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Hi to every one. This is my first story in ISS. I have read many fascinating stories and decided to jot down one of my own experience.

I am Shrey(name changed) i am 22 now, i have completed my engineering and currently working with a private firm.

This story dates back to my first year 3 years ago with my ex girlfriend(Reena, name changed). First of all i will tell you about her. She is avg in height around 5feet and couple of inches more, she has a sound figure, fair, beautiful and many were jealous of me as i was having a beautiful gf. We generally used to go out in my bike after my college hours and we belonged to a rural area there was very little traffic with good forests kind atmosphere. We had a pond near by and often we used to sit there.

It was my birthday but for me it was same day as usual we were sitting near the pond with lots of cows going back to their farm guided by their master. Reena asked for the gift which i would like to have. I was a bit confuse but then thought of something naughty i asked for a kiss, she hesitated a bit but after closing my eyes with her hand she planted a lip kiss. Man it was awesome feeling i had my first kiss and y heart was pumping faster than ever before.

I guess she knew what was coming, without getting late i also kissed her and this time holding her in my arms, we were kissing and exploring each others mouth and i moved further towards hern neck, her earlobes an awesome feeling within me was generating she was quite aroused with that as well. Both of us wanted to move further, meanwhile while kissing i slowly was moving my hands towards hear breasts, as soon as my hand reached underneath her arm pits she stopped my hand, i was afraid had i gone too far. We continued to kiss each other more passionately and this time i was not able to stop my self neither was she, i gently placed my hand over her right boob and started pressing, i could not describe what a wonderful experience i was having. She was busty and had large and firm boobs.

Mean while i lifted her and made her sit on my lap facing me. I slowly inserted both of my hands inside her top and was playing with those firm melons like any thing. She was getting aroused and without getting late i unhooked her bra, she was shivering and was asking not to do so, i started kissing her neck and ear lobes again and than it was not coming back than. It was almost 7 pm and it was dark as the place was not having any lights and more over it was away from city so hardly any people come there.

I then started pressing and rubbing her melons under her bra and her nipples were standing erect. Her boobs were large, larger than what i expected. I was getting hard on and my penis was at its peak of hardness she must have also felt that as she was sitting on it. Without wasting any time i removed her top and bra and started sucking her nipples like any thing, this made her wild and she started moaning loud, her voice was growing louder as i continued to suck her mellons and massaged them hard. I was experiencing one of the best boobs ever i can assure that. They were rounded, large and firm and i was loving them.

Suddenly i felt her hand in my chest and she took off my t shirt. It was grass banks near the pond so i maid here laid and came on top of her and started stroking her. within no time she unbuttoned my jeans and took it off. I also removed her skirt and she was just in her panty which was wet. I than took off the last part of cloth in her body. Her pussy was very pink this was the first time i saw a girl naked. I took off my under wear and she was closing her eyes thats why she was not able to see my 6′ cock. I have never experienced this much hard on in my life before. As soon as i touched near her pussy she was trembling, i gripped her and stared sucking her…..

I was sucking her pussy and pressing her boobs at the same time, she was moaning very loudly uuuuummmmmmmmmmmm hhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa ooooooohhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmm hhhhhhaaaaaa uuuummmm and within no time she experienced her first orgasm. I continued to suck her and this time i was using my finger as well to dig her pussy. She was very wet and was begging me not to stop i continued sucking them hard for about 10 min and suddenly her moans went loud again i knew she is about to have her second orgasm…….. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh ooohhhh ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkmeeeee uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm and she experienced her second……………..

I was not able to stop than i inserted my 6′ hard on gently on her pussy and started pumping very slowly. She was virgin hence it took time before we could start as it was paining her badly. we tried 2-3 times but she was in lot of pain hence i was not able to move my dick further. I then started kissing her and than suddenly with one stroke i went inside her half and with another stroke my full dick was inside her pussy, she was crying with pain i kissed her and held my move. after some time i started stroking again very slowly it was still paining her but less… slowly the pain of her face disappeared and she was enjoying… I increases my pace and sound of my balls hitting her was coming….Suddenly i stopped a bit to notice her reaction, she slapped me and commanded not to stop……………………

I laughed a bit and than started pumping faster and faster……she was moaning again and to my surprise she was asking me to fuck harder……..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ffffffffffuuuuuuukkkkk me sssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrryyyy uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmooooooooooohhh fffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkk meeeeee harrrrderrr yyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh fuuuuuuukkkkkk fffuuuuuukkkkk and within no time she experienced her third and mean time i was also at the verge of exploding. I emptied deep into her… was very breathtaking and satisfying . we laid their for some time to gather our breath………

She wanted to go, but i was not done yet. I asked her about Gspot orgasm which i have read in internet, i insisted her that i wanted to try to satisfy you completely. She said she is completely satisfy, but i was not done. I sarted fingering deep into her near her front wall of vagina as i was exploring in there i realised reena was trembling with my touch, i understood i got the place. i continued and fingered her more and suddenly she was completely blank and wasn’t able to speak even……….She told me of immense sensation it created….

I was very happy for the b’day gift i got and asked her to take the pills tonight.

We soon broke off as she started dating another guy, but any ways i had an awesome experience on my bday……

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