Pervert guy dominated & humiliated by wife’s sister-Cuckold story

Dear reader, I am Rajesh, back with another cuckold story. My age is 30. I am married to a girl aged 31, but she looks young as 21. She has 2 sisters, one young and another elder. This story is about femdom and cuckolding by her sisters. This is gonna be a long story, so please stay tuned and read it part by part.

After a few years of marriage, I and my wife used to stay in my mother-in-law’s house due to some working distance. One of the rooms was occupied by my mother-in-law in the house and the other room was shared by the 3 sisters while I slept in the living room.

My wife stored my clothes and everything in a cabin in the second room in which my wife’s sisters sleep. Most of the time when her sisters were not around, I used to sleep in that room and sometimes, I checked on their panty drawers too.

Since the story is about my wife’s sisters sisters, let me explain about them. The elder sister’s name is Didi and the younger is Shree. Didi is aged 33, married and her husband was working abroad. So she also used to stay in her mom’s house. She was taller and fairer than my wife. She was sexier than my wife with a curvy body of 34B-30-36.

Didi’s ass started get bigger after her marriage. She had an awesome ass which makes all guys turn around and look at it. Even I always walked behind her back just to ogle at her bubble ass waving while she walked. It would look super tight when she wears fit jeans.

Due to some financial problems, her husband started working abroad. The first time I met her before her marriage, she was very slim. But after marriage, her body started to change, maybe because of her husband’s rough fuck.

Her younger sister Shree was 18+ years old and was very slim with a petite body. Her figure must be 28A-26-28. I had checked her bra and panty from the laundry once and they were the smallest that I had ever seen. Her bra was 28A and the panty was the smallest. She was very thin and tall. But she was fairer than both sisters.

Her body was very petite. But she was very careless in her dressing. Since she was not mature enough, she always failed to cover her body. Most of the time, I got a great view of her bra cup shape and back hook when wearing a thin top.

The best part was when she bent low, she always did not cover her low neck that gave me a great view of her bra. Since her tits were too small, I was able to see her bra only, and it looked like a kid’s bra. Not much design or color, mostly all black, white, and brown.

Let me get back to the story. One day, I and my wife’s sisters went to attend a family function. That day, my wife went to work so she was not able to attend it. My wife’s younger sister Shree asked for my mobile to take some selfies since my mobile had a nice camera. I couldn’t say no.

Mostly, I won’t give my mobile to anyone because I have a lot of porn in there. But when she asked me, I couldn’t ignore her. So I just passed it to her. She snapped some pictures and started to go through my gallery to check out her pictures. My bad time, she saw some porn. She immediately handed over the mobile to her elder sister Didi. Didi was a very kinky person. She likes to dig into other person’s privacy and always wanted to catch the fault of others.

This whole time, I was out for a smoke while this chick was checking my private folders. The badest thing was most of it was cuckold porn. It was my biggest mistake.

When I returned, both of them pretended as if nothing happened and gave back my mobile. I was not suspicious at all, but I felt weird when we went back and they both didn’t speak anything to me.

The next day after my wife and her mom went to work, my wife’s sister Didi called me and asked what was in my mobile. I was shocked by her questions. I was sure she had seen it and she told me that she wanted to tell about it to my wife. Then I started to beg her not to tell anything about it to my wife. All these things happened in front of my younger sister-in-law. She was young, and not aware of it, so she just watched me begging to her elder sister with a pitiful face.

Then I tried to explain to Didi saying, “That is just my fantasy and I have no intention to try it in real.”

But she was not convinced. I didn’t have a choice. So I just got on my knees and begged her not tell to my wife. My entire married life would spoil if she told my wife and I couldn’t even face any of my relatives at all.

Me: I will do anything to save myself.

Hearing my words, I saw a kinky smile on my sister-in-law’s face. She just asked me to go to work first and later she would consider it. With nervousness and fear, I went to work, thinking about what would happen next. But when I came back, nothing unusual was there. So I just continued my life with my family and did not dare to face her sisters anymore.

Time flew and a few weeks passed. But I didn’t talk with my wife’s sisters. I didn’t even dare to look them face to face. Always after work, I just went to sleep even though the light was on or they were watching television.

One day, I went to work as usual and my wife was on the night shift. That day, Didi and Shree went to a family function. When I returned, I saw Didi and Shree in the living room in their sarees. I just didn’t look at their faces and went to the bathroom to take my shower. They were still sitting in their sarees and taking some selfies.

Once done with my shower, I just wore my clothes and went outside to take a smoke. My wife had went to work and her mom was on night shift.

(A real incident which I saw with my eyes.)

While I smoked, my wife’s youngest sister went to change in her room. She had taken her saree and petticoat, but she was not able to unhook her saree blouse because the hook was on her back. Once I finished smoking, I suddenly opened the door and got shocked to see her in the living room. She was wearing her saree blouse which was a tight fit and short only. She was bending on her knees to her elder sister who was unhooking her blouse hook.

When I opened the door, she saw me with shyness and held her blouse with her both hands and walked back to the room. It was an unforgettable scene in my life. She was very thin with long legs, wearing a short fit and saree blouse. I saw her clean navel and fair thighs.

She just casually walked to her room by looking in my eyes. Even her black bra back and hooks were visible to me since her blouse was wide open at the back. I had an instant erection under my shorts when I saw her. Even though it was just a few-seconds’ scene, I still remember it now.

(Let me get back to the story.)

I saw her elder sister staring in my eyes with an angry look. I didn’t know what was running through her mind. She was in a saree too. Once Shree changed back and came to the living room, Didi was about to change her clothes. I just pretended to sleep in the living room, but I just covered my eyes with one hand.

I saw Didi not even close the door and started to strip her saree. She was standing in a saree blouse and petticoat looking at herself in the mirror. But it commonly happened in their house sometimes when they get ready for any function due to less space in the room. Ladies used to wear their blouses and petticoats and drape their sarees in the living room. I used to see it a lot of times. Even my wife had done the same in the house. Because fewer men stayed there, they were not bothered about it.

Suddenly, Didi received a call, so she took her mobile and started talking while sitting on the bed without covering herself. From far away, I could see her belly and side boobs from her blouse. I was sure I could see her deep cleavage if I get near to her. Then I tried a way to get into the room so that I could enjoy the view.

Suddenly, I thought of my mobile. I left my mobile in the room for charging. But I didn’t dare to go near her while she was in such clothes. I eagerly wanted to see her more. Then I made my move and quickly went to the room without thinking much. When I walked into the room, her eyes were on my face watching me see what I was doing. I just pretended like grabbing my mobile and stood against her. What a great view it was! Her boobs were not very big, but just average-sized. Her blouse was very low and I could see the deep cleavage of hers. Even her red bra was exposed beneath her blouse. My dick started to raise.

While talking on the mobile, suddenly my wife’s sister caught me staring at her cleavage. I just turned back and ran to the living room. I could see her face turning angry. Quickly, she disconnected the call and walked straight to me. She still did not cover herself. I just pretended to sleep on the sofa while she stood against me with a terrifying look. My heart started to pump harder. With a loud and angry tone, Didi shouted at me, “What were you doing just now?!”

I just mumbled without knowing what to tell. Again she shouted asking the same. I knew exactly what she asked. It was better to confess than making her angrier. Then in a slow voice, I replied –

Me: Sorry, it was a mistake.

Didi: Fuck you, it was not a mistake, you pervert. I have been observing you since that day.

Me: Sorry sister, I didn’t do anything.

Didi: You are such a pervert who is addicted to sex. I don’t know how my sister married you. Even at first, I thought you were a decent person.

She screamed like hell. All the while, her younger sister Shree watched me with a confused face without knowing what was happening. I didn’t want to get into any trouble, so I started to beg to Didi. But my eyes were still trying to ogle at her boobs which were covered by her low-neck blouse.

Me: Please sister, don’t shout. It was a mistake.

Didi: See, you are still looking toward my boobs and you are saying it was a mistake. At first, you saw Shree half of the way naked and now you are trying to get into me.

Me: It was an accident. I didn’t purposely see her body.

Didi: If you are a decent guy, you would have turned your face to the other side when you saw her in a blouse and short fit. I caught you staring at her body, scanning her full body.

I was speechless by her words. Now I almost started to shiver in fear. Didi pulled my shirt and made me stand in front of her.

Didi: You know what, you should know how embarrassing it is when someone sees your body without your permission. Now, take the shirt off or else I just call your wife and tell her everything.

I was shocked by her words. I knew I didn’t have a choice. Just removing a t-shirt wouldn’t make a guy feel shy, so I just took it off. Then she asked me to take my shorts off too. I was embarrassed at that time. My eyes turned back to Shree with a pitiful face. She was shocked to see all these.

Without giving me a choice, my sister-in-law pulled my shorts down which made it fall to the floor in a second. I was standing in just my boxer in front of my wife’s 2 sisters. My boxer was exactly as short as her younger sister’s short fit. I was in shame covering my shrunken dick under the boxer with my both hands.

Even though Didi was wearing a blouse and petticoat in front of me, my dick still not getting erect due to fear. I could see Shree looking toward my boxers with curiosity about what was hiding inside it.

Didi asked Shree to bring the wooden ruler from the room. I could feel that I was in underwear and she was going to spank me in front of her younger sister who used to respect me a lot.

All good name I had was already spoiled. With the wooden ruler in hand, Didi instructed me to take off my boxer.

Didi: Take that stinky thing from there.

I wanted her to show some mercy. But she just pointed the ruler toward my boxer and asked me to take it off. I slowly pulled it down with one hand and my other hand was covering my crotch part. Before the boxer fell, she gave a hard spank on my ass which made my both hands go to my ass. My penis was now exposed to my wife’s both sisters. It was very humiliating but arousing at the same time. Hence I willing to continue.

My dick was average-sized but most people said it was nearly small. It was just 4 inches when fully hard and 1 inch small when maximum shrunk.

At the time, it was just 1 inch long. When I saw Shree’s eyes were on my little penis, I tried to cover it again with my hands. But when I moved my hand to the front part, Didi gave me another spank.

Her younger sister took a good look at it. Then I ran toward the corner of the living room and sat on the floor holding my both legs closed.

I was still naked thinking of the humiliation. But at the same time, the cuckold feeling I was getting excited me. Didi took my clothes to their room with Shree and made me sit there alone. I was sure she was not gonna give my clothes back that night.

To be continued.

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