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I am Vijay, presently 45 and proud father of two beautiful grownup daughters who understand father’s all needs. But I will go back to when I was teenager and had sexual pleasure with mother and I fucked many girls and women but mother had been the best.

I fucked her continuously for more than 15 years. Ours was small family. myself sister my father an manager in a mnc and my beautiful and sexy mother. I was then younger and she in prime of her youth 33.

She got married at 15 and within three year we were born, sister and then me. Mother’s each and every part of was sexy and sensuous, fair,5 feet 4 inch, wide shoulder, big and round and full breast, and shapely hips and thighs sliding of hips over each other was a sight to see.

Our life was normal .Father and sister used to leave for work at 8 in morning, sister was coming back at 7 pm and dad at about 8 pm. My school was 11 to 4 and I was back home by 4.30. In school one day I heard my two friends talking about my mother.

Vijay’s mother is a mast maal her breast is full and juicy. It will be so nice to suck them. Her body is so tight and her bur (cunt) will be very tight and slippery. I want to push lund all over her body , in her bur, gand (asshole) and in her mouth every night I dream of her and masturbate in her bur’ name.

She has made me mad I was angry and shocked to hear these from my best friend Vinod talking so dirty about my mother but this talk changed my all idea about mom in evening I returned home mom opened door and she was in usual dress petticoat and blouse and my eyes fell on her big breast.

It was really big and round and I wanted to know how firm these are. After taking snacks, I came near her and said, mom are you very beautiful. Who says, she asked. Then I narrated every word which Vinod said about her on hearing she pulled me on her lap and said let people talk anything.

You cannot stop every one. She pulled me and kissed me. I place my one hand on her breast and pressed it few time. Vinod was right breast was big and firm. I enjoyed holding her breast. I slipped another hand on other breast and squeezed both together.

She was holding me hard and kissing me and I was kneading both breasts hard and fast. ‘Let other talk but you must not talk about your mother or sister body with any one and whenever you want you can see and feel our body but you must not tell anyone.

I said yes I will not tell but can you show me your lovely body to me. I will show you, but after some time when you become big to take care of me. She kissed and pulled me away and said son your mom is really beautiful’. She left me and went to kitchen but I was feeling strange

My lund was fully stretched and I felt like to go to kitchen and put lund in her bur but I went to bathroom and masturbated first time in name my own mother’s unseen cunt. Now I wanted to know more about women and fucking and I thought that Vinod can only teach me.

Next day onward I also participated in sex talk with Vinod .He knew too much, he told me about each and every thing of women’s body and fucking. He showed me many books and photos of real sucking and fucking. I learned a lot but he didn’t stop praising my mom body in raw terms.

Once he told me that he is really mad for my mom. I asked what you will do with her. He said, he will make mom nude on bed and will spread her thighs wide and then first he will eat and suck her cunt for hours and then he will push his lund deep in mom’s bur.

I asked why you don’t try this with your mother. He said he is already fucking his mother for last one year but he is not happy. He wants to fuck my mother. He said he will pay rs 10000.00 for one chudai. He asked whether I am fucking mom.

I said she is not allowing me to touch her face, forget about anything else. Vinod you also forget about her and try for other cunt. He requested me to take him to my house once. I said I will ask mom. I came home, she as usual opened door and after Nasta.

I told her what Vinod wants to do with her but this time she did not pulled me in her lap. I said he wants to meet you, can I bring him home tomorrow. No”, she said Vinod has aroused desire for mom and I decided for forcibly make her nude and fuck her hard.

And I wanted to do it fast and thought of giving a try next day after papa and sister go for work. Next morning when papa and sister went out for work and I told mom that today I will not go to school. She insisted for going to school but at last she agreed.

I waited for opportunity at 10 she went to take bath. She locked the door from inside. I searched for a hole but there was none. I cursed myself that why I didn’t make a hole before. I came back and sat after about 15 minutes she came out of bathroom in black petticoat and white bra.

She was looking fantastic and very sensuous. She was moving seductively with smile on her face. Her breast protruded outward was inviting me. She came near me and I got up and without giving her a chance to protest.

I pushed her to wall and placed lips on her lips and one hand on her bra and squeezed breast hard. She was trying to come out of my hold but I kept kissing her and took out both breast out of bra and for first time since child hood and I pressed her nude breast.

Though she came out after bath her breast was hot and tight. I kept squeezing mercilessly then after 5 minutes or so, I released her lips you are very rough, you should do it nicely and with love. Why you are torturing breast, you want to see them, then I will remove bra.

She removed her bra and said have a nice look. I placed each hand under each breast and pressed softly yes, do like this Mom Vinod is right you are really beautiful. I am lucky that you are my mother’ She said don’t waste time do whatever you want to do fast.

I took one breast in my mouth and placed one hand on other and caressed slowly and softly. She was enjoying. I looked at her, her eyes were closed. One hand on her one breast other I moved slowly over her belly and then to naval area.

I moved hand down to her waist and placed my hand on her cunt over the petticoat and pushed my pelvis towards her. Our thighs were pressing each others and she didn’t protest. I pressed her cunt few times then removed my hand and opened knot of my pajama fell down.

I took lund in my hand, lund was erect and tightened pushed it on her cunt over petticoat and I pressed my hip to her. She must be feeling pressure of my lund on her cunt but she didn’t move. I looked up and her eyes were closed either she was ashamed or enjoying my action.

Keeping pressure of my lund on her bur I moved my hand on her belly and breast area. My fingers were exploring each and every part of her belly and down towards waist and cunt. My hand came to her petticoat and I opened knot and released it, petticoat fell down

And my manhood knocked at gate of heaven for first time. She also moved and pushed her hip towards me and with both hands and I took hold of her both hips and pulled these towards mine. Her hips were tight and firm than her breast

It seemed that these has not been handled by my father son, let’s go to bed room but I didn’t and moved one hand on her cunt. I moved my hand over cunt, it was clean no hair on it. After few movement of hand on cunt finger found cunt lips. I moved finger along length of cunt lips.

Touch of juice on cunt lips and touch of cunt petals were giving most exciting pleasure. Up my mouth was sucking both breasts one by one and down my fingers were playing with cunt petals and clit. I took clit between two fingers and messed it slowly, she moaned.

She liked pressing of clit and I continued with moving my fingers along cunt petals and messing of clit and she increased moaning and started sliding along wall and placed her hip on ground. She pulled my head towards her. I moved my mouth up with finger inside cunt.

She took my cheeks in her hand and kissed my lips passionately. She inserted her tongue in my mouth and down I inserted three fingers in her cunt. She released me and asked how beautiful I am and I said much more than Vinod described and that her lips juice is very tasty.

She smiled and said that something tastier is waiting for me down. She told me to suck entire juice of her cunt. She cont said let’s go to bed and we got up and went to papa’s bed room. She placed herself nicely on bed and spread her thighs. With her own hands she parted lips petal of cunt.

I had the first view of most loveable and sought after cunt in the town. I kissed pink area of cunt, removed her hand and myself spread lips further apart. It was all pink and juices were all around. I put my tongue on lips and moved along the length of cunt.

Mom moaned and pushed my head down. I licked cunt and took clit between two lips and kept pressing it. She moved her hips and hip started moving up and down with clit in between my lips I pushed first one and then three fingers in her cunt. I moved my fingers in cunt fast so lips also moved over clit faster.

She were moaning and then she started talking filthy. Fuck me, motherhood, put your lund inside, my bur is hot, put your water and cool it, if your lund does not have strength call your friend Vinod and ask him to chodo bastard what you are you are waiting.

Put lund in the bur her talk made me excited and her hip movement increased very fast. I thought she will discharge, so I lift my head and slid over her body. I placed my lips on her and took one breast in hand and pressed it hard with other hand.

I took hold of lund and placed it on her cunt hole and pushed hard. With one push lund slid into her tunnel and there was fire all around inside cunt. My lund was feeling heat and immediately I moved faster son, move slowly, otherwise you will discharge soon like your father.

Push hard but slow speed and I slowed down and took both breasts in each hand. I feel your lund, it is hard and strong. Why you didn’t show me earlier and deprived me of fucking and I was thinking that you are still a boy aaaaah, it is nice, push hard

Vinod wants to fuck me, but I don’t want anyone except my son, son your lund is doing very nice chudai, keep pushing hard, yes like that. Now you can fuck me any time whenever no one is in house. Don’t show your strong lund to any girl even your sister otherwise every girl will ask for chudai.

You are doing nice chudai, keep on doing. She lifted one thigh and places it on shoulder, which allowed more fucking space you keep fucking me I will give you maximum pleasure, whatever you want. You can fuck my gand also. You are doing nice chudai.

She lifted her other thighs also and placed it on other shoulder. Now I was able see my lund going deep in tunnel and I was unable to stop so I increased my speed and she stretched her hand and touched my lund after fucking let me suck your lund it is so thick.

If you can control take out your lund out of bur before you fall and fuck me in mouth, I will drink all your juice, aaaah, move faster, you are fit for me, fuck your mother hard and fast oooh keep moving, I am your slave, I will do everything you say even I will get fucked by dog and donkey and elephant if you say.

If you want me to fuck by your friend Vinod , I will give him chudai, keep on fucking, aaah I said, you are only mine and no one else will do your chudai. Vinod will never be allowed to your chudai. If you want more fucking we can do it with unknown persons only.

Now I was at verge of collapse, but I didn’t want to cum before she get organism. She was moving her hips very fast. Suddenly, I recall tips of Vinod. Few times I pushed lund in her bur very fast and very hard and then pulled out lund to the entrance of cunt hole. She kept thumping her hips.

Why you stop, now I am verge of ecstasy please continue fucking’, please son don’t stop. I kept still for about a minutes and then with full force I pushed lund deep inside and she stretched her body lifted her hip and then came down.

I continued and increased my speed. Thank you son for the first time I got satisfaction, you are strong and I will arrange young virgin girls for you as long as you keep satisfying your mother I will take care of you in all respect. Now take out lund out of bur and put in my mouth and I will suck your lund.

I got very excited by her offer, I took out lund and moved over her sexy body and put in her waiting mouth. She took out lund of her mouth and took in her hand and softly kissed on tip of lund. It was best kiss I had how long you have been masturbating.

I said for about three years. She said you are a fool, you should have told me first time you got erection I would have shown your lund the way to my cunt. Any way you must not masturbate now and my mouth and cunt is always ready to gulp your lund.

She took lund in her mouth and sucked slowly and then took full length in her mouth at the same time she was playing with my balls. My mom was giving me extreme satisfaction, I moved and pushed lund faster in her mouth and then I exploded in her mouth.

She balanced my lund in mouth and drank my cum. Few drops were oozing out of lips. She sucked my lund clean and then I took it out. She pulled me down and rode over me. Now tell, how beautiful I am” I said you are best, your beauty cannot be described.

She said, now you have fucked me and satisfied me but if I come to know that you have told to anyone about our relation even to your sister and Vinod, I will deny and you will never be able to see me nude or touch my body.

I promised that even if I die I will not tell anyone about our love but I said you will also have to love me whenever I want and that she will remain all nude in house when no one is around. She agreed and I put my lips on her lips and took hold of breast.

My lund was hardening again to enter her cunt and she felt pressure of lund under her bur. She got up and you are a madar chod . You have tasted me and fucked me for more than two hours and you want it again and let me cook food and after lunch you can again chodo your mother.

She kissed me and went away to kitchen. I never got tired of her and he was the best after that and we fucked for fifteen years and almost every day. But no one knew our affairs. She used to remain nude when no one around and she taught me various acts of sex on my next birthday she had given her asshole to fuck in morning and in night she given me a most fantastic gift.

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