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Hi ISS readers, I’m sharing my first experience with my college teacher.

I’m 23 yrs old with average body and fair looking.

I was really bored after I completed my degree and one day while going through my mobile contact I found my college teacher mobile number.

She was in her early 30’s and her name is Vimala (name changed). She has a 5 year old kid and living with her husband. She was a great looking women with a perfect structure and has looks of young women.

Since I finished my college I had courage to text her through whatsapp. I texted

Me: Hi

She : Who is this?

And then introduce about myself and she was happy to see my message and greeted me with a smile.

We discussed about college stuffs and some general topics

In few weeks we became close and started sharing personal things, at that time I came to that she was not happy with her personal life. Her husband have not been treated her in a well mannered.

She was so depressed, I felt bad so I called her through the phone and consoled her. She was happy that I called and we skipped that topic and talked for more than 1 hour..After that she used to have regular phone conversation and we became so comfortable in sharing things with each other.

One weekday she texted me at 9 am, I asked why she hasn’t gone to college yet. She replied that she has no mood to go to college as she has some quarrel between her husband in the morning.

I asked her “shall I come to your home now?”

She replied “ sure dear, that will be a relief “

I went to her home and she greeted me in. We sat on the couch, her face was so dull and eyes filled with tears. To cheer her up I brought some different topic but she was so depressed and not responding well.

I asked why are you living with that cruel men. She said “ I’m don’t want to hurt and parents and son’s feelings “ and started crying.

I moved close to her and wiped her tears and by holding her hands said “ I will be there for you “ and placed a gentle kiss on her right cheek. I was afraid about the outcome.

She smiled and hugged me. I was so happy, I started caressing her back and started brushing her hair with my hands..

She lifted her head and looked straight at me with happiness and was in heaven seeing her beautiful face. Slowly moved my face near to her, my lip made a feather touch with hers. I was tempting her by doing it , suddenly she locked her lips into mine and we were kissing each other so hard. I was sucking in her lips into mine, it was so intense kiss.

My hands started to explore her back, slowly moved my right hand and placed on her left boob and pressed it gently. We broke the kiss and she looked at me and smiled placed her head on my shoulder in shy.

I kissed her neck and slowly moved to the shoulder and kissed all over her neck to the shoulder. I turned herself and placed my both hands on her boobs and started pressing it while my lips were exploring her back side of the neck.

She was wearing a nightwear, I unzipped her in the front which revealed her cleavage. I inserted my right hand into the dress and placed it over the bra and squeeze her left boob. She started moaning “ aahhh ahhh”. I then slowly slide her dress from the shoulder, her bra strip was so revealing and placed a kissed on it. I made her to sit o my lap. My dick got hardened and started rubbing her ass.

She was enjoying and moaning. I remove her nightwear completed, now she was in her bra and panties.

I then asked her size. She said 36c. I’m not familiar with size but it was huge for me to play with I held her boobs from the back she started to moan so loud” aah aah” She become too hot and then I go deep and touched her nipple which was erected..

I was circling her erected nipple and moved my one hand down to her thigh and rubbed it. Move up a bit and placed my one hand on her panties and rubbed over it so hardly.I got rid of my jeans, She got hold of my dick over my boxers and started rubbing it hard. We both were in heaven and started moaning. I laid her on the couch and I jumped over her, I started licking her beautiful round navel and inserting my tongue deep into it, liked all over belly and waist.

My hard dick tearing down the boxers, I removed my boxers and started rubbing and teasing over her panties . I removed her bra and was astonished seeing her beautiful perfect shaped boobs. I started sucking one boob and had a firm grip on other.

I was madly licking and sucking out her boobs while my hand inserted into her panties and rubbing her wet pussy.

I went down to her feet and started licking and kissing from bottom to the top. I then turned her and kissed her whole back and grabbed her ass and started pressing it so hard. went down to the back thigh and started caressing it.

After sometime started massaging her back and thighs. She was moaning in great pleasure.

She licked my erected penis and gave a nice blowjob for around 15 mins.We both got undressed completely and she asked me to fuck hard.

I started licking her clean shaved pussy..She started moaning heavily “aah aahhh”… I then fingered pussy for a while, it was fully wet.

After some time I slowly inserted my cock and started riding her… She was enjoying it to the core and moaning was heavy..we both were satisfied completely and she was amazing.. Till evening we was just playing,smooching and was lying nude..

After that we were in friends with benefits relationship, we foreplay whenever we get time.Every night we used to sex chat and do sex whenever it’s possible.

Thank you for reading. You can give your feedback at [email protected]

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