Owned by Hemangini – Indian Sex Stories

Hemangini is a soft hearted bossy natured lady who in order to save and improve her husband as a human being, enslaves him to turn him into her desired man, her actions later turns a bit filthy and selfish.

This story has it’s emphasis laid upon Hemangini, a lady who has been living under the archie’s of the never quiet stern Bengali culture. She is 35 years old; Standing at 5’10, she is much taller than average Indian women, 34B breasts, and a body structured in 36-31-40, weighing 148 pounds. Her big numbers complimented her tall structure continuously. She quotes herself quite often in the story as the ‘the woman in a man’s body.’

She always managed to stay bulky by weight lifting and squating on regular basis, having a broad waist, thighs, and butt always been one fairytale of her since high school. Hemangini had been a successful businesswoman, carrying forward the millions that she inherited from her family. She owns the brand of ‘A-one Salon’ which is present in three figures across the whole country.

Hemangini is happily married to Tushar 6’0, a Gujarati guy raised in the distinctive Bengali culture. He was 170 pounded more of an even 34 waisted with her. He makes a fitter physique than a normal Indian man. He is a highly qualified individual with exaggerating visionary attributes. He always held his conscience high with his sensibilities, but for some reasons involved, he turns distressed in his life.

Hemangini finds a way to regain his confidence towards the normal masses, by enslaving him in her shed. This is the story of Hemangini being interviewed by an erotic columnist for his latest work about female domination. How the person interviews Hemangini? What interesting facts he finds out about femdom in her relationship? Etcetera, you will find out after going through the story below.

Chapter 1

I reached to a number of 9, while counting through the small lights glued deep in the ceilings.

“Good morning, Mr. Avinash.” I heard a voice coming from the front. I still held my head high and finished the counting till 18. I took my head down finally and looked down on the floor.

There was this broad legged lady stood before me in her shiny white leggings, with blue flip flops at her feet. As I looked upwards, I found her very wide hips, with her partially flat belly upfront. I gazed at her loose yellow Polo T-shirt on the top, which still showed her big round bust despite of the looseness. I ended on her face with those blue eyes and nose curved in beauty. She was a very beautiful woman to gaze at, a package in herself. She was looking closely on the rolling of my eyes, which was exploring her body in its whole.

“Good morning, Mrs Hemangini.” I held my gentle tone up. I found myself just an inch taller than her, as soon as I left my seat to offer her a handshake. She replied instantly with her soft curvy palm covering mine.

“It seems like you are interested in other things more Mr. Avinash.” She smiled a little hastily, still held my hand.

“Oh, no no Mrs Hemangini, it’s not like that.” I smiled back. We finally got our hands untied.

“I was talking about the ceiling by the way.” She said out of a little giggle.

“Oh yeah, it is not every day we enter in a millionaire’s house, so we don’t miss a spot of catching the ideas of portraying.” Jigisha started laughing hearing that.

“I heard of a novelist with a name similar to yours, paying in millions to the government in the form of tax or I don’t know, I might have misread. It’s non-portrayal by the way, and having said that, please have a seat.” She sounded a bit egoistic out of her wealth, but she was still a tolerant millionaire with a humour. We took our seats.

Hemangini sat on the wooden chair, her broad waist could have beaten normal men. She was still a hot woman with the height and curve being a perfect match. She grabbed her ‘Santa Digna’ spanish red wine in the glass. I took a frooti instead, as straight-edge was the one thing I followed since my early days.

As I was preparing to get off with my questions, a little girl came rounding across her chair. She asked her to give me a handshake and she did. The little Barbie left afterwards. Devangini told me that it was her daughter Kritika. I finally prepared to take off.

“Shall we start, Mrs Hemangini?” I inquired.

“Yes yes, Avinash. I would hate to hold on to Mr. anymore, so you also shoot off the Mrs. and be comfortable.” She spoke in a go. She had the elegant voice of a businesswoman, that complimented her personality way much.

“Okay, Hemangini. Always remember, no hesitations involved.” I ticked the start button on my recorder, and the reel started rotating.

“So, the time before the main adventure, when you started to feel like getting into it or taking it as an inevitable happening to acknowledge in your life.” I prepared my first question.

Hemangini took the third sip of her wine; started, “It would be the completion of five years in the earlier period of next month. So let’s go with the story. Keep patience I may be unstoppable once taking off.” She laughed loudly. I arched my back to insert the new cassette. The reels role into the new cassette before she started.

“[ I was all dressed, ready to leave for the salon where I controlled the happenings, rest branches were controlled by employed individuals as, I cannot be present at hundreds of them at the same time. I had my blue kurti, white leggings on. I always loved to show off my perfectly worked thighs and calf from my partial bare leggings due to the short length of my kurtis. I called for Tushar, who was still having the sips on the cup sluggishly. He looked at the newspaper, clotting all of the stories from it.

After a little while, he came out in his perfect corporate outfit, with his jaw dropping smile floating from his lips. I looked at him with a certain anger as to show my dissatisfaction of him always getting late, he kissed me for the apology. We left in a minute.

Tushar stopped the car at the salon. He was about to press the button to unlock the door, until I stopped him. I held his head to bring it closer to mine. I planted a nice kiss on his lips. He returned with a deliberate reaction, and our lips locked. I fell deeply into his lips. We continued to smooch, until Tushar got a grip on my breast through my kurti. I left my seat quickly to get on his lap. I placed myself on his lap.

Tushar grabbed my boobs to their full size, On the follow up, I dig my lips on his by being on the top. Tushar started to plant deep kisses on my neck. I held my head up to stick his lips on my neck, I hugged him from the head while he continued to eat my neck. Tushar went down to kiss on my boobs from my kurti. He grabbed my nipple between his teeth and wet the frontal side of my kurti with his saliva dipping from his mouth. Tushar grabbed my butt for long, started to hike my kurti up to explore his hands on my bare back. He got a grip at the leggings’ elastic on my waist, started to bring it down. I stopped his hands from moving an inch.

“Uh-oh, not so soon big boy, keep your warm liquid flowing until tonight. This pussy has got a loads to work to do, so it should get going now. Oh Dick, fuck off.” I always managed to keep the humour going in our relationship.

“Did I get called a dick?” Tushar asked with a smile floating.

I was doing my heels again which got lost in the heat of the moment, when making out. I was adjusting my hairs, while spoke, “I called the dick, a dick.”

“Oh, I might get accused for forcing a woman tonight.” He exclaimed with a smile.

I adjusted my kurti and leggings, came closer to him. I licked his cheek and bite his lower lip to pull it away from his mouth. “We will see about that tonight honey, Bye Bye”, I said with the most lustful voice possible. I came out of the car to enter the salon. Tushar drove away as I entered in from the door.

I patted Adi just on the top of his butt, to bade him a good morning. He replied with scarlet on his cheeks after my absurd touch on his skin. Aditya was my assistant for the salon and one of the fellow workers working for me. A cute faced – tall, skinny youngster just out of his teenager, working as an intern. I was the second oldest staff member in our salon, and ofcourse their boss. ‘The boss of the whole brand, I reckon.’ I was much egoistic.

As soon as I put on the apron, I started taking the customers by keeping the fellow workers aside. I was much obsessed with my work which often lead me to put many who were getting paid by me to rest. I kept working till mid-noon. I patted Adi some more, occasionally touched his dick between many times, but we were too cool around each other to react. The sun settled finally. It was a great day. Just as I could undo my apron, I got the call I was waiting for.

Tushar was going to arrive in some minutes to take me home. I awaited for his presence too curiously, because his face was the only valid shit that could have led my fatigue to flee. I baded every lady workers a good bye, hugged Adi to one. I always liked to treat him as my own boy. Tushar was here finally. He came out of the door to take me in. Holding me from just above my waist, he planted a quick kiss on my lips. I replied in an instance, we settled ourselves in the car.

“How was the day pussy?” Tushar started.

“Nothing like the morning session that took place at these very seats, DICK.” I answered.

“I’m on the it!!!!!.” Tushar said by giving away a high laughter.

“Oh, let me see about it. With what are you going to have all that fun? With this?” Saying that I rubbed my hand on his crotch through his pants.

Tushar struggled in deep breaths, “Yes honey, this one.”

I did his shirt out of his pants, to unzip his pants. I slide it down to his knees. He settled himself back into the seat with his erect 7 inched erection right before my eyes.

“We are on the road honey!” He exclaimed trying not to be too expressive.

“Shhh.” I brought myself closer to his lips and planted a wet kiss on it. He was still looking at the road, reacted on the couple of kisses out of many, to smooch me back. I kept eating his lips for a minute, massaged his dick and balls with my hand. Tushar put his one hand on my boobs to press it through my kurti. He inserted his hand under my kurti from the top to feel my bra covered breasts.

I finally left his lips, to take my focus downwards. I looked at his dick for a while. Tushar noticed my eyes and pushed my head back several times to escape from the upcoming blowing on his shaft. I took my head closer to his dick to plant a quick kiss on it. I kissed on his dick tip, Tushar released a huge moan after my tongue touched his tip. I explored my tongue on penis opening crack. I settled myself on the knees on my seat to have a clean balance with his dick in my mouth. I kneeled towards him with my ass hanging in the air.

I held his dick tall, to go lick on all of his dick. I licked all the way upwards, feeling the thin pointed nerves passing through the inner region his erection. I spitted on his dick, took it fully in my mouth out of the wetness all over the top. I started to give him the sucking of his life. Tushar closed his eyes out of pleasure, while I kept working on his dick. Tushar explored his hand all over my back. I continued to suck on his dick.

There came a traffic stop in few seconds. I was still sucking his dick, being on my knees. Tushar hiked my blue kurti to have a go on my bare back. He rubbed his hand all over my bare back, to push it under my white leggings. There was a close to 4 year old kid watching to all of it from the car window he was in, at our side. Both Tushar and Me, waved towards him for a hello in that position. He disappeared out of fear from the window after getting caught peeking. We laughed our hearts out on his reactions.

Tushar roamed his hand all over my underwear after settling his hand deeper in my leggings. He pressed on my well squatted ass through the underwear. I held his dick high to go more inside of his pubic area. I kissed on his balls. Tushar brought his hand on my bare ass under the panty, to fit some of his fingers horizontally between my butt crack. He kept on rubbing my ass by exploring his hand between my ass crack. We headed closer to home. I sucked on his dick for less than 30 seconds more, until we were parked just at the door front.

I didn’t even gave him an initial call, before biting and digging my teeth on his dick creepier. I started running for my life inside the house. I always felt nice being childish with the love of my life. It took a little while for him to park the car well and get inside to chase me. I was in the bathroom to get to change. I heard Tushar coming afterwards. Tushar followed me into the bathroom.

“How dare you?” He said after coming closer to grab me in his arms.

“How dare youuu?” I replied with a soft voice to pull him more closer by his ass. I pressed on his ass. He held me by my side head, to kiss my lips. I kissed back. In a moment, we were drowned into a wet quick overlap on each other’s lips. I brought my tongue in action; our tongues danced on each other. Tushar brought me closer to the shower, to turn it on. We were still dressed.

The water started to come down on our bodies. I felt all of my kurti and leggings with underwear getting glued to my breast and butt after getting wet by water. My brown spots on the boobs were very much visible. Tushar slid the kurti down my shoulders to expose my bust. I felt the water hitting my breasts, until he came down to plant a kiss on both the nipples. He squeezed my boobs to make his tongue dance on my nipples for more than a minute. I held his head tightly by releasing big sensual moans.

He made me get out of the kurti, leaving me topless. Tushar grabbed my wet leggings from my ass. I placed my head on his shoulder to grab him for a lovely hug under the shower. He glued me to his body. Suddenly, It felt like the safest heaven in the universe. Water still hit our bodies. I rubbed my head on his chest to grab him in the tightest grip possible, as if we won’t see each other again. We stayed there for a minute. I felt his lips again on mine. Tushar slid my wet leggings and underwear down to leave me completely naked. I was finally out of the glued feeling on my butt and legs.

I helped Tushar get out of his wet clothes. We stood naked before the shower, still kissing nastily on our lips. He soaped all over my body, I helped him get covered in the soap as well. We bathed together. Tushar had his dick very erect and it was there to attack at any minute. I stood there looking in his eyes. He lifted my big body up in his arms to get me laid on the floor. Tushar fit his waist between my legs; kissed my neck. I grabbed his bare ass between my legs, rubbing my hands all over it.

He held his dick in his hand to enter in my wet cunt. He attacked my clit with the hard initial stroke. He hit my hips hard, I was there left in a loud moan out of the shocking impact. I couldn’t feel the water on my body as he was taking all of it on his back. I had my body covered under his body. He started to get into the act with more and more impact. I stretched my legs wide to let Tushar get in with more fluidity. He fucked me with all his strength, hitting my hips nastily with every thrust. His expressions went creepy each time he hit my vagina.

All of his thrusts inside my pussy felt out of frustration. I crossed my legs around his waist, he continued to fuck me out of painful shoves. I kissed and bite on his shoulders to stop the moans from coming out. Tushar approached to plant one more kiss on my lips, he started to slow down. He fucked my pussy with three more thrusts, before coming inside me. I felt his hot liquid fertilising my seeds. We hugged each other being on the floor under the shower to kiss for a minute. Tushar laid his head on my breasts; with the rest of his naked body laid on mine, we stayed on the floor under the water to catch our breaths.

We were finally out of the floor to soak ourselves dry. I grabbed a robe over my sleeping pair of under garments, while he got in his shorts. Tushar helped me with dinner. We ate with few more jokes, watched some TV before turning our attentions to bed again. We had sex again before sleeping. I allowed him to get me to an anal treatment. We cuddled each other in our arms to drown to sleep. I was always thankful for these moments with Tushar.

The sun raised itself from the bottom, with every chirps and roosters getting hard with audacity, I woke up in my husband’s arms naked. I kissed on Tushar’s chest to wake him up. He had my pretty teeth marks following last nights heat on his shoulders and back. I grabbed his semi-erect dick to put it in my mouth. Sushant smiled with his eyes closed to pull me towards him. I laid against his body with his cheeks in my palms.

“I’m out for workout baby, care to join in?” I kissed his chin saying that.

“Ofcourse baby.” Saying that he held me in his arms by my waist to get out of the bed. We did some nude clicks before the mirror. We dressed in our tracksuits to leave.

Tushar patted on my even size ass hanging out of the yoga pants. The jog was a long one, but it felt always felt nice with the one you love. I had some stretching and crunches after reaching to the gym. Tushar lifted weights and some chest exercises. I lifted medium weight dumbbells to keep my arms toned. I was more on the bulkier side with other Indian women. We headed to home afterwards.

After getting drowned to much sweat, we bathe and cleaned ourselves together. We helped each other with the tea, before getting dressed to our works. It was not regularly we had this heavenly time with each other. I put on the shiny black leggings, followed by a white sleeveless top. He put on his regular corporal attire to leave for the work. Tushar dropped me to the salon, we were involved in a not so long smooch but a sweet one before I got out of the door.

A beauty salon has always been a junction to unhesitating gossip of ladies before their same genders or age groups. It could be about anything – their sex lives, adulterous lives, household dramas, anything. I used to hear all of their goosips as a past time during working, never considered any of the word thrown by them though. I did a dozen of ladies makeovers followed by their gossips hitting my ears forcibly. I ended the day just before the sunset.

Tushar arrived a bit late to pick me home. I gave him a quick kiss after he was back. I grabbed the wheels this time out, leaving Tushar at the side seat. We talked on the way home. Tushar just placed his hand on my left thigh through the leggings; we began to talk.

The topics were again universally oriented, work, sports, politics, etc. Tushar did informed me about some of his bosses’ cruel words about some target but didn’t quoted anything properly. He did squeezed my thighs lightly in between but nothing more than that. I was a little disappointed as I wanted more than a touch, but still we had a very good time laughing and joking around on the way home. I parked the car in the lawn before we entered inside.

We entered the bathroom to freshen up. I shaved my pubic hairs with Tushar trimming his beard next to me. We dressed in our usual nighties to get out of the room. He helped me with the dinner, we had some few descent conversation having the dinner. We made love in the bed again to fall to sleep afterwards cuddling each other naked.

We woke up again holding each other naked. Tushar woke me up by kissing me on the forehead. We smooched for a while. I got out of the bed to get my T-shirt on. I put the leggings up my big waistline. Tushar was still in the bed.

“Tushar?” I called him.

“You go baby, I am much tired after a long working day yesterday. I would get the tea prepared until you will be back.” Tushar left the bed. He held my waist to plant a kiss on my forehead and pat on the top of my ass. Tushar got in the bathroom with his naked body. I really wanted him to come, but I didn’t moaned much. I prepared to leave for the workout.

I didn’t think much about Tushar, to get away with my workout. I lifted some medium weights again followed by some thigh breaking sets of squats. My ass was already round toned to 42 inches, so I aimed to maintain the size by not going beyond it. I had to buy new pairs of panties and bottom wears the previous month because of the broadening in my waist and butt. I experienced the tearing off of some old pairs of leggings when trying to get it on my new waistline and ass. which were just less than a year old. I gained much in less time.

I was back home full of sweat. I saw Tushar sat quietly on the couch, keeping a close eye on the TV. The house was crystal clean and dustless. I knew who could have been capable of doing it. He turned his head towards me to smile for a welcome. He turned his head again towards the box. I left quietly after smiling back. ‘Not everyone is ought to stay energised all day’ saying that in my head, I entered the bathroom to take the shower. Tushar also dressed for work. I put on some shiny purple top followed by black denim in the bottom.

Once I was out of the room dressed, Tushar offered me the tea. He served it for me on the table. We sat off to leave for our works. The journey was filled with silence. I did attempted few conversations, but the approach was waved away by Tushar’s silence. Tushar stopped at the front of the salon. I left my seat to get on his lap. I held his face, “Is there anything wrong, baby?” I tried my best tone possible to make him comfortable.

“Yes yes honey, I have everything under control. You don’t worry!” Saying that he kissed just above my boobs once. He opened the door to show me my way out. I had to go out of his lap, as the door was clearly before the shop. There was something very wrong with Tushar. I had a descent day working. Tushar came to pick me up with his dead reactions on the face. We changed to our sleep wears. I prepared the dinner. We were just about to go sideways after the dinner, until I held his hands in mine.

“Is there anything you would like to share with me baby? Am I any good to prove myself useful for you?” I tried to bring Tushar to resilience. Tushar held my hands back, started to speak,

“The company is going through bankruptcy since many months now. They have aimed to fire their top employees who are covering up the more stack of money. Because of the fact that I got a close to double pay rise last year, I’m worried about my position baby.” I heard to all of it from his mouth. I could have said about leaving his job because I inherited millions and still make more money in the house than him. This could have been a fugitive to his self-esteem, so I decided to go with the situation.

I went forward to indulge in a nice hug. Tushar hugged me back. “Thank you” he spoke out of his much abridging sadness all over his face. I crawled my way up his body, and locked my legs to his waist to hang in his arms. Tushar held me strongly, despite of my big body. I was carried to the bedroom by my hubby. Tushar kissed my lips with all the wetness possible. Dancing his tongue on mine, he slid my shorts down. I slid his after sticking his body on mine. The temperature in the room went hotter and hotter as the night went on.

We fucked each other quite often in the following week. Tushar was coming down mentally day in and day out. My frustration was building up with Tushar isolating himself this badly. I had to take a step forward.

It was a Monday, I woke up in his arms following the night when we had the worst sex in the entire marriage. I dressed up in my grey sleeveless kurti followed by the white jodhpurs fit leggings. With Tushar’s growing inferiority, my body was toning up broadly due to the frustrating workouts. I had a proper manly waist – 32, just like I wanted. Tushar dropped me to the Salon before leaving for his work in the non-existent smile on his face. I stepped inside. Tushar didn’t text me anymore in the working hours. I felt very lonely.

Adi my intern was goofing around with his loads until he stopped before me. I washed a lady’s hairs with my mind still floating about Tushar. But there was this thing, I applied heaps of purple shampoo on the lady’s head that made her get in the dimensions of it, more than required. Her hairs turned blonde in a while from sides. Adi watched all of it before coming near to give a slight nudge on my shoulders. I was horrified watching that. Adi pushed me back to attain to her hairs.

I stepped back to let Adi go on. The lady was busy watching the fashion magazine with all her interests that she had no idea about who attended her hairs. Adi took the black hair die from the bottle and poured it on just the end tooth of the brush. He applied the brush on her hair, to let the little black texture get on, leaving the blonde touch as well. I was mighty relieved. I went to my cabin to get a glass of wine to relieve myself from this stress. I had a full glass of neat vodka without any additional beverage or soda. I stayed in my seat with my eyes closed.

Adi knocked on my cabin door. I permitted him to come in. He came in with a file to put on the table. He turned around to leave. I stopped him on his way back.

“Yes, Ma’am?” He asked me for not letting him go away.

“How should I thank you for this place’s reputation before our best customers?” I said out of a smile from my lips.

“Because I love working for you, and that’s what makes me a good assistant.” He spoke in his professional tone. I left my seat to gave Adi a full body hug. I had a broader body and a bigger waist than Adi’s skinny physique. He was just few inches taller than me. He was entirely hidden in my bulks but I needed someone to fill in this void at this moment. Adi took his hands to grip my back through my under arms. I was pulled upwards by him, and I sticked my body to his to continue with the hug. I was having the toll of vodka in my head.

I locked the cabin door from inside with all the chamber curtains down. It was just us in the room. I went closer to kiss him on his lips He returned with a wetter approach. He planted his tongue on my lips before getting into the smooch again. He took his hands between my hip line of the kurti to place it on my ass. He grabbed my ass from my leggings after hiking the kurti up. Our tongues danced on each other. He was half a generation younger, still so good.

I took to my strengths to lift him up in my arms to place him on the table. I was more of a man in a woman’s body. Adi and I laughed on my gesture and strength. I slide his pants down to get a glimpse on his dick. He had a size less than what Tushar possessed, but it didn’t matter. I put his dick with all the readiness in my mouth. I sucked on it with quite pace. Adi moaned lightly. He stopped me after a minute and came down of the table. I sat in the chair.

Adi came towards me to kiss on my neck. He slide my kurti off from the shoulders, before sliding my bra off to go through my brown nipples between his teeth. Adi slide my jodhpurs fit leggings off my bottom. I placed myself on the floor on my knees with my back facing him. I rested my shoulders on the chair to bent towards him. He came from the behind to enter in me. Adi got on his knees before my ass to hold it in his palms, to fuck with harder thrusts in me.

Adi forced his medium sized dick in me with some pace, he hit my hips hard. My ass was bouncing with his hard hits on it with his hips. Adi continued to do it for some seconds before he came in me. I felt his hot thick liquid hitting my cervix wall. I placed myself on the feet again. Adi began to take his pants up. I took my leggings up and the kurti to get dressed again. I held Adi in my arms to place a hug on his body. I kissed his cheek before speaking, “Thank you.”

“It would be a pleasure to get more of those words, ma’am.” Adi smiled sarcastically while saying that.

“Oh I don’t allow time off in my work place. Fuck off son.” I smiled before Adi prepared to leave. He spanked on my ass with a hard pat, before starting to leave with a smile. Adi left.

I felt nice after getting some attention, but it was just not enough. I took a light nap by the toll of vodka still on my head. I woke up at early evening, before getting to a glass of neat again. Tushar came to pick me up. I noticed his annoying silence, but I was just drunk enough to bate any eye on Tushar. I felt asleep, immediately after coming back.

I took to the salon the next day after working out. I took my own Audi to drive myself there because I was too faded with the vibe Tushar was hanging around when driving. I reached salon. Adi smiled to welcome me in. I patted on his waist, following the usual schedule. It was mid afternoon when I was doing the hairs of Mrs Patel.

Mrs Patel was the member of the group of some rich spoiled women They were always there talking explict contents. This was one of the day’s when they were there talking their sex lives.

Mrs Patel started, “He is always considering his own filth by directly attacking the clit with negligible foreplay and cumming way too early.” All the ladies in the salon laughed on it. I continued to do my work without bating any eye much.

Mrs Mehta one of her friends added, “Atleast you get to enjoy the moment, my husband is too busy to even come home before the bed time. How can i make love when fully drowned in sleep?” The salon went off to giggles again. Mrs. Sharma and one more lady of their group also narrated some random problems with their sex lives.

Mrs Mehra readily refused all of them and said, “I experienced the same problem as you all but then i read something online, now i own my husband. I make him and allow him to cum in my own manner. I’m a mistress to her not a wife unlike you all. I wears the pants in my marriage.” All the ladies in the salon excluding me gazed at her with full disbelief.

The words of Mrs. Mehra floated in my mind for long. The rest of the day went well. I made my way back home at early evening.I was up early next morning dressed in my leggings and T-shirt for the jogging and gym, I asked Tushar to stay in bed just to relieve himself a bit more. Dressed in my grey kurti and black leggings I was all set for the salon, Tushar was still in stress following his work. I provided him the chance again to lit up our relationship by asking him to drop me Salon. He dropped me off to leave for work. It was no different. I was worried for him and his lack of control over himself.

I called Mrs. Mehra to ask her to pay a visit. She was there in my cabbing at the early noon. Mrs Mehta was an elegant Indian lady in her very late thirties very close to forty. She had a bright tone in her voice, which could have let her win any battle in a soft tone. She was only a couple of inches shorter than me, just like a normal Indian woman. She always had bright coloured Sarees on her body with sleeveless blouses, exposing her bust and belly partially. Mrs Mehra utilized an entire hour to narrate me about all of her relationship.

Mrs. Mehra was an attorney herself, married to one of her colleagues at work when they fall in love in their early twenties. She got in this relationship after his husband started to get too oriented with sex and his filthy nature leading to sleeping with escorts. She stepped in this relationship afterwards and turned him into her slave. She kept her teenager son and daughter away to London to let them stay out of any knowledge to this thing.

Mrs. Mehra narrated the beatings that she was inflicting on her husband right since the very beginning of their relationship a decade ago. I asked her about the ways to lit up her sex life. She went off saying, “Either you are satisfied the one way or the other.” With this words initially, she spoke about how she fucked different men in her relationship. “My hubby is subby and a cuck”, was all she spoke before turning her attention to many other scenarios of her relationship.

Mrs Mehra was like one of the every second woman you would pass by at the grocery store, but everybody has a darker side and she had the darkest ones, I reckon. She recommended me the ways to ease the entry in this relationship.

I discussed the other necessary solutions. I had a great time laughing and goofing around with her. She prepared to leave. She recommended some sites and videos on the internet as well. After going all through them, I was all set for a solution to undo my relationship to normal.

I utilized all of the working hours and had a brief reading on the videos, sites and blogs she recommended to me. Tushar picked me up to drive us home together. He tried to initiate some conversation but I didn’t join in. I was in no mood to get satisfied by a spark so I decided to keep digging for the fuel to lit up the fire again.

I changed myself to something comfortable. I asked Tushar to make the dinner, he did it readily. I asked him to go with the dishes, he went on it as well. I settled my back on the couch to lay myself partially on it. Tushar made his away towards the couch after going though the dishes. He approached with his face still drowned in the pond of stress. It was the first time I was going to imitate the hard one.

“Take the floor Tushar, I would like you to be there.” I spoke by keeping away any eye contact with him. I never talked to him out of any dominance because it was always love between us. I had my heart beating at its worst. I was very curious to know about the happenings at the next minute.

Tushar sat on the floor for real, right at my feet. I had a cold heart out of pain due to the inferiority Tushar surrounded himself around with lately. I wanted to cry but it was no moment to get lighter from my side. I threw him one more at the very next minute,

“I had a hard day baby, I want you to do my feet to take the pain away.” I threw my words at him. Tushar didn’t give a thought for a second, and went to my feet to massage them. He was a slave to his growing inferiority. It was not the same man I married to, but I wanted it back and I had to pay the price. Tushar started to massage my feet. He did on it with light pressure. I asked Tushar to go all through my thighs. He pressed on it with all the care. He was such a gentleman at it.

I pulled Tushar by his head to lay his head on my belly, just under my boobs. I couldn’t see his head properly with my full boobs blocking the view. He laid his right cheek on my belly. I rubbed his left cheek with my hand, also explored my hand inside his hairs. I started with a very low tone of care,

“How was the day baby?”

“It was not good.” Tushar returned with an even softer voice.

I softly rubbed on his hairs before getting in the soft tone again, “What happened to my dear husband?”

“I couldn’t focus in my work because I was much hungry after I skipped the lunch.” Tushar said.

“What made you skip the lunch baby?” I touched on his cheek and stopped my hands there.

“I was depressed out of the fear of getting fired by my work due to the poor performances I put in the last month.” It seemed like Tushar had all his buttons pushed to reveal everything going within him.

“Oh that’s not cool baby, you should atleast try to get a good meal.” I put on few light slaps on his cheek. Tushar rubbed his head on my belly before tightly squeezing my body in his arms. He spoke more about how he stops working all of a sudden and gets sad at every little matters. He had a small drop in his eye that wet my index finger. I sat on the couch crossing my legs on it. I held his face by his chin before slapping on his cheeks with very negligible impact,

“Tomorrow onwards my baby would focus on the meal or I would get very angry. Would you find it pleasing to angry me baby?” I spoke after coming close to his head.

“I would try to do it, baby.” He spoke in a very low voice. I went forward to plant my lips on his. Tushar tried to get in the long kiss before I pulled myself back.

“Let’s get to bed baby, it’s getting late.” Tushar left the floor to go to bed. I held him by his waist to take him to the room. Tushar laid at my side. He placed his hand on my ass to pull me through. I placed my one leg on his waist to get closer. We kissed for more than a minute. It was incredible to feel his tongue in my mouth. I broke the kiss. I held his head with my palms with our faces distant by just an inch.

“I see you have skipped a meal today baby. I would like to give you a special one before sleeping.” Tushar smiled a little before I slid my Pajamas away from my bottom, exposing my pussy. “I would like you to get your meal with full attention without any left overs. I would like to feel your tongue in me baby, you could jerk yourself off while doing it.” I stretched my legs wide saying that.

Tushar placed himself on the floor, with his head at the edge of the bed before my pussy. He settled his head between my legs. He hesitated at first. He licked my outer lips of the pussy, and I moaned loudly holding his head by pushing myself back. He dig his tongue in my pussy before starting to increase his pace. Tushar licked in and out of my pussy with some pace. He held his dick in one hand to jerk off on it. I laid on my back with my eyes closed to feel Tushar’s tongue in my pussy.

He kept jerking off on his shaft. I was getting close to my second orgasm after getting in the tenth minute of Tushar worshipping my pussy. I leaked white fluid out of my pussy. Tushar also came out at the floor. I settled myself on the bed again.

“Clean the floor before climbing on the bed again baby.” I was out of the worst chore orders. Tushar was never asked to even push the button of the washing machine. He left the room and came back with a wiping cloth out of the bathroom. Tushar started to clean the floor. I couldn’t accept this man; change was inevitable. The brightest part about the moment was, ‘I HAD THE CONTROL OVER HIM.’

Tushar came on the bed again. I held him under my head above my breasts, to cuddle him to sleep. Tushar caressed his cheeks under my neck, “I had a great time worshipping you baby. Thank you” was all he said before getting to sleep. Tushar didn’t know about the things to come.

We worked out together in the morning. Tushar got the breakfast ready. I made him do the dishes again. I had to inflict my dominance more and I did it by offering him a ride to his office. Tushar didn’t mind me doing it. I took the wheels to ride him to his work. I was getting in the driver seat slowly and steadily. I managed to get his mind on some more household chores like doing the clothes and cleaning the house. We had a healthy conversation before we reached his building. I kissed Tushar with a promise to pick him up on time.

I reached salon with a longing curiousness about the things to take place after getting back home. This shit was working by lifting my mood on the first day only. I attended many ladies in the day before the sun got in the shed again. I drove to pick Tushar from his work. He was there waiting for me already. I got out of the door to give him a lovely hug. Tushar replied with less intensity again, but I was not much bothered anymore.

I drove my way towards home. I didn’t ask him about his day because I had a better place to ask that. I kept his focus going on the house works by telling him continuously about how the house goes dusty and the clothes remain undone by the washerwoman we appointed. Tushar showed some interest before I drove us home. We entered in the house.

He was just about to leave for the bathroom. I saw his stance towards the bathroom before speaking, “Remember what I told you about the washerwoman baby, she always leaves my clothes half cleaned in the bathroom. I have my lingerie in from the past week undone, I don’t know who would get it done by this night?” I turned around with my back facing him, and walked some steps. I expected a quick reply from Tushar.

“I could be helpful baby. I would get your clothes done. I can’t see you getting unsatisfied by anything.” I was very glad listening to what just came out of his mouth. I just didn’t stop here,

“Help me get out of these as well, and get it to the cleaning.” Tushar nodded his head before starting to walk towards the bathroom. I followed him silently with a little smile on my cheeks. Tushar came on my back to hike my kurti up and get it away from body. He slid my leggings as well from the waist to leave me with just the panties. Tushar unclipped my bra and the panties to get them off. I asked him to be in his underwear to wash them off, he couldn’t deny to any of my wise words. He stayed in his underwear whole time when washing, how ironic of a tale was this?

I did the dinner after coming back in the kitchen. I served the dinner on the table before Tushar came out of the bathroom. He had his shine back on his face. We ate together in the table. Tushar did started off with some conversations about the cleaning and washing stuff, but with some massive hmms.. I showed off little interest in talking to him.

I was laid in the couch again. Tushar sat on the floor by himself, without me ordering him to do it. Tushar started to massage my legs.

“Use your tongue on my toe baby, they are tidy since this evening.” I still overlooked for an eye contact. Tushar looked at my face for some seconds; when not getting a look back, he focused his tongue at my feet. Tushar licked all over my toe and fingers to lick the dust out of it. I felt a tingling sensation on my feet each time his tongue touched it. He did it for more than a minute. I made his head lie on my thigh.

I started touching his head and cheek gently before getting him in my conversations again.

“How were the office hours baby?” I spoke by gently touching his hairs.

“Not good, dear. I couldn’t do much due to the fear hunting my conscience since very long now.” Tushar spoke in a low voice. I felt bad for my hubby.

“I own you and if anyone is allowed to make good or bad of you, it is me and no-one else.” Tushar stayed on my thighs but didn’t uttered a thing.

I held his head by the side to pull it out of my thighs before me. “You don’t understand I guess, baby.” I raised my voice. I held his hairs strongly before inflicting a hard slap on his face to shout again, “Do you understand?”

“Yes, I do.” He was shocked by my sudden change in behavior.

“Better.” I kissed his forehead. I looked deeply in his eyes before starting again. “Did you do the meal properly baby?” I held his cheeks lightly.

Tushar started to face the floors again. “What happened baby, did you?” I spoke in a loud voice.

“I didn’t.” He moaned very softly. I couldn’t believe what he just said. Holding my pitch high again. I spoke, “what are you?” I was trying to hold my anger back. Tushar didn’t take his head up to face me. I forced him to look in my eyes.

“Are you any man? You go depressed on small things. You go crying on irrelevant shit. You couldn’t even take your decision for good. What are you? Are you any man?” I yelled at him.

Before he could say anything in return, I started dropping hard slaps on his cheeks. I hit his nose, cheeks, chin wherever my hand reached in the heat of the moment. Tushar started crying on his knees. I slapped him for some seconds again. I was very angry.

Tushar didn’t look in my eyes before I spoke, “Come in the room baby, I want to serve you the skipped meal.” I slapped on his cheek again before leaving for the room. Tushar had his face all red due to my angry rage on it. He placed himself on the knees at the side of the bed. I order him to undo my pajamas, he did it deliberately. I could not hold on to much shit, and disciplining was needed here. I turned around at the side to let Tushar face my ass.

I pulled out the leather belt out of the side drawer. I locked his neck with the leather belt around it, I held him by the leash.

“Time for your meal baby. Seek for my anus and give me a rim job. You are not allowed to stop until I say so.” Tushar didn’t think for anything before drowning his head between my ass cheeks. He forced his tongue deep in my asshole. I pulled him by the leather belt to get to the deepest possible. I could feel his tongue inside my bowel. Tushar was totally in my control. He jerked off being on the floor.

I released some low farts on him being there, I didn’t care how he felt. He was the one to opt for this relationship. Tushar licked on my asshole for a longer time. I felt bad for my husband being there at my filthy anus from such a long time. Tushar jerked off to come on the floor. I didn’t mind that.

He cleaned the floor being much humiliated now. I enjoyed inflicting all this on him. He managed it with maturity, that was so pleasing to see. Tushar made his way towards the bed.

“Oh no, do you know why did you clean the floor today?” I said in a stern voice.

“No baby.” He said in a low voice again full of fear.

“Because this is what is going to be the shit on which you would be laid upon from now on. If you can’t handle your mediocrity, I won’t find it convincing to share the same bed with you because you ain’t the one I’m looking for right now.” Regardless of what Tushar felt, I said all of it in a go. Tushar was very kind indeed to get to sleep on the floor without even a question. Tushar was embarrassed. He had a small tear in his eyes before he went to sleep on the floor.

We woke up in the morning. I gave him some chores that he never would have heard off, like doing the whole house. This restricted him from getting any workout in the morning. I went out alone.

I returned being much sweaty. I made Tushar to lick clean my sweat, he did it without a word. I got pleasured by his tongue inside the tub. We bathed together. I was in disbelief when he roamed his tongue on my sweaty skin. We got dressed for work. I dropped Tushar to work. He had a strange smile on his face, I didn’t know why!

The day in the salon went fine. I headed back in the evening to pick Tushar up. I hugged him before getting in the car to leave. We had a quiet time on the way. I was much motivated to get the filth kick in.

“Tushar.” I called him in a low voice.

“Jerk off baby, I think you are left unsatisfied after this morning.” I said with a smile. Tushar wondered what I just said. I didn’t notice a motion from his side for a minute. “Do I have to repeat?” I yelled in the car loudly. I pulled on the brake to stop the car in between. I took out the small leather crop from the side of my seat that I just ordered online with some more toys to play in the package as well.

I dropped the crop on his dick from his pants. Tushar breathed heavily of the pain to undo his pants quickly. “We have something to talk upon after reaching home, but till then get through this.” Tushar held his dick to start rubbing on it. I dropped the crop in between, on his balls when he reduced his pace. He jerked off well. We had a traffic stop in a moment.

Tushar felt awkward after a group of ladies in the car next to us looked inside to him holding his erect dick. Tushar stopped doing it. He used both of his palms to hide it away from the sight of the ladies.

“They are not the ones who would reward you or punish you following the outcome of this moment baby!” Tushar was humiliated. He started to jerk off again being on the seat still in the sight of everyone. The traffic light turned green and we left. Tushar leaked cum out of his dick in the next minute. I laughed on him. He used one of the dirty clothes to rub his hands clean.

We reached home. I clearly was not getting away of any opportunity now. I had the iron melted, a hammering to break it was just needed and I didn’t plan to back off.

I said Tushar straight away after entering inside,

“I want you here naked in 10 minutes baby. I have a package in the second drawer of the closet, bring it with you when coming here.” I looked in his eyes.

“Okay I’m on it.” Tushar said in a low tone before getting away from the scene. I had heartbeats at the worst with the most important part in our relationship coming in some moments, I was curious of the outcome. Tushar returned with all his 6 feet naked body before me. I held Tushar by his waist before me. “We have an important discussion to go through baby, are you ready?” I said after bringing him close to me. Tushar was shaking out of fear.

“Yes, I am” was all he said by looking straight in my eyes.

“Get bent across the table Tushar. I don’t want you to pluck out any low strings to get away from the importance of this discussion.” Tushar had a hard thought with what was just said. Tushar went away to lay partially across the three feet table we had next to the Television.

Tushar hanged his arms on both the sides of the table, his legs on the ground, and everything above the waist laid on the table. He was in a perfect balance. I opened the package to get the handcuffs out. I took to his arms hanging at the sides, bringing his wrists closer under the table, I locked them together with the steel handcuffs. I locked both his feet to either of the legs of the table with two chain pad locks. Tushar was bound perfectly and in no state to move as the table was drilled with the ground.

Tushar had sweat all over his forehead to the fear of the things he had coming in the next minutes. I opened up the package. I took the leather whip out of the package. I pulled a chair before his face; settled on it with the whip still in my hands. Tushar had a sudden disbelief watching the leather whip in my hand. I gently rubbed my hands on his cheeks,

“How was the day baby?” I made him kiss my palms.

“It was fine baby,” he said with his chin still struggling to move after being stuck directly to the top to the table.

“Did you work well?” I asked.

“I didn’t, I again had these fears roaming in my head.” Tushar spoke sluggishly.

“Why are you much bothered for your work baby? Are you scared of not earning?” I roamed my hand over his face gently.

“Yes, exactly baby, the same fear keeps going in my mind.” Tushar put his one cheek on the table to find some comfort in speaking.

“But why do you? I could give you double the wage your present firm provides you with. My business makes nearly 1/3 of what that foreign based company makes dear. Earn or not you would still be the inferior one, babe.” I had very cruel words out but those were needed.“Anyways, did you had the lunch earlier?” I added.

“I didn’t properly!” He was spitting things as I expected him to spit.

“That is not an issue, because you had a delicious lunch coming tonight.” I spoke. I left the chair to start roaming around the table with the leather whip scratching the ground.

“I’m sick of your mediocre inferior attitude Tushar and you need to change it in my way.” I rubbed the leather whip on his bare back.

He got tingled a bit, “What do you mean?”

I had everything in place. I said it all in enthusiasm, “You have to change your attitude towards your work. I need a more constructive minded husband unlike you who cries for mere stresses. I would fancy still wearing pants in this relationship like I always did, but with a husband material, not a wife one. I know what it takes to be a tough person, and I will train your way into this.”

Tushar had enough sweat rolling down his face, “How would you do it?”

“I would enslave your way into this.” I dropped the whip on his back. Tushar vibrated his body in pain. “You are no less than a wife for me right now. You are far away from being a man of even some basic qualites. I want to change your inferiority and lack of control; enslaving you is something I find right at the moment.” I dropped two hard strokes on his inner thigh. Tushar shook in pain. “Are you really a man?” I shouted heavily by bending before his ears. “Say it, face the truth.” Tushar managed to speak in a low voice, “No, I’m not.”

I started laughing at him, I didn’t lowered my voice, “Then what do you get to do, fuck or get fucked?” I placed my finger tip on his asshole. He moved his ass back. He returned in the lowest voice ever, “Get fucked.” I slide my middle finger in his asshole. Tushar moaned heavily.

“Then that is what you are going to get.” I placed the medium sized strap-on dildo on my leggings waist after getting it out of the package. Tushar stayed there with his body shaking in fear. I returned in the next minute. I hiked my kurti up to place the hanging portion on his back. I wanted him to feel like an Indian lady in the traditional avatar getting off to fuck his asshole. I introduced the rubber dildo in his asshole. Tushar moaned a little after the dildo entered in.

He was an anal virgin, so I had a tough time pushing the dildo in. I pushed the whole of the dildo in him, after spreading his anus with my fingers. I started to fuck his ass. I placed my one leg on the table to get a grip in his anus with my girl cock. Tushar had his moans raising as I went on to peg his well stretched ass. I fucked him brutally for more than a minute. I bent on his back to speak in his ears, “Are you really a husband that I deserve?”

“No.” Tushar said struggling of the pain.

“I couldn’t hear you, let me go again. Are you really a husband that could stand with me before the world?” I asked by raising my voice to a different pitch. I got the full dildo in his ass.

“No, I’m not.” He answered very loudly struggling of the pain.

“Are you the man in this relationship?” I kicked in the games. I shoved the dildo in again.

“No, I’m not.” He held his pitch high to tackle any repetitions again.

“Would you ever be able to resist yourself from getting fucked?” I stopped with the dildo just above his anus.

“I won’t!” Tushar pulled his back by himself towards my girl cock to get it inside again. He moaned by bumping on my hips. I saw how much he enjoyed getting fucked. I could have burned his body on a bonfire with the inferiority he was going through, but I was supposed to stay calm and I did.

“Could ever get to fuck me again with this”? Saying that I bite his ears. I grabbed his cock after reaching with my one hand on it. I grabbed his waist to him bumping his back again to get fucked.

“I don’t know.” Saying that Tushar released a huge moan out of his mouth. I felt some hot thick liquid on my hand under his belly. He came with just my touch on his dick. I could have gone through a melt down but I was ‘expected to go through the unexpected’ as guided by Mrs Mehra. I bent towards his face with my rubber dick still in his asshole.

I started laughing loudly at Tushar.

“Now who would be cleaning this?” I kissed on his ear to let his thoughts going in my possession. I put my cum dripping hand close to his face to let him get the scent of it.

“I would do it!” Tushar went on to lick my palm. He licked all over my fingers and the backside of the palm. This was totally a different side of him. I stood my head at his ears.

“It’s so ironic that how a young man like Adi could stand to not to cum for longer than you!” Even though Adi didn’t, I wanted to throw the taunt over. Tushar stopped to pull himself on my back with what he heard. I sensed his unbelief to what I just said.

“Yes baby, I did fuck Adi few days ago when you were quite a slave to your meltdown in your head. Don’t worry you would still get to see it when he comes to fuck me again tomorrow at our house in our very own room at our very own bed by being at your side. Atleast that boy has a more stable life than you baby.” Tushar was the one to refer Adi for this job by being a good family friend to Adi’s father. Tushar was drowned in the thought. I didn’t stop there.

“He just won’t be the only man you would get to see entering me, I would offer your side of the bed to many men in the long run before you get it back finally. I don’t know how easy or tough it would be for you, only time will tell baby.” Tushar was isolated more than ever. I enjoyed the fear on his face. He had a hard on again with all this.

Mrs Mehra asked me to get the next step in a quick succession after this one. I started to get prepared for it. I took my dildo out of his mouth. I went to his face with my dildo still hanging on my manly waist line.

“Men like you get to suck this cock. Now get on it slave.” I spoke with all exquisite voice possible.

“Okay baby.” I laughed at his words. “Don’t you dare to baby me, I’m no less than just a mistress to you.” I dropped the leather whip on his ass with some impact. I missed the target by some inches and whipped his thighs and back instead. I was new to this so it did ask some time to adapt myself in aiming for good.

“Okay mistress.” Tushar managed to speak out of the pain on his body. He had a creepy red line on his body out of the whip. I aimed the dildo in his mouth. Tushar sucked on it passionately. I held his head to enter the entire dildo length in his mouth. I hit his face by my hips to get the full dildo in his mouth, it reached his throat. Tushar had some difficulties in breathing after I took it out. I removed the harness from my waist before placing the dildo back in the package.

“Would you ever take a decision by yourself in your life?” I stood at his back to drop the whip on his ass. It made a sharp striking sound with the ass skin that roamed throughout the whole house. Tushar cried out of the pain. I dropped few more before he could speak anything. Tushar said after struggling to breathe, “I won’t, I won’t.”

I dropped the hardest intensity whip on his ass by shouting, “I won’t, what?”

“I won’t, mistress.” Tushar was clearly brainwashed by now. I felt sorry for the man I loved, but I was forced to do it to get things back in shape. I felt like crying but I was not supposed to stop.

I dropped the whip for more than 30 times on his ass. I went off with different questions such as, “who would clean the house?”, “Do slaves get to dress?”, “Do you get to set your dick free?”, “Would you mind me sleeping with other men?”, “Would you hesitate in taking my pee in your mouth day in and day out?” With ever since the first strike to the thirtieth one, I went through all of it. Tushar answered to all of it in my favour. We were set to get away in this relationship.

The door bell rang in next minute. I pulled a sheet on his body to cover him up. I went to open the door after adjusting my kurti and leggings to normal. It was the dinner delivery which I ordered earlier. The delivery boy looked at the white sheet which was covering the table unevenly. I offered him a glass of water which he denied for. I paid the sum before he was gone, still with a suspicious look in his eyes concerning about the thing under the sheet.

I served the dinner in a single plate. I got in on the table before Tushar’s head. I ate just a quarter of it while gave the rest to my tied hubby with my hands. I made him to eat with care before knowingly dropping some on the table in between the meal. I didn’t help him with the dropped pieces to make him lick and eat like any living being unlike a human. I untied him before taking him to the bathroom alongside me.

Tushar got my leggings and kurti out of my body. Tushar laid himself on the floor. I mounted his face to confirm my domination on him. I pissed in his mouth. Tushar spilled some drops out after getting the taste of my piss for the first time. When pissing, I released a loud fart on his face to kick out the air I inhaled in. It was not a smelly one but had Tushar enough humiliated. He used the face wash before we went to the bed again.

He licked my pussy to few orgasms. He licked me clean by his tongue. I didn’t allow him the bed. He slept on the floor with his ass covered with red welts. I took to the dog chain in the package to tie him by the collar to the bed. I wanted him to feel different starting from tonight. He drowned to sleep in a minute following the fatigued timetable of the day. I had my mind constantly on ‘if all this was right’ till the midnight. I woke Tushar up at midnight to sit on his face to pee again. I slept in some minutes.

I woke up in the morning. Tushar was still on the floor with his naked body squeezed to half of his height on the floor. He was drowned to a deep sleep. I went close to his ass. He had a back out of much red lines, but his ass was in a deep welts and cut from edges. I had a tear in my eye for real with what I just did the other night. I felt like hugging Tushar to apologize for my hardships upon him. I got on my knees to get in a deep crying, I kept on shedding double after getting my eyes on his welts. I held myself still with a thought of, “What I am doing? This is for his own good and for this relationship.” The devil at my shoulder talked to me for a while. I searched for the angel on the other but I couldn’t find any of it. I was much confident to the next step.

“Wake up slave.” I nudged on his body. I still had a hoarse running under my throat due to the involvement in the crying earlier. Tushar opened up his eyes. He had a cute little nick on his face out of the squirm he experienced due to the pain on his butt. I slide my Pajamas down to get on his head with my exposed ass. I got my all 42 inches butt on his face. I pissed directly in his mouth. Tushar was much trained for it by now. I undid his collar from the bed.

“You are not allowed to get a workout anymore baby. You are supposed to stay at home to do all the house chores. I already called for the maid to vacant her place in this job after paying the full year’s salary to her. I don’t like to waste my money, so you would be here to get me revive the amount I paid in already.” Tushar was sweaty again after listening.

“But I have a job to go through mistress? What about it?” Tushar had an obvious question towards me.

“I don’t know about it baby. I am allowing you the car to help you in keeping pace with everything. You are supposed to reach home everyday at first to greet my way in by kneeling at your knees. I am the rightful queen of this empire or should I say king?” Tushar couldn’t respond to what I threw against him. I changed myself to the fitness wears before heading the exit of the house.

I was out in a few seconds feeling a different power in myself with the cold morning breezes passing through my body. I had an enthusiastic but sweaty workout and jog. I was home in an hour finding Tushar doing the cleanings.I called him “Tushar?”

He was before me in less than a minute, “Yes Mistress.”

“Lick my arm pits and underarms clean baby, I couldn’t take my mind off you to get in the workout deeper and deeper. It was a hard one.” Tushar got at my back.

He got me out of the T-shirt. He licked all over my back to get the sweat out. Tushar got me out of my bra to lick all the sweat under my neck and belly. He licked my hairy arm pits cleaned. He bent down to slide my leggings off my bottom. He licked on my waist before getting drowned to the bottom. Tushar got me out of the sweat by exploring his tongue on my full legs through my leggings and doing the calves as well. He finally came on round ass with his tongue. Tushar licked all over my ass with his tongue. He licked my dirty sweat clean. I was much proud of my slave husband.

I grabbed his erect dick with my hand to jerk off on it. Tushar had a good time in getting to cum in less than a minute. He licked his cum from my hands as well. I allowed Tushar to wash away his mouth, before I started to have a bath and he went off to clean the house again. Tushar was much obedient in less than a day than what Mrs Mehra recommended about slave husbands. I had a much better feeling than morning.

I was getting my hairs dry with the towel after getting out of the bathroom. Tushar was cleaning the room being naked. I stood before the mirror before getting the evil on my shoulders again.

“Come here, slave .” Tushar quickly came before me.

“Get in my pussy baby!” He didn’t think for a second before getting on his knees to start tonguing my pussy. As soon as he came at my pussy, I unlocked the phone to click some mirror selfies with Tushar at my pussy. He didn’t stop doing it. I leaked cum on my thighs before Tushar licked it away.

“Get your mistress’ clothes ready for today slave. I know you could do it.” Saying that I went to the bathroom again for some minor works. I made my way back in the minute. Tushar had my clothes ready on the bed.

He helped me to get my yellow plunge large cupped bra and panties on. Tushar knew definitely how to get a woman in the Saree after he helped me often with it before. He got my yellow blouse on my bra. Tushar rounded the yellow Saree all over my waist before settling the pallu over the shoulders to expose my blouse partially. The transparent yellow saree flaunted all of frontal from my half covered blouse to the belly. He helped me in the black heels, I looked much corporal. Tushar kissed my feet to give a nice sending off, I kissed his forehead to leave. I got on the wheels to paddle on the accelerator. It was a nice start to our official first day.

I didn’t took the turn towards the salon but drove my way to Tushar’s mother. She lived outside the city owning a dozen acres of land for farming with his father. They were the millionaire farmers. I knocked on the door. Tushar’s mom opened the door. I touched to her feet for a ‘Namastey’ and bowed down in respect as stated by the Indian culture. She gave away her blessings to me. We hugged.

I always made a great bond with my ‘Sasu-Ma’ (Mother in law). She offered her sarcastic tone towards me with, “Kaafi patle ho gaye ho beta!” (‘You have been quite skinny since we met the last time!’), even when knowing how much I gained in these last months. We laughed after cracking jokes against each other. There was this reason I paid her a visit.

She was the one that owned her son, she was his rightful authority before me in the order. I didn’t want to step forward in this relationship without her proper consents. We had lunch together. I stayed there for the entire day laughing and wiggling on the pathetic jokes that we shared. She was an impulsive personality just like Tushar, the only difference came was his lack of power on himself. Funding in the right opportunity I spoke finally,

“There is something I want to talk to you with mummy ji!” I was shaking from inside.

“Yes beta (child) you should go ahead.” I had a deep breathe before closing my eyes to give her every bit of information about what happened in the previous days. She didn’t say anything for more than a minute after listening to it. “So what are your plans upon it beta?”

I closed my eyes to explain every piss play, owning, disciplining and cuckolding that I was going to inflict on him. I also showed her the mirror click from the morning. Mummy ji looked at my face for a long time before saying, “Well, fair enough beta. Tushar always had these problems in isolating himself subtly. Are you sure this would work?” She inquired about my accuracy.

“I have read everything online mummy ji, I have a strong sense of belief that it would.” She walked across the room thinking about something. She finally came after her face lit up.

“I have clarified your way forward. I trust you beta for doing every good in the end. I would just be wanting to see my old son being back when I visit your place, and most importantly stay out of STDs, and to follow this shit up REFER SOME MALES TO ME AS WELL, his father is not getting any younger.” We laughed loudly at it. I hugged my mother in law to a good bye. We readily hugged our bodies against each other. I prepared to leave. I drove my way back home. I was built on much confidence following mummy ji’s words of wisdom. I reached home.

As soon as I could put the second step in, Tushar got on my feet to kneel down before me. Tushar kissed my feet, “Welcome mistress.” I kissed his forehead in return. Tushar started to get me out of my heels. I kicked him backwards, he laid on the floor by his back. I placed my right leg on his chest with the heels still on. I pinched it on his nipple. Tushar grinned in with a huge fuss. I ordered Tushar to get on his knees.

I held the 4 feet oak cane in my hands after taking it out from the side of the couch. This came with the package as well including an additional unused crop. I dropped the cane hardly on his ass leaving it with a red horizontal line on his skin.

“Now crawl your way down to the corners to show me the cleanings that you done slave. Now get going quickly.” I dropped the cane again hardly. Tushar started to crawl ahead of me. He went to the kitchen where the bed slices were spilled on the floor by the curious rats. “Could you explain this baby?”

Tushar started shaking, “I cleaned it before, you also know the ever present chaos of rats in our area.” He defended himself with a low voice.

“You are supposed to clean this mess at your desired pace. I would continue to drop this wooden cane on your back until I find this floor untidy again.” I said. Tushar was panicked by my words. He started rearranging the scraps together.

I dropped the first cane during the cleanings on his thighs. Tushar almost dropped on his back with its impact. I went on to do it again on his ass cheeks to remind him of his work. Tushar rearranged all the scraps in a bag to crawl his way to throw them in the bin quickly. I caned on his ass for more than 6 times by now. Tushar had welts all over his lower back.

He showed me various corners of the house and it was untidy all over there. I was much proud of his work. I kissed his forehead in appreciation. Tushar got his head inside my saree from the back to take all of my pee in his mouth. I stinky faced him for fun, it got him to laugh as well.

I dropped Tushar inverted on my knees to get on the smoothing cold ointment on his welts from last night and today. I gently massaged his ass with my hard palms. Tushar had a relieving moan from his mouth. I was just not done there. I held the hair trimmer in my hand which I got with me since laying him on the knees. I wanted to clean his Indian growth at the public region. I stretched his ass cheeks with my fingers. I touched all the way between his ass to sense his hairs to get the trimmer there. I cleaned all his hairs from between the ass and around the anus with his inner thighs.

I removed the hairs all over his testicles. I flipped Tushar on his back to clean his area around his dick. He was baby clean by now. I laid on the couch by my back. Tushar hiked my Saree to my waist to expose my ass and help me clean slight hairy regions between the ass. I choose to keep them around the pussy to always remind him of my status in the family. He cleaned the couch in a minute. I stayed there taking a huge sips on my Johnny Walker. He cleaned the floor until it was 20 minutes for the clock to tick 9.

I called Adi’s mother to let her know of Adi working in the salon till late tonight. She always choose me to take care of her young son.

“I think you do remember of us having a guest tonight baby. Do you?” I said.

“Yes Mistress, Aditya is coming tonight to fuck you before my eyes.” Tushar said after drowning his head on the floor to resist taking his head up even a bit.

“Why am I doing it? Is he the only one in the list? What does this act makes you?” I wanted Tushar to face the realities by himself.

“You want to show me how a real man fuck. He is not the only man in this list. This thing makes me a loser.” Tushar lowered his voice as he kept on going.

“No baby, you are a CUCKOLD.” I raised my voice when saying the word. Tushar didn’t take his head up before shedding some thick drops of tears on the floor. I turned my eyes away from him because more of it could have made me change my mind. I loved this guy very very much. My voice was lowered a bit. “You place yourself in the cabinet under the ceiling. I don’t want you before that young boy to not get him panicked after seeing you like this. Tushar went to climb his way to the cabinet. The door bell rang in a minute.

I opened the door. It was Adi on the other side. He opened his eyes wide to gaze at my full body. I sensed his bulge under the pants.

“You look hot ma’am.” He said after taking on a huge breathe.

“So do you, young man.” I went forward to hug him. Adi settled his hand on my waist to grab my big body in his arms.

“What about your husband?” Adi asked.

“He is not in the city for two nights straight and I didn’t want my pussy to get to sleep without being fed.

“Does it means I have one another night to spare my way in again in you?” Adi had a curious smile on his face.

“No, only if you want all of your salary to cut into 5% son.” I had the sarcastic laugh on my face.

“Oh I won’t want that.” Saying that Adi started to kiss on my lips. I held his cheeks to kiss him back passionately. Adi managed to push my body on the floor before turning me around to start kissing all over my back through my Saree. He bite on my ass through the saree. Adi kissed on my back neck and licked on my ears. I was very wet by now. Tushar couldn’t have got any of these scenes by now, being in the room.

I removed his T-shirt from the top. Adi dropped my pallu off the shoulders to kiss on my partial boobs and the blouse. He kissed all over my stomach. I moaned highly as soon as his lips touched my bare belly. It was hot. He was such an innovative young man in making out. Adi came on his feet again to plant his lips on mine. He grabbed my boobs through the blouse with one hand. I pushed him away before leading him by his waist to our room.

I made Adi turn his back towards the cabinet, with me coming at his front. I fit my eyes at Tushar in the cabinet. Adi dropped my pallu down again to start kissing on my neck. He squeezed my ass through the Saree under his palms and kept kissing harder. I grabbed his ass in my palms by fitting my eyes with Tushar again. I moaned loudly with my eyes locked with Tushar. He was humiliated enough and tried to take his eyes away from me. Adi started to undo my Saree from my waist as well leaving me in just the blouse and petticoat.

He slide his hands under my petticoat to finger my pussy. I grabbed him tightly in my arms as soon he inserted his middle finger in it. Adi fingered me harder after planting his lips on mine again. I licked his tongue with all the affection. Adi dropped me on the bed after managing to lift my big body some inches from the ground. He was still a teenager. He pulled the blouse down my bust with the bra to expose my full breasts. He kissed on my brown spot for more than a minute before turning his attention to my pussy. Adi came between my legs.

He slide the petticoat down the legs with my underwear to leave bottomless with my hairy pussy exposed. I came up to get Adi out of his pants. I threw it away. He pushed me back on the bed again. Adi stretched my legs to come between it. I put my hands on his waist to slide his underwear down. I pulled him over my breasts to give him a good sucking on his shaft. Tushar was watching all of it from upstairs. I sucked his way down the balls.

Adi came between my legs again to penetrate his medium sized dick in my pussy. Adi moaned a little after sticking his body with mine. I locked my legs on his waist to let Adi get in with more clarity. I moaned out loudly after fitting my eyes with Tushar. He had a tear flowing down his cheeks. Adi hit his small waist on my hips to go in me with pace. We kissed harder. I placed my finger between his ass crack to get him in with more force. I whispered in his ears, “Get your boots tight, because you are not going to get it again.”

Adi stopped shoving in, “so what is the need of the hurry then?” He said after kissing my chin. I wanted him to get inside harder but he flipped the game. Adi turned me around to lay down on my ass. He kissed on my full ass before entering his one finger in my anus. I didn’t expect that, I had my eyes closed in affection. He penetrated his dick in the vagina from the back.

“Are you a bitch?” Adi shoved his dick in. I didn’t say anything. Entering his another finger in he spoke loudly again, “are you a bitch?” I had a massive moan out of the pleasure and pain in both the holes, “Oh yessss.” was all I could moan loudly. “I couldn’t hear you.” Saying that he brought his third finger in as well with shoving his full dick twice in my pussy. “Oh yessssss” was all I cried out in the heat of the moment.

“Then you deserve this.” Adi took his dick out of my pussy and in my well stretched anus. He slide his finger in my pussy. Adi started to anal fuck me with his dick. He kept on kissing my lips from the back and fingered my pussy continuously. I cried loudly in the obvious pain with Adi as well, shoving in the hard spot. Adi released his hot seed in my asshole. He brought my pussy to an orgasm in the another minute. Adi dropped himself out of my back on the bed. He was breathing hardly out of the fatigued session. My anus was in a crude pain.

“Thank you so much for letting me share this moment with you, Ma’am.” Adi came at my lips to kiss me.

“Pleasure is all mine Adi. Now get to your home, your mother must be worried. Thank you for coming, I will see you tomorrow.” We kissed for another minute before Adi prepared to get dressed and move. I stayed on the bed while he left.

Tushar came down from the cabinet. I drowned his face in my asshole to lick all Adi’s young seeds from my bowel. Tushar did it efficiently. He licked my cum clean from the pussy. I laid Tushar on his back in the bed, before mounting on his bigger dick to get it inside my pussy. It was another feeling to have my husband in my pussy. I rode on his lap for sometime with my huge waist before he came as well. I drowned his head in my pussy to lick clean his own cum. I pissed in his mouth after that. I pulled him up by his head after he licked me clean. Keeping his head on my chest I asked, “Who is the bitch?” I pulled the sheets on our bodies.

“I am!” Tushar kept crying for another minute, before I wiped away his tears from his cheeks. I kissed his forehead to hold him upon my body. I tapped on his head for a minute before he went to sleep. I slept as well after squeezing my son tightly in my arms. It would be such an interesting journey.]]”

I pushed the stop button on my recorder. I was left with goosebumps over all my body with a tear in my eye, “Wow, it’s enough for today we have two more days to cope up. But can we know what about the next part?”

Hemangini drank two full glasses of wine following the grief she was going through when narrating. She spoke in a low voice after wiping her tears away from the cheeks, “Yes Yes Avinash, I would tell you all about ‘HOW I HEPLED HIM TO GET AWAY FROM HIS DEPRAVITY AT WORK’.”

“Okay Mrs. Hemangini. Uh-Oh ‘Hemangini’.” She laughed on it after leaving her heavy breaths aside. I kissed her daughter Ritu to a goodbye. As soon as I turned around, Hemangini went chasing Kritika to indulge in a play. She was a very strong lady to meet. I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to hear more from her. I opened the door to get outside.

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