Passionate Sucking In The Car

Peter understood. The parting and goodbyes were a bit rushed but not awkward. Riya was confident that they would meet again. They kissed goodbye and he took her back to her car.

Back there, Rajesh and Shreyas were happily eating. Within fifteen minutes they were all packed and driving back to the highway.

Riya heard all about their day, playing cricket, exploring. They had found a cave in the mountainside and were outdoing each other with stories of bravery and fear. They asked who she had been with, and seemed satisfied when she said she had been with the park ranger, looking at the views from the top.

Gradually they settled into quiet and eventually they were asleep.

Riya’s thoughts turned to the past and her youthful romance with Peter. They were together for 2 years in junior college. Their initial friendship turning to a deep love. Riya’s mother had not been in favor of Peter, claiming that she shouldn’t get caught up in a college romance. When she left college and went to university she would forget about him.

Riya was headstrong, determined that her parents weren’t going to influence her. It was partly ina rebellion that she and Peter eventually became intimate. For Riya, it wasn’t a sudden thing. Once they started to explore their feelings for each other in kisses and touches something inside her exploded.

She was torn between the passion she felt for him and the feelings of guilt and shame for wanting his kisses and caresses. She encouraged him to touch her. Gradually his fingers went from feeling her breasts and nipples outside her clothes, to touching her bare breasts, playing with and eventually kissing and sucking her nipples.

From touching her outside her clothes to touching her outside her panties, to exploring her vulva, her lips with his fingers, and eventually to fingering her. Riya was eager to have him touch her. Although she didn’t fight him off, it was a slow build-up of intimacy between them and each step seemed natural.

Their love for each other was so deep and strong. Riya’s first orgasm with his fingers wasn’t earth-shattering, but was explosive for her. It built slowly inside her, and finally, it was like wave after wave of pleasure washing over her. Her first fuck with Peter seemed a natural progression.

It was one weekend when her parents were out for the day, and she knew she would have the home to herself. She led him to her bedroom and they fooled around on the bed for a while, kissing, caressing. He was touching her breasts and nipples, sucking and licking.

Then his hand down her panties, fingering her increasingly wet pussy. She reached for his cock, and he was hard inside his pants. She stroked and squeezed him, then she knelt. She had him lay down on the bed, and she undid his belt and zipper, her fingers inside his pants.

She felt for the first time the hardness of him, his skin soft but his flesh hard. He took off his pants and shirt. She marveled at the length of him. His shaft was hard and erect as he eased a condom over his cock. Naked they continued to kiss and caress, his fingers played with her pussy.

She stroked and fingered his cock. Her touch squeezing around the tip and the ridge of his knob. When he raised himself up on his elbows and moved his hips and legs between hers she was ready for him. He prodded but he wasn’t centered on her vulva. So she reached down and guided him inside her.

It was painful for her at first, but he was gentle. At first just probing at her pussy entrance, letting her movements guide him. As the pain receded she was able o raise her hips and she felt him hard and deep inside her.

In the car, Riya was lost in the memory of her first time. She remembered the feel of him inside her, his touches and caresses. She felt stirrings inside her. She squeezed her thighs together, aware of her dampness. His thoughts, plus the feel of Peter hard inside her mouth excited her. She squeezed then relaxed her thighs, squeezed again.

She looked across at Shreyas, dozing in the passenger seat. Her hand reached across and rested on his thigh. She was tempted to let her hands roam over him but she stopped herself. She looked across again, his maturing face in rest, his eyes closed.

She felt a tingle of excitement as she looked at his crotch, a slight bulge in his jeans. Keeping her eyes on the road her hand moved across his thigh and she felt the softness of his cock in his jeans. She lightly touched him, and he stirred, stretching his legs out. He turned slightly towards her in his seat.

She kept her hand on his crotch, and with her thumb, she caressed the tip of his cock through his jeans. She felt him harden slightly under her touch and she continued to caress him with her thumb. His cock stretched out on his thigh, caught in the material of his jeans.

When she held his shaft between her fingers she looked over at him, and he was looking sleepily at her hand. They looked at each other and as her eyes went back to the road she rubbed and caressed him. The recent blowjob with Peter, his breastfeeding and recalling her first time with him.

Now the feel of Shreyas, his cock hardening in response to her touch filled her with a tingling excitement. She began to fiddle with his belt to undo it, but with one hand it was difficult. Without saying a word Shreyas helped her, undoing his belt and zipper, and raising his hips he drew his jeans down to his knees.

His cock was hard and erect now. Riya, still driving, still keeping her eyes on the road, enclosed his shaft with her hand and stroked him. He moaned softly, and she glanced in the rearview mirror but Rajesh was still slumped back in his seat, dozing.

Riya was acting on impulse now. She kept one hand on the wheel, and with the other fingers squeezed his tip. She ran her fingers around the end of his knob, and stroked his shaft. Shreyas was looking at her fingers, and across at her. His hips moved in a rhythm as she caressed him.

Riya couldn’t curb the excitement she felt inside her. Ahead on the road, she could see a track off to the side, and she slowed down. The track led to a clearing and she almost came to a stop. She turned down the track and drove the short distance to the clearing.

A few pieces of rubbish gave away that this was used by traffic to rest just off the highway. She pulled the car under some trees off to the side of the clearing, turned off the engine, and turned to look at Shreyas. He was looking at her. His erect cock held by his hand.

As she looked at him, he slowly stroked himself. Riya felt herself melting, her heart and body succumbing to the fires of a passion she had almost forgotten about herself.

‘Move your seat back,’ she commanded in a whisper.

She maneuvered herself so she was almost between his knees. She reached out and cupped his balls in her hand, squeezing and playing with them while he continued to touch himself. In this position, it was easy to lean forward, and kiss the tip of his cock softly.

She opened her mouth and slowly drew him between her lips. With her body already on fire it was like he was entering her. She sucked him in more, and her tongue played with the tip of his cock. She squeezed his balls again, toying with them and she began sucking in earnest now.

He was hard and erect, and it felt like he was filling her mouth. She alternately sucked and licked him. Her tongue and mouth almost like weapons, daring him to respond. His response was in his breathing and soft moans. He stroked her hair as she sucked and licked him.

His hips responding with movements that echoed her head moving back and forwards. She took all of him, feeling his cock deep inside her mouth, feeling herself beginning to gag. She withdrew and watched as her saliva dripped on his cock. She bent forward and licked him.

Again she ran her tongue over his tip, then licked his shaft down to his thigh. Her fingers fondled his balls and she ran her tongue over the soft skin. Then she took one of his balls between her lips and rolled it around, feeling the hardness inside his sac.

She then took both of his balls in her mouth, played around her mouth. He was moaning audibly, and she could feel his heat and lust and passion fuelling hers. Her body was pulsating, her heart pounding and she felt the power of her female sensuality as she again returned to pleasuring his cock.

A movement caught her eye, and she looked up. In the gap between the front seats, she could see through to the back, where Rajesh was sitting. She gasped to see him playing with his half-erect cock, his jeans around his knees. As she watched, his cock was growing and becoming harder.

He continued to caress with his fingertips, all the time looking intently at her. She smiled at him and closed her lips over the cock in front of her. He continued to watch her and play with himself Riya returned to Rajesh’s cock. She knew she could bring him to orgasm with her fingers and tongue.

She felt it like a power. She stroked his shaft and tongued the tip of his cock. She could feel his orgasm building, like a trembling, almost like a rumbling within him. Her hands around his balls felt the heaviness. When she squeezed his cock twitched against her lips.

She opened her mouth now and took him and bobbed her head up and down on his cock, stroking his shaft as his orgasm built. Inside her mouth, she could almost feel the cum rise in his shaft. He squeezed her arm, his hips thrust and he exploded inside her mouth.

She felt him spurt, and the second and third spurts were stronger and her mouth filled with his warm salty cum. She had to withdraw and swallow. But then took him again and he spurted and spurted into her mouth. She sucked him hard, her hand jerking him harder.

She continued to suck him as he slowly returned to normal. His breathing lessened, his hips just slightly moving until the pressure of her fingers was too much pleasure for him to bear after his cum. Riya relaxed against him as she felt his body return to normal.

His excitement and orgasm had built up in her too, she wasn’t ready to relax, wasn’t sated, her body still tingled. She was amazed that every time she gave a blowjob to the boys she felt her orgasms in her own body. She looked at the gap between the seats to where Shreyas was.

He was fully erect now, and from the angle where she looked, slightly up to him and in front of him, his cock looked big. His hands held his shaft, one hand stroking up to the tip.

‘Come in the back with me mom,’ he said quietly.

She nodded at him, opened the car door, and extricated herself from her position. She stood next to the car, stretched herself to ease the stiffness, and opened the car door. The back seat was a bench, so it was easier to position herself next to Shreyas.

She closed her hand over his cock, noting to herself how bigger and thicker he was than Rajesh. The thought of this cock in her pussy, deep inside her, pleasuring her crossed her mind. She stroked him and leaned forward to kiss Shreyas on the lips.

He responded gently, and she was glad that she had taught him that sometimes a woman appreciates that softness. They continued to kiss, and her lips were the first ones that opened, and she felt his tongue gently probing her. As they kissed she squeezed his cock, and felt his body stiffen, then relax, his breath hot against her face.

‘You are my good boy,’ she whispered.

‘Ooohhh mom, you are so hot. I love how you touch me and suck and lick me.’

‘You enjoyed watching me with Rajesh?’

‘Oooohh yes, so much, I love to see you with him.’

‘Really? What do you like?’

‘I love to see you swallow him, to see his cock disappear into your mouth, to see your tongue lick him.’

“Oh, that’s nice darling. You know you two are my boys. I would do anything for you.’

‘I know mom, you mean the world to me too, I would do anything for you too.”

She kissed him.

‘Thank you, darling, tell me what you would like me to do now.’

He put his hand on hers, the one caressing his cock.

‘You know what I like, I want you to suck and lick me.’

‘Mmmm darling, that’s nice.’

‘You know what I would really like, don’t you mom?’

‘What’s that my darling?’

‘I want to make love with you, I mean really, fuck with you.’

She squeezed his cock, and his body stiffened again and he moaned.

‘I don’t know darling, I can’t do that with you.’

‘Why not mom? You know I love you.’

‘Yes my dear, I know, and I love you too.’

He touched her chin and looked at her. ‘So… please, mom.’

‘Maybe one day darling, maybe…’

Her real answer was to open her mouth, use her tongue to play around the tip of his cock, tasting the precum that was there. She pressed hard with her tongue on the small slit on his knob. She could probe slightly, then she took the tip into her mouth and sucked him.

While she pleasured him she thought of what he said. She could imagine this hard cock deep inside her, probing, pushing hard and deep inside her. She could picture herself riding him. Moving her hips back and forward, her hands on his chest to push against him. His hips rising to push his cock deeper inside her.

Between her thighs, her pussy was tingling and moist. With a passion she closed her mouth over all of him, feeling his cock at the back of her throat. Easing her head back, she sucked hard on his tip, then tongued him again.

When she held her head still, his cock inside her mouth he knew. His hips gently moved back and forward, his cock in and out of her mouth. He was gentle with her which she liked. Each time he eased back she sucked on his tip before he pushed forward again, probing her mouth.

She was aware of his heightened passion. She could feel his excitement and is orgasm building.

‘Oh baby, fuck my mouth, it’s so good my lovely boy,’ she whispered between his gentle thrusts. His movements increased, and she could feel his orgasm building, her hands clasped his balls and squeezed.

She felt the familiar stirrings in his cock and balls, a feeling she never tired of. She felt a power, the power of her sensuality, her feminine sexuality. She knew that a man reaches a point where the orgasm is inevitable, he can’t stop it. She felt how this was due to her hands and mouth.

When one of her boys cum, she feels a kind of orgasm too. She had been used to absorbing this feeling into an outpouring of love for them. But today was different. She felt her love for them but she also felt her own passion sensuality – almost lust.

Her body was smoldering, her pussy was tingling, she wanted the feel of hardness inside her. She licked the tip of Rajesh’s cock, then sucked and sucked. His hips began to buck and she knew he was about to cum. He spurted hard. She felt the warm semen in her mouth.

Then he continued to spurt and spurt while she milked him with her hand, squeezing his shaft until he had to push her away. The sensation of her mouth and hand becoming too much for him, that familiar place between ecstasy and wanting her to stop. She watched him as his passion subsided.

She kissed him again, hopped out of the car and back behind the wheel.

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