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Hello to all Indian sex story readers.

I am Rahul back again to share one more incident of a real sex story of a fabulous encounter of my gigolo profession. I would like to introduce myself to readers who don’t know me. As informed earlier my name is Rahul, age 22, unmarried, located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

I provide sexual services and/or body massage service, Nuru massage or any other personal service as per the demand. All fun activities will be at a private, secret and lonely place, which can be decided mutually. You can also opt for only body massage.

Coming back to the sex story I got a call from a lady and she was enquiring about me. I got little confused as gigolo business is not a legal business so felt disturbed and wanted to cut the phone call. She perhaps felt my intention and she said she is the secretary and she was enquiring for her madam. She said her Madam is a very big political leader of Tamil Nadu, so for her reputation, she has to do all this. She said her Madan got my no from some friend, words of mouth, and they told that I have good cock and tremendous Stamina and I am also skill packed by Indian ancient Kamasutra tricks.

Even I can satisfy women by my tongue and fingers only.I am a master in foreplay. My ejaculation is in my hand and as per the requirement so when ladies will want only that time I ejaculate. So in another way, I have the switch of my ejaculation in my hand and play as long as I want. So Madam was very much interested to actually feel my ultra cock in her pussy. She asked me to come to Chennai at there personal place and keeping all matters strictly confidential. I told her that This Is ME Down To EARTH Just For SERVING PEOPLE & To Earn BLESSINGS, BLESSING & BLESSINGS. The Work Which I Do Is Special For Me coz Due To This I Got Big Opportunities Like this. My Work Is My Responsibility and Duty That is the Reason I Stand At the Top Than Others and Every. Morning and Night My Whats App Gets Full of WISHING Messages.

Her secretary was very convinced with my reply. She said Madam wants to chat with me in the night as now she had gone for some campaign and followed by some meeting. She asked for my A/c. No, and deposited Rs. 1,00,000/-. To my surprise, I asked so much money you have deposited she said once you quench the thirst of her sex with the cock I will be showered with money money money…. She also said Chennai will be mine as Madam has a lot of connection in big business housewives, ladies from well off. Anyway, I reached Chennai on the given date.

Her secretary was waiting for me at the Airport and we both went to a big white color bungalow. The BMW car went inside the gate and the gate got closed. The secretary introduced me to her Madam, she was aged about 45 yrs fair in color with the bulky body typical south Indian lady. Madam called me to sit beside her. We were taking and I told her don’t worry about your hidden desires and fantasies, just ask me frankly to fulfill it, I promise I will.

It may be dirty or kinky or weird or unusual don’t hesitate to say me. Trust me after fulfilling your fantasies and desires you will be relaxed and happy like a free bird in the sky. You will get back your previous confidence and happiness. She was enjoying my talks. As there was no one in the house except me Madam and secretary. I told to Madam if you think an ice cream is a good dessert which can enjoy after a meal or an alternative to cold drinks when the temperature is high or something to enjoy while being idle, then I suppose you are missing one point. It can be a good starter for sex.

Let me explain you. Your body is experiencing an erotic heat, the heat which water cant extinguish; there I am, helping u to undress slowly and slowly to make you comfortable; you are now lying on the bed in your natural form; with a scoop I take the ice cream and place in on the top of your mountains.

Then, I place it on your deep navel and the last one I place it outside your pussy; you feel an unexplained comfort as you feel the chill of ice cream, which starts melting on your hot body; I then start licking the ice cream from the pick of your mountains to the icecream placed on your navel. the sharp edges of my tongue giving u an orgasmic pleasure and u r moaning with ur eyes closed.

After finishing the ice cream from your mountains and pussy; when I reached your pussy, the heat of your pussy already melted the entire ice cream and as the chilled liquid entered deep inside of your pussy, you feel that you are in the seventh heaven of sexual pleasure. To give u more comfort I insert my tongue inside ur pussy to lick out the ice ladies ! are you feeling the sexual sensation on your body;

She was happy with my proposal and we did exactly that. Madam asked the secretary to join us. Now we are doing a threesome. It is an incredible experience for me. All women are beautiful, regardless of their looks. You just need to touch their soul with respect and appreciation for their inner beauty and you will be rewarded with joy. The heart is way more important than the Body. Women are the God’s greatest gift to man and we should cherish and protect them, each and every one. Women wish to be loved without a why or a wherefore; not because they are pretty, or good, or well-bred, or graceful, or intelligent, but because they are themselves.

I stayed there for one week and with the grace of Madam, she used to call new ladies all are from luxurious business, political families. We use to have fore some, three some, two some with only Madam and had sex in all position.

So if you need my service anywhere in India, can contact me Please mail me your responses to [email protected], [email protected].

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