Parcel Leads To Sex – Indian Sex Stories

It was a nice day in Mumbai just few days before Xmas, as I was going on holidays, had carried some parcels to be handed over. Have kept the details intact and no privacy is being compromised, if anyone feels it shouldn’t be posted please let me know will immediately get it removed.

I am sharing this episode here as it an experience started in a public transport, and it’s bound to be a bit lengthy or else it wouldn’t make sense.A day after I arrived for holidays, having my drinks as usual, sorted out the 3 parcels that I had volunteered to carry and hand over to the respective spouses

And was relaxing hearing music, when I got a call from one of the lady a south Indian that was suppose to receive her parcel, not wanting to venture out and also that did not want to drive myself as I as usual would have whisky in the afternoons and nights before food, asked her to come and collect the parcel.

As for this lady I do not know her husband directly but this parcel was thru a common friend at the country I work, I was aware it contained stuff for her and the kid, plus some hard cash which she was looking forward too.Talking to her, even thou being a house wife

She was giving tuitions to a few small kids and will be busy for the evening, which she mentioned, telling her that if she wants me to drop the parcel I could do so in the evening to which she agreed and gave me the directions to her place a few times, so when I entered their flat, was greeted as usual

By this 33 / 34 years old lady and offered tea and some banana snacks, talking casually and seeing her she was the simple Tamil lady having a kid who was about 8 years old, not a great look nor a woman of great shape with boobs of around size 38

And the outstanding solid asset she had was her round bumpy backside which looked odd as for me, when she walked as it did show out and she was conscious about it, the lady well oiled hair was good long till her bums and sharp features.

Even wearing a saree it was a sight to see her backside, so every time she stood up from the seating position, she would ensure that she pulls her dress behind to avoid cow eating grass when I gave her the cash, she looked a bit confused and asked me if I can give her Rs

At which I was taken a back and told her that she has to do the necessary, just trying to be helpful told her she could go and exchange it some places around this area or where they do so and she replied that she does not know and is afraid to do by herself.

As Xmas was approaching I too had a lot to do, but was not keen to exchange my forex so soon, but I knew of a place in town where I normally get a good rate, so I again directed her to this place explaining it will be worth it, this time she requested me to take her there.

I had no choice now but least to help her, so agreed to travel the next day saying that I too wanted to buy stuff from Crawford market, it may take time, she agreed and we decided to travel by train as was her choice and agreed to meet at the designated place at the station.

I find it very difficult to travel in a crowded train and was requesting her that we travel by rick and then taxi, but due to whatsoever reason she did not want to travel with me in a taxi, that’s what I felt by her talks, she wanted to be in a public transport, either bus or train so I preferred the train which would be faster reaching our destination.

The next day when we met again she had worn a saree with her hand bag on her shoulder with a matching blouse and the kid was along with her and I was in a dilemma seeing the crowd at the station, buying the tickets we moved to the station to get the church gate local

And the train moved in before we could decide how to proceed, that she started walking quickly and just asked me to get in moving in the direction of the general compartment. I was repeating behind her that I purchased a 1st class tickets, but she was inside even before I could blink.

It was the crowd that took her and the kid inside, with all men behind her that I had to push and rush in, still I was able to make it and pushed myself just a bit inside the foot board with my shirt in shambles with the sticking crowd.

This lady being about 5.5ft, I could see her turning her head to see where I am, I was using all my strength and pushing myself to go in, its quite difficult as Mumbaikar’s would know being helpless I had to stand still where

I am, but being tall could see that she was literally sandwiched between all the men, it was like a swamp of men around her, with me a hands distance away from her. To my good luck a few guys on the left side asked me if

I will be getting down on the next station, when I shook my head they made space for me to step on the side by hook or by crook I squeezed myself to the side nearly smashing another short guy standing there, and then requested the guy sticking to her to move

And give space to her it was quick reaction from the guy upon my request, she was able to come near me with her bag saree getting pulled and the kid head near her tummy being dragged along. I requested the guy near me to give space to the kid which he obliged but once the kid was safe at the side

I held her hand and pulled her near me my first touch then as it was a stiff task put my hand over her shoulders, bearing all the weight of the people and the pushing from behind me with people going in and out I was able to accommodate her in front of me.

Here I felt her soft bums and I had an erection which was touching her, I could not stop my erection and was expecting that she may not like it.

Also trying to be protective by way of covering her and holding on to keep my balance

My one hand was supporting her with my hand below her armpit holding the sides, but the back of my palm was feeling her boobs which were pressed on my hand. Out of concern asked her if she was ok

She whispered hoarsely biting her teeth saying why I left her alone and that all were touching her everywhere and telling her that I purchased 1st class tickets why you went in general, she just kept quite.

Now remembering exbii, plus in a situation as such in this crowded train nothing is intentional, she too would not have a choice in this crowded train with me sticking to her, plus I was accompanying her

I had the open opportunity to hold her around say out of concern with her wearing a saree, her navel and open waist standing close to her I could see her deep cleavage, now she was a sexy lady for me, that when I put my hands around her waist and physically adjusting her bums to me

So that my total hardness of the dick was properly fitted in her bum crack she infact adjusted herself thinking I am uncomfortable but then later with the constant hardness rubbing on her bums she was aware, that she looked up at my face and softly whispered saying maaroongeh meh.

I will beat you asking her why? She said you know why with a frowned look on her face giving her a smile, told her she should have travelled by ladies compartment or even now she can get down and she can proceed alone and

I will get down a few stops earlier to do my shopping, at which she held my hand in a grip, sensing the closeness I had slipped my hand and turned my palm which was near her boobs and cupped the full round flesh without pressing.

Looking around if anyone’s attention was on us, softly started pressing her, after 2 slow pressings of her left boobs using my fingers, again she repeated meh maaroongeh and was pinching my skin on the hand, in response I had pressed harder to which she stopped pinching

And held my hand pressing her boobs like stopping my action and all this was easy as also her back was to me with my dick fitted properly in her bum and her saree pallu fully covering my actions near the child was another guy with his back to us.

I kept feeling her boobs all the way until a few stops before and then made the most of it by caressing her tummy area and navel giving her a tingy feeling making space between both of us as the crowd was thinning down but kept my hand in a protective manner as if she was my wife.

Even when we got down there were many guys who managed to tap their hands on her buttocks quickly and move off, for some time she started walking by keeping a distance from me, as we proceeded walking towards the shop going to MG road, we are to visit.

I kept close to her with my hands brushing her hips thighs or bumping on her bums and from time to time due to the crowded streets while dodging the people walking, I was taking the opportunity to put my hand on her shoulder or her bare hips very obvious that

I was touching her and stopping and giving the kid and her something to eat and drink as she was pure vegetarian and wanted to have some dosas and Idlis, then we proceeded and finished the money matter asking her to keep it safely in her bag or rather bluntly telling her to put it inside her blouse at which she blushed looking at me.

Then again I asked her if she can go back alone as it will take some time for me, just like not giving her any importance, but I found her reluctantly saying we decided that you will accompany me and we will go back together as we kept walking and window shopping

I was constantly touching her to the extent that when I was standing in a shop seeing things my leg was placed in such a way that I was covering her from people dashing her backside but at the same time keeping my contact on her bums.

After this she never even objected to me standing close to her with my elbow freely feeling her boobs or with my hands on her bare hips, that I had changed my plans and decided not to buy stuff as then my hands would be engaged in holding my shopping bags that I decided to only see

The stuff and prices and pick up the next day wanting to waste time and get her in the crowded train again with the working crowd returning in the evening telling her some bullshit that I have to visit some shops after 4pm and we need to pass some time.

This time she agreed to go by taxi, as also the kid was tired also that here I was with the wife of another man accompanying me towards gate way / Taj where when sitting with her and I was giving her some hot talks and in response she was trying to keep her voice as low as possible a sign that she even accepted me fingering her hips with my hand from behind

And talking sex with her joking with her, when she mentioned about the train journey and I had questioned her as to where all the men touched her she had mentioned saying that one guy literally was pushing his fingers deep inside her bum.

She had softly so as the kid would not hear and said that there were so many hands and her breast and buttocks were being massaged royally and gruffly saying with big eyes you too did the same thing, that’s when

I asked her if she was angry she slowly shook her head in the negative making a pun face and looking me in the eyes and saying that I am a naughty guy and she is sure my wife must be having difficulty controlling you.

She did ask me why I hadn’t purchased anything that’s when I told her the prices are the same if I buy at Bandra so why will I carry all the way with the trains crowded, somehow she just shook her head saying its true and that’s when she received a call on her mobile from her husband.

They spoke for about 5 min. in Tamil (which was bumper to me) and in Hindi mix and she mentioned that I had helped her for the money matters and the rate etc., other than that I had my ears open to see if she would mention the train episode, but she discussed nothing of that sort.

We sat there for nearly 2 hours and it was a very intimate discussion with her talking all the time about her MIL and how they are having bank loans etc, it was very clear she was very talkative person, many a times I was even elbowing her boobs with the exception that she never held my hand like reciprocating to my advances.

I wasn’t sure if I could go all the way with her as sometimes women are smart and matters end abruptly, she could also be one of them that once their jobs done its fine thank you, and I don’t want to know you anymore.

In my cunningness I had tricked this lady and I made it a point to go by taxi to grant road and take the train from there, I wanted to ensure that we do not get place to sit and travel standing again at the entrance on the side giving some privacy to me and with darkness set in,

I could freely put my hands around her and feel the deep crack of her bumpy bums from time to time also adjusting her bums to ensure my dick fitted in place and kept pressing her handful boobs below her pallu

She had not objected to any of my advances just that she would look around like ensuring no one’s watching us. Caressing and fondling her all the way till we reached our destination, I found her convulsing a couple of times her open mouth saying it all, that she was releasing her sperms.

The train journey was so hot that many a men were also trying their luck to get a feel of her bum’s, in fact I was getting pushed a bit from the pushing of guys trying to come close to us and in return I was glued to her she in return trying to keep the kid safe and talking to the kid saying we will reach soon.

I had been feeling her all over, that when she felt some hand she looked at me so I made signs saying that it’s me so do not worry, without feeling or touching her pussy, I was sure she had a soaked sticky panty in my mind and I was making plans to make the most of this un expected closeness with this lady.

I wanted to try and get her at least once if not for a long relationship, as she had mentioned that her mother in law normally stays with her and she was in Mumbai, but with the other daughter in law on the central side and both these brothers had strained relationship

So both these daughter in laws never spoke to each other but the mother keeps shuttling between both the sons families. I don’t know what this lady thought about me, or was I being too fast in my actions, this lady made a spectacular turn around as we were approaching close

She said we should get down one station before as she wanted to buy some stuff so when we got down, instead of buying anything she walked to the ricks asking me to take another, not to be out smarted I sat in the same rick as it moved, she was feeling uncomfortable for whatever reason as

She kept looking out of the rick, then she told me that she will get down before and I can proceed, this was like a sure KLD and I did not want to discuss as to why and what was the need and did not want a KLD, I am very much experienced in this regards and have lost a few opportunities.

Instead to keep the conversation going and bidding time to be together with her, I asked her if they would like to have any food in a restaurant, but then it was true the little kid was tired and was sleepy, so accepting it I told her, I will get down before they reach their area and she can proceed asking her if

I can visit her anytime, it was a half hearted yes rather than a open invitation, but in my mind I wanted to have her and was in double mind if I should visit her now with thoughts of its now or never will

I be able to be so close to her and wanted to keep the momentum going, so asked her what if I visit her place now as it was already past 8.30 pm, she was somewhat in a tensed mood at this question, asking me why I wanted to visit now.

But when I looked at her questioningly, she just shook her head saying yes, but she is tired and her kid wants to sleep also, I knew now she was trying to put me off as quickly as possible. Keeping my hands to myself, just whisper that if you don’t mind.

I need to visit the toilet very badly, so will come to her place and then leave. It was a very well calculated risk as maybe she would get wild at my plans once inside her house and as well as ensuring that I was inside her flat with her.

Keeping a distance while walking to their building up to their floor, once inside her flat, the 1st thing she asked me like I am a stranger as to what I wanted.

Going in and sitting on the sofa as the kid entered the bathroom peed and came out and was saying something in Tamil to the mother, then she took the kid to the bedroom and sometime later came out, then she herself rushed into the bathroom with a nightie in hand and took sometime seems she had also done her long one

When she came out again wearing a nightie, she told me in a bit of a stern voice that I should leave now its late, brushing aside her question I told her 1st I want to use your toilet she directed me, when I had finished peeing.

I noticed a panty put near the wash basin in a small basket for soiled clothes, a closer look it was the one she wore today it was sticky and with wet dry stained.

I had known she had been spilling with all the caressing and fondling during the train journey when I came out wiping my hands to the hankie, she was sitting on the edge of the sofa wearing the nightie and her boobs dangling inside, but then I also noticed

She hadn’t closed the main door keeping it ajar bit open, walking straight to the door I closed it, as she seemed to be protesting and then saying in a pleading manner, please jao aap you go.

I was already in her flat and it was either now or was sure it wouldn’t happen again, with her attitude now that her jobs done this closeness right inside the privacy of her flat would be history

I may also not be welcomed again, so moving straight to where she was sitting making conversation, I mentioned to her about her wet panty in the bathroom, her immediate reaction was of looking away from me and again she repeated saying please go I am afraid.

The very word afraid was a small green signal, so I sat beside her and as she tried to move held her by her shoulders and started caressing her ears and neck, with her mildly trying to avoid my touching her, making further moves started nudging her neck and ears with my brush moustache

And with my hands kept softly fiddling the tips of her boobs as she kept nibbling at the ticklish feeling just murmuring no, no please but I could see the goose bumps on her and knew it was just a matter of time she would cave down.

As she lay still now with my left hand around her, slowly I cupped both her boobs which were free minus the bra in her nightie, this time I could feel the complete softness and seeing that she was still unzipped my pants and along with the underwear pushed it down by also pulling out my feet from the shoes

She protested by trying to move away and when she stood her nightie was stuck up in her bit wobbling arse crack that when I held her by the hips and touched her buttocks it was bare she hadn’t worn a panty standing up and putting both my hands from below her armpit

I started kneading and twitching on her hardened nipples my dick now poking at her butt crack as I kept moving rubbing the hardness at her crack and told her in a hoarse voice, let’s go to the bedroom and you know what I want

She had started trembling saying no in a soft stammering voice, but was quite as I kept mauling both her boobs standing behind her, the buttocks wobbling a bit as she tried avoiding me by bending herself from fondling her that my hardness was directed at either her anus or her pussy.

The standing position gave me the opportunity to slowly lift her nightie from behind which she was unaware and she only realized when she felt my right hand touch her bushy pussy this time bending herself and putting her legs together trying to avoid my fingers ticking her pussy

I placed my dick in such a way that it was held firmly between her plump buttocks, it felt like an oven between both mounds. I had the opportunity to pull her nightie above her mountainous buttocks, and pulling her down on the sofa making her sit on my lap

She still kept her legs tight together, to distract her thoughts that my hand was inside between her thighs, tried kissing her by turning her face, she kept moving her face to avoid my kisses in the bargain her legs went loose and in a jiffy

I had already penetrated 2 fingers inside her pussy with my thumb nibbling at her clit, sliding her body on to the sofa, pressing her on the back rest of the sofa. A minute later it was done, she lost control and her body just went limp spreading her legs wide, with my fingers fingering her pussy, that when

I pulled up her nightie from front I saw her unshaved hairy pussy. She suddenly stood up and asking me to wait to put off the living room light and walked looking back at me to the bedroom, before she could enter I was in with her

It’s a one bedroom flat so the kid was sleeping on the bed that when I entered she just went and sat on the bottom edge of the bed with no expression what so ever seeing me walking my dick erect and staring at her, standing right in front of her at the bed

She immediately put off the bedroom light saying the kid is sleeping what came to her mind, this time again she said lets go to the sofa, it was fine with me either here or there, she walked along as I kept pressing her boobs

And twitching on her nipples, when I hugged her had both her big buttocks in my hand mauling hard at them and tried to kiss her she kept avoiding, but the moment I kept pressing my hardness between her legs by also pressing her buttocks so that she could feel my dick near her pussy, suddenly

She started kissing me like an amateur does, but trembling to the core and her fingers were cold. I asked her why her fingers are cold she had replied saying she is nervous, as I am touching her softly saying she had also experienced the same when 1st her husband had touched her.

Telling her I have no condoms she had just nodded and said she has some in the cupboard and she came back with not one but 2 condoms, then asking her to put the condom on my dick and to suck my dick before she puts the condom, she had said she I will never do it, I don’t do it for my husband also.

But now she was just going along with my actions, so all I had to do was start fucking her, telling her I want to put it in, she slept on the sofa spreading her legs, the moment I went on top of her and located my dick at the center, she started making fusses saying please andar maat dalna, don’t put it in

Getting the condom on myself, rubbing her pussy with my hardened dick, when I tried penetrating her she was dry, that now with her keeping quite I was sure I will fuck her, sleeping on her body and with time in hand started teasing her ears, neck, slowly but surely

I had made her nude with the nightie pulled up to her neck, she was quite shy in this situation but with the hall lights off and only the dim lights from outside penetrating thru the glass panels from the balcony, she was comfortable.

Teasing and tickling her ear, neck and then I made the most of her 38 size boobs sucking and chewing on her nipples her slow motion body wriggling reactions started with small moans, then slowly she was groaning a bit louder when I tickled her navel with my tongue and brush moustache

Her hand automatically started caressing my back and was tugging me like saying fuck me. Telling her that I am putting my dick inside her, in urgency she said yes do it quickly, she had submitted herself to the pleasures she was waiting for when her husband arrives.

Positioning myself and placing my rigid dick at the entrance of her hairy big pussy which was wet, rubbed the hardness 3 to 4 times along the length and then pushed in straight away trying to ensure it enter fully, at which she gave a squealing sound saying iiisss iiiii amma, don’t push its hurting.

I myself did find it difficult as it wasn’t sliding easily inside her and the hard dick was bending outwards, touching her love hole with my fingers I knew she had gone dry with the pain, a certainty that she was not fucking around in the absence of her husband.

Reacting quickly put some spit on her pussy hole and my dick shoved it in one go, this time again she felt the pain her face reactions said it all as I felt my full length stiffness engulfed inside the warmth of her love hole, it was still hurting her when I moved, but then managed as I kept my piston in

And slow movements in and out of her, gradually she was relaxing and I found my dick slipping easily in and out lying on her holding her shoulders firmly, I could stroke firmly in to her, now she was lubricated and so was enjoying, that she was one of those woman who made sounds at every penetration.

I was worried with the groaning sounds that she was making that it could be heard outside the door, and it kept increasing as I kept pumping in to her, reminding me of Asha (Mistry lady Sheila’s younger daughter) more so when she was releasing with her mouth open

She was very noisy and breathing hard asking her to keep her tone down she was laughing loudly saying she can’t as that’s how she is. It was too dangerous to be comfortable in the living room that anyone outside could surely hear her.

I had to ask her to get up and move to the bedroom which was better than the living room as her sounds could be subdued making her bend on the bed as she was just not sure what I was up to in this position, but I just couldn’t find her pussy hole with her buttocks and the deep crack

I just couldn’t find a way to penetrate her even her positioning wasn’t good, so turning her around with her legs down standing at the edge of the bed had to pick her legs up and place them on my shoulder and started stroking her hard, her buttocks slapping on my thighs

Her making real loud groaning sounds but were subdued within the walls of the bedroom, just that the kid kept stirring a bit from the noise and the shaking of their bed. I could penetrate deep in her and kept pumping in and out my dick already cooled when we moved to the bedroom

So it was quite long before I could feel the sensation of ejaculation and as I felt that I was about to come she was tugging her heavy hips that she was pushing me out she was coming her legs trying to grip me to ensure.

I am deep inside her as she spilled and with my balls feeling the heat, ready to spill I dug myself in her and laid on her crushing and squeezing her boobs mercilessly making her nipples pop out like cutting her boobs in to half.

Lying exhausted from the long strenuous courting and workout, when I moved away from her she was tired too and when she stood she was wobbling, she said my husband did this 1 year before he went and he will come after another 6 months in May as she stood

I was eager to feel her bare plump buttocks and have a peep at her shit hole, that I made her stand and kept caressing and pressing her buttocks one at a time, asking her how she had a big back side just adding to it that her husband is a lucky guy to have a wife with good assets for fucking

First she told me not to use such vulgar words and then she said all the 3 sisters are like the mother. 2 of her sisters are settled in Chennai removing my shirt which was already crumpled and creased and relaxing as

I was nearly sweating even from the cold weather outside, I wanted to make the most of this sudden unexpected available pleasure from this lady, whom a day earlier I never knew anything about nor would I have dreamt off as my job was to handover the parcel and buzz off.

The fact being if it wasn’t for her, I would have gone to Manda place to let her know that I am down in Mumbai, Sheila PBUH it was just sheer stupidity on this lady’s part that led to me getting chances on her in a public transport, eventually that I succeeded to seduce and fuck her.

I was still not done with her and wanted to have her again nor was she saying anything as I kept sitting nude on the sofa, talking to her softly and pressing her boobs, she just sat there with her hands to herself that every time

I was taking her hand and putting it on my dick she would look away from my dick and just lightly hold it, and slowly she would remove her hand after a while, even standing up and asking her to see at it closely pulling the skin back she would just give a glance and look sideways 23 in the dim lights

I didn’t see, but as I turned her face towards me that’s when I noticed that she had tears in her eyes, asking her why? she said I feel so bad that when my husband is away I have done this, shaking her head in a sad way, instantly

I said to her it was destined and you made the moves by asking me to come along with you, if you had gone alone it wouldn’t have happened, adding casually but then, dint you enjoy it also to console her feelings added, you are not alone in this I too have done something which I feel guilty about, as

I should be doing with my own wife. It was like a glitter in her eyes and a lip biting smile that made her somewhat feel better that it just happened which also put a point in her mind that I am not a type that just after everyone or anyone so we have both committed to what just happened unexpectedly. Pulling up her nightie up to her neck

I moved my face towards her chest at first she looked at me as to what I was up to, but when she saw that I held her boob in my hand to take her nipple in the mouth she leaned a bit back and held my head allowing me to suck and chew her nipple.

A sign of total submittal to explore these sexual pleasures gone was her behaviour of fright and guilt, a minute later she was herself holding her boob and directing her nipple allowing me to suck on it, below my fingers started fiddling with her pussy, she hugged me tight smashing her boobs to my face.

It was certain she wanted more, she was somewhat a transformed lady at this hour, a house wife who has never indulged in sex with anyone except her husband, here in her own house with another man fully exploring her privates, her daughter sleeping soundly and the husband miles away

I myself was in a daze having this unknown lady and of these sudden events within a day and as the tendency of a man is, I wanted more of her or to make the most of it now itself, for the fact of the uncertainty tomorrow, it was not love at all but just lust.

Being a lame duck as far as her sexual activity and knowledge of giving pleasure was concerned, she was not holding my dick, I asked her to do it but she was just lazy or maybe she was just lost in herself to enjoy my sucking and fiddling of her pussy, finding myself doing all to her with no response spreading my legs

I forced her hand down to my dick, telling her to use her full palm and hold the full dick in her hand and play with it showing her how to do it and then how to tickle my testicles, she did it for a while, but I had to keep holding her hand showing her how to keep shaking and pulling the skin up

And down slowly, asking her to slowly use her fingers on my testicles, she was like you do all to me, but I don’t know what to do when I stopped caressing her, she looked at me and said you have big testicles and they are heavy and then on the sly.

I could see her eyes looking downwards between my legs and that I decided to have a go at her and try to cajole and push her to take in her mouth, at first requesting her to just try using her lips and then slowly she can just put it in her mouth and see how she feels, by standing in front of her

And aiming my dick close to her face but she kept dodging it, using conversation to get her do it, telling her to have a closer look at my dick and testicles which she was eyeing from the corner of her eyes but not giving in to suck

Out of frustration then trying to pin her down holding her hands up nearly sitting on her chest, kept my dick near her mouth holding her head firmly and rubbing the dick on her lips, but she kept her lips close and moving her head right and left saying shea no, turning her head sideways

She confidently said I want do it, that after a while I gave up, and freed her hands. She was not a type who would know much about real sex enjoyment, all she knew was to spread her legs when the husband sat between them and accommodate his penis, but she had the sexual urge as

She had been fucked, she hadn’t been penetrated for long due to her husband being away, she claimed she is satisfied with her husband and does not need any outside help to satisfy her and she can wait till he comes at which I corrected her and jokingly remarked

Next time don’t allow any other man to touch you, it will be the same as it happened today emphasizing clearly that you are a “hot sexy woman in need of sex at which she just smiled slyly. Telling her I want to fuck her again, she smiled coyly and said again, at which I clearly mentioned that I want to satisfy you

And at the same time be satisfied myself by fucking her, to get her carried up added that I liked fucking her tight pussy and feeling the nice shaped buttocks, by caressing and pressing them like a sponge to show her how much I loved caressing them by making facial expressions.

Calling up my place, informed my home minister that I was with my friends having drinks and we will also have our dinner, so will be late asking them to relax and go to bed, once done and I saw this lady looking at me with sulky eyes like she was thinking that this guy will stay here longer

And with me now in her flat she has no choice but to oblige getting her once more in the bedroom and by putting down the blanket she had on the bed, she laid quietly spreading her legs as usual, I had turned her on her stomach as she looked questioningly at me with a frown on her face, but when I slept

On her backside parking my dick between her arse crack, at this she relaxed herself, I asked her to let me fit my penis between her soft bum, to which she spread her legs a bit and closed the gap once I had placed it as I wanted, it’s a feeling

I can’t describe that the full length of my dick deeply embedded in the crack and the warmth of her plump bum on the cold night outside, I was tempted.Slowly telling her to contract and expand her buttocks, this she did as directed but was literally pressing my dick so hard between her butts that

The hardness was getting squeezed and the dryness due to cold was hurting, so I thought of trying to penetrate her shit hole telling her to relax and release the grip so that the penis gets cooled down. I tried to trick her, even thou there was no lubrication

And tried to penetrate her backside spreading her butt cheeks with one hand and nearly pressing in my hard rigid dick in her shit hole, but she was reluctant when she knew where I was pushing in, I even held her back firmly and sat on her buttocks pointing my hardness at her hole and pushed, because it was dry

And she was tightening her butts, on quite I had used quite a lot of my spit on her hole and a bit on my penis and holding her back don with one hand had started pushing the hard tip at her hole, the dick was slowly sliding inside even as she kept wriggling her body

I was nearly making entry but when it came to the bulb head which is broader as it penetrated her anus entrance was being stretched, using her full force she kept moving as I wrestled on her body to keep her in position, going down on her body putting all my weight on her tugging

And hugging her at the same time squeezing her boobs hard like really milking her out, she was squealing like a baby in pain and later was screaming softly from below and was quite when my dick slipped from the position. So again did not succeed and when I moved off her body

She sat up and was repeatedly hitting and pushing my hand away when I tried touching her, wanting to fuck her and release my sperms that had build up with the eagerness, that she would suck my dick or I could penetrate and fuck her deep tight anus, I wanted release.

I had to start all over again as she kept pushing me away, I dragged her down on the blanket along with me and mounting on her plump body again putting my weight on her, holding both her hands above her head, started caressing her face with my moustache, at the same time licking her neck

And tickling her ears, twitching her erected nipples with one hand, soon her body relaxed she was again lost in the sexual arousal that she had goose bumps and laid still letting me explore her even when I let go her hands, soon her actions saying it all, when she opened up her legs wider a sign she wants it in her pussy.

Mounting off her body laid besides her and penetrated her pussy using 2 fingers and started finger fucking her, slowly at first tickling her clit and slowly increasing the in out of my fingers when I seen her head and eyes giving signs of immense arousal urging me to fasted the space

And her sounds of uhh uhh uhh reverberating in the quite of the bedroom, that when I increased fingering her pussy she started jerking her hips amid hard breathings and sounds of aah aahhh aaahhh until she stopped jerking her pelvic portion.

Turning her on one side suddenly gave her nice 3 smacks on her buttocks the sound echoing in the bedroom, telling her that your vagina is in need hard fucking, she gave a surprised look at my hard smacking and then was shy at what I said as it was nearing midnight decided to fuck her once more, without a condom wanting to feel

And enjoy the skin to skin penetration as I had noticed she had a nice small opening with no slits or cuts what so ever on her pinkish love hole, she was not aware nor was she thinking about the condom, when I asked her to hold my dick and start caressing it clearly mentioning to her to make it hard

And ready so that I can fuck her hard she will enjoy it. This time she started gripping the dick and slowly was massaging it. Soon mounting her lifting her legs up told her to use her hand and direct my dick at her entrance which she did then as

I penetrated her slowly pushing in my rigid hard dick, it was only at the intrusion that her face twitched but she was calm and pushing her legs up close to her chest along with my body started side and grinding movements like rotating her bums along with me, until

I was rooted deep in her pumping her in slow motion, it was more comfortable fucking her with the blanket on the floor, slowly humping her with my rigid dick penetrating her hairy pussy like a sharp knife putting my hands from underneath her armpits and holding her head to face me, each time

I pulled out and pushed in her mouth opened in like saying awe, that I started kissing her as I kept my hips moving, my dick slipping in and out easily now, she was very comfortable. Her bum up with legs high up near her big bust, looked she was bundled up.

I kept fucking and kissing her on the mouth from time to time with a steady pace, she had let out her sperms gripping my back with both hands that allowed me to relax, letting her legs down, and removing out my dick out of her pussy, let the coolness hit the tip in no time it was softening a bit.

Lying down besides her, she was scratching her hair, maybe she was thinking when this guy will go, but when I took her hand and moved it to my dick, she just started slowly using her fingers then asking me that she wants to sleep, telling her wait a while she remarked now its again become hard, that’s when

I mounted her this time on my knees tried penetrating it by rubbing my dick along the length of her pussy, even without caressing her she was somewhat lubricated, that with slow pushes and pressure it was inside her again lifting her legs up to her chest started slowly and then humped her mercilessly

The sounds of my thighs hitting her butts making faat faat fach sounds amid her aweaha sounds mixed in her bedroom, wanting to release myself but well aware that I have to spill outside, that when I was ready with my testicles boiling to let go when I tried to move away

She started holding me in a grip that’s when I realized that she was also coming but had to pull out quickly. What she did was just tugged me close to her using her full strength that I laid on her with my sperms also spilling outside but on her pussy area

And drifting down her bum on to the blanket at first she did not feel it until she found something tickling her when she herself had calmed down from her climax.

It was when I told her that I hadn’t put on a condom, she jumped up like someone had put fire in her bum, putting her hand at her pussy area panicked and started saying something in tamil quickly going to the bathroom she washed herself and returned.

I had to calm her down saying it’s all spilled outside and not to worry showing her the blanket which was soaked with sperms at the spot her bum dripped. Quickly she had had a good look by putting on the side lamp coming close she asked me if she will get pregnant

Consoling her by caressing her back told her not to worry that’s why I pulled out even when I know you wanted me inside your pussy as you were also coming she had a frowned smile asking me how I know she was coming slowly but surely she was now freely interacting with me that I was having a glimpse of hope that maybe

I can make use of her during my holidays and whenever I come down, she could make herself available, and still wanted to have her more tonight as it was late and I did not want to go out at this hour she herself said you go early in the morning as someone may notice me if

I go out now and the door will make noise at which the neighbours may get alarmed, again I had hope that may be if I play my cards well she may also take my dick in her mouth sitting on the bed with her kept mauling at her boobs firmly grabbing each and kept squeezing and nibbling at her nipples,

Asking her questions about her life and family that’s when she gave out that her MIL is at her place only on weekends, she comes in on Friday night and goes back to the other sons place on Sunday night as the other daughter in law is working so she takes care of her 2 kids there, further

I was told that the main quarrel was between both the SIL and thus her husband had decided to stay separate and brought this flat which they are still paying EMI and the saddest part was she was not a person who could work and had never worked before a total housewife

So the only financial support was her husband, thus for better prospects, he decided to work abroad and even though he was 39, he has a heart condition, and is under continuous medication, plus he has a bulky body with a lot of flabbiness on his stomach which looked out like he was 9months on.

I kept nibbling at her boobs it seemed that she liked me continuously fondling her boobs specially twitching and tuning her nipples in between she was having goose bumps and was giggling like she is feeling ticklish that when I stopped to relax my hand

She was holding my hands as to saying keep doing a sign she had never experienced this type of continuous fondling and twitching of her nipples before with her boobs at my disposal and I was trying to grip her full ball in each hand and pressing, it was a good exercise for my hands, wrist and fore arm.

If any of you try this out continuously on a lady who had handful boobs, you will see the difference to your hands to some extent it also helps in the biceps, only from time to time I had to keep putting her mangalsutra away or behind her back as it was hurting her when

I tried getting both the boobs together using both hands, she was feeling sleepy and was sloppy as she sitting, so asking her to sleep continued pressing her balls it was nearly an hour since I was working at her boobs and talking.

This gave enough rest to me also, due to the cold and with a lot of friction, my dick had dried skin on the outside which was a bit itchy, she had really gone to sleep on her back her legs spread wide boobs drooping sideways, plus she was naked

I could do whatever with her, sitting on her put both the boobs together kept pressing my dick with the softness of her balls at the same time pulling her nipples like a rubber, she would stir at times but due to the exhaustion of continuous fucking and the long day out

She was like zapped with sleep using this opportunity as her mouth was a bit open, kept putting my dick as much as possible in it and rubbing my hardness on her lips. Also using spit to make some lubrication was inserting my dick in her pussy, she had continued sleeping but stirring a bit when she may be felt me penetrating her pussy.

I myself was tired and sleepy, so keeping an alarm on my mobile for 4 am and just slipped near her cuddling her nude warm body by wrapping a sheet around like a lungi just in case the kid gets up and pulling another sheet over both of us when the alarm went off at 4 am

I got up instantly and put it off, she just stirred a bit and was fast asleep again, as during winter time the nights are long the temptation getting the upper hand, decided to fuck her again and started shaking my dick to get it erect, the cold outside had like shrunk my dick that with the very thought of fucking her again slowly but gradually it was hardening.

Turning her around on her back put spit and spreading her legs apart sat near her pussy between her legs and kept rubbing my hard dick along the length of her pussy, when I started touching and twitching her clit, she was getting aroused and was lazily stretching her body that when

I started inserting the hard dick the moment it penetrated her pussy, her mouth opening saying aaaah then trying to close her legs which were blocked with my body going on her body started slowly digging her in slow motion her body warmth giving me the required heat to keep my body warm

With the side lamp still on she could see me when she opened her drousy eyes that I told her it’s a early morning doodh walla shot and that after that I will go, it’s still dark outside, in between her head and body jerking with every push in and out of her pussy

She said tell me when you are ready to go, such was the situation that she wanted to sleep and dint mind me doing whatever I want on her at this hour. Fucking her nice and comfortably in slow motion on her bed, slowly but steadily she got her spasm and released her sperms suddenly her hands

And legs gripping me in a way trying to swallow as much of my hard dick inside her pussy and wanting the warmth of my body as she spilled and she relaxed asking me then, have I put a condom, the moment I said no she wanted to get up out of fear also that

I did not want to soil her bed and the sheets, if I continue fucking her and am unable to control I too decided to stop. I could understand her situation so moving away from her asked her to take in the mouth, lying to her by saying last night in your sleep you nearly were chewing at my dick in sleep with your mouth open

I had put a quarter of my dick inside touching your tongue that when you closed your lips and was like chewing it, she shook her head saying no, then asking me did you really do it, again lying saying yes

She hid her face in a shy way with her hands, looking at me from below with a small opening of her fingers, my mind thinking that by hook or by crook I must tempt her to take in her mouth.

That’s when I asked her, go wash your pussy and come, she was a bit like why and now it’s cold, telling her do it fast I want to go also as my wife will wake up at 6 am and I want to be home before that, it was like she was hesitatingly getting up that I pulled her up

And started pushing her to the bathroom with her nighty slipping down covering her nakedness once inside and I too walked in with her and lifted her nightie from behind as she felt shy but couldn’t make noise as the neighbours may hear her

So giggling softly she sat down when I pushed her to sit down and used the hanging hand shower opening the warm and cold checking it, asked her to wash between her legs and backside properly with my dick dangling close to her head, then sitting in front of her washed my dick with the shower

And applied soap to her and my dick again asking her to wash thoroughly.Having done so she was quickly drying her pussy as she was shivering from the cold pulling the towel I too got myself dried and she was still like a dummy just went a laid on the bed pulling the sheet over her.

Pulling her down on the bed her head was off the pillow, when I went inside the sheet between her legs it smelled of soap and the portion was still cool from the washing, spreading her legs gave a small bite on her thighs

She was like in awe as to what I am doing and when I bit her she was in a jiffy saying don’t bite me please, and spread her legs in preparation for me to start fucking her, pulling off the bed sheet covering lifted her legs up.

Looking up at her face, gave her again small bites on her thighs surrounding her pussy area, she was feeling ticklish and trying to close her legs but as I kept giving her soft bites, with the cold weather she was having goose bumps, separating her bushy hair with my fingers and spreading her pussy lips when

I pulled my tongue on the length of her pussy and softly chewed on her clit she shuddered saying aaahaah, her legs automatically spreading giving me full access she waited patiently, when I did nothing she looked down, that when I asked her if she liked it

And even before she could speak started chewing and licking her pussy amid aaaah she said yes (of course I was aware that she would want me to continue doing what she had never experienced) using this as an advantage, I decided to turn around

And keep my dick close to her face sleeping on my sides started chewing her clit and using my fingers penetrated her love hole slowly rotating my fingers inside and chewing and pulling her clit with my lips, she started wriggling her body with urge wanting me to continue

Amid her moaning and groaning aaaahaaha iisiiss iiiiyoh when I felt her hand on my head, pushing it like telling me to continue, I suddenly found her hand gripping my dick which was close to her face she started to lift her pelvic portion, her body gyrating

I knew she was preparing to release her sperms, I stopped abruptly and bit her thighs, that she gradually subsided her pelvic motion asking me, why I stopped with a frown and an exclamation mark on her face.

Looking down at her as I still kept fingering her pussy, asked her what I stopped she at first did not answer, so I asked her to put my dick in her mouth, she was hesitatingly looking at me but her hand still held it, that I again slowly sucked her clit and pussy and stopped

I looked up at her, she was looking down at me with a frown, again I repeated asking her to suck my erect dick which was just inches away from her mouth in the warmth of her hand, telling her we will both enjoy

I will give you immense pleasure making a loving face at her like saying please with my thumb slowly tickled her clit which was wet with my saliva, I turned around between her legs, lifted her legs up with her back suspended a bit and showed her clearly

How I am licking her pussy as she looked down to my actions she felt shy and looked away quickly again turning around looked at her and positioned my dick close to her mouth she did not move her head, but said you don’t see and took the bed sheet to cover her actions of sucking a while later

I could feel the warmth of her mouth surround my dick bulb head, but she wasn’t holding it with her lips, that when I moved my hips forward that my dick pushed further I felt her teeth and my dick touch the inside of her throat, but a second later she had gripped it in her mouth and trying to move her head away a bit.

Telling her not to remove it out gave her slow licking sensations on her pussy chewing continuously on her clit and using my finger in her love hole, building up the urge in her to come not stopping chewing her clit when her hips again started gyrating, she had started sucking me vigorously when she was releasing her sperms

That she gave me no options she build up the pressure so much that I had to release my sperms spurts deep inside her throat by lifting my thighs and gripping her head in between my thighs with my dick right inside her throat,

I did not realize that she was grasping for breath once done when I moved away, she had swallowed all and was coughing as she hurriedly got up from the bed she muttered bastard, that’s when I gave a hard smack on her wobbling buttock making her yell

She tried her best to gargle and clean her mouth and throat with a lot of water as I stood near her as I too wanted to wash my mouth, that I gave her 2 more smacks on her buttocks and roughly crushed her right boob that was hanging near the wash basin.

She gave me a wild look as she passed that I pinched her butt, gargling my mouth when I returned she was preparing to wear her night dress, pulling it from her hand holding her from behind crushed both her boobs and said you are a bitch, she fought like a wild bitch again saying you bastard, continuing to press her boobs, asked her why she did not reply

I told her you liked me sucking your pussy and letting me taste your sperms by spilling as I sucked and as you were hot wanting me to continue to have your fun enjoying your pussy being chewed you sucked me hard, which clearly shows that you are a hot bitch

And wants to fuck but just making fusses adding that in fact you wanted me to fuck you hard in your pussy your hands were pulling me in a way saying come on me, that’s why you sucked my dick hard until I came in your mouth you couldn’t control your urge.

Pushing her down on the bed and flat on her back went in between her legs wanting her to experience the difference of fucking another man who is more rough in using her body, pushed 2 fingers in her pussy and started finger fucking her continuously as she lay on her back with her eyes closed time to time urging me to do slowly

I want hurting her but she was getting arousal after arousal and was squirting with tugs of her body wherein she looked exhausted, when I had the erection shoved my dick inside lying on her plump body started fucking her in slow motion as my dick kept moving in and out of her slowly pussy

I kept biting her neck and boobs with my teeth which left clear love bites, which she was not aware as she was feeling ticklish just saying don’t bite me hard. Telling her I will fuck her and go, she relaxed spreading her legs and lifting them over me, actually

She wanted the fuck her body displaying her need even thou some time a ago she was abusing me, that I told her I have no condom and will fuck and leave my sperms inside when I told her she was worried and started moving herself to get away,

Now pleadingly asking me to remove it out, as I had her well under control this way that she couldn’t move much that’s the time she mentioned she is in a fertile period, so comforting her told her that she herself will put the condom on my dick which she instantly agreed saying please don’t spill water inside me.

I told her I am aware and had to do so as it was too risky with her husband still another 6 months away from her, so as I kept pumping her now she was laughing and enjoying when I told her how she likes the skin rubbing her pussy walls, surprisingly its nice she replied.

Holding her legs up and stroking her with full myth and vigor she was jerking like hell her pussy swallowing my full length, my balls slapping her anus area, she herself mentioned that you are doing so hard between her moans and groans and you have big bags, asking her if she liked hard strokes yes

She said as she came jerking her hips vigorously upward meeting my thrust, the natural instinct of a woman her hand going around me, in the heat of the moment that I forgot that I hadn’t had a condom on

But when I felt my balls under tremendous pressure to let go it struck me but it was too late to put a condom, I had pulled out but still was delayed as I am not sure if the 1st spurt was spilled inside and then all was on her stomach, the hair on her pussy

She reacted as if I had put dirty water on her, but I told her to relax as she couldn’t also move with me sitting between her legs as every spurt and drop was exhausted from my penis wiping her stomach to her nighty available

She had washed herself wiped to their bath towel and returned half laughing to herself and half wild look on her face when she saw me looking at her.Later still sitting nude with her and talking, she started saying again now

You go enough every now and then and she asked me how well I knew her husband, I told her frankly that I hardly know him or even see him as one of his friend has asked me to carry this parcel and what stunned me was she bluntly said please don’t meet him (shaking her head) and don’t make friends with him

What you did today is over no more, I don’t want you to come here, my MIL is always here so please don’t make trouble for me. I had corrected her saying what WE did today, it’s you also included who wanted the fun and wanted to be fucked and don’t deny, adding it all started because you wanted to travel in general compartment

And when I was pressing your boobs you covered them so that no one should see, at this statement she coyly kept biting her bottom lip without saying a word. I did not want to reason out with her, but still within myself

I was angry at her ways of putting me off after all the fun she had, that I decided to go, but before that wanted to put pressure on her, so I asked her to hold my dick and play with it, which again she was reluctant telling me it’s enough and that now I should leave

So I told her I will go only on this condition that you either take in the mouth and suck or you use your hand and shake my penis with no choice at this hour, giving a thought as she sat on the bed shaking her legs, she agreed to use her hand and after a couple of times shaking it she was leaving it

When again I lifted her hand and let her fist the full dick simultaneously turning her head asking her to see how she was using her hand, she kept looking from time to time as I also asked her to keep her nightie up near her neck as I want to keep pressing the balls which she obliged.

I knew she was doing this just to make sure I go as quickly as possible. Telling her firmly that until and unless she lets me come I will not be satisfied and it will only delay us, she said again but started earnestly shaking and pushing the skin back and forth

I directed her then by taking her other hand asked her to lightly keep playing with my sacks funny enough between all these cold talks wanting me to go, she again remarked that I have big and heavy bags here by using her fingers. Trying to reason out by making conversation

And please her reminded her that she is one of the lucky ones to have had the pleasure of being fucked from this penis and to tease her added that I have now fucked you so anytime if I feel I can come to have you, there was a big surprise look on her face that she again sternly said I do not want to know you.

Again I was cheesed up at her defiance but I was definitely sure that I am not going to be welcomed here come what may, with her mood changing from time to time, but alas it was like what the fucks

I have already had you that I spelled it out clearly to her again repeating saying you are a hot bitch who wants to fuck, so now you have had what you wanted anyway I have fucked you so if by chance whenever we meet it will remind you of this night.

I washed and dressed up to leave, washing her hands, she kept saying something in Tamil looking me straight in the eyes, asking her what she meant she still kept again murmuring in Tamil grumbling like a old woman, and then she said bastard please go.

Giving her another 2 good hard smacks on both her buttocks, and a really hard squeeze to both her boobs over her nighty that she whimpered as soon as I had gripped both her boobs, then catching both her cheeks pinched them she nearly slapped me, but I avoided and smacked her buttocks twice

Again the sound vibrating with her iiiiooo in the bedroom the kids stirring a bit. The smart lady that she was, she opened the door with caution making less sound as possible that and I just walked out, but not before pressing her buttocks and pulling my hand between the deep crack of her arse literally picking her off her legs.

She closed the door behind quickly without a sound just the click of the lock, as I walked down the steps had a quick glance at the flat number, floor and building no. Next day I tried calling her but she never responded knowing it’s me calling, but when I persisted calling, she took the call and gave me bad words directly without a full stop, that she looked enjoying abusing me in

Tamil and English plus Hindi literally saying behnchod and madarchod I couldn’t figure out her outburst may be she was trying to frighten me off, but when I said you are a hot bitch who wants to fuck and cool the pussy, to her she had hung up abruptly

When I still persisted calling her again she took the call but was a different tone all together, just saying please don’t call me, further adding I don’t like to talk to you, up on which I gave up saying ok to her as you wishand just forgot about her, enjoying my holidays with my family on the 2nd being

The New Year my friend had called to wish and during the course of the talks he had asked me how long before I could be returning as he knew I had taken a short leave for the festive season. I had just informed him that may be and I will travel earlier and am expecting my office may call to ask me to return before

My actual sanctioned holidays, other than collecting a small parcel for him, he also told me that this guy wanted some help again and was requesting if I could carry some medicines for him, and his wife will buy the stuff and handover to me, thinking quickly as this was now in my favor

And she would have to come back calling me, I informed my friend, that it’s not a problem, just that I would prefer to have them with me as soon as possible, this way I could make it a point to get entry to her place and once done it would be easy to get her.

It was also now clear to me, that she had not spoken anything to her husband about her o deal with me, catching this as an opportunity, with some immediate thoughts of again getting my hands on this lady and feeling her busty boobs and buttocks, my dick was already straining against my undie,

I told my friend to tell him to inform his wife that as and when she will call me I will collect the parcel, but to tell her to keep the medicines ready, as at any short notice I will collect them rest assured. I did not bother to call her and wanted her to do so as it was her need to do so, right enough

The next day she was calling and kept calling for at least 6 time, and I kept ignoring her calls, up on which she send me a sms message requesting me to call her, in reply the next day morning and I sms her to call me in the afternoon,

So I know she can speak freely being a week day the MIL will be at the other house and the kid at school for the full afternoon being the 4th of Jan, the schools had already begun after the Xmas holidays but I wanted to make

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