Perfect Sex With My Girlfriend

Hi guys and girls.. I’m here to narrate an another episode of my sex life.. Hope you will enjoy.

Guys start imagining that you are fucking my girl and girls start imagining that you are being fucked by me..

Let me introduce myself I’m a normal guy from Chennai.. Lean 5.10 and got good stamina to satisfy any girl… To tell about my girl she is 5.5″ little chubby and her stats are 38-36-38 and yes she got very big boobs and she usually say that it is because of me pressing it all the time.. She is damn beautiful and if she nude she will be hot and sexy.

This incident happened last week where her parents went for a marriage in trichy. It was a sudden plan so we dint expect this. We got 2 day and one night to explore each other..

The time arrived and it was around 8 am I reached her place as her parents started early morning. before that night I bought 2 bottles of beer 12 PCs condom box and a carrot and some ice cream.I entered her home when no one noticed and me going to be inside her home for one full 24 hours.

Once I entered she was normal wearing a front open nights I was sitting in the sofa and she gave me breakfast and both finished it.. Now the time is 9.. I pulled her towards me nnd made her sit on my lap and I was hugging her from behind.. We were in the same position for more than 10 min..

Now we both are in good mood to start our succession here I got an idea.. Usually when we do sex chat or phone sex we both will be wild to have sex.. So I thought of having some sexting before we start and she too got excited I made her sit in the bedroom and I sat in the hall I closed the bedroom from outside then we started our chat

Me- hey baby..!!

Gf- I’m in a mood to get fucked with my friend in front of you..

This excited me..

Me- you bitch wanna see you getting banged by others.

Gf- ya dear…!! I need sex now

Me- just describe how you wanna get fucked.. “I know if I ask this she will be aroused “

Gf- I want to get fucked by two men at the same time and i need double penetrations.. Wanna suck and fuck at the same time.

Once I saw this I was in no mood to text I reached towards bedroom and I saw my girl sitting in a chair with leg spread with a finger on her pussy that too sitting nude..

As soon as I saw her I removed all my clothes and I went and hugged her tightly her boobs are getting crushed on my chest.. I gave a French for about 10 min and then I came to my sense that I can fuck her slowly..

I made her lay on the bad and tied both her hand with dhupatta in both the corners of the cot now she is like a baby lying in hands up position.. I started kissing all over her body from forehead neck boobs navel and her vagina..She was moaning for every kiss.. Then I took my penis and kept on her mouth but dint allow to suck I was just teasing her..

Then I went to my fav spot vagina.. (|) it is full of love juice I slowly started to do oral and she was moving her body like a snake.. Then from my bag I slowly took the carrot and inserted on her g spot now I’m sucking and fucking with carrot at the same time … Get moan became louder that confirmed me that she is enjoying every but if it.. She came 4 time continuesly..

Once it is done I removed the dhupatta and now her became wild and started kissing me all over I grabbed her boobs and started to giving massage then suddenly I started to suck her nipples in a hard way .

After some time I she said she gonna show heaven and she started to Stoke my penis and she started to suck.. It was like heaven. She was sucking every bit of my penis in a very passionate way..

Suddenly she started to suck hard and I was about to cum… I asked to stop but she is no mood to listen she kept on sucking which made me cum in her mouth itself.. She dint swallow she collected everything in her mouth and she gave me a French which was a sperm exchange…

This passionate french of 10 min made me harden again I whispered in her that “unna ore theyvidiya va ninachi ookanum d” wanna fuck you thinking that you a slut.. For that she replied after fucking me don’t forget to settle money…

I gave a tight slap on her butt and said her it’s time to fuck.. We usually start with missionary.. I was rubbing my penis on her vagina that will arose her… Suddenly I inserted my penis with full force her was screaming in pain and abusuing me.. Then you gave a slap on her boob and said I’m not your boy friend I’m your client and you should adjust with your client…

Now I started fucking in this position for about 20 min and she was moaning like ahhh hmm ahhh it is so nice da… Fuck mee fuck me.. Ahhh for every stroke I can here tap.. Tap.. Tap… Sound.. Then I asked her to come in doggy.. It is my fav I entered her from back and I slowly fucking her at that time I inserted that carrot from behind.. It was like a double penetration she was moaning like a real slut and I was about to cum..

Now I took my dick out wore condom and then fucked her hard like never b4… She was moaning very loudly and we both came at the same time…

Like this we tried all positions on that day… Then we had beer at night and had another 2 sessions at night also…

Pls send your review to “lovelust544@gmail” … Whether it is negative or positive.. Please let me know.. So that I can improve my writing skills..

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