Don’t think of calling off. Just hold fire for me.”

She messaged, “So, my car is our location today?” I said, “Most probably, yes.” She replied again, “Ok. I’ll see if I can locate a secluded place in and around ECR. You need to come here.” I gave her a thumbs up.

At around 7:50 pm, she sent me a location on WhatsApp. It was about 45 kilometres from my office. I messaged her, saying, “I am starting. I was just about to message you, asking where to come.” Laksmi seemed thrilled and sent me two full lines of kissing emojis.

She asked me to come fast, stating the place was dark and silent with no one around. I completed my work and started at about 8:15 pm from the office. I booked a cab with the location. Lakshmi messaged me at about 9:40 pm, asking, “Where are you? I am starting to get scared alone here in this dark place.”

I was about 5 minutes away as per the map and messaged her the same. After taking about 2 or 3 further right / left turns, the cab driver dropped me at the factory gate. He reversed his car. I waited for him to take the first left turn from the road I was standing.

Just as the cab took a turn, I turned back and started walking further into the deserted road. There was hardly one out there. There were hardly a few buildings with mostly empty plots. Some plots were indeed empty lands, and some were filled with tall thorny bushes on both sides of the road.

I wondered how she found such a haunted area with no vehicle or human movement. But, on the other side, my inner excitement was going upbeat for the same reason, i.e., the kind of privacy the place offered in the open spaces. I had to walk about 300 meters to the location that Lakshmi had sent.

I continued walking in the dark. I got a call from her. I took the call on speaker and told her, “I’m here only. It shows another 70 meters.” Lakshmi, in a very anxious tone, said, “Come fast. I cannot hold it back anymore.”

I replied, “Neither can I control my emotions, baby. My dick is already up and looking for you.” In a sultry voice, she said, “I have removed all my jewellery except my mangalsutra. Just the way you like it.”

I was already desperate to put my hands on her. And on hearing that, my excitement hit the roof. I told her, “Perfect, babe. I’m coming for you.” Saying that I started walking faster. I crossed the 70 meters, took a left and walked about another 10 meters.

As Lakshmi was still on the phone with me, I asked her, “The map shows you are to my left, but I could only see a fully fenced plot with trees and bushes here.” Lakshmi chuckled and asked, “Do you see an open plot next to the fenced one? Cross the fenced plot and enter the open plot.”

It was big open land behind the fenced plot and the open plot next to it. I walked in till the end of that stretch of the fence. As I turned left again, I finally saw her red Hyundai i10. Lakshmi had parked her car behind the fence. I was walking on the road on the opposite side, i.e., in front of the fence.

The fence was a cover for us from anyone passing through the road on the other side of the fence. I looked around the big vacant land. I glanced at the surroundings for a second or two and quickly walked towards the car. I reached the trunk.

Lakshmi opened the back door with the yellow light inside the car roof lighting up. She was waiting for me in the back seat. I quickly got behind the driver’s seat and threw my bag onto the front passenger seat. We wasted no time. With a lusty smile at each other, we came closer.

Without speaking, I grabbed her neck and slid my other hand around her waist. Lakshmi rolled one of her arms around my shoulders. We jammed our lips with each other by placing her other hand on my thighs. We started kissing sloppily with one back door behind the driver’s seat open.

We kissed intensely, trying to dominate each other. Lakshmi tried to get over me, but the car was too small. Kissing her tight, I pinched her fleshy waist and slowly rolled my arms around her back. Lakshmi advanced her hand from my thighs and grabbed my dick over my pant.

She even went on to unzip my pant and unbuckled my belt. Kissing her sloppily, I rubbed my hands all over her upper back, exposed by her backless blouse. Lakshmi seemed more desperate than me. She unbuttoned my pant, dug her hand into my underwear and pulled my hard dick out.

She stroked my dick fast, going with the flow that stung me a little. I pulled my lips off her lips for a second. Staring at her, I pulled her saree pallu down her shoulder. Pushing her back, I plunged my face into her cleavage. Lakshmi sat resting her back on the window, allowing me to lick and kiss her cleavage.

She placed one hand on my head and continued stroking my dick with the other hand. I rolled my hand around her waist and grabbed her boobs with my other hand. Squeezing her big soft melons hard over her blouse, I slowly went up, kissing her juicy upper body, neck, and face.

We looked at each other for a second or two, breathing heavily. I then nodded my head, saying, “Come.” Lakshmi loosened her hair. I took off my shoes and socks and left them on the footrest in front of the back seat. I stepped out of the car and lifted her legs.

I made her lie down on the seat. I then dragged her out with her buttocks right at the edge of the seat. I dug my hands into her saree and inner skirt. I grabbed her panty on either side of her waist and pulled it down her thighs and legs. I removed it and hung it on the headrest of the driver’s seat.

I lowered the window of the back door fully. Lakshmi spread her legs wide with her right leg freely and her left leg through the window. I was so desperate to taste her pussy flesh. I leaned inside the car over her, lowering my pants and underwear to my thighs.

Lakshmi stopped me and asked me to take off my shirt. I came out and unbuttoned my shirt. I removed it quickly and threw it on the front passenger seat. I also took off my inner vest and slipped it over my shirt. I then finally bent my upper body down and leaned over her.

Just as I was about to get over her, Lakshmi placed her hand on my chest. She lifted her face and started sucking and biting my mammae. My dick was already rubbing over her wet pussy lips. But I loved the tickling sensation around my chest as she sucked my mammae passionately.

I allowed her to suck my mammae for some time. After a few seconds of sensual sucking, Lakshmi slowly withdrew her lips and tongue from my mammae. I then grabbed my dick and rubbed it over her wet pussy lips. Lakshmi gave a lusty smile as I rubbed my dick over her shaven rough genitals.

My dick stuck into her tiny pussy hole. She closed her eyes for a second with a broader smile, anticipating intercourse. My position was not so comfortable, but I was so desperate then. Standing on my toes on the ground and my upper body leaning over her, I pushed my dick inside her pussy.

Lakshmi closed her eyes tight and gasped sensually, grabbing my waist. I managed to dig my dick deeper inside her pussy. Pressing one of my hands with a closed fist on the seat beside her bust. Holding the headrest of the front passenger seat with my other hand.

My dick was halfway inside her pussy. I slowly started to fuck her under the dim yellow light inside the car. It was both pleasure and pain for me. My back started aching a little when I moved my dick back and forth. But I also loved her wet and sticky pussy tightly gripping my dick from all sides.

On the other hand, Lakshmi seemed to enjoy the sex. She moaned continuously in a sensual tone, closing her eyes. Her sensual moaning made my lust peak. I increased the pace. I started to fuck her harder, moving my dick deeper inside her pussy.

Lakshmi started to moan louder as I started to screw her harder and deeper. We were fucking in the open. But nothing crossed our minds then. As I continued fucking her intensely, my back started aching a little. I paused momentarily with almost three-fourths of my dick stuck tightly inside her.

Her mangalsutra was stuck around her right boobs. I placed my hand on her left boobs and squeezed it hard, looking at her with a heavy breath. Lakshmi placed her hand behind my neck. She raised her face and started sucking my upper and lower lips one by one sensually.

After a few seconds of boob squeezing and sucking each other’s lips, I pulled my dick slowly out of her pussy. Lakshmi followed me as she got up to step out of the car. I held her hands and slowly brought her out. As she stepped out, Lakshmi put on the pallu of her saree back over her shoulder.

It felt as if she was getting ready to go back. I stared at her briefly as she put her saree pallu back over her shoulder. But then I grabbed her waist and pulled her close to me. We hugged each other tight and started kissing randomly all over our faces and neck. I again pulled her saree pallu down her shoulder.

I pushed Lakshmi back, making her rest on the front door. With my arms around her broad bust, I rested my palms on her soft upper back and went down, kissing her upper body. Licking her cleavage, I engulfed her big spongy boobs over her blouse into my mouth.

I could even feel her fat protruding nipples over her blouse. I soaked her blouse with my saliva. As I chewed her nipples, my mobile started buzzing in vibratory mode. I stopped for a minute and picked up my mobile from my pant pocket.It was my asshole boss. I knew he wanted to harass me.

I showed my mobile to Lakshmi and asked her, “Should I just answer the call and fuck you for your husband to hear us. So that he does not spoil my golden time with my girlfriend this time.”

Lakshmi smiled and said, “I don’t mind you going mad with me one-on-one. But don’t put me in trouble doing such insane things.” I dropped the mobile on the car’s roof, allowing it to buzz. I turned her around, grabbed her boobs from behind and started to kiss and lick her broad upper back.

The sight of her upper back body exposed peaked my excitement. I continued drooling my saliva over her upper back body crushing her big soft melons from behind. Lakshmi moaned, blowing air out of her mouth with a heavy breath. I groped and licked her body.

Licking and kissing her soft upper back, I untied the knot of her blouse just below her back neck with my teeth. I then withdrew one of my hands from her boobs and unhooked her blouse, exposing her upper back completely. I tried removing her blouse and pulling the strap down her arms.

Lakshmi resisted. I then dug my hands into her blouse from the sides between her hands and bust, feeling her big soft melons directly on my palms. I squeezed her boobs hard, pressing my chest tightly on her broad back. As I groped her tightly, my dick kept rubbing her buttocks over her saree.

A quick thought to fuck her from behind crossed my mind. I immediately pulled my right hand from her blouse and her saree. Lakshmi tried to turn around towards me. I stopped her by placing my hand on her shoulder. I slowly made her bend down on the bonnet of the car.

I held her back neck with one hand. I removed my other hand from her blouse and lifted her saree and inner skirt to her waist. I grabbed my dick and rubbed it between her hot and sweaty buttocks. Tapping my dick several times over her fleshy buttocks, I slowly dug my dick between her legs.

Lakshmi spread her legs wider as I rubbed my dick over her pussy lips. Just as the head of my dick stuck into her tiny pussy hole, I chucked it hard into her pussy. Lakshmi raised her face gasping loud. I started drilling her pussy hard and hitting my waist over her buttocks.

Lakshmi started to moan, continuously crying. I crushed her tight and sticky pussy. I loved the heat and wetness over my dick as my dick was tightly gripped by her pussy flesh. Her sensual moaning made my lust peak. I released her back neck from my clutches and grabbed her sweaty waist.

I continued to screw her pussy deep under the stars. After a few seconds of rough and intense sex, my dick erupted. I felt a strong tickling sensation running through the length of my dick. My dick splashed my semen inside her pussy in multiple instalments. As I ejaculated, I started to moan this time.

My dick slowly became soft, shrunk in size and oozed out of her pussy as I completed my ejaculation. Lakshmi got up, letting her saree and the inner skirt fell back to her feet. She stood facing me, resting her palms on the car bonnet. I looked around to see if no one was there.

Lakshmi immediately said, “Too late. No point seeing if anyone is around after finishing everything.” I looked at her and giggled. With a smile, she asked me, “Did you fuck me today, or were you taking revenge on your boss? Started to fuck me from behind all of a sudden?”

With an awkward smile, I said, “I was only going mad with you one-on-one as you wished.” We laughed it out and hugged each other. As a last wish for the night, I pulled her left boob out of her blouse and sucked her nipples for some time.

Lakshmi patiently allowed me to suck her nipples, resting her hand on my head. After a few minutes of nipple-sucking, I slowly removed my mouth from it. Lakshmi checked the time on her watch. It was 11:25 pm. With a heavy breath, we nodded, signalling to each other to leave the place.

We dressed up and left the place. I drove the car and got down about 2 streets from her house at 12:30 pm. From there, I took a bus and returned to my room, completely exhausted.

So, friends, this was my third encounter with my boss’s busty and beautiful wife, Lakshmi. We planned for sex in a hotel room but ended up fucking under the stars. All thanks to my asshole boss.

Please let me know your feedback on my story about doing kinky stuff with my boss’s wife. You could also write to me at my mail id [email protected].

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