Padmini Seduced And Desperate For A Fuck

Hi Vinay, here from Chennai. Enjoy reading this surprise sexual encounter that happened in the most unexpected circumstances. Mail your comments and feedback or chat on hangouts at [email protected].

Nothing else was on my mind but this incredible body of Padmini. I pulled my tongue from her lips and started to kiss her neck, forehead eyes and neck. She was too excited at this juncture. But she slowly uttered to me that we both are committed to others. I said yes, we are sexually committed to each other now.

I was not hearing her. We wanted to stop him but couldn’t, our sexual passions, heat and urge for a good hard fuck taking over all over our senses. I kept kissing her, made my way down to her neck. Her hands moved to my head and move it to the place where she felt the sensations most.

Her soft moans echoed in the room. She pushed my head aside and took control to magically lick my neck and ears. The intense and deep indulgence of her mouth on my body did not allow her to notice my hands on her lovely boobs. I handled them with a lot of care and affection.

Slowly moving my hands on them. As she kissed me relentlessly and sucked my nipples and bit me there. I suddenly squeezed them with a lot more intensity and it pained her. “Ahh Vinay slow,”  she moaned and moved her hands to feel my hard dick.

She moved me kissing down and gave a few small kisses on by dick and then moved up kissing my navel. I pushed down her bra straps and as her lovely round mounds of flesh almost pooped out. They were impressively inviting boobs. I pushed my hand in her bra to squeeze and massage them.

Now, this was out of her control. She closed her eyes to enjoy the waves of pleasure that keep hitting our bodies. She again tried to pull herself from this carnal spell. But by this time I had moved my hands to her pants. She asked me once again, “Vinay this is enough, we should stop it.”

But I knew a little about woman psychology. In a flash, I moved my hands to her back to unhook it. I pulled it out from her body. her boobs pooped out and stood there like glowing bulbs. I kept moving my hands on her soft boobs which had turned hot and tight.

Her amazing boobs looked beautiful, inviting. I sat down on kneels held both her boobs, squeezed them softly in my hands. One after the other I crushed them and slowly took one boob in my mouth. I sucked it softly and kept squeezing the other some.

She closed her eyes and bent her head back and moaned, “Ufff, Vinay, oh god.” I left that boob, moved to the other one gulping it in my mouth. I kept sucking it softly. I kept taking and releasing one after the other sucking, squeezing them harder every time.

She pushed my head on her boobs. She moaned, “You are making me mad Vinay, please yes, fuck me Vinay please.” I turned my attention to her nipples with were now hard and erect. My warm tongue licked across her swollen nipples in circles sucking them in small sucks.

I kept fondling, sucking her tits like they were my lifeline. My intense assault on her boobs sent her body in a whole new sexual world. Her body was so filled with passion now that she surrendered herself in my arms. I lifted her from the bed made her sit on my lap. I held her tightly.

I continued to suck and bite her tits slapping them. I licked her tits up and down, occasionally chewed her nipples. The soft gentle biting on her nipples made her mad and she firmed her grip on my neck. I felt like this was a chance to fulfill all her erotic desires.

She lay there half-naked wanting me on her. She could not stop herself. She told me in a low tone, “Vinay, fuck me, please. I can’t wait anymore.” She wanted me now really. Probably she couldn’t have a man for her for the next few months. Currently, she was not in a mood to wait for a minute also.

I teased her and asked her would she like to get her pussy licked. She said she cannot wait to have another man to feel and taste her pussy. That thought sent my mind in a naughty fit of desire. I pulled her pants and panties in a single move from her legs.

I pushed my shorts down and stood nude with my little monster standing rock hard. She looked at my dick and she looked a little taken back with its sheer size. Moreover, the erotic and thrilling feeling of being totally nude in front of another man, made her a little uncomfortable.

We slept on the bed and I pulled her on me. Both of us feeling every naked body part on each other. Nakedness has no color. This can be as news for those who have never been naked with others. Just sleep with another naked human being, just feel it you would like to die naked.

I kissed her legs, moving up to her thighs. Moving further deeper to her deeper thighs down. Slowly, sensually, I kept moving up closer to her trimmed pussy. She shivered and I could see only goosebumps on her body as far as I could see. She instinctively spread her legs opening her pussy for me.

I moved closer and licked her outer lips. I put my mouth on her pussy lips kissed and licked them. “Vinay, yes, oh god, don’t tease me, oh God,” she moaned. I could not believe Padmini was letting me suck her pussy. She looked total drenched in her sexual fantasies.

Powerless to stop or do anything under her intense sexual awakening. She again whispered out in a frantic but seductive way. She was feeling too good. “Yes, Vinay, eat my pussy. Lick it fast Vinay. Make me your wife for today, make me your bitch, fuck me Vinay.”

Without wasting any time, I let my tongue probe her swollen pussy lips sucking, kissing them. I held her legs firmly by her thighs and started to suck and lick deep inside her pussy. The more deeply I moved my tongue in her throbbing pussy the more restless she got.

I moved my tongue up and down in slow ticking motions. That set her pussy was on fire. She moaned loudly enjoying the incredible, and pleasure which she had never felt in her life. When I kept licking her pussy, tasting every part of it. She never ever wanted me to stop.

She lay there with her legs wide open and her body relishing in the magic of my tongue, “Oh yes, Vinay my baby, don’t stop,” she moaned. Now she was not able to control. her whole body was on fire, her pussy was spitting fire. She grabbed my head.

She pushed my head burying my face into her dripping wet cave. She started moaning and bucking wildly. I kept licking and eating her love hole as she moaned like an animal. Sweat was pouring from her body as she was starving and yearning to be entered.

My intense and relentless licking sent her body into a sexual frenzy. I kept my face buried into her drenched pussy. I was relentless and experienced. She was a first-timer and I knew exactly what a woman wanted. She was really aroused, and she wanted my hard dick in her pussy madly.

I kept licking her pussy sending her in a tizzy and I could feel her body buckle under pressure. She felt excited and nervous also. Her sensual caressing on my head was proof of this. We both knew exactly where this was leading. She realized she had lost the battle to keep her virginity intact.

She moved her hands to my face and raised her legs and folded them. My head was between her inner thighs licking her deep and fast. She raised her body, her boobs jutted out as she neared her imminent release. “Vinay, yes don’t stop, lick me, yes oh god, fuck Vinay, yes.” She held my face tightly between her thighs.

And when it all built up and I was down there licking and sucking her pussy and clit. At a point, she could not take it anymore. Finally, she exploded in one strong and insane orgasm. It was pure bliss. She covered her face with her hands. She kept her other hand on her mouth as she released me from her tight hold.

I could see her juices trickling down her pussy. I moved her hands aside from her mouth. I kissed her lips and my fingers moved down rubbing on her pussy. She again released her remaining juices in a splash. I wanted her to suck me out, I wanted to feel her warm mouth on my dick.

I whispered in her ears that she should take my burning dick in her warm innocent mouth. She refused, saying she has never done it. She does not know if she can take such a big tool in her mouth. I showed my disappointment but did not insist on her. She looked at my face and decided to give it try.

She said she would suck me, and I would be the only man whom she would taste. I was fully pumped, my dick was fully erect. She said yours is soo big. It was a good seven inches long. She said it is much bigger than her fiancée had.

After some initial reluctance, she leaned down held my dick in her fingers just looking at its sheer size. She shook it a few times. Then held it firmly in her hand and teasingly pulled me towards her. She moved down opened her mouth to take my raging dick in her mouth.

She kissed and licked it for a while, then she opened her mouth to swallow it as far as she could push my dick head. The swollen head of my dick needed more space. She opened her mouth and tried to take it as far and deep as she could and closed her mouth.

She held my dick between her lips and pulled back my dick slowly. Again she would gobble it and then tightly she would release it back. She did this a few times. In the meantime her hands moved to my meatballs to caress them in her soft fingers.

After few long sucks on my dick, she stopped exactly at the edge of the knob to suck there little hard, rolling her tongue on the outer skin. I moaned in delight as she was exceeding my expectations in fulfilling my desires. She pushed her hairs back which were on her face.

She bobbed her head back and forth sucking it in small sucks. She continued to slide my huge cock in and out of her lovely warm mouth. I pushed her hairs back and started to mouth fuck her. I asked her again to suck my knob and she did it so sensually.

She was sucking my dick. It kept growing and throbbing due to the sheer pleasurable experience that she was giving to me by her soft gently sucking. I moved my hands to her boobs, gently slapping them. Holding her firm erect nipples and rolling them between my fingers softly.

The entire blood of my body and my juices were gushing to my dick. I could feel release building up. I looked at her and told her to do it aggressively. My dick was begging for more. I badly wanted to drill her pussy now.

Now it was obvious she was going to get fucked by me. It would really be a totally new experience for her. Her pussy has never handled a dick. For the first time itself she would get such a massive size. The other thing that was driving me crazy was that I have not fucked a virgin in recent times.

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