Petite Sister Begs For Anal

Hey, everyone! I’m Andy, Eighteen-year-old and my height is 1.8m because I play basketball at school. Now coming to the sex story, this happened after my last board’s exam. I had sex with Nasem continuously for the past two days and I returned home late at night, tired and exhausted.

As I crashed onto my bed I heard my sister (Tina) calling me. I turned over and witnessed that she was standing topless in front of me. I could clearly see her petite boobs hanging on her body. Even though she’s eighteen, she’s got amazingly big boobs as compared to girls her age. She seemed upset and asked me,Tina = “Why don’t you fuck me anymore?”Me = “What?! Tina please I’m really tired let me sleep.Tina = “mujhe pata hai aap Nasem ke sath thay.Me = “So you know why I’m tired. So please sooone de mujhe.Tina = “Agar tum kuch nahi karogay to mujhe hi kuch karna padega”

Saying this she jumped up on her bed which was right in front of mine and started fingering herself. She gave loud moans and painful cries all done with the sole purpose of seducing me and not pleasing herself.

Tina = “aaaah aaaaaaaah Andy bhaiya bahut jyada maaaza aaa raha hai. Please FUCK me. Aap jaise chaho vese aap ki behn ko choodo mai kuch nahi kahunga. FUCK me however you want.”

Hearing her requests for sex I was intensely aroused and immediately decided to fuck her in the ass. I gained all my strength and got up from my bed, hurried towards her and started sucking on those petite boobs. She saw me and was extremely existed and happy.

Tina = “aaaah aaaah Andy bhaiya please fuck me. Meiney bahut time se sex nahi kara hai, please fuck me.

I started biting and chewing her boobs she started giving painful cries. To cover those cries I immediately started kissing her lips roughly. After kissing her for few minutes I went down her pussy. It smiled like roses in there and I immediately making no haste started licking her pussy. Her pussy was already wet so I drank all the cum. While I was licking her pussy I inserted my finger in her ass and she was immediately aback by this.

Tina = “yeh kyaa rahe ho aap”Me = “Anal sex.Tina = “kyaaa naahi please bahut jyada daard hota”Me = “nahi hooga I promise!”Tina = “nahi nahi meiney suna hai bahut dard hota hai”Me = “Okay theek hai I won’t fuck you then.”

Saying this I stood and started walking towards my bed.

Tina = “please ruko acha theek hai. You can fuck me in the ass. But please thoda aaram se”Me = “Haan haan theek hai”

I immediately removed all my clothes and she jumped right on my dick like a hungry animal.

Tina = “I missed your dick”

Saying this she started sucking my dick vigorously and started playing with her slaps. As she continued sucking my dick I slapped her boobs mercilessly until they were completely red. After I few minutes, I came in my sister’s mouth and she drank every drop of it like a thirsty slave.

Now, I told Tina to lie down on her back and tried inserting my dick in her ass. But it wouldn’t go in completely as it was too tight. I told Tina to make my dick wet my spitting and sucking. Now as I inserted my dick halfway into Tina’s ass she was beginning to realize that this wasn’t such a good idea and wanted me to stop. But I was in no mood of stopping and inserted my completely into her ass with full speed. Tina screamed loudly and I’m afraid that my mom sleeping downstairs might have heard her.

Tina = “ aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh bahut jyada dard hua hai pls ruk jaao please”Me = “nahi ab mai nahi rukne vaala” Saying this I started ramming her ass”Tina = “aaah aaaah aaaaahhhh bahut jyada dard hota hai anal sex.”

I could see tears dropping down from her eyes due to the pain but I continued fucking her at full speed which gave her no pleasure, but only pain. And after fucking her ass continuously at full speed for ten minutes I came in her ass.

I then came back to my bed and lied down on it completely naked while she laid down on her bed. After two minutes I noticed that something was on my bed. It was Tina and she was trying to insert my dick into her ass. I was shocked but then again she’s my sister. She started fucking me by jumping her ass on my dick. I woke up and continued fucking her ass for the second time and this time she seemed to have enjoyed it.

After this, I went out completely naked to the washroom and as I was coming back I witnessed something amazing. I heard moans coming out of my mom’s room and as I peeked into her room I saw that she was masturbating and squirting out milky and creamy love juices from her pussy. I could see her huge boobs bouncing right in front of my eyes. I wanted to drink all that milky, creamy love juice and suck voluptuous her boobs. But that’s a sex story for a different day.

Seeing my mom masturbate was a huge turn on for me so as I went back into my and Tina’s room I saw she was asleep naked, but I was extremely horny so started sucking her boobs and fingering her pussy which woke her up.

Tina = “You’re still hungry for more”Me = ” Yes I’m still horny”

I fucked Tina again and this time her pussy and her ass. I and Tina fucked each other three times that night and I’m sure that she’s satisfied to the core and it would take a lot of time for her to beg for sex AGAIN!!

So that was the sex story. I would really appreciate your suggestions at [email protected]. Stay tuned to find out what happened next as I’ve already given you a glimpse.

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