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I am Adit from Malappuram 27 age. I have sharing my 1st experience with you. My experience is that with a married lady I think it’s more interesting and safe. I like aged ladies than sweet seventeen, one of the best things and I like on ladies that arose me more is their legs from knee to toe if

The toe is polished I feel to lick it and my cock will produce honey while seeing those legs and toe, I regularly watching the legs of ladies from everywhere. I like the ladies who wearing nighty its really a sexy dress, if a lady show their pussy by lifting their nighty from toe and without panty.

I will eat the pussy and it will take at least one hour. Sorry if you bored I am entering to the story. My language is not that much perfect please forgive me an aunty in 39 age. She is my neighbour. Name is Pushpa (all name changed) Married and living with husband.

One child she has married and settled in abroad. I don’t know about her measurement but I can say like a tipical malayali that ‘chechi oru charakanu’ a sexy one. I am writing this story by her consent and her suggestions, she said that word ‘charak’ she like it a little fatty, collar is white good and big boobs.

I like big boobs nothing to avoid from head to toe and pure. Hands from shoulder is very fleshy and smooth, fingers are also beautiful they are one among the 6 house from my house. All families in our area are well attached, sharing happiness.

We decided a pilgrimage and picnic tour to a place almost 70kms away. It was a great trip with all possible enjoyment for a family tour. The return trip started by 10pm and everyone was dead tired. I took the last seat and Pushpa aunty sat next to me.

I slept within minutes suddenly woke up to know that I was resting my head on her shoulders. I sat straight but that woke up Pushpa aunty. She looked at me with a mischievous smile and I become honey while seeing her smile

She was sitting right side of mine our hands were contacting with each other and I am in a dilemma what to do and I was very much worried about if she scold me others will think that my character is not good but one strange force controlled me.

I just touched on her hand she didn’t mind t I increased the force slowly just caught her finger then I just looked her she were looking me at that time and I feared I tried to took my hand but she caught it tightly then I felt some relief my breathe became properly.

She whispered into my ear pedikendato don’t worry. I said ok chichi enik feel cheyyunnu njan endenkilum cheythal chichi deshyapedumo? I feel something if I don’t anything do you angry with me and she said illeda chekka nee ishtamullathok cheythoda no never do what do you like

I started my hand work I put my hand on her thigh and massaged there slowly and I increased the force of my hand and caught her thigh tightly touched on her triangle area I felt really horny.

She removed the hand rest in between the seats and put her hands on my thighs slowly her hand moved towards my dick she slowly rubbed on it. I was in the paradise.

I took my hand from her thighs then I just put my right hand on her right shoulder and rubbed there then slowly caught her boobs it was a little difficult to catch her boobs properly because of our sitting after sometimes. I put my left hand on her left boob and rubbed it was very smooth.

I asked chichi ithonnu purathedukomo can you unbutton your blouse then she smiled and unveiled her left boob for me. We became very comfortable and friendly at that time. Then she just lay on my lap. I felt some movement between my legs.

Her hand was slowly rubbing my tool over the dhoti. I sat wondering is it a dream and adjusted myself in the seat and she kissed on my dick through my mundu dhothi) she slit my mundu and given a kiss on my jokey.

She looked up and smiled at me and the message was clear and I didn’t waste time. She was at my right side and when lying on my lap, my right hand was in comfortable position to probe her breasts and cleavages. The response was a gentle squeeze on my penis.

Wow! I rested my head back as if asleep. I could feel her hard nipples through the blouse. Her breasts are too big and soft, I put my lift hand though the blows and got her nipples it was very hard

I rubbed it very well, at that time my my right hand were busy with her buttock its also so big, I inserted my finger a little into the gap of her sary it was amazing and very fleshy area, while inserting my finger I heard her sexy noise, then I want to touch her inner parts

I whispered in her hear to wake up form my lap, she woke up, I lifted her sary along with her under skirt I saw her legs and thighs in the darken light, her legs that I already noticed well polished nails, I whispered into her ear to lift her feet up it was little difficult but she gave her right leg to me.

I gently massaged slowly from knee to toe it was too soft, small hairs on her calf’ then I kissed, its also from knee to toe. I had a great desire to suck her toe but I postponed it to the next time after washing her legs. I kissed on her feet, legs and thighs it was amazing and I rubbed all over her legs

She put her right hand though my mundu(dhothi), caught my penis and she rubbed it. Finally I reached in that area. I put my finger on her pussy I heard her sound of breath. Her underwear was extremely wet I felt a jelly on that area.

I slowly put my fingers into her underwear there was a forest of her pubic hairs, she adjusted for me to put my finger in her, I slowly put my index finger into her pussy and slowly moved in it. After a few minutes I feel some liquid coming from it.

She caught my penis hard. I ejaculated 2 times in that journey; we proceed our play up to our place in that return journey I asked several questions to her she explained everything without any hesitation I like her boldness and I admired her about her attitude for sex.

She treated me just as her friend like very well known friends. A very good friendship created in between us and friendship is not a thing to keep only with our same age in between our talking.

I kissed and smooched several times and caught and rubbed everywhere she was really co operated with me. Before reaching to our place I said to her to make her dress properly then hand rest made down.

She given a kiss and said she will give a good feast to you soon. I smiled and thrilled then we reached everybody dispersed she has given a smile to me. But I wondered why she has not said to keep this as a secret.

I thing its maybe she understand me, I don’t want to make a problem to her life so I will keep it as secret and friends I will tell you my next experience if I get a chance. Thanks for reading my story. Please send mail if you like my story to [email protected], [email protected]

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