Ramya’s Roomate Priyanka In Hyderabad

Hi friends, this is Muralizroyal back with the new sex story of how I fucked my girlfriend and her friend in their flat.If anyone missed my previous sex story, you can check it at https://www.indiansexstories2.net/couple/with-my-girlfriend-ramya/

Any aunties or girls willing for a relation in Hyderabad; just mail me @ [email protected]. 100% secrecy guaranteed.Ok without wasting the time I will make it.

Hi., I am Murali, 28-year-old from Hyderabad and my girl is Ramya..She is my soulmate, bedmate, fuck mate…Whatnot…she is everything.We were in a relationship for the last 3 years.We have seen every ultimate pleasure in sex.She has been always a good partner at bed.As we did everything in sex, now moving ahead.

We usually will have a porn watching session before going to fuck to get the complete mood.Once while in such state, we watched a group sex video where once a guy is fucking 2 girls simultaneously.The 2 girls are enjoying the guy and they are enjoying each other too.My girl Ramya was watching it with great interest that how that guy is fucking the two girls and how the two girls are exploring each other.She is in ultimate mood that she now wants for a threesome.

I did not take it seriously.We then continued with our session of fucking.Our session lasts for 3 hours involving mostly the foreplay and blowjobs.It ends when we both reached climax.I left the room and the topic there.But not Ramya.She is now more interested in that video and talked to me about that whenever we were talking.

So finally she has come out with her interest of making a threesome.After hearing that I was in the clouds because the thought of fucking two girls is not making me stand on my feet.I expressed my acceptance for threesome which involves Myself, Ramya and another girl.But now we are in dilemma for the third girl.

We thought about a lot of girls but I know none of them will accept for this.Now finally Ramya came up with a proposal that she will try for her roommate.She told me that she will ask her roommate regarding the threesome.But I am sure she won’t accept.I told her not to ask but to trap her.So we thought about the plan and now we are ready for this.

The second heroine is Priyanka.She is a typically north Andhra girl coming from Vizag.She is working in an MNC in Hyderabad.She doesn’t have a boyfriend.I am really confused how can that tempting girl is single.She is 24 years with beautiful assets and wonderful structure.(almost less compared to my girl Ramya).

Now our plan is to involve Ramya in 3some.Priyanka knows about our relationship.She also knows that we are on to the bed so many times.We 3 used to be very free with each other.I used to stay in their flat though Priyanka is there.Coming to the plan, Ramya, myself and Priyanka were in the flat.We know that Priyanka will go for milk in the next street.Priyanka has a set of keys with her.So she went out locking the door leaving Ramya and me alone.

Now we started to execute the plan of getting our new fuck buddy.We both gets undressed in no time and started to explore ourselves.Ramya is sitting in my lap and I am kissing her from back holding her breasts.We went into one room and didn’t close the door as per our plan.We know that Priyanka will be there in 10 mins.Now I made Ramya sleep on the bed nude.I have parted her legs wide and knelt near her love hole and started licking her clitoris.

Ramya is making wild sounds this time because it’s our plan.After 5 mins we hear the clicking of the door indicating Priyanka is back.Now Ramya started making much sound.We can say she is shouting.We are sure Priyanka can hear out sounds.As we didn’t close the door, Priyanka started having an eye on us.

Now in the middle way of licking Ramya’s pussy, Ramya got up and started running out to hall nude.I followed her nude.My rod is hanging while running behind her and her tits are bouncing.Suddenly Ramya stopped seeing Priyanka in the hall acting as we don’t know when she came.We 3 were in the hall standing like statues.Priyanka is watching my dick which is now at its peaks.Now Priyanka went to her room and closed the door.Though it’s our plan, we felt embarrassing.

Ramya dressed up and went to Priyanka room.I left the place. They both talked for some time and after 20 mins I got a call from Ramya asking me to bring a condom.I didn’t know what has happened. I took a condom and ride to their flat in almost no time.

I rang the bell and Ramya opened the door with no dress over.I thought Priyanka went out.I started kissing her closing the door behind.She now took me to her room.I was wonderstruck for the shock over there.

I found one more angle with completely nude but kept a hand over her breast.Now Ramya told me that she has convinced Priyanka for the fuck but on one condition.The condition is I has to fuck her only through a condom.I am very happy to hear this.I went near Priyanka.But she is in fear.So make her comfort, I continued my session with Ramya.Started kissing Ramya and sucking her boobs.Now Priyanka felt relaxed and touched my dick for the first time.Ramya saw this and started kissing me more.I touched Priyanka’s breast and started pressing them.Priyanka left a moan which is a sign to move further.Now my girl Ramya slept aside giving me to Priyanka.I started exploring Priyanka and Ramya started giving me a blowjob with my dick until her throat.I kissed Priyanka for 10 mins and sucked her breast.

I made Priyanka sit in my mouth and started tongue fucking her.Ramya sucked my dick for 10mins.Nor she unsealed the condom and put it on my penis.She asked Priyanka to sit on my dick.As she sat on my dick which is saluting her beauty, in 2 to 3 attempts it went inside.By this time Ramya is sitting on my face with my tongue inside her hole. Priyanka started to bounce and Ramya is sucking the blood of Priyanka.Priya is shouting.It continued for 10 mins and Ramya took Priyanka down and to the condom out of my dick.Now she sat on the dick and it went deep inside Ramya.She asked me to fuck her without the condom.Before that we made Priyanka reach her climax.Now Priyanka slept beside me and Ramya is over me.Ramya started making the moves.She got back into the pace and I no time she is in perfect rhythm.We did this for 20 mins and finally, both of us reached the climax and me came inside her hole.We 3 slept there for half an hour nude on the bed.

After that, we went to shower together.There Priyanka sucked my penis and me came inside her mouth.She did enjoy my mouth fucking.

This is the sex story of how I fucked both girls.Priyanka and Me used to have single session whenever Ramya was out but taking permission from her.We three enjoyed a lot together.Even now we used to have 3some sessions.

In my next sex story, I will post the sessions of Priyanka and Me when Ramya was not there based on your feedback.Send me your feedback to [email protected].Any aunties unsatisfied can mail me on the same email.

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