Perks Of Being A Billionaire Part – 1 : Vipanchika, My First One

People often says, “money is not everything”, to that, I just want to say, “people say this until you have it for yourself”. See now; I’m shopping; and have been doing this at least once in a year for the last 10 years. Yes. I buy what I like to have the most.

Girls – the best available in every way.

I’m now in the middle of my buying process, now that I don’t have to do anything with the buying process, I just need to approve the selected item, vipanchika will do the rest. She takes care of everything else, inspecting the item, checking for any previous usage, she knows my taste, she knows everything I would need for. I was watching her checking out each and every girls very closely, measuring their boobs with her palms, checking out the beauty of their butt, body hair pattern, most importantly the length and beauty of their hair. Vipanchika was my first. When I look now, she astonishes me, how she had transformed to a very gracious lady from a shy village girl.I too bought her like this, from the same place, that was years ago. She was a typical young village girl, very traditional looking, dusky complexion, oiled dark long hair which almost reached her knees. After the death of her father, the stepmother in a hurry to get rid of her daughter, sold her to a pimp for a very small sum, who again sold her to another. The place I got her was the one only people like me go, who have enough money to buy even a country. These places sell them in various categories. She being a virgin was one of the top items in the list. Sold again and again, luckily for her, she was not violated in anyway, to increase her market value.

That was the first time for me, in such a place, a very enjoyable thing. One of my rich friends, told me about this place, in pune, of which he is a regular. As soon as I reached there, I was asked what my preferences are? Whether female or male?

‘absolutely female’ I told the beautiful representative girl with a smile. I jokingly thought if I should buy her instead. I was excited. They gave me a printed list, about 25 names written, with age, ethnicity and ranking based on their appearance. I told them I would be looking for a south indian. I have always had the crush for these beautiful south indian chicks. About seven will be available, I was informed, eight to be precise, if they include a girl used just once. I shook my head in disapproval. Seven it is then sir, the beautiful representative announced and lead me to a room.

Seven beautiful women. I checked the new list in my hand with seven names, cannot call them women taking account of their age, couple of them were just the legal age. I checked again to make sure, there weren’t any of more tender age. My rich friend had already warned me not to go into such things, however tempting it may be.‘please select your purchase sir’ and ‘take your time’. She announced. I went to the first one, looked at the list; gayatri, 21y, tamil. I saw 4 stars in the last column, ranking I suppose, I looked at the girl. Fully clothed, in her traditional white churidar with golden borders. She was a little dark coloured, but beautiful face and body, definitely a 4 star, I thought again. I walked around her, checking her, caressing her body, to feel the curves.

I pulled her thick braided hair, not so long, may be just below her shoulders. Coming to the front, my hand was checking out her boobs. ‘you are allowed to see her body’ the reception lady still present in the room told me. ‘but nothing else’ she added with a fake smile. ‘thank you’ I said, opening the hooks of gayatri’s blouse, there was no bra, her dark boobs with even darker nipples were a sight in itself. ‘everything is natural, as it is, we don’t tamper with our girls’ the receptionist lady telling me this pulled the strings of gayatri’s pajama, freeing her of any clothes. She asked the girl to turn around and bend down revealing her sweet virgin pussy lips. I touched her labia, making her to let out a very soft moan.

I was also getting excited, my dick was rock hard pulling against my underclothes, aching a little. The receptionist lady signalled gaytri to leave, as her inspection was finished. She gathered her clothes and walked naked to next room swiftly.

‘priya’. I read the second name in the list, also 21years of age, banglore native, also got 4 stars against her. I looked at her. She was a beauty, fair skinned. Priya was wearing, a sleeveless top and jeans. A little plump, but huge boobs and butt. Her sweet lips and chubby cheeks were very tempting. I caressed her lips and her face. Her hair was silky, it was let open. I ran my fingers through her hair. Smooth and silky. I was nicely cut below her shoulders. I cupped her huge boobs with my hands, priya willingly removed her top allowing me to check out her more. ‘she has the best size of all’ the receptionist chanted behind me. Her huge boobs sagged just a little only, beautiful pinkish areola and nipples were worth the money spent. ‘good one! Isn’t she? Should I book her for you sir?

The lady asked. I nodded in negative. I had already made up my mind, not to go for the usual modern, bitchy type girls. I had fucked many before and could get such girls any time. Priya smiled meekly at me and went away.

I walked to the next one, my eyes were on the list, reading it. Vipanchika, 18 years, kerala, 2 stars. I always liked a to have a mallu, but the 2 stars!! Without much interest I looked at the girl. “you are not that bad dear’ I told her, running my hands softly over the face. Vipanchika looked down away from my eyes. My hands were still exploring her, when I reached her neck I noticed that she had made her hair to a braid, that too a thick one, to check out the length, I pulled it to front. ‘oh my god’ I voiced in excitement, for a long hair fetish like me the sight was overwhelming. The hair was jet black, what made my heart beat faster was the length and volume of her hair. Even in a tight braid, I was finding it difficult to close my palm around her braid. I ran my fingers along the whole length of her long braid. It should be more than a meter long with the same volume almost till the ends, vipanchika had left some of her hair unbraided after the band, I smelled there.

I felt like in heaven.‘please be free to see her more, vipanchika is one of the best ethnic beauty we have here, being 2 starred she also costs you less’ the behind me was telling. With much interest I continued checking vipanchika more. I walked around her, she was wearing a blouse and skirt. I unhooked her blouse and exposed her back, she was wearing an yellow brassiere, I continued unbuttoning her skirt too, which fell on the floor. I put her braid back, pulled down the band at the end and started unbraiding her hair. In no time I made her hair loose, my mouth was wide open watching her hair volume. As she had her hair in a tight braid for so long, after opening, the hair had large waves and curls, which made it look even more thick. Sooo thick, I knew, I don’t need to check the other girls.

Reading my face, the lady asked me if she can book her already. Smiling, I gave her a thump. ‘thank you sir’ she told me. The lady then told something in vipanchika’s ear, hearing that she took her clothes from the floor and moved to one side of the room. Facing me she tried to cover her bra clad breasts with her blouse and looked down again. I walked to their office to pay for my purchase, after signing some papers about the ownership, more importantly, vipanchika’s consent letter, she signed the papers given to her. She was dressed well and her long hair was now made into a huge bun, I took her to my car. I opened the door for her, both of us sat in the back seat and set off to my place.

She was still silent during the journey, I explained her that she doesn’t need to worry about anything or fear me. I don’t want to hurt her and that it would be just me who would be with her. Vipanchika just had a confused look on her face and tears rolled down her cheeks, she held her hands like praying and tried to tell something in her language. Her head was down, almost touching my knees. I knew I am going to have a difficult time explaining things because of the language problem. I made her keep her face on my lap, still crying silently, I patted her back trying to calm her, her huge bun was almost loose, I pulled it a little to open. It spread over her back like a blanket, it felt like heaven to caress her long tresses. I could feel my manhood getting harder and harder. I felt like taking it out and make her blow me then and there. I gathered her long hair in a pony with my hands, pulling it up, made her sit up. I told her that I am not going to force myself on her, so she need not worry about that and be happy whatever her situation may be.

After reaching home, I showed her to her room, and make herself comfortable. As it was already late, I asked her to take rest for now. After having some food, both of us went to our rooms. It may have been about 2am when I woke up to pee, I thought about checking her out. It was empty, her room was empty. I looked around, and to my relief her handbag too was gone. I had suspected something like this to happen, so I had kept my sat phone in her bag, which I could track easily the exact location. Without much effort I reached a house tracking the gps, I knew she would be here. That’s when I heard the muffled screams of a girl, I looked at the back of the house, only one room had light in it. I ran to my car to take my beretta hand gun.

Long story short, she slipped off from my place within hours, and ran to this home for help. Lying on the floor, vipanchika’s both hands were pinned to the floor by a young man, while both her legs were spread apart by an aged man in his 70’s. Wearing nothing down his waist, he was kneeling in front of her, his hard penis ready to violate her. Vipanchika’s mouth was stuffed with clothes which explained her muffled cries. She saw me coming inside the room, both of them were busy taming her never noticed. I took my gun out and shot once at the aged one couple of times below his knee. Startled at my manner of my entry, the young man fled the room in a second while the other was rolling on the floor crying with pain.

I kicked him on his junk so hard that for a second he acted as if he is having a heart attack but crawled out of the room hastily. Vipanchika’s clothes we all torn, her skirt and panty were completely ripped off and blouse opened exposing her breasts. There was blood coming from the sides of her lips and one side of her face was almost reddish blue. I covered her with my long coat and took her in my arms and placed her in the car and we drove back. I explained her that this would be the safest place you could find anywhere in the world, and that I don’t think I would coming looking if something like this happens again.

Vipanchika burst into tears, she fell on my feet, asking me to pardon her for being stupid. I told that it’s okay for now. I pulled her up, kissed her on the lips. Vipanchika closed her eyes and didn’t resist a bit. I liked the taste while I smacked off the blood from her lips. I told her to rest for today as she need it today and we will talk in the morning. I kissed on her forehead telling good night.

I was too tired and if not for the cold touch on my feet I would have slept till noon, such was the day before. I was sleeping with my face down and couldn’t see who it was. Turning around I saw one of the best view I had for years, vipanchika dressed in a saree with coffee in her hand.

“I’m sorry” she said, still looking away from me.

“I made coffee, didn’t know if you are sleeping” she continued. She extended her hand to give me coffee and that it was trembling and she was still looking away.

This made me laugh. I took the cup from her hands, thats when I remembered that I’m naked as a newborn and my penis was as stiff as a rod standing up in all its glory. “You don’t need to be shy or anything, I sleep like this” I told her. “..And thanks for the coffee,” I said keeping the coffee on the side table.

I got up from the bed. “Thank you for saving me,” she told, now looking in my eyes.

“Oh you are a beautiful woman, I don’t want to lose you so easily” I told her, now walking around, checking her out. I noticed that she had taken a good shower and had washed her long hair, which was almost semi wet. She had used her hair itself to tie her long mane to a pony, a wet one. I saw water still dripping on the ends. I pulled the hair making it loose. I could see that my penis was now rock hard and was oozing from the tips.

Taking her hands I led her to the living room and stood her in the middle while I sat on one of the sofa. I asked her if she could remove her saree for me. Vipanchika nodded and swiftly pulled down her pallu. “do it slowly, I want to enjoy, we have all the time in this world’ I stopped her. Sitting on the sofa, as naked as I was before, gently massaging my rock hard penis with my hands, I was enjoying each inch of her with my eyes. With half of the saree on her body from waist down, wearing just a thin blouse I could make out the shape of her breasts and those perky nipples. She saw me sitting there with my penis in one hand gently stroking it and the other one massaging my balls. Vipanchika was so shy she didn’t look up, and her hands were crossed on her breasts, trying to cover them. I tugged her saree with my legs, loosening it and let it fall on the floor. She was now in her skirt and blouse, blushing beautifully standing in front of me like that.

‘turn around and make a your hair to a bun’ I ordered her. Her breasts projected even more when she put her hands back to tie her hair. I was enjoying her voluptuous body, the curves, her skin, it was so pure and wheatish, if she came any closer, I would have eaten her up. ‘..And put your hands down’ I ordered her again. Vipanchika stopped covering her breasts and stood there still, her eyes almost closed. ‘I see you haven’t worn anything under your blouse, and what about there’ I asked moving my foot gently over her crotch, massaging her lower abdomen and pubic area over her red skirt. She caught my legs with both her hands in a reflex and suddenly let go telling sorry sorry.

‘it’s ok, come near, let me see you close’ hearing this she walked to the edge of my sofa and stood there.

‘now lift your skirt up’ I ordered her. ‘higher dear’ I wanted to see her mound, with those skirt pulled up. Ahh.. There it was, as sweet as a pie. I slowly started touching her crotch.. I looked up, vipanchika’s eyes were closed, lips clenched and both her hands were busy keeping her skirt up. It was so soft down there, a little hair growth after a recent shave, that’s all. I could feel the newly shaven hair on my hands.

‘beautiful’ I told her still caressing her pussy. I caught one of her legs and placed it high on sofa’s arm. Now her sweet pussy was open like a flower in front of me. I let one of my fingers slide slowly in between her dark brown labia, opening it further. Vipanchika was already so wet that I felt like putting my hands in a watery pudding. She was leaking fluids which now started flowing down my hands. With both my hands I opened her further to reveal a bright pink insides, leading to a teeny tiny opening at the end. No certificates would do truth to her virginity, I thought to myself. I was almost sure that, even vipanchika’s tiny fingers were not inserted here. Her crown hood was now standing in all its glory, I slowly pulled the skin up to reveal her red clitoris. I slowly circled her clit with my finger.

‘ammmaaa’ vipanchika cried in ecstasy looking up. I could see goose bumps all over her body and her clit pulsating with each her deep breaths. I cupped her crotch with my whole hand and squeezed a little. Opening her labia wide again with both hands, I licked the whole thing, tasting her juices, drinking it. I didn’t stop with one, continued kissing and eating her pussy. Vipanchika has now started thrusting herself on my mouth, her one hand was now on my head pressing it onto her and the other still with the skirt. She had started moaning and breathing deeper and deeper, I knew she was about to come, to tease her I stopped eating her.

‘please don’t stop, give me everything, pleaseeee… ‘ she was begging. I stood up and pulled the string of her skirt loosening it, as soon as vipanchika lowered her legs from sofa, the skirt fell on the floor. She was now only in her blouse. Both of us were now standing very close, looking in her eyes, I torn her blouse off from her body, never even minding the hooks. Both of us were now truly naked, close to each other. I caught her by her neck and pushed her onto the sofa face first and her beautiful butt facing me. Vipanchika was on all fours when I widened her legs, exposing her flower. I took my rock hard 9inch penis in my hand, pulling my foreskin further back, I rubbed it on her wet pussy moistening the tip nicely. With my other hand I opened her thick bun and rolling it over my hands I pulled her hair. Simultaneously I tried to shove my penis inside her in one go.

Vipanchika let out a loud cry, more because of pain and less enjoyment. I was still pulling her long thick hair, while my penis was trying to enter her deep inside. Being her first time, I knew this would be very painful for the little thing, but a part of me was enjoying her agony. I could feel my penis hitting her hymen with each gentle push. I wanted her to get accustomed to my thickness. I continued till she was fine with me inside her, vipanchika had closed her eyes now and with each push she was responding with a soft moan.

‘it’s time for me to collect my trophy’ I thought, holding her by her waist, gave a deeper stronger thrust. Aaaahhhh… mmmmaaaa.. She cried at the top of her voice, vipanchika was now begging me to stop but I didn’t, her face was now almost buried in the sofa, I saw her biting to the fabric trying to endure the pain. My penis was now deep inside her completely and I fell on top of her kissing her on the cheeks. I could feel her pussy muscles squeeze my dick, I just lay there on top of her for a few minutes until she could come to senses. I kept face in her thick long hair, the smell of her freshly washed hair was so intoxicating. I could feel my penis throbbing inside her tight pussy. I started moving my dick to and fro slowly, increasing speed bit by bit.

Vipanchika was still in shock, eyes closed, but her moans told me she was rather enjoying it. I got up on my knees, without taking out, I started thrusting her with more and more power. My pre cum mixed with her blood was leaking from her pussy, but that didn’t stop me. Without taking out, I turned her over and lay her on her back. Holding her legs by the knees, I widened and flexed them to her sides giving me deeper penetration. Vipanchika was moaning with each thrust I was giving, her pussy had given way completely to the girth of my penis, sliding in and out freely. After few minutes, I was fucking her with all my might. In all my years of fucking hundreds of women, I have never felt so excited. I was fucking her with all my heart, I wanted to come inside her badly, I wanted to fill her womb with my seed. I looked at her face, eyes closed, enjoying and enduring my exploits, inspite of being her first time, she did well to make me happy. Loosening my clutches on her knees, I hugged her with both my hands, vipanchika responded by twining her legs around me helping me further go inside her.

“ahhhhhhh” I moaned loud, I was cumming in her heavily. I haven’t cummed so good in many years, I smooched her lips until I finished. After some time I stood up, pulling out my penis from her glory hole, it was half limp, I saw my semen mixed with her blood and juices flowing out. I looked up at the clock, almost 3 hours, not bad. Vipanchika tried to get up, I told her not to and kissed on her forehead.

After a taking a shower I came back to living room and found that she was still there, exactly like I left, sleeping naked with the legs wide open. The pinkish juices coming from her vagina had made a small patch on the sofa now. Her long dark hair was now all over the sofa hanging down, ends touching the floor. Like a pea, her nipples were now dark , hard and standing up. It was not more than 30 minutes after a three hour long hot fuck session, still my dick was rock hard again seeing her. With her still sleeping, I knelt in front and started sucking her breasts softly, gently circling her nipples with my tongue. Vipanchika woke up to that, I kissed her lips, exploring her mouth with my tongue and she responded quickly, and we ended up enjoying three more sessions of extreme love making.

I was in deep thoughts, when vipanchika woke me, she was asking, if she should finalize the purchase. The new girl is a cute little Manipuri, 18years. After all these 10+ years, she is the only one I keep with me the whole time, fucks her regularly, cooks for me, does all my chores. I have shared her just once, with a long hair fetish friend of mine, we both enjoyed her together. Vipanchika still has her beautiful long hair, still very thick up to her butt.

I will do write more about my hair job sessions and threesome with her later.

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