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Hi this is 21 year old chap from Bangalore. I would like to share a story with you. Kindly mail your responses at [email protected]

So that I can write more stories in a way you may like. Coming to the story it was a windy day when I was carrying some second handbooks to my room from a market.

There are so many books that I couldn’t see anyone coming straight towards me. I just hit someone coming in my way. My books were fallen all over the ground. The one I hit was a woman in her early 30’s and carrying some luggage.

As a matter of fact even her luggage has fallen. I could see her face. She was very beautiful somehow I liked this woman in the very first sight. One of my books fell on her leg and she was hurt.

I immediately responded and said sorry and helped her to get up and get her luggage. She said she was ok but she got a small injury in her leg. I told her that my room is nearby and she could wash her wound and get a Band-Aid.

She hesitated but I assured her that I am not that bad. She agreed and we both went to my room. I showed her the bathroom to wash her wound. She went to bathroom and closed the door meanwhile I prepared some tea for her.

I gave a Band-Aid to her and offered tea. After drinking tea she said that she has to go. I gave a gift to her which contained my phone number. She took leave. I couldn’t forget her and next day.

I received a call from her saying thanks. I asked about her leg and she said it was ok. I told her that she can meet me at some time so that we can have a cup of tea after all my tea isn’t that bad.

She agreed and told me that she would come in the next day. The next day I heard a knock on my door and I said come in as the door is not locked from inside. Yes my guess is right it was her and I welcomed her in.

I offered her wine and she agreed and I arranged some music for her. She said she liked the music. I asked her if she want to dance to it. She hesitated but I insisted her to dance.

I kept my one hand around her waist and hold her another hand with mine. We were a dancing like a couple. I whispered in her year that she is looking great. She asked me how many girl friends you have.

I told two and she said great and asked do u dance with them. I said of course. I moved near her to give a kiss. But she pushed me away and went away. But she forgot her bag and came inside again.

This time I hold her tight so that she could not move. She tried to move but she couldn’t. I pushed her towards the wall and planted a kiss on her neck. She started to shout and I closed her mouth with my mouth. Latter she too responded.

She too grabbed me tightly and started kissing me passionately. She was getting more and wilder and I started kissing her cleavage and tried to unhook her blouse. She was moaning with pleasure.

I took her to the bed room and laid her on the bed. She was more than happy to go in bedroom. I made her lie down on bed and we started kissing again.

I just raised her t-shirt and touched her belly. Oh god her skin was really cold and smooth. A gentle touch drives her into shivering. There were chills through my spine for the mere touching of her skin.

I blow air in her navel and kissed her belly and I went down to her beautiful and milky breasts. I took off her shirt and bra and there appeared a pair of melons.

Oh god I can never forget that sight. They looked like heaven, waiting to be explored. I sucked them for few minutes. She was moaning heavily in pleasure then I made her stand up and took off her pant.

She was just in her panties, which were black in color. She looked so hot. It was very hard to control myself. I just wanted to get on her and hump her like a dog.

She came near me and took off my trousers and my underwear too. My cock was completely erect and was waiting for action. She took my cock in her hands and start massaging it.

It was oozing with pre-cum. She made me sit on the edge of bed and started sucking my cock. It was the greatest feeling I have ever had in my life. The way she licked the tip of my cock with her tongue and wiped all the pre-cum by circling her tongue around my cock was amazing.

She started getting wilder and started pumping my cock. Within few minutes, I had the feeling that I was going to cum. I told her I was going to cum and she said she wants to drink it all.

It has been a long time she has tasted the most delicious thing a girl can get. I cum all in her mouth and believe me it was a massive orgasm. I have never cum so much ever in my life. She felt satisfied and so was I.

She drank every drop of it and licked my dick completely clean. I pulled her up and made her lie on the bed. Now it was my turn to give her pleasure. I separated her legs and there it was her beautiful shaved pink vagina.

I inserted my finger and she again started moaning. It was already wet and dripping liquid. I started licking her and she started moaning loudly. I inserted 2 fingers in her cunt and started moving them.

Soon she held my head tightly and had an orgasm. I drank all her liquid. She was dying to get more action. She wanted me to fuck her desperately and my dick was ready for action too.

I was rubbing my dick on her vagina and she pleaded me to fuck her, but I wanted to make her wait. Finally she grabbed my dick and guided it in her vagina. I thrust it in her.

Her pussy was very tight. She cried loudly in pain. It was an amazing feeling it was so warm inside her. I loved that feeling. I started to move my dick slowly inside her.

I was fucking her in missionary position. I grabbed her breasts and started licking them while fucking her. Her nipples were tight and she was moaning loudly. She was shouting fuck me hard.

I started to increase my speed. I told her I was going to cum and she asked me to cum inside her. I did so. She grabbed me in her arms and we slept like that for few minutes.

So friends that’s my fantasy and I never had sex before and waiting for a chance and if any females willing to give a chance can mail me.

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