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Hi, I am Andy here. I m long hair lover. I like womens with long hair and passion for sex. I had previously posted 2 stories about my long haired maid Karuna. Karuna is my best partner in bed.

It was one of the memorable day for me. It brought most sexiest pleasure in my life. Her long haired well plated and neat braid I like very much.

On one holiday I was alone at home. Heavy rain was going on. Around 5 pm my door bell got rang. When I opened the door, Karuna came with all her cloths got wet. I asked why you are so wet. She told me that she forgot her umbrella in shop and got trapped in between in heavy rain. There was nobody at her home. All her family members were out of town. They are supposed to come after 7 pm. She had forgotten key in house and not in position to go at home so early.

She came to my home for shelter, as she was not knowing that my wife was out of town. But i was there to take her care.She was totally wet. Her clothes and hairs were filled up with water. She was shivering with cold.

I told her go inside bedroom. Remove wet clothes and wear my wife s cloths time being. She went inside bed room. She closed the door and started removing all clothes. I knocked the door, then she asked me what you want? I gave her towel, then she smiled sexily and give me lip kiss. I asked her should I help ? She said no , I will manage. I asked her to wear my wife s night gown and wait in bedroom. I went in kitchen and prepared tea for both and came in bedroom.

Karuna was looking very sexy in wait long hairs. She was rubbing her hairs with towel. I told her to use hair dryer. After that we sat on bed and drinking tea together. She told me that she is feeling cold. I told come near me. She came near me and hugged me. I started kissing her neck and hairs. She took bite of my ears. She told me I want to go in shop get umbrella and go back at home. I will put saree , will put hair braid and then go. I told wait dear, rain is still there. Your clothes are still wet. How you can go? She told me to give my wife clothes for today, tomorrow she will return to me. I told I will give her old saree so that nobody will come to know. She said OK and thanks with beautiful smile.

I told wait for some time. Outside climate is such nice and we are alone together. You are looking nice in open hairs. I want to play with your hairs and put your braid. She smiled naughtily and told you will not able to do that. I told you guide me, I will make it possible. I started combing her hairs. I put non sticky hair oil and took smell of her hairs. Then put clamp on her hair but. Then plated hairs with braid. I put rubber at her braid below her ass.

Now she was looking nice with long hair braid. I hold her braid and put on front side and asked how is it? She told very nice. You are very romantic person. I told her your long haired braid is my weak point. I always fantasize about playing with it. She smiled naughtily and kissed me and told she also likes it. She said my husband was also lover of her long hairs. So she is maintaining hairs for his memories. I told her I will help you refresh his memories. I lifted her braid and pulled her face and started kissing her.

I lifted her on my thigh and started romancing. We went bed together romancing and kissing and at last she falled on my body. She started kissing my body and rolling braid on my chest. At last she removed my pant and sucked my bird. She was eating it like lollypop. I put ice cream on my cock and given her feast.

Afterwards I removed her gown and started sucking her boobs. She put icecream on her niples and gave me sweet feast. She applied ice cream on her lips and asked to suck it. I sucked her lips and then our tongues started talking kiss of love. She put her braid on right boob.

I kissed her braid and sucked boob by lifting braid. I rolled my whole tongue on her body, she was moaning with pleasure. I separated her thighs and give tongue fuck to her pussy. Her pussy dropped liquid in my tongue and it was seventh heaven pleasure for her. I hold braid and started fucking her in doggy style. She was moaning like horse at last my happiest moment came and my liquid splashed all over her pussy. I started licking her curvy ass and give her anal fuck by my tongue. She was moaning like wild animal.

Then she sat on my thigh and her back was touching my chest. Her braid was lying on right boob. I started pressing boobs and rubbing braid on her boob. She was shivering with pleasure. I lifted her braid in my hand and started kissing it from backside.

Then she stood up and put my cock in her pussy and started dancing. Her braid was rolling on my chest while fucking. It was ultimate pleasure.

She wear old saree of my wife. Again made her braid OK. She was looking nice. She asked whether I m looking like my wife? I said yes once upon she was like you only with beautiful hairs. She told do not upset I will satisfy you in her absence. But take care of her also. She is very nice person. Then we kissed each other for 15 minutes.

Now rain was stopped but we together got wet in love with each other.

Hope you will like this story also.

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