Planned For Good, Experienced The Best

Hello everyone. This is Nikhil Joshi, a Maharashtrian born and brought up in Chennai. Here’s to all the horny men and women waiting to stroke their rock hard dicks and finger their wet pussies, I hope this story doesn’t disappoint you, people.

Excepting the names which are changed to protect the respective individual’s privacy, all other details narrated in this story are real-life events. To tell you a little bit about myself, I was lucky enough; thanks to my dad who passed on his good look genes to me.

Right from my school days, I was an attractive individual getting attention from the ladies. I was involved in sports especially football which helped me keep a lean and fit figure. All this passed on to college where I met Preethi (name changed). Over the course of time, we became good friends and by the end of college, we were in a committed relationship. Although I had a few casual flings before, she was my first serious one.

Both of us joined different it companies. Although we made out every chance we got, we couldn’t get the privacy we needed as both of us were caught up in work and also stayed with our parents. This is where the real story begins.

One fine day out of nowhere, my parents informed me that they were going to a relative’s place in Bangalore for a week’s time and that they had to leave the very next morning. This little piece of news got me all excited. This was the little private time that myself and my girlfriend were looking for a long time. Both of us were excited about the coming weekend.

It was a Thursday my parents left. The plans were made for my girlfriend to stay over at my place on Saturday night. I slept on Thursday night dreaming about everything that would happen in 48 hours.

By the way, did I tell you about how my girlfriend looked? She was a perfect blend of modern and tradition. She had smooth black lustrous hair that fell a little below her shoulders. It was always in a ponytail.

Neha had thick ruby red lips that deserved to be sucked on for all eternity. She had a figure of 34 30 34 which she covered it up with modern dresses that showcased her curves leaving very little for the viewer’s imagination.

My phone beeped on Friday morning. I woke up to find a Snapchat from my girlfriend that had her covering her breasts with her hands with the caption ‘Wait for a day more’.

As I was about to reply, the doorbell rang. Dragging myself out of my bed in half sleep, I forgot to realize that I was wearing nothing but boxers and my cock was getting hard after watching my girlfriend’s teases. As I opened my door, my friend Karthik (name changed) stood in front of me. The conversation continued as follows.

Karthik: Hey bro! Late night eh? Looks like all the workout is doing you good. Nice!

Before I could reply, Neha (name changed) jumped from behind him. She screamed.

Neha: Surprise!

I screamed back before I got myself in control. She looked at my toned physique and at my cock that was poking out of my boxers.

Neha: And seriously, do something about that morning hard-on of yours. It’s embarrassing.

It was then did I fully wake up and realized the condition I was in. My cheeks reddened. They both let themselves in laughing at my plight. I walked into my bedroom, put on a sweatshirt and ran to the restroom where I freshened myself up. As soon as I came out,

Karthik: That was quick. We disturbed you at your climax or have you got someone in there?

Both Karthik and Neha started laughing and checked out my bedroom before I could stop them. Both of them were my schoolmates and my college mates. We were trios. We knew every little thing between us. There were no secrets between us. They were the best out there in this vast wide world.

I met Karthik every second week, we stayed in the same city. Neha relocated to Banglore because of her work. Even then we managed to meet once every month or two.

Neha: Look at you. I come to meet you after two months and here you are playing with your little friend.

Me: Oh shut up! And for your information, my friend is not little.

Karthik: I thought your friend came from the land of Lilliputs. (Both Karthik and Neha were laughing hysterically).

Me: Get out of my bedroom you two. Let me get ready and come. Don’t tell me you already have plans made.

Karthik: I came in my car. Movies, good food and lots of beer. Sounds perfect na?

Me: Let’s do one thing. Let’s get the booze at my place. Drinks and Netflix. What say?

Neha: Sounds even better.

We started in a little while. We went out for a movie, had a really heavy lunch, roamed around the city for a little while. Then we got some booze packed and returned to my place. Switching on Netflix, we started gulping the beers down. A little while later, Karthik got a phone call. He called me over. Neha was already a little high.

Karthik: Bro, it’s my gf. I need to leave now.

Me: Action tonight?

Karthik: Yeah.

Me: I ain’t stopping you.

Karthik: I know. 😛 and take care of Neha. Let her stay here for the night. She has to leave to Banglore tomorrow night.

Me: Yeah, I will take care of this idiot. Now go.

After Karthik left, I and Neha continued watching ‘Narcos’. After more beers and a few glasses of whiskey,

Neha: Put on ‘Game Of Thrones’. I now know a lot about cocaine than I should.

Me: Yeah right. So you decide to watch a show filled with lots of fights and sex.

Neha: Just put it on.

We started watching ‘Game of Thrones’ from then. As the sex scenes began playing, I started getting turned on and the alcohol in my body did not make the situation any easier.

I started looking at Neha. She had straightened hair that fell comfortably below her shoulders. She wore a tight black top and a navy blue shorts with small white polka dots all over it. Regular yoga had kept her body tight and fit. Her smell was intoxicating. And even in my inebriated state, I could see her deep breaths as she watched the sex scenes along with me.

I knew she was turned on too. The alarm bells were ringing inside my head. What do I do? She had been my best friend for years together. I shouldn’t lose control. I suddenly got up switched off the TV in the middle of an intense sex scene.

Neha: What happened? Feeling shy watching sex scenes with me?

Me: No. I have other ideas. Wait.

Neha: What is it?

I connected my Bluetooth speakers with my phone and played her favorite song. I stood up and asked her to dance.

She got up. We tried to dance. Both of us were miserable and drunk. We slipped and fell on the sofa. Stupid laughter filled the air. My hands squeezed her right boob out of accident as we fell on the sofa. I couldn’t figure out if she was aware of it. I didn’t ask her either.

Neha: It’s been so long. Just you and me. I mean we have always been trios, right? You, me and Karthik. Sometimes I miss this. Just you and me.

Me: Yeah. It’s like school times.

Neha: Can I say something?

Me: What is it?

Neha: I used to have a huge crush on you back in school days. I have never told you this before. I wanted to ask you out on many occasions, but I couldn’t manage to do it. Moreover, I thought you saw me only as a friend and you didn’t find me sexy enough.

Me: You are an idiot. You are one of the sexiest women I know. I am pretty sure a lot of people would be mentally humping you as they trace their eyes over your curves.

Neha (blushing): Can’t you finish one sentence without making a sexual reference? All men are the same. Sex is always on your mind.

Me: Hello! What do you think of me? I don’t always think of sex.

Neha: Well your cock that’s striving to come out of your shorts says the opposite.

After her words, I looked down to where her eyes seemed locked. My cock had formed a tent in my shorts.

Me: Well, can’t help it when I have such a sexy woman beside me. I am pretty sure that your nipples are hard too. Your t-shirt is doing a good job of not displaying it.

Neha stood up all of a sudden. She was groggy. She tied her hair up in a bun and sat on my lap. Her fingers slowly touched the entire length of my cock over my shorts. She leaned back and removed her tops. Both of us were under the influence of alcohol. We weren’t completely sloshed out, but we weren’t ourselves either. Her black bra displayed an ample amount of cleavage. My hands gently felt her curves.

Neha: Do I have to do all the work? I thought you wanted to find out if my nipples were hard or not.

I flashed a wicked smile. My hands went behind her back and unclasped her bra. Her boobs were free from their restraints. Her nipples were pink and erect.

I bent closer and started sucking on her right boob as my hands started squeezing her left boob and pulling her nipples. A loud moan escaped her lips. I pulled her closer and started giving little love bites on her left boob. Her moans increased. She started pushing my head more and more towards her boobs. I alternated between her breasts biting, squeezing and sucking for all they were worth.

She started rubbing her pussy over my cock. My cock started getting harder than what it already was. In a flash, she pulled herself away. She pushed me back onto the sofa and removed my t-shirt. She tried to remove my shorts. I raised my hips to let her remove it. The cock stood in salute to her beauty. She started by giving tiny kisses to the tip as her hands massaged my entire length and my balls.

With every passing second, she took more and more of my cock into her mouth. I tried to hold on as long as possible. She was an expert cock sucker. Her tongue started flicking over my cock head and that pushed my to my limit. I emptied my jizz inside her mouth.

Both of us were drowsy by then. We moved to the bedroom and before we could do anything we passed out. I woke up first next morning with a headache. She was still half sleepy. I remembered the events of the previous night. There she was top half naked, her boobs squeezing against my chest, her hair falling across her face, right next to me.

Seeing her boobs again started making me hard. I inched closer. My hands started pressing her boobs. My lips touched hers and I gave her a deep intense passionate kiss. She stirred from her sleep with a big smile on her face.

Neha: Good morning sexy.

Me: I never knew you were this beautiful till yesterday night.

Neha: Ummmm. Now, don’t turn me on in the morning. I got a busy day ahead.

Me: Let’s make love. Let’s slay the day later.

With the constant boob squeezes and the french kissing, she was turned on. She raised her hips. I pulled down her shorts in a hurry. I threw the bed sheet that was covering us to see her naked body in all its glory. Her pussy looked like a freshly bloomed flower. It was clean shaved. Her smell turned me on.

I got down between her legs and started sucking on her pussy lips. She started getting wet in a little while. She wrapped her legs around my neck as she pushed me more and more inside with her hands. After tongue fucking her for a little while, I started finger fucking her. First one finger, then two. She started moaning loudly.

We then went into 69. Before the time ticked away, I took a condom from the drawer in my dressing table and wore it. We then started fucking like two horny people filled with lust all through their bodies. Missionary and then doggy style. By the end, we were exhausted.

We then took a bath together where we had yet another oral session. Just as she was about to leave, my phone pinged again. Yet another snapchat from my girlfriend. I realized it was going to be one eventful fun-filled weekend ahead.

All your comments and feedback are welcome. Any single ladies in and around Chennai looking for a little fun or a discrete relationship can drop in a mail at [email protected]. Let’s talk, connect and enjoy. Looking forward to reading your responses.

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