Paying Guest With A Couple

Hi, there this is john with a story dedicated to the women who are having husbands not able to satisfy them. Pls do contact me for your suggestions and your inquiries at [email protected]


I recently moved to Chennai and was living in a motel for some days to find a place to live in. After searching a lot on the internet and by a broker, at last, I found a paying guest opening. A couple was interested in taking me in there flat. I contacted them and agreed their terms.


On a weekend I went there flat with all my stuff. I rang the doorbell, a guy opened. He greeted me in I sat on the couch a 3 bhk apartment. They want to share a room. I introduced myself, I was working in mnc and 25 yrs old. I was very well built and dark brown.


The couple came and sat on the couch and introduced them self. The husband was fair and medium body size and working in an IT company and he was 34 yrs old.He was a modern type. And the wife introduced she was a housewife and 30 yrs old. She was very fair and had a stunning body 36-28-34. She was also a modern type.


We had a conversation for a while and I asked them a question about children, they were very casual about that and smiled telling that they are working on it. The wife name in Lakshmi and his name was Arun. They were a good Tamil couple, they loved each other.


Days past I got settled and we three became friends with each other. After something we became best friends, we all three went together for outing and leisure time and vacation.


I was from Kerala and they are a good modern Tamil family. Arun and lux were an ideal couple, I have seen they loved each other. Days and months past.


I will tell want kind of couple they were. One weekend, I was completely lazy and woke up from bed wearing just a boxer and went to the dining room. Lux and arun were sitting there. I was having a good body and a 6″ dick. A good boner, seeing my tent lux laughed and told arun that I have a good body and seeing the tent it us bigger than urs. Arun laughed and there was absolutely nothing.


One day lux was out of soap. She came to my room and asked for one, I was bathing and the soap was in the bathroom. I said to wait after I finished bathing I will give it. Lux didn’t mind she just barged into the bathroom, she saw me completely nude and she started laughing seeing my reaction to cover up my thing. She took the soap and went. I could see how this couple was arun and lux loved each other deeply.


I and lux were starting to be best friends, while cooking and chit chatting. We touched each other like best friends, hugged, bumped into each other. Shared everything.


One day we three went to see a movie, there were a huge rush and lots of girls. Beautiful girls. We all was in the queue. Arun was in front and then lux in the back of him and then me. I saw a girl she was hot. Her body figure was awesome.and she had to bend for some reason. I saw her cleavage fully, I became fully excited. And my tool started poking lux’s ass. She looked me back curious. I told her it was that girl and I showed her. She looked and laughed no wonder why. But my tool hitting her ass made it more difficult for me and she didn’t mind it. For 15 min I was like tat. We saw the movie and was on the way back home. Then lux was discussing the day. And told arun about my tool in the queue. Arun was laughing. We all laughed.


One weekend, I was talking to lux about something and brought up the subject about kids, she got full and I started to think. Then she told me they went to the doc and found tat arun cannot become a father. As a child, he had sustained an injury which made him impotent.And she opening told me to tat he cannot satisfy lux. But they were a happy couple and she told tat she will always love him.


Time passed, 2 more months gone. One day, they both went outside for a couple of hours and came back serious. Arun told that they wanted to speak to me. After dinner, they came and sat on the couch I sat opposite to them facing them. Arun was in a serious face, he that almost 7 months have passed after my arrival and arun and lux find tat I am a good guy and is there best friend. He told that his aruns mother is impatient about the child and about their relationship. He told me to tat he knows tat lux told tat arun is not going to be a father and he cannot satisfy her. Arun and lux looked at each other and told we love each other and will do anything to save the marriage and their status in their society. I looked at them. Arun told me to tat they have come to a decision and want me to get a child for them and satisfy lux. I was shocked. Arun told that take your time and say the answer.


Days past, I didn’t give them an answer, then one day lux came into my room and told we are best friends, I like to save our marriage and she will always love lux whatever happens. We decided I for tat you have become our best friends and I think I can understand the love between me and arun. She went.


I came out of the room ready for office and I saw a run also ready and both arun and lux was totally dull. I looked at arun and said yes. Both of them looked at each other and was happy they two hugged each other and hugged me.We went to the office.


After days, a run came and told lux is ready. I said ok. Today we will all go for a movie and food. We all were happy chatting and taking pics we came home. We all changed dresses and came sat on the couch. I was wearing boxer as usual and a run was wearing pajamas. Lux was wearing a tee and a micro-min. I sat on right and arun on middle and lux next to him. Arun got up and told there is a surprise. He got a DVD and started to play a porn. I and lux looked at each other and laughed. He came and sat middle of us. The movie started and was an intense vintage porn. My tent started to form seeing tat lux showed arun and told to shift arun was concentrated in the porn and moved. Lux came crouching towards me looking at my eyes and my tool. I kept an arm across her shoulder. She slowly started to rub my thighs and slid her hand to catch my tool. We three was looking at the porn. She was feeling my tool and I started slowly to pressing her boobs. As she started to stroke my thing I slid my hand through her tee and start to feel her nipples.


As in the movie, blowjob started. Lux took my tool out and stroke it. She started to kiss me and open my shirt and kiss my chest and down she went to kiss my dick. She started to lick my dick head and slowly to insert in her mouth. I grabbed her ass and press it. For some time she was blowing. I pushed her to the couch and opened the micro-min and removed it. I started to eat her pussy. My tongue and my finger to feel the hard and soft part. She was moaning loud and louder. Pressed my head deeper. Lux asked a run to remove her tee and get a bra and he did. She took my hand and put it in her books to squeeze hard. I came up and started to suck her nipples. And gave her a kiss. She spread her legs and was ready to take me in. I looked at arun he said to go on. He was sitting next to us. I rubbed my dick over her pussy and put it in. Her pussy was tight I pushed it hard to get in. Lux grabbed onto my ass and I started to fuck her. I increased my speed. Arun was looking at me carefully. After some time. I took her up and I sat on the couch and she started to bounce on me. Her boobs were juggling very hard. I sucked her nipples. She told me to fuck her on the dining table. Yes, I said I picked her up and she was completely on air. My cock in her pussy. I was standing on my two legs. Lux slapped me and told I am strong. I said yes and pushed her up and started to fuck she was happy. I put her on the table she lied down. She spread her legs and I hold on to her legs and pushed in. Her boobs were juggling then also. She told me now in the kitchen. She went there and put her one leg on the table I came took some water and fucked her.


We both stopped for a while arun gave us some eatables. We ate and was fresh again. We all three went to their bedroom. Arun got a chair and sat opposite to the bed. Lux pushed me to the bed and started to French kiss me, then she sucked my dick. I was lying and she sat on my dick and started to ride. I grabbed her boobs and pressed.


Now she kneels on the bed, I started to lick her pussy. Then I put my dick in her and started doggy style. She was fucking awesome. She was looking at arun. I asked her what’s my name, she told john. I slapped her ass and asked again, and again. Then I pulled her hair and she arched back and again I asked whats my name she told arun. “Do you love me” fuck yea. Arun came and kissed her on her lips. I was still fucking her like a dog. I grabbed her juggling boobs and pressed it hard. Her as and face was already read.


I told arun I am Cummings. And I Cum in her pussy. I and lux were tired. We lied on the bed, lux looked at me and said it was awesome and kissed me. She went to clean her up. Arun came and said thank you and went for lux. I slept.


Next morning I and lux were blooming with happiness and arun was too. This went on every weekend me and lux fucked and arun watched. After two months she was pregnant. But I got a transfer to U.S. and went. We used to Skype and see each other. We are best friends and the their baby was healthy and their marriage was saved.


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