Preparing my hot wife for having sex with a stranger! [Indian sex story]

I am glad all of you enjoyed the story’s first part, loved all your responses, My wife also loved looking at pictures some of you had emailed. If you haven’t read the first part, I suggest you read part one first.

In the first part, Rocky and I made plans to seduce my wife Sneha. This part is about how I prepared my wife for our bull Rocky at my own home.

(Warning: This story is going to be long and will be in parts. This is part 2. It has elements of kink, taboo, gay, bisexuality, wife sharing, and seduction.)

Let’s begin.

Hello Readers, I am Suraj and my wife’s name is Sneha. She is fair, has a very curvy 34D-32-40 figure and juicy red lips with light brown eyes and hair.

After meeting Rocky, I knew that this was the guy who could actually seduce my wife Sneha and make her enter in this lifestyle. So I did everything as we had planned, I deprived my wife of sex for the next 4 weeks.

3 weeks before:

Sneha: You were very naughty yesterday. What had gotten into you? Messaging me naughty texts and asking for my nudes?!

Me: Why? Did you like it?

Sneha: Yes, but you were like a totally different person.

Me (I murmured very softly): It was a different person.

Sneha: What?!

Me: Nothing, I was just feeling a little horny.

Sneha: Ohh! Let’s have sex today, dear!

Me: Ohh, I am sorry dear but I have lots and lots of work to do and I also need sleep.

Sneha (very angrily): You should have married your work and not me and if you don’t want sex, why tease me?

Me: I am very sorry, dear! You know what, let’s go to your favorite mall next Sunday for shopping. What say?

Sneha: Well, okay. That sounds nice.

After that, my wife changed into a really hot nightgown which was silky satin and blue in color. She removed her bra like every woman does and I could see her hot cleavage. I knew my wife really wanted sex but I quickly closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep.

She slept next to me after putting our child to sleep. I got up by 12 am and switched on the dim lights, and then took out my phone and started clicking hot pictures of my wife. I later sent them to Rocky. He got crazy and commented on each hot picture I sent.

Later he even sent his dick pic to show me how hard he was. He called me and I went to the living room and we did dirty talk about my wife.

2 weeks before:

Sneha: Today is Sunday, I hope you’re not forgetting your promise.

Me: No, dear. I remember perfectly, let’s go to Infinity mall in Andheri.

Sneha: Yes Yes! (She was really happy, she kissed me on my cheeks.)

We got ready and we went to the mall. My wife wore tight jeans and a tight shirt, her boobs looked so hot. Now, today I wanted to shop everything she was going to wear when Rocky was going to be here and it was my duty to make my wife look hot for rocky. So first I took my wife to ‘Zara’.

I picked all hot one-pieces for her, I didn’t allow her to buy any full clothes. My wife was happy as all other men are pretty conservative.

Then we went to ‘Cover story’ and bought her hot tops, shorts, and skirts revealing my wife’s figure, cleavage and her hot big ass.

Finally, we shopped at La Senza. It is one of the best places for women to buy hot lingerie. My wife was super happy and she of course didn’t understand why I was buying her all this stuff.

Sneha: Are we going out for our honeymoon?

Me: No, why?

Sneha: What am I going to do with all these hot clothes?

Me: I want my wife to look hot, hehe (I chuckled.)

Sneha: Well, you are successful. Did you not notice people staring at me while I was posing for you in the mall in all these new clothes at Zara and H&M?

Me: Hehe, yes, I did. Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy their attention!

Sneha: I did but I don’t want people getting excited as I walk wearing all these.

Me: Well, that’s their problem, their wives are not this hot. Let them be jealous, I don’t care if they get hard looking at you. (I winked)

Sneha: You naughty! Okay, well, I am a strong woman and I should not be bothered by idiot people.

Me: Yes dear, you are right. It’s your choice after all.

That night, my wife really wanted sex but I told her that my boss had given me work and I took my laptop and pretended to be working. I was chatting with Rocky meanwhile and telling Rocky about our day and teasing him a bit. I shared pictures of my wife wearing a hot black one-piece and he went all crazy.

Rocky: Suraj, your wife is an atom bomb, how are you resisting her?!

Me: It’s very difficult, I am masturbating of course.

Rocky: She was very hot boobs, man and such a big ass, I want to fuck her very badly.

Me: Haha, looking at what it did to your cock, I am sure you want to.

Rocky: She has got the best dick sucking lips I can imagine, rosy and pink.

Me: They taste even better.

Rocky: Dude, stop teasing me! I can’t take it, I am coming to your home next week.

Me: But I haven’t told about you coming here to Sneha yet.

Rocky: I don’t care, you figure out, Bye.

He hung up the call. I thought to myself ways in which I can convince my wife for this Ordeal.

1 week before:

I came from the office on a Wednesday and thought I will tell my wife about Rocky that day.

Sneha came out of the kitchen wearing hot shorts we had bought for her which looked like in the link below.

My wife was looking hot in them, paired with the hot tight top her boobs popping out!

Sneha: Welcome, dear! How are you?

Me: I am good, dear. You are looking good in these clothes.

Sneha: Thanks a lot, dear.

(Flattery is best with ladies, always remember that.)

Me: Sneha, you know one of my old friends called me. He is looking up to set up business in Mumbai.

Sneha: Oh, that’s very nice, dear.

Me: Yes and that’s why he was asking me if he can stay here.

Sneha: Ohh! For how many days?

Me: Hmm! I think, 15 days! Only if you are okay with it!

Sneha: That’s a lot, Suraj. 2-3 days would be no problem but 15 days is a lot!

Me: Well, we can make him stay for 2-3 days and if you’re not comfortable, he can stay in a hotel. But you know how expensive that can be in Mumbai and he doesn’t know anyone here. He was my really good friend in the hostel. (I kept rambling, I was wondering how desperately I wanted Rocky to fuck my wife and see his cock myself!)

Sneha: Who is Rahul and Viraj?

Me: No, they were my roommates. This is my another friend – Rocky!

Sneha: I am hearing his name for the first time. If he is going to stay here for 15 days, he can stay. But then I will go to visit my mother during that time.

(I thought to myself that plan would fall apart if that happens!)

Me: But dear, Rocky has never met you and he was excited to meet his bhabhi too. You know if you do this for me, I will take you to Jean Claude Biguine and you can get self pampered.

(Well, this was the plan, take her to high-end beauty parlor and get her Brazillian waxed all smooth and clean for Rocky. He could get facial and other spa treatments to get her relaxed and her soft skin softer for Rocky.)

Sneha: Well, if that’s the case then I want your credit card. I want to get a body-scrub, haircut, nails done eyebrows, etc.

Me: Yes, you can do everything you want but I want you to go for Brazilian wax this time.

Sneha: You naughty!! Okay, darling, I will make an appointment next week.

Me: I have already taken an appointment for coming Saturday. You get pampered, I will take care of our daughter.

I texted Rocky that my wife had finally agreed. He was very happy and sent me his hard dick picture, messaging me that he wants me to come below our building by 12 midnight with some instructions.

I followed all his instructions and you guys will know them as the story progresses.

My wife as usual slept in her hot nightie, after removing her bra. I picked her bra, lifted her nighty up and slid her panty out, clicked a few pictures again. I tried my best and she didn’t wake up. I carried her bra and panty in a small bag and carried her lipstick in the bag as well.

I went to the washroom, took out a new razor, and shaved my facial hair and put my wife’s perfume on me. I came out and took the bag with me below the building where Rocky would come any minute.

I waited near the entrance of my building and Rocky came after 15 minutes. I waved at the sight of the car like a dumb eager girl would and he stopped and just said, “come quick, get in the car.” I sat next to him.

Rocky: Did you get all the things I asked for?

Me: Yes, I did as you told.

Rocky: Hmm, I do smell her perfume. Nice touch.

Me: Thank you, Sorry but bringing you home right now would spoil our future plan if my wife sees us.

Rocky: I know, let’s go to the back-road area.

Me: Yes, by the way, she agreed, and also I will have her all dolled up for you.

Rocky: That’s like my boy.

Rocky took the car to another secluded place which was quite dark and switched off the car headlights.

Rocky: Now put on the lipstick quickly.

Me: Seriously?

Rocky: You want to see my dick or not?

Without saying anything, I quickly applied my wife’s dark red mac lipstick.

Rocky: That’s more like it, slut. Now, show me the pictures you took of her.

Me: Yes, sure.

I gave him the phone. After looking at my hot wife sleeping, Rocky’s eyes got glued to the screen and without telling him, I grabbed his dick. Rocky smiled and said,

Rocky: Give me her panties.

Me: Yes, sir! (I gave him my wife’s hot red panties.)

Rocky: Wow, they are so silky. (He got his cock out and put Sneha’s bra on it and was feeling the soft fabric while sniffing her panties.) I can’t wait to eat her

Me: Can I?

Rocky: Can I what, bitch?

Me: Can I play with your beautiful cock, Sir?

Rocky grabbed the back of my head and pulled down on his dick. His hot cut black cock was hard and 7.5 inches was hiding below my wife’s bra. I pulled down my wife’s bra to the side and started playing with his cock like last time, kissing it, squeezing it, grabbing it, licking it and slurping it.

Meanwhile, Rocky was busy zooming in and out of my wife’s pictures and sniffing her panties. In the next 25 minutes he came, and did he cum a lot! Like last time, I gulped it all down. Rocky dropped me, keeping Sneha’s panties with him and making me wear the bra and sending me home like that.

Each day was a surprise, seeing my other side. I didn’t know it existed before meeting Rocky. I knew that day I was Rocky’s bitch and I was supposed to give him my wife on the coming Sunday.

As scheduled, my wife went to high-end Jean Claude and got Brazillian waxed and she got all the other beauty treatments as if she was going to have her first night after marriage. I picked her up in the car and told her that Rocky will be home tomorrow, which did upset her a bit.

Sneha: Hi, thank you for picking me up.

Me: Welcome honey, you look so pretty. Your whole skin is glowing, I love it!

Sneha: Thank you, dear.

Me: Hope you did what I asked you to do.

My wife looked in either direction, no cars were nearby.

Sneha: You mean this?

She was wearing comfortable tracks and a zipper and she pulled the elastic of her pants and showed me her pussy. It looked so pretty, with no hair and her flawless shiny skin

Me: Damn! It’s looking hot, look at that hot pink fair pussy, yummy!

Sneha: Hahaha, thats all you are getting, you deprived me of sex all these days, now its my turn.

I had a big hardon and I couldn’t help but think how Rocky will enjoy my wife’s hot pink perfect pussy.

Me: Rocky will come home Sunday morning. Don’t worry, I will help you take care of Shannaya (our daughter).

Sneha: Yeah, I know you will help but now for next the few days, lives will change.

Me: Nothing will change, dear. He is just here for business, he will find another place as soon as he is done.

Sneha: Nothing is going to change? How will I be comfortable at home with him around?

Me: He is open-minded and it’s okay, you can be yourself, no issues, he is not going to bother us.

Sneha: You mean to say that I can wear what I usually wear at home with him being around?

Me: Yeah, sure. Why not? Just be comfortable, dear.

Sneha: Hmm, okay. If you say so.

That moment, I was so happy that I had a hard-on. We reached home and all I thought was what was going to happen in the next few days. I purposely didn’t send any pictures to Rocky and just asked him to come tomorrow by 10 am. I couldn’t sleep due to all the excitement, my wife slept like a baby. Rocky was too excited.

In the next story, I will tell you how Rocky seduced my wife and made her his slut.

Please let me know how this part was? Send your reviews, hot comments on my wife or your dick pictures, everything is welcome. My id: [email protected]

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