Peeking A Stranger Opposite To My House

Hello Everyone…

I hope everyone is having a good time masturbating. This is a story about me and a stranger (woman). There is no sex involved, this is a story about how i saw her naked….

I am writing my very first experience in this site. If my writing or narration is BAD, I’m truly sorry and I’ll try to improvise..

Facts to know before going into the story :

This is story of true incidents

This story does not involve any sex.

Short Description :

Hello everyone myself “Obviously-a-fake-one”. I’m from Chennai city. I’ve completed my ” I don’t wanna say”. I am “you don’t care anyway” years from old. I’m an average Indian proportion (all parts included). I masturbate regularly. It is my only STRESS BUSTER.I don’t have a girl-friend. I’m living with my parents. Any comments about my story can be sent to mail. ID: [email protected].

About the stranger, i don’t know her name. She is medium built with nice boobs. She is of dark complexion, short black hair. Main attraction is her ass.

I did not see her pussy, so no description. Totally a “Tamilnattu naatu katta”

Coming to the story…..

Ours is an own duplex house, where i have my own room in the second floor. So i have my full privacy. My parents don’t care about the things i do. Peeking or Voyeurism is my favorite habit. I can do that all day long.

I’ve seen cleavage, side boobs, navel of many woman and i fantasize seeing that.

Especially i love older woman than young girls coz they are way more hotter. One good reason ogling aunties is because of their curvy hips or in Tamil ‘idupin madippu”.These things turn me on very much.

As ogling days were passing on, one fine day she came into my life. Actually there was a vacant land in front our house. The owner of the land started to build the house. The stranger was the lady who works in the construction site. She is a married woman. I never cared to ask her name. She was a hot and strong TAMIL woman. i really loved her body and i wanted to see her naked.

A small hut was constructed for them to live in for next few months. They have a small place for washing their clothes and a flat stone covered with plastic sheets to take bath. Since i love to peek i started to do that daily. Until the ground floor finished i couldn’t see the act. Later they started to build the first floor, that’s when the fun started.

Later one day i was coming out of my room to the balcony and i was shocked to see the scene. She was bathing in her petticoat. She was turned the other side so she couldn’t see me standing there. She was bathing in the first floor. I immediately went inside the room and switched off the lights and went to the window to peek.

I opened the door slightly and started to watch her bath. She got up and turned to fetch water and i could see her curvy body through her petticoat. Later she finished her bath and went inside a room to change. After seeing this i was in heaven and went to the bathroom and shagged like a dog. I like dry humping; i don’t like applying lube to it. I came like anything that day after seeing her like that.

Next day i was eagerly waiting for her to take bath and later she came up. Today also she was taking her bath the other side in sitting position. She stood up and turned to get the soap and my eyes literally popped. Her petticoat was loosely tied and i could see her right boob through her strings of the petticoat. Seeing this my dick became so hard so i locked my door inside and started to masturbate.

After taking the soap she applied it over her boobs area through the tiny space in the petticoat. Then she poured water all over her body and i could clearly see her nipples. Seeing this i came all over the wall and cleaned it later.

So days were passing on and i was having a fun time seeing her semi – nude body every day. And then one day a entirely new thing happened. That day as usual she came to take her bath.Instead of taking bath she started to wash her clothes. She removed her saree first and dipped in the water, later removed her blouse and tied her petticoat till her boobs. And she started washing it.I was keenly watching it and thought of an idea to record it with my cam for future purpose.

She was washing and she stood up and did a thing that instantly skipped my heart beat. She tied a towel over her petticoat and removed the petticoat and her panty.I was blown away by the scene.I had no words. I was stunned by the act and was watching her through the camera. i was recording the entire thing. €the towel was too short that i could see her bum,

later she stood up and hanged her belonging on the rope and turned the other side any took the bath. She covered her body using the towel and washed her boobs and pussy. Later she went and took her petticoat back to wear it again. I think she might have felt uncomfortable to bath in a towel. She wore the petticoat and started to take bath.

Once again she did an amazing thing. She dropped her entire petticoat and fastly washed her ass and legs that’s when i really went to heaven. I saw her precious hole. It was all black and the hole was ever darker.

I went on shagging, didn’t stop a sec and was going downtown, and she picked up her petticoat and turned to my side and that’s when i saw her boobs. Those amazing tits were wet and nipples were pink and i wish i was sucking it like a baby.

All this happened in a few mins and jerked like a dog and relieved myself.

She then went inside to wear her clothes and dried her washed one and i went to the bathroom and cleaned. I took the camera and transferred the video to my lap and seeing it i shagged again and again and again.

So everyone this is story about the stranger and wish u guys liked it. If not please help me to improvise through your comments and u can also mail me

My mail ID : [email protected]. Anyone who is free to chat just ping me in my mail and we could share a lot.

Thank you everyone have a nice day ….. 🙂

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