Quenching The Thirst Of A Former Neighbor

Dear ISS readers,

I dedicate this story to each one of you. I hope you may find it interesting and enjoy the same. This is all about a series of event that led me and my former neighbour to bed. Invest your time in this not too long story and i assure you of the benefits and make sure your time is well spent.

This is Khanna, from Chennai. I’m 25 years old. To know more about me, read my previous story. The heroine of the story is Devi, 30 years old. Breast Size: 36 D. 5 ft 3 inches height and close to 65 kgs. To simply put, she is a dusky beauty. Great curves and beautiful ass. She was my neighbour during my school days and got married few years back. Her husband is 45 years old. She had to put on weight after giving birth to her son, who is 4 years now. She went on settle with her husband in another area. I didn’t quite see her after that.

The story took off when she came to visit us all of a sudden last year in July. I was surprised to see her in my home and greeted her. She was all smiling and enquired about well beings. I reciprocated the same and enquired about her family. All of a sudden my got a call and got busy with her work for the next few mins. We both were alone. And talks went from being formal to personal.

She complimented me that i’m looking handsome and etc. You must be having girl friends and all. I had to play down her thoughts and assured her convincingly that i’m single. She was satisfied with my reply. She took her mobile out and asked for my number. I gave a number and she gave me a call and asked me to save her number. She asked me call her whenever i’m free. I assured her on that front. She also asked me to come to her home when i do pass by her locality. And I left her to my mom’s company as soon as she got back.

The very next afternoon i got a call from her. Se asked me what i’m doing and etc. I’ve told the same. and all after two mins of talk, it was all awkward as v had nothing to talk. She broke the ice asking me if i’m free today evening.

She: Are you free this evening?

Me: Yes.

She: Would you mind coming to my home?

Me: Is your husband there with you?

(I’ve asked her this so as to make sure her husband is present)

She: Yes, he will be home in the evening.

He: Okay, see you around 7.

I called her upon reaching her locality. She guided me to her home and i reached there as per her directions. Her husband was present and so was her son who was so busy in watching cartoons. I greeted her husband and started talking formally. In the meantime she went to kitchen and made a milkshake for me. I drank it. She was showing me around her house and her daily routine. And how boredom has become a companion after her marriage and usual rants.

We settled in her bedroom with door closed by turning on the A.C. We were seated in bed, not very far from each other. She was showing me some her family pictures from an album. I was going through it. Her husband came and asked me what i would like to have. I’ve told him anything he wishes to offer. He came to the bedroom with a Beer bottle and a glass. I’ve told him about my habit of not having beer. He felt disappointed and i’ve told him i wish to have some whiskey instead. His face brightened and he went out to purchase the same. We were talking in bedroom. Her face even brightened as soon her hubby went out. I sensed a urge of her liking to be alone and talk to me.

Me: “Akka, you’ve changed a lot after marriage.”

She: Change? What change?

Me: The way you talk, your dressing sense and everything.

She: “Everything?” *she winked*

I understood what she meant. I mustered some courage and told her what i felt.

Me: Yes. You look better now with great shapes. * i winked*.

She: Thank you, Khanna. *sheepish smile*.

She placed her hands on mine and looked me in her eyes. And the bell rang. Her hubby came back with liquor bottles. And she was left high and dry.

She went on to Kitchen and started making some snacks for us. She asked what i would like to have for dinner. I’ve told her anything would be fine. She was preparing dinner. Me and her husbands were doing rounds of talk and i drank slow and less because i had to drive back to my home. He started feeling tipsy after a few rounds. He drank in a very fast manner. I went to use restroom outside the bed room. I saw her in kitchen as soon as i was out of the bathroom.

I went to kitchen on the pretext of drinking some water. I went in and asked for some water. She gave me and turned away to the stove. She was changed into a sleeveless nighty. Purple colour. That outfit fits her and sticked to her body shapes. I could her sexy ass and my eyes were almost glued to that.

She turned to ask me something and caught me red handed. And she gave a naughty smile. I went back and joined her hubby. He was all high and kept talking something. i patiently listened to him and she came and asked us to have dinner. We had dinner. And i was about to leave. Her hubby slept. She came downstairs to see me off. She asked me to drive safe and give her a call as soon as i reach home. I did the same. It was close to 12 in the night.

She: Did you like my home and dinner?

Me: It was fantastic.

She: And? that is all?

Me: Yes Akka, That’s all.

She: I know what you were looking at in the Kitchen.

Me: Sorry, I can’t help it.

She: That’s all right. I thought you liked them. Don’t be sorry for what you like. *She smiled*

Me: I laughed out loud. go sleep. It’s already late.

She: Thanks for coming today. It was a great day. I would like to see more of you in the coming days,

Me: Sure. Thanks for having me there and treating like one of their own.

I had to bid her goodnight and ended up the call.

She called me after two days. We spoke casually. And she asked me to come to her home if i am free. I was waiting for that anyway. So i went there that evening and learnt that her hubby was out of town. She welcomed me with a ever glowing face and asked me sit in the hall. I was playing with her Kid and she offered me some snacks. She told that her hubby is not home with a naughty smile. I understood what that smile was. Her kid was busy with his TV again and we moved on to her bedroom. She bolted it from inside and turned the A/C on. It kinda turned me on too. We both sat closer and talked. She held my hand into her. She was wearing saree that day.

She: Khanna, can you be honest and answer my question?

I felt an innocence in her words and assured her to shoot the questions.

She: Do you like me?

Me: Yes Akka, Of course. Y would i be here without liking you?

She: Do you like me a sister or do you see me as a woman?

She came to the point directly.

I was in silence now and didn’t answer her. She asked the question again.

Me: You’re more of hot woman than a sister to me.

She: Thanks. I know what you feel of me and i kinda see you more like a man than a brother ever since i met you earlier this week after a long time. You’re a grown up man now.

Me: The feel is mutual.

She: So? Do you know what i’m in need of?

Me: Yes. You want me in totality just as i want you.

She hugged me tight as soon as i said it whispered in my ears, “Make me yours, and you’ll be mine”.

She gave a bite of my earlobe and warm breath sent pleasure wave all across my body and our eyes met, i took her lips in mine and smooched her deeply. The tigress in her pounced on me and we went on exploring each others lips and kissing all over her face. Her fragrance drove me even crazier. I removed her pall and saw your boobs. Wowww was the only word came out of my mouth and she spread her arms signalling me come closer and take it.

I kissed all her neck and in the meantime i was pressing her boobs ruthlessly. Her moans are like sexy songs for me. That drove me even crazier and started kissing her cleavage and went on to give love bites on her boobs over her blouse. And her son knocked the door. She asked me to stay there overnight to finish the saga we have started. She dressed up quickly and went out to see her son. She prepared dinner. We all had dinner and put her son asleep. I was in sitting on the couch waiting for her to come. She was changed into nighty now. She directly came and sat on my lap started kissing my lips and literally chewing them by fondling my hair. And she hugged my head and directed it right over her chest.

She: “You shall never forget this night. I’m gonna take you to heaven”

He: Sure Akka. I’ll do all the best things i can.

She: Don’t call me Akkaahh, (as i gave a bite over her covered boobs.. )

He: Okay Devi Darling.

I removed her nighty and saw the melons. She didn’t wear bra. I took them in my mouth and started sucking like a hungry child. I took one in my mouth and sucking, she let out a moan (Ahh, feels so good Khanna, suck them. It is waiting for someone good to get it sucked and fondled roughly).

I went on sucking and biting her erected nipple and fondling the other melon roughly. She must have had multiple orgasms as soon as i was done. She asked me to remove my t-shirt and pant. She partly helped me undoing that. I was in my boxer now and she came and so was she. She came and sat right exactly on my boner and started kissing me like an animal. And she slowly started kissing my neck, she pinched my nipple and sucked them for a while. She came down kissing all over my hairy chest. And she went on her knees and asked me to get up. I got up and removed my boxer and threw it away.She: “Wow. you’ve got a good cock Khanna. Better than my hubby. I hope you last long.. Enjoy what i’m going to do. I’m going to drench your little man with all my tricks.

He: Just can’t wait for it already. Do as you like.

She kissed my tip of the cock and swirled her tongue at the tip. Ahhh. What a feeling. She licked the entire tool before talking it completely in her mouth. Wow.. I held her head with both my hands and enjoying the rhythm to my whims and fancies.

After five mins of a wonderful blow job, she took my balls in her mouth, and sucked them like there is no tomorrow. Trust me, sucking the balls would definitely give more pleasure than the dick (my personal opinion). She then took my dick in her mouth and started me deep throated blow job. I’ve asked her where to ejaculate, she didn’t my tool out and got a signal as to where i should do it. I heaved a sigh of relief from the pleasure and loaded her mouth with my load of cum. She drank it without having any second thoughts.

It was my turn to return the favour. I kissed her again and fondled her boobs. In the meantime, i removed her panty. And made her sit on the couch. I came down kissing her boobs and swirled my tongue in her belly button only to reach her love triangle. Clean shaven and glowing with her juices of her previously had orgasm. I smelled them and started licking her slowly and finally spread her pussy with my fingers and shoved my tongue deep and there she goes wild with louder than usual moans. Ahhh, Shhhh, Was all the only things i could hear and went on to suck and tongue fuck her by inserting one of finger deep inside her pussy..

She: Goo on Khaana.. Ahh, don’t stop it… Suck them.

She embraced my head even tighter with her legs around it. I was literally have no breathing space as i was totally glued to her pussy. I didn’t care and all i could smell was the fragrance of her pussy and her moans served as a shot in my arm and sucked her pussy vigourously. She let out a greater moan and squirted all over my mouth and nose. I licked them happily and i felt glad as she thoroughly enjoyed it.

She: You’re too good Khanna. To be honest, never had my pussy licked before. You’re the first one to do that and i thoroughly enjoyed each and every bit of it. Thank you..

Me: Wait for it Devi. The show is not over yet. I kissed her lips. And flashed my semi-erect dick near her face. She understood it. And sucked them obediently for 2 mins. And my cock gained its pole position. i asked her stop and came between her legs. I was teasing her by rubbing my dick right at the gate of her pussy.

She: Enough Khanna. Just fuck me now. I can’t wait for it.. Just Get innn(I’ve inserted my tool as she was about complete it.. ).. Ahhhh. Her face was glowing now with eyes closed and that heavenly smile on her face.. I’ve asked her to lock my body by embracing my hips with her legs so as to give me the grip and balance as the couch was too small for us.

I started drilling at a normal pace. Ahh.. Fuck me.. Fuck me was all i could hear. The hall was filled with her loud moans which was muffled by some random songs running in the TV. I stared drilling her pussy even faster.. She was asking me to increase the speed and I had to turn my top gear and drilled her pussy by showing no mercy. I was kissing her lips too.. i placed both hands on her back by embracing her and she embraced me as i wanted to drill her deeply..

She: Khannna, I feel the heaven.. Don’t stop.. Show no mercy and keep drillingg it… I lovee ittt … Ahhh.. Ammaa ….

We both climaxed after 15 mins of drilling and asked where to cum..

She: Please fill my womb with your semen.. I wanna feel your warmth.. Go on.. I splashed my load inside her pussy and fell on her.. We both were trying to catch some breath after that.. We both laid naked for few mins and i got up..

And to be continued…..

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I hope yu enjoyed the story. See you again soon.

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