Ratna And The Unforgettable Rain

I was watching her preparing coffee for me in the kitchen, she was wearing a light pink silky satin night gown and with her movements I could see her arse moving in rhythm with the music of old Hindi songs. The outlines of her bra capturing the massive boobs were clearly seen and the bra cup also had designs which were clearly visible from the silky gown. Her gown was sticking onto the soft and slender thighs which gave an impression as if she was walking all nude. While adding sugar to the coffee she just looked and me and found me staring at her, she gave a very sexy smile and sarcastically asked “shall I add sugar?” or no and then gave me a naughty smile.

I had met this beautiful lady just 30 minutes ago, and, here i was sitting in her big flat and watching her beauty. Everything was like a dream for me.

I was on the way to my bank all-of-a-sudden it started raining and i was riding my bike and enjoying the rain, I saw a lady approaching the auto-rickshaws however 2-3 rickshaws passed but no one stopped for her. She should be in her late 40’s and was completely draped in white, white saree, white blouse and white sandles as if returning from a funeral, the fair skin of her back seen through her deep blouse with a slender neck and sexy lips attracted me.

I stopped my bike besides her, slowly I asked her can I drop you somewhere, the rain was getting stronger and she was getting drenched in water, she looked here and there and then something striked her (maybe the rain or maybe the empty road) immediately said yes and swiftly sat behind me, even though I might have given lift to several people earlier but never had this strange feeling. While riding I said,

Me – u have to follow some rules sitting behind meHer – (laughingly) and what are those rulesMe – Only 1 ruleHer – (Giggling) What is it!!Me – You cannot keep silent, u have to keep talkingHer – Why ?Me – I gave you lift; so that i can have a company, not to do any favour on youHer – Smiling, thanks, but what shall i speakMe – You are a women, I don’t need to teach you to talk

So she started giggling and started talking, she had gone to a funeral of one of her aunts and her driver had gone to his village hence she had to come by auto, so i asked – WHY? Don’t you know driving! She said na-re-baba at such places parking is always an issue hence better to come by auto.

Then I commented; yeah so you can keep running behind the autowalas in the rain, she said but atleast i was able to get a lift from such a handsome guy. I was dumbstruck, not knowing what to reply, so i just blurted – aapko kaha drop karu, i have to go to the bank end of the road, so she said if you can drop me at my home, it would be better. I asked how far is it, she said just the parallel road behind the bank.

While getting down from the bike, she insisted me to come home and have a coffee, i was in a hurry to go to the bank as they will close by 3.30, she asked me to visit her while returning, i gave a half promise and was about to leave, so she asked me for my mobile no, I gave her my no and left.

While I was waiting for the bank manager to solve my loan related issue, i got a phone call, i found a lady on the other end of the phone telling, hello !! i am Ratna, tumhara bank ka kaam hua ke nahi? So i recognised it was her and said, yeah in 5-10 mins i will leave. So she said i am waiting for you, come home.

I was in a fix, what to do, before i could give any excuse she said, don’t think of any lame excuses. And come soon, when u come to the gate give me a call on this no and i will instruct the security to let you in.

It was an amazing house, large rooms and a big window right on the sea shore. It was a 3 bedroom apartment, but surprisingly there was no one in the house except Ratna. I did not dare to ask her anything and was just looking all around the antique statues, the paintings and all. She said you can go to the bathroom and freshen yourself up, i will get you something to change, your clothes are still wet. I refused and said, it is alright as i have to leave early.

She said don’t worry; there is no one in the house so just relax. I will make coffee for you. This is when i started observing her.

She looked very pretty (had not observed this before), she was actually looking very hot in that nightgown. To start a topic, I just asked her so where is everybody, she replied, there is nobody except me in this house, and started telling me her story, she was born and educated in Arizona, USA where she met her husband while working in a big management consultancy firm. After they got married her husband wanted to come to India and settle down here.

After they came here both of them were working with a large Management consultancy firm at senior positions, since they were both young only 26 then they did not want to have kids initially. However later a tragedy happened, while they were returning from Lonavala their car met with an accident and her husband died on the spot.

So since then she is staying alone. I asked her, why you not married again, she smiled and said it is not easy to replace your husband. I got the answer and hence i kept mum. But she was talking in a very jolly mood, so i asked her, it would have been difficult for you na, she asked why difficult!! I said, with such a pretty woman alone, i am sure there might be lot of guys hitting at you, she smiled and said Oh! Yeah, lot of them.

Sitting opposite to each other and having our coffee, and i could see all the curves of her body. My eyes were stuck to her thighs and she caught me staring at her, she smiled and said u are very naughty. So i said….no no no….its not me….the animal inside me is telling me that this is the most beautiful woman you could ever see, so don’t miss the chance. She blushed and walked up to the window and started watching the sea, when she was walking her big tight arse was swaying like a wave and i was feeling very horny looking at her. All of a sudden I had a strange feeling inside me, something prompting me to initiate my move, as if someone telling me to go ahead and hug her.

I walked to her and stood behind her, she gave me a smile and stood there, i kneeled a little bit and started whistling slowly near her ears. She was smiling and i could see goose bumps over her body. She took both my hands from her back and put it in front of her and made me hug her from behind. (no questions, no replies)

The soft sea breeze was blowing her hairs and i was standing behind her with my chin over her shoulder and our cheeks touching each other. It was a wonderful moment, we stood there like this for a long time, slowly the animal inside me was turning me horny, so slowly i started moving my fingers over her waist and found the navel, started moving my fingers around her navel very slowly and I could hear her heartbeat increasing slowly, I slid my hands slightly upwards towards her boobs and started feeling her almost visible nipples. As if a electric current passed through her, she immediately pushed my hands away, turned towards me and hugged me tight. Even though she had a smile on her face, i could see her tears and wet eyes.

I hugged her and kissed her on her forehead and hugged her again, she started looking upwards towards me (with her eyes closed) inviting me to kiss her, i bent down and put a soft kiss on her lips. Her eyes were closed and she was still standing with her chin up, i kneeled down (there was a big height diff between us, i am almost 6 feet tall and she is less then 5 feet) and starting kissing her lips, she responded and we started smooching each other, she was getting wild so i picked her up and took her on the sofa and we started smooching wildly with my hands fondling her big boobs.

She tried to get herself free and said, the windows are open stupid, lets go inside. We both looked at each other and started laughing. She got up and started walking to her room, i was following her, looking at her sexy arse i was getting horny, so i just ran towards her hugged her and started squeezing her buttocks, she was enjoying this, then she got herself free, kissed my cheeks and started running towards the room and telling, come get me my love and ran inside the room

By the time i reached inside the room, she was lying there on the bed and on seeing me, she smiled and opened her arms inviting me to hug her. I got on top of her and we hugged each other, it was a very calm feeling, then maybe she was feeling my weight so we started rolling over each other all over the bed, and she was giggling and laughing which was turning me on completely.

We were lip locked hugging each other, the passion was so intense I could not open my eyes, while smooching my hands were moving all over her hands and her boobs and then her thighs and I could feel her hands squeezing my arse and then her hands moving over my back inside my shirt, the feeling was so strong we did not want to let go of each other. During this time she had already removed my t-shirt and my belt and my pants chain was already open. When her hands were moving inside my pants I had a very strong urge and I opened my eyes, kissed her on her eyes and that is when she too opened her eyes.

Our eyes met each other and then we hugged again and then we had a nice wet smooch and she was getting more stronger, her tongue was moving all around as if our tongue were tied to each other and lips were getting crushed. Once we were done with our smooch we parted and lied besides each other, we were already tired.

After some time she came on me, sat on my thighs and started removing her clothes, she was very swift in removing in few seconds there she was sitting right on my thighs in her bra and panty. She looked very hot in that off-white bra. While she was about to remove the clip of her bra, I stopped her and told, let me have the pleasure of removing she smiled and laid herself over me and hugged me. I started moving my fingers over her back going all the way from her neck (over her spinal cord) towards the crack of her arse. While I had reached her waist slowly she heaved and her breadth increased, I started moving my fingers in round over the area above her crack and her waist.

She started breathing very heavily, I knew it was her soft spot, I smiled to myself telling myself (lucky to find the spot so early). She was getting hot and started rubbing her crotch over my pants the faster my finger moved over her back the faster she started rubbing herself, even I was getting hot and completely aroused, I did not want to waste time at all hence I grabbed her pushed her on the bed got up, removed my pants and underwear together and there I was completely naked.

I got down on her kissed her crotch over her panties and then bit her softly, she passed out a loud ..UUmmmmm…..her silky panty was already wet, I bit her panty and tried to remove it with my mouth, she supported my idea by moving her waist in air, but yet it was tight and I was in a sort of hurry, so I kept my mouth on her panty and took help of my hands and removed her panty till her knees.

By then her panty had already rolled and so I started by moving my hands over her legs and instead of pulling her panties started rolling it very slowly, she was loosing her patience but also enjoying at the same time, and shouting….”you naughty boy, do fast…..plssss”

Hearing this my piece of meat had already gained weight and was standing tall, but I was so hot I was sure to cum before I could even start and so I immediately got up and sat between her thighs, she knew what I was planning so she immediately widened her legs and took her knees towards her chest, this gave me a full open view of her pussy, I said I wont last more then a min, she smiled and said hurry up stupid, don’t waste time.

When my dick pricked her soft pussy, it literally had to prick and tear through the pussy as even though it was wet but still very tight, without condoms the heat around it was increasing, while digging through her pussy it was paining for both of us but the smile on her face with a closed eyes and chin up and head digging deep in the pillow was an awesome view, it was making me very hot, her naked body the curves & her navel, her breast moving with the long breathing was very orgasmic for me, I was lost in her and I started pumping her fast. I wanted to control my ejection and wanted to give her more pleasure with more time, but there she was already tears flowing from her eyes and her teeth biting her lower lip and her legs got firm and soft moan ummmhhhhh……I knew she had an orgasm, the view was splendid and I increased my speed and started pumping with more speed and strength, started digging her deeper and I screamed RATTNNAAA….she immediately grabbed me by my ass and held me tight not allowing me to go and told ……don’t worry, do it inside, let me enjoy that…….and I had my orgasm inside her.

The feeling was great and I lied there on her with my limping dick still inside her and her hands moving all over me and then she got stiff again and her grip over me increased and her nails digging my back and then she left out a soft moan and relaxed………we lied there as it is on each other. While lying on each other with our eyes closed I realized the softness of her skin.

After sometime she got up, gave me a tissue roll to clean myself up and she covered herself with the bed sheet and walked towards the bathroom, I tried to stop her and grabbed her hands, she gave me a beautiful smile, came towards me and gave me a kiss on my forehead and said, will be back in a minute. I lied there on the bed and then when I woke up it was already 6 pm.

Now I need to go guys……..talk about the later part in my next episode……hope you guys liked my story……send me your love on my mail [email protected]….will wait

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