Passionate extra marital sex with college friend

Hello, all. I am writing my story on behalf of the reader. She doesn’t like to disclose her original name. But she wants to publish her real incident in the portal. She contacted me with the fake name Divya, so I am using the same name for her real incident.

I am Divya, 42 years old. I am from Ranchi and settled in Pune. I completed my graduation from Jharkhand. I had appeared for many government exams but did not succeed in them. So I completed the MBA. After completing the MBA, I appeared for the banking exams as my last chance.

Luckily I got the PO in one of the leading banks in India. I got the posting in Pune. Fortunately or unfortunately, I got married to Deepak. Deepak completed engineering from IIT Kharagpur. He is working as a software engineer in Pune.He stayed on the same street. So my parents decided to get me married to him.

I have a good image because I never wore jeans, pants or a low-cut dress in college. I am a very traditional and calm girl. I never had a boyfriend in my life. So it’s become easy for my parents to trade me to Deepak. I agreed with my parents and married him.

But honestly, I don’t have feelings for him as we both grew up in the same lane.Marriage was done, and next was my first night. I was scared and felt very shy. He removed my clothes and made me nude, but he did not fuck me.

He tried many ways to push his dick, but he did not succeed. I felt sad but did not say anything because of my shy nature.

We moved to Pune for a new life, but the story remains the same for me. He is not fucking me, and I lost my interest in sex. We both used to stay alone in Pune and have full privacy. He removes my clothes and stays nude at home. But he was never successful until 8 months into our marriage.

Finally, he broke my virginity, but I was unhappy with my sex life. Things have changed a lot during the 8 months. It’s become difficult to organise in the office and at home.

In the office, we have a bank audit which is very important for every staff member. As a newbie, I got plenty of work. I was unsure how to say no to my bosses and other staff. At home, my hubby makes me horny but does not satisfy me in bed.

Also, I have to manage household work which becomes difficult for me due to the overload in the bank. Bank audit work has reached its peak. I used to stay more than 12 hours in the bank and worked on the weekend too. At that stage, I wanted to quit the bank because of the pressure and overloaded work.

Finally, the Audit was completed with good notes. But I got my periods well before 7 days. It was a pain and more bleeding for me due to office stress. My periods ended on Saturday, but I was still feeling weak and not energetic. I decided to take leave on Monday to rest my body.

I didn’t cook anything. I stepped out with my husband on Monday morning for breakfast in a restaurant. We had breakfast, and I informed my hubby that I would go back home as he was getting to the office late. I bought veggies for the rest of the week and returned to my place.

And all of a sudden, I heard the voice, “Madam ji.” I turned back, and it was Madhan. Madhan was a junior in my MBA college. I was happy to meet him as I had never met any known persons in Pune. He took veggies from my hand and moved to his flat.

He stays in my society. I stay in A block, and he stays in C block. He was staying alone, and he offered coffee to me. We started to have a conversation, and he started flirting with me. Our conversation moves as below.

He: Madam ji! It’s Pune City. Still, you have old costumes.

Me: It’s a new costumeHe: Madam ji! It’s a new costume, but it’s covered.

Me: The dress should be covered. What’s wrong with it?

He: You can wear a deep cut and jeans. So that people like me have some stress buster from you.

Me: Shut up! I am not a stress buster.

He: Madam ji. Don’t be angry. I was teasing you.

Me: Hmmm…

He: When were you married?

Me: Close to a year.

He: Madam ji! You did not change anything.

Me: What do you mean? What should I change? Should I have horns after marriage?

He: No, Madam ji. Your figure didn’t change. Is your hubby not doing sex with you?

Me: What the hell, Madhan!

He: Madam ji! Don’t be angry.

Me: You are crossing the limits.

He: Madam ji! It’s ok. We both are adults and speak audit things.

Me: Oh! What do you mean by my adult talk?

He: Post marriage, your bra and waist size have not changed. Are you doing any exercise, Madam ji?

My expression became angry, and I sighed with him angrily. I have decided to move out of his house as he crossed his limits. He always had a bad eye on my body during my college days. On my last day in college, he asked me to sleep with him, and I shouted at him.

I held my veggie bag and reached his door. The door was locked, and I was about to unlock the door. But all of a sudden, he hugged me from the back and rubbed my ass with his dick. It was shocking, and I didn’t expect it from him. My veggie bag has fallen without my knowledge.

He pushed me towards the door quickly and held my palms with his palms. He put his feet on my feet and pushed his chest towards my boobs. I could not move an inch, and he held my palms tightly. Soon he kissed my forehead and bit my earlobe. He looks like a beast, and his eyes speak a lot of lust.

He: Madam ji! Can’t wait for more. Let’s do it.

Me: I am married! Please leave me.

He: I will marry in 3 years, Madam ji. Let me fuck you. I have been masturbating since I saw you in college. Then he kissed my lips. He was trying to push his tongue inside my mouth. But I didn’t allow him and was trying to push him hard.

But he was stronger than me, and his lips touched my lips. I tried to move away from him, but he held me hard and kissed my lips. Finally, I released my feet and kicked him more than twice. But he didn’t move an inch. Later I kicked him hard, and this time, he moved forward.

Quickly, I tried to unlock the main door, but it was tight and not easy. I was in a hurry, and finally, I unlocked the door. But by then, he reached out to me, held my hair, and pulled me inside his house. He put my hand back, pushed me towards the wall, and kissed my lips.

This time he pushed his tongue inside my mouth. I lost my self-defence, and my tongue was locked under his tongue. I started feeling pain in my shoulder and was waiting for a lip kiss break. He kissed my lips aggressively; I had never had that experience before.

Finally, he broke the kiss and started to unhook my dress.

Me: No, don’t do this.

He: looked seriously into my eyes.

Me: I closed my eyes, and he removed my top.I was in a bra, pants and panties. I couldn’t stop my tears, but he had no emotions. It was my mistake to visit his home, and he removed my pants.He pushed me onto the bed and pulled my panties without wasting time.

I started to cry, but suddenly I felt an awesome feeling when his tongue touched my pussy. He is licking my pussy slowly. My legs started to tremble, and my tone changed. I got goosebumps, and slowly my hands moved inside his hair.My moans became louder.

His tongue was making my pussy wet. I love the feeling and rubbing his hair slowly. Suddenly he stopped licking my pussy and moved to my thighs.He started to lick and kiss my thighs. I was trying to push him towards my cunt. He was stronger than me and started kissing my waist and removing my bra.

I was nude. He started to lick my nipple slowly and rubbed my pussy with his finger. It was a dirty thing, but I loved it. I never had dirty things with my hubbyHe sucked my boobs and reached to my lips. I loved his lip kiss this time and removed his tee without my knowledge.

We kissed for a few minutes, and then he pushed me towards his chest. I started to lick and bite his nipples. In the meanwhile, he held my hair hard and was shouting, like, “Madam ji, you bitch! Bitch suck it.” I hate bad words, but this time I love to hear bitch from his mouth.

I was high and kissed his neck and chest and sucked his nipples. Then he lowered his shorts, and he didn’t wear underwear. It was a surprise for me as his dick is big and thick. My hubby’s dick is not big and thick. My heartbeat was so fast after seeing his dick.

My mind has changed, and my situation has become very wet. My pussy wanted his dick. I started to pinch my nipples and keep my tongue out.

He: Madam ji! You love my dick (Mera lund pasand aaya.)

Me: Yes. I love it.

He: What do you love about it?

Me: Your dick (Lund pasand aaya)

He: Madam ji! You are completely nude, and I love your pussy colour.

I felt shy watching his dick.

He: My dick is better than your hubby.

Me: Yes, yours is bigger and thicker.

He: Say bad words Madam ji! It will become bigger and thicker.

Me: Which bad words?

He: Bad Desi words.

Me: (clear my throat and say) You, mother fucker! Fuck me hard (Madarchod, chudai karo.)

Then he held my hair and bit my earlobes. I was still pinching my nipples and looking into his eyes.

He: Bitch! You look beautiful in the nude.

Me: You are making me Bitch.

He: Hold my dick.

I slowly moved my hands towards his dick. My heartbeat was very high, and I touched his dick. It was an awesome feeling. He got an electrifying feeling when I touched his dick. His eyes spoke a lot when I touched his dick. His cunning smile speaks a lot.

With another hand, I was pinching my nipple. My sensitive touch on his dick makes him harder. I got nervous and pinched my nipple hard. All of a sudden, he pushed me down in a squat position. He pushed his dick inside my mouthHe holds my hair hard and pushes my head to and fro.

Soon he shouted at me, “Bitch! Take out your tongue and lick my dick.” I obliged and started to lick his dick. I had never licked the dick before. My hubby didn’t force me to. But he is pulling my hair and making me a bitch.

After some time, he again shouted at me and said, “You mother fucker! You are licking awesome. Let’s suck hard.” He used abusive words like Teri maa ka chut. (Your mom’s cunt)

I love his abusive words, and without my knowledge, I shouted at him and started to suck and lick his dick. I love his dick and couldn’t take it inside my mouth. He was pulling my hair hard, and I was sucking his meat. He released a huge cum, and it was the first time I tasted the cum.

After that, he pushed me to bed and turned 69 position. He started to lick my pussy fast. I was sucking his rod. He made me very wet, and suddenly, he stopped licking my pussy after some time. He was ready to cum, but he didn’t want to cum inside my mouth.

So he stopped licking my pussy and cum on my face. Then he placed me in a missionary position and put a pillow under my bum. He stretched my legs wider and held my palms tightly. My heartbeat was so high, and he pushed his dick inside my cunt.

My cunt was so wet, and his thick dick didn’t struggle much. I raised my legs and moaned. It was difficult for me as he was holding my palms tightly. His chest was crushing my 34-size boobs. My legs were up, and he pushed his thick dick inside my pussy.

He started to and fro shots, and I started to get pain. He tore my pussy skin with ease. He pushed his dick in less than 2 minutes and surprised me. My hubby took close to a year to take my virginity. But his dick reached a longer distance than my hubby.

He was on the moon and started to fuck me hard. I just moaned. He fucked me for some time and removed his dick from my cunt. He realised the huge cum on my face and boobs. He said, “I don’t want you to get pregnant. I will fuck with a condom now.”

He picked the condom from the wardrobe and started to fuck me like anything. I just moaned loud and louder. But he didn’t stop fucking me for close to 20 minutes. I waited for him to stop fucking me, but he didn’t do that. He fucked me for close to 7 rounds, including my ass and left me at night 7.

I reached my flat and cried under the shower. I didn’t feel good and was totally upset by that incident. Later in the night, my hubby fucked me for 15 minutes which was unbelievable. He fucked me for 15 minutes because my cunt was wet due to 7 rounds with Madhan. But at the end of the day, I enjoyed the sex.

I slept well that night and went to the bank the next day. After a week, I started to feel low as my body wanted hard sex. My desire was high, but my hubby was not as good as Madhan. I didn’t want to go to Madhan’s flat again and spread my legs widely with my hubby.

I was upset with hubby, but he couldn’t go for a second round with me. He just fucks me in one position. Madhan showed me different positions. I was feeling low after two months. My desires got high after my periods. Madhan was visiting my bank and requesting a second chance, but I denied him.

On the other hand, I lost feelings for my hubby. He never forced me for sex and never licked my pussy and ass. I was daydreaming about Madhan every minute. I was facing the heat and missing hard sex from him. I wanted to be treated like a whore on the bed, but I was not getting it from my hubby.

I was struck with a dilemma. Should I cross my line again, or should I stay ethical? I will continue in the next part. Kindly share feedback to [email protected].

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