Photoshoot Leads To Sexual Encounter Part1

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Hello, guys, my name is Mr. A(don’t want to reveal my name). Today I am going to write about my experience with a MILF( actually an aunt in my building) her name is Mrs. M(name not revealed for privacy purpose). Both from Mumbai.

Now, first let me introduce myself. My age is 20 years currently pursuing my studies. I don’t want to bluff about myself so here I go. I am 5’10” or maybe 5’11” tall, average looking with average body and a penis of approx 5.5”-6.0” of length and approximately 3” grith.

Now I will introduce the fairy of my sex story, her age is approximately 35-37 years, she has a stunning figure of 34-30-34. She is 5’5”-5’6” tall, a bit plump near the waist, with a deep navel. She is married and is a mother of one kid who is now 14 years old. The main part of her body is her boobs which are firm and also her ass which each and everyone will stare at. And also her face which is very clear with no acne, her lips totally juicy and her smile just for which one can die. She is a beautician so she keeps her face clean too.

(I used to lust her for the last 3 years)

Now lets come to the sex story

It was the 15th of March this year. As she is a beautician, she needed a new camera, so she asked me for my help as I am one of the technofreak kind of guy. So, I suggested one to her. After 3 days that is on the 18th she called me up and told me to come to her place in the afternoon at around 2:30. She is usually alone at that time. So at 2:30 I was there at her place and her maid just left as soon as I entered. Her husband went to Vapi for 3 days due to some office work. Her son went for a school trip for 3 days and we both were alone there.

Then, she showed me the camera that she bought. It was the one which I suggested. Then she was asking me about its features functions and blah blah blah and all.

Then the conversation between me and her was like

(A: Mr. AM: Mrs. M)

A: So shall I take your leave?M: No no wait. Let’s have a cup of coffee.A: No not now it’s already hot now no hot beverages.M: Then okay let’s have a glass of juice.A: OkM: Which one will you like to have? (Orange, Pineapple, Litchi)A: LitchiM: Okay. I’ll be back in 5 minutes.A: Okay.

(On that day she was in a Red top and a Baby Pink leggings. It’s one of my favorite outfits she wears as it reveals her real beauty, it’s totally in fitting with her body)

I followed her to the kitchen. And was just staring her ass. And I think she noticed me. Which I confirmed later and yes she did notice me.

Then we sat there on the sofa and were chitchatting and were having juice.

Later on after finishing the juice.

M: Hey can you please click some pics for me in the new cam.A: Why not? Sure.M: I’ll be back in minutes and went to her bedroom for small touch up.

(She applied a rose pink lipstick with strawberry flavor which I came to know when I kissed her and licked the flavor)

M: Come On let’s click.A: Okay. So stand near the window(window shows a beautiful view)

This is how a normal photoshoot started and I clicked few pics.

Then we went to her bedroom after taking pics in each and every room in the house.

In the bedroom first, we were going well with a casual shoot. And now the game begins as she wanted a sensual cum sexual shoot now, so she posed for some pictures and then she got confused, so I started showing her pose for the pics. In that process, I started feeling and touching her body over her clothes.

Now, after some more pics, I was guiding her to a pose during which I accidentally pressed her left boob and kissed her on her right-hand side back neck. This made her a bit horny and I clicked some more pics.

Now, I said its enough for the day and then we sat on the bed watching the pics in the camera. During all this, I was pressing her boobs with my elbow and was making it look like it is normal.

But I knew her heat was rising slowly. Then she started asking me about my future plans, my studies, my friends, my girlfriends to which I replied I don’t have any girlfriend. And then I also enquired about her life and all and then suddenly I asked her are you happy with your husband and added an “IYKWIM”(If You Know What I Mean) to which she replied yes in a husky low voice so I came to know that she is not fully satisfied. So, I again enquired and she was like okay “I am not that happy, But don’t let anyone else know this”And I said “Don’t worry it’s safe with me”M: Thank god.A: I want to tell you something.M: Tell.A: Promise me you won’t get angry.M: Okay.A: I used to lust you since 3 years. I love you.M: Shutup. Don’t talk rubbish.A: See I know that you are not satisfied.M: So what. This is not right.A: Everything is fair in love and war, and I love you. See you will also get satisfied and I will also fulfill my dream of fucking you.M: Okay.

Sorry guys, I will leave you to the imagination of the further sex story, but I am pretty sure that you must have never imagined what happens next so until that time enjoy folks…

I am writing here for the first time so please forgive me for mistakes if any, comments are most welcomed. Hope you all enjoyed this part and wait for the next part of the sex story will soon be posted.Thank you so much for reading guys.Suggestions welcomed at “[email protected]”

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