Pushpa Aunty Seduced Me – Part I

Hi to all readers and I am Ashish 25 from Pune 5’9″ tall, athletic built, whitish. This is my first story on ISS and my first ever sex experience. I’ve been reading stories on ISS from a long time and I get very excited or rather sex excited reading stories in the incest categories.

Therefore I decided to post my real life experience with you all. This story is about me and my aunt, my father’s elder brother’s wife who live at my home town in Maharashtra. I remember I was in 12th grade that time.

I watched my first Blue Film with my friends when I was in 8th grade. I was introduced to pornography by one of my friend who was more active on internet among my friends.

When I was in 12th grade my aunt slipped in the back yard and as a result had a gap in her lower vertebrae. She was treated with it and the doctor had suggested her some exercises to overcome the problem.

This was the time when I was attracted to her. I’ve seen her cleavage many times whenever I go visit her. My uncle is living in separate house with his family. They were a family of four. Uncle, aunt, a daughter and a son and my cousin sister was married and my cousin brother was a teacher

Uncle was working for a bank now retired. She was married very early and so has grown up children. I was attracted to complete women from my school days. I use to admire assets of my female teachers all the time.

Alright, coming to my aunt, her name is Pushpa name changed that time she was 45 I guess. She is very fair, very good looking with long face and athletic built with height around 5’5″ and right amount of fat at the right places. Anyone will die to have sex with her.

Her figure would be around 36 34 36. She wears only saree that too casual ones not designer. The way she drape saree reveals her assets very well. She is having most beautiful boobs, creamy, soft with brown areolas and big nipples which obviously.

I seen later and her ass was also very creamy, soft and curvy. She resembles the south Indian actresses who play sexy aunties in the movies. I was having my college near their home so I used to go there after my college is finished but not frequently.

After few months of her injury, I go there and knocked the door but there was no answer. It was afternoon, around 2 pm. I waited and knocked again. I already knew that my aunt is always alone in the afternoon as my brother goes to the school and my uncle in office.

It took a bit longer to open the door when it was opened I asked her you took time to open, what happened. She replied I was doing the exercises suggested by the doctor. I said ok and asked her why you are doing this exercises in the afternoon?”

She said she was shy to do exercises in the morning as her son is at home and also the milkman comes in the morning. I said alright, you can continue now. She started doing the exercise. She might have thought I am a small boy and she is comfortable doing it in front of me.

But I was now 18 and full of testosterone rushing. Thanks to the blue films I watched. I was watching her doing the exercise. She was on her back and taking her knees to her chest folding her legs very slowly.

She was in saree and due to this her creamy calves were visible to me. I was getting aroused by the sight. After few repetitions she was having problem lifting her legs so I thought lets touch the beautiful calves and asked her can I help you with that?

First she refused but I insisted then she agreed. I sat near her legs hold her lower calves inside the saree and started lifting her legs and slowly-2 and I moved my grip upwards lifting her saree. She was smiling at me with every repetition but didn’t say anything.

Now I was able to watch her thighs. She caught me looking at her thighs but she was just smiling. Now I was imagining the missionary position with her. After few repetitions she said she had to do another exercise, so she sat and changed the position.

She balanced her body on her knees and hands and started moving with her ass down and chest at front and back to early position. Now I was having a clear view of her cleavage and was imagining her in the doggy position.

She caught me watching her cleavage but was smiling. I thought she is intentionally doing this particular exercise. So again I asked her can I help lifting you?

Now she immediately accepted. I was sure that she is enjoying all this. I stood near her ass got hold of her waist and was helping her doing exercise. I got courage and started moving my hand towards her boobs.

Her breathing was increasing and first I thought it was due to exercise but soon I realized that my hands were cupping her boobs and I was pressing them pretending lifting her and I was so much aroused and my cock was very hard.

I was intentionally touching my cock to her ass when her ass comes up after few minutes she said she was tired and her back is paining. I asked shall I massage your back so you can feel better.

She agreed and told me to take massage oil from the shelf. Stood up to take the bottle and in the meanwhile she slept with her back upward. I took the oil bottle and sat on the bed near her and I pour some oil on my palm, applied on both my palms and started massaging her waist first.

I thought this is the time to nail her, but what about the injury. So I started talking to her regarding her injury like how it is now and where exactly it is. She told me it is almost recovered.

I again asked her where exactly it was? She took my index finger and directed it to the injury. It was just at the starting of her ass crack. I felt the crack but acted like I didn’t have the location. I said I didn’t get it.

She then took my hand put inside her saree and moved it to the ass crack. Then I said I got it and linger little longer there, she was just smiling. Now I got the green signal and decided to fuck her there and then.

I said lets continue with the massage and she agreed. I started massaging and started moving my hands upwards under her blouse. I knew she stopped wearing her bra from a year now.

I took a bold step, I said Aunty, do you mind removing your blouse, it may get soiled due to the oil. I cannot believe myself. She said ok and removed it. I made up my mind and said this is it and this bitch is testing my patience.

I got up on my knees keeping it on the both sides of her body and bend over her back with my hands on her shoulders and started kissing on her neck. She moaned a little. I moved my lips on her shoulders and was kissing, her moaning was increasing.

I moved my lips to her ears and kissed and sucked her earlobes. She left a moan. I whispered in her ear Pushpa, I’ll make you crazy today. She replied in whisper finally you understood. Now there was no obstruction for me. She was starved for sex.

I don’t know it was due to the injury or anything else but now I am going to fulfil her appetite. I bite her earlobe and she moaned loud. I started kissing her back moving down up to her waist

I moved her facing towards me and gave a soft kiss on her soft and pink lips. We started sucking each other’s lips. We kissed each other till our lips became red and started to pain.

I moved my lips on her neck and started sucking. My right hand was removing folds of her saree and my left hand was moving on her back holding her. I removed her saree and then her petticoat.

I moved my lips on left boob and started sucking it very softly meanwhile I put my hand inside her panty and was rubbing her cunt. I was surprised to feel that there were very less hairs on her pubic area.

I asked her in whisper when did you shave here? She replied one week ago for this I bite her on her nipple and she moaned loudly. She whispered uuummh someone liked it shaved. I took her left boob in my mouth as much as possible and bite it.

She moaned very loudly and said easy Ashish, easy, this is my boob not a piece of cake I replied Pushpa and this is sweeter than the cake, don’t stop me. She said I am not stopping you, just be easy on it.

I said ok and moved my lips on her right boob and started sucking it. She getting wet and was moaning loudly. I also bit her right boob and moved my lips on her navel. I put my tongue inside her navel and started moving it in circular motion.

She got so excited and started lifting her ass and I then removed her panty and an erotic smell was coming from her cunt. I rolled her a bit and was now kissing on her ass cheeks.

I gave a hard bite on her left ass cheek and she moaned aaaah, Ashuuuu, ssssss. Now I parted her legs and I moved in between them. I started licking and kissing her thighs near her cunt and blowing on her cunt.

She was getting mad and lifting her ass and moaning loudly ohhh Ashu, aaaahhh, aaai ga oh mother umhhhh, aah. I started kissing her left leg from thighs to toes. I switched the leg and started kissing her right leg from toe to her thighs.

She was continuously moaning aaai ga, aaah ashish. Now I put my lips on her cunt and kissed her vertical lips. She moved her ass up and down very swiftly. She was trembling so much and I moved my tongue from bottom to top of her cunt and sucked her clit.

I was holding her boobs meanwhile and massaging them. She was holding my hairs tightly and pushing me towards her cunt. I put my tongue deep inside her cunt and was moving it in circular motion suddenly she held my hairs tight and pressed my head with her thighs.

She was contracting and relaxing her cunt lips and within few seconds she spurted her cum all over my face with a very loud moan. She spurted 3 4 times and then released my hairs and face from her grips and just lied there breathing in fact relaxing. Her eyes were closed. I moved up and looked towards her face. She was smiling with eyes closed.

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