Pleasures Of The Flesh – Part 3

Hey its kk and am back with the next part. I am 23 yrs old, 5 ft 9 inches tall, fair, athletic and a friendly guy. I really thank everyone for their feed backs. My email id is [email protected]. I have changed my email id my friends so if you send anything, please send it to my this email id. Please refer to my earlier stories to understand this one. So what else to say my friends. That woman is so fucking hot, that I really just can’t get enough of her. The sexual pleasure which she is giving me, I have no words to explain that.

So, after having that incredible love making session, I was sitting, she was standing, with my arms around her hips and me delivering soft kisses on her fleshy belly. She was going to stay till the next week. That means we had one and a half weeks of time to savour each other’s flesh. I only used to feel good, when my cock would be plunged inside her delicious hot pussy, and she would be moaning with pleasure, asking me to fuck her much more harder. Sex is an incredible feeling my friends, it feels too good.

So, I was wondering how to utilize this whole week of time, to enjoy my mom’s hot friend, and taste each and every part of her mature body over and over again. I was still sitting with my face buried in her hot and healthy belly, and was pondering what to do next. Already we both have fucked each other lovingly to the core. Already we have done everything, so what else is left?

Then aunty called my name. I replied, yes aunty? She said, my dear boy, you made me feel so good just within these few days, I don’t know how to thank u. I said, why not thank me by spreading your legs for me right now. She playfully hit me on my shoulder and said, you hungry young animal, just now itself we had sex, and still you want more? I replied, what to do. you are so sexy that its impossible to control. I always feel like taking you to the bed and ravage u. you are awesome aunty. Just awesome. She kept on looking at me for sometime, then said, I really can’t believe that you are dying to be close to an older woman like me. I whisperingly said, you are great aunty. Then she smiled, and then I smiled and showered some more kisses on her soft and healthy belly flesh. Then all of a sudden my mobile rang.

After picking up I came to know that my mom is coming home. I said this to aunty. We both looked at eachother and our facial expressions were almost like shit !!!! Now what? We had thought about humping each other the whole day till we almost faint, and now , my mom may reach home any moment. Without saying a single word, we both plunged our tongues in to each others mouths and hungrily kissed each other. She grabbed my hair and kissed me brutally. I too kissed her back passionately. Then she broke the kiss and started removing my t-shirt hurrily saying, make it fast beta, your mom may reach anytime.

By saying this she removed my t-shirt. I replied, yes aunty. Our lips joined again for a passionate tongue-war, saliva was dripping slightly from both the sides of our mouths. While kissing itself she unhooked my shorts and pushed it down. I did the rest to remove it. Then I removed my underwear too. All this while we kept on kissing. Then I caught her pallu and slid it down. My fingers found her saree pleats, and pulled them out of the petticoat, and tugged out rest of the saree wrapped all around her petticoat. I grabbed her ass cheeks with both of my hands and pulled her more harder against my body. The flesh of her ass felt very soft, almost like jelly. I felt as if its gonna melt if I squeeze it harder. All this while we didn’t stop kissing at all, and I just loved kissing her also. Then I started unhooking her blouse hooks.

Because I was trying to remove it in a hurry, the hooks were getting stuck. Then aunty too joined her hands with me. Out of 4 hooks, 2 were undone, and rest of the 2 were creating problem. Being unable to tackle anymore I lost my patience and just tore open her blouse hooks. Aunty broke our kiss and exclaimed, you idiot, you tore my blouse? I said, don’t worry aunty, I will get you a new one.

Aunty laughed and said shut up you idiot. Then we laughingly resumed our kissing and within seconds we were again kissing and rubbing each other’s body like anything. The hot women with whom I was having a great time was wearing a bra which had hooks at the front. That too just one hook which had to withstand the weight of such heavy boobies. I unsnapped the bra hook, took both of those heavenly boobies in my both hands and pressed hard. She screamed. It was not too hard. She screamed in pleasure, not pain. We didn’t have too much time. We had to hurry.

Then I left her bouncing breasts with a sexy slap on the left breast, caught her petticoat string, and pulled it. Her petticoat dropped around her feet. She stepped out of them. I caught the waist band of her almost wet panty, and pulled it down her legs. Threw her panty where? Even I don’t know. We broke the kiss and she jumped on the bed, opening her legs for me.

Then I playfully said, so finally you are ready to thank me by spreading your legs? She replied, oh yes my boy, your aunty is ever ready to thank you in this way. Now come on, take your aunty to heaven by plunging your hard cock in to me. I went to her hurriedly because we really were running out of time. I bent down, gave a few licks and sucks to her unbelievably wet pussy, then positioned my cock at her pussy entrance. I looked at her, she looked at me, both breathing heavily. Then I literally plunged my cock in to her wet, hot, fuckingly soft hole. She screamed. I too felt damn good. Then I started fucking her. I started with a medium pace.

Then within minutes I started humping her hard. I was fucking her hard. I was really enjoying this hot woman lying under me. Then I all of a sudden inserted my cock as far as I could insert inside her pussy and stopped my fucking for a second and paused. She again screamed, caught my hands and pulled me down to her and locked her lips with me. Then I again started to fuck her. We were kissing and fucking at the same time.

I started fucking her hard again. Hard pounding turned to harder, and harder pounding turned to more harder. I was fucking her with all my might. I was giving her everything I have got. Then she orgasmed, and it was hard. She shook brutally, but somehow I controlled her. I kept on fucking her. Just waiting for my turn to cum. I broke the kiss, took her left nipple in to my mouth, and sucked. I sucked and licked her nipple, and the breast also.

Then I felt my orgasm coming. I said to her. We both looked each other deep in to each others eyes and continued fucking. Then my orgasm hit me. It hit me so hard, that I shouted in pleasure. My orgasm also triggered hers, and she too came. We both were shaking, panting, sweating, and what not. We were looking in to each others eyes, and enjoying the aftershocks of this short, but intense love making. We were lying like that itself. Trying to regain our breaths. After our breathing came back to normal. We again looked in to each others eyes.

We were so comfortable with each other’s nakedness. And we loved it too. Then she smiled at me and said, where is your mom? I said, who knows, where she got stuck. Or who knows, maybe she too wants both of us to fuck each other like anything, that’s why she is delaying her coming home.

Aunty started laughing loudly and said, shut up you filthy boy. you shameless creature. Then we both laughed for some time then aunty said, let’s get freshened up and arrange the room properly or else we can get caught. She was true. So we cleaned up everything as soon as possible. Just after our cleaning, my mom arrived. She happily greeted both of us and went to freshen up. Aunty and me went to my bedroom, where we had just fucked. We both were sitting on the bed and talking.

Mom came, and as soon as she entered the room, she said, wow, good smell. The room smells good. Thank god we had applied the room freshener. Or else my mom would have smelt the smell of mixed sexual juices of her son and friend’s, which was all around the room moments before.

So my mom was standing in the middle of the room and we both were still sitting. Mom and aunty were conversing regarding casual stuffs. All of a sudden aunty stopped talking. I looked at her. She seemed nervous. I asked her what happened? She nervously smiled both at my mom and me and then tried to indicate me something with her eyes. I didn’t understand.

She tried her best to signal me but still I was not able to catch it up. Then she pulled my hand and came near to me and whispered in my ear. you idiot, my panty which you removed and threw, is lying on the floor near the almirah, just behind the place where your mom is standing. you donkey. I saw it and yeah, her wet panty, which is well-soaked in her musky pussy juices, is right over there and my mom can see it easily if we don’t do anything before that. So, what did we do? Will be coming with the next part soon. And any aunties and bhabhies want to have some fun with me, please do reply. Till then, bye, live happily.

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