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Hi guys this is your Vikram back again with a new experience, firstly I have to thank you all for your suggestion and comments on my previous stories and this is all I had with a reader who complimented my story and wished a real experience which I am going to narrate.

Dear ladies, girls, Aunties, Divorced or Widowed every on who is not having a satisfied life is always welcome to contact me [email protected] and [email protected] will always be there for you at any time on your door steps, boys please avoid messaging asking the numbers and mail id’s.

Get ready with your hands for the action, I got many responses for my last story in which I chatted with many and thanked them, but there was a women who is knowing more from me and I felt interested in her, I directly asked her mam how can I help?

She replied that she need to know many things from as she is interested in having a relationship with me. OOH I forgot to tell you about my Angel her name is Srishti (real name not changed as she wants her name to be there) her statistics were 36 34 and 40 wow really this made me hot about her and we started chatting daily and it became our routine and she after 3 days asked me lets have a sex chat for which I readily agreed and we chatted like crazy and she was enjoying the chat to the peak and later we exchanged our number and came to whatsapp chat and I always tease her and make her more horny.

Once we exchanged our pics OMG! She is a real hot chick I thought her age might be 25 to 27 but later she said her age is 38 and then came the devil in mind to Fuck her and kept the proposal at her for which she readily agreed and we fixed a date and went to her place.

I got ready myself in yellow T-shirt and jeans as she likes yellow and went to the given address and rang the bell. My Beautiful lady opened the door in Lemon yellow saree for which my mind was boggled and I was in a bitter shock and she was really cute than I saw her in pics and thought to close the door hurriedly and fuck her there and then itself. But it is not good and she clapped on me then that made me gain senses, I was gleefully invited into the house which is a big one and asked me to sit in the couch and make myself comfortable. She went inside and brought juice for me and sat beside me, we started chatting about things and reminiscences of our chats we are making ourselves comfortable with each other.

Then she said me about her story that her husband is a businessman who always busy in earnings and had a girl studying in college and told that her husband never taken care of her wishes and feeling and always busy in business tours and this made her life lonely. I started consoling her and went close to her and hugged her and told I am always there for you at any time and started kissing her on fore head (which she said that she liked very much as she felt the lost love of her husband) and she hugged me tightly and asked me for a promise will I be her husband? Who will disagree and I kissed her more and then she made signs the path to bedroom.

I lifted her and taken her to bedroom and thrown her on bed and jumped on her and we both started kissing passionately as there is no tomorrow and she all of sudden torn my t-shirt and thrown it away moving her hands over my bare back I slowly removed her saree.

From lips I moved to ears and after to neck and she was shaking and moving like a snake, meanwhile my hands are busy with her boobs and I removed her blouse and there is a light yellow colour bra from where I started kissing her boobs and pressing them and removed her bra and started sucking her boobs one by one like a small boy where she is enjoying the moment and said drink baby all my milk is for you darling.. Drink everything darlng…..its all yours darlnggg come drink moree. I am drinking like a hungry baby and next moved to her belly which revealed her voluptuous structure of her body and kissing her ribs and belly button. Even a millimeter space is not left on her body without kissing and slowly removed her lehanga where is a milky thighs show for me which are really making me hot and kissed her thighs starting from foot to near love triangle.

Love triangle is wet by my sight I can tell that and started kissing her pussy over her panty and removed her panty with one push there is a clean shaved pussy ready for me to plough and I started sucking it slowly and by moving my hand above it and massaging it and I sucked her for 5 mins after that she cummed and I asked her that shall we move to 69 for which she gleefully agreed and we are in 69 she gulped mine and I am sucking her cunt deeply after 15 mins we both cummed and we are desperate of fucking each other and I got into the position I slowly inserted my finger in it she was moaning as she did not have in it for so long and I am kissing and sucking it and making easy the movement of my finger and 2 mins later added other and this continued for another 20 mins and she was now begging for sex with me

I made my position and slowly inserted my 8 inch tool in it and with great effort after hard thrushes it went in the love triangle and I am fucking her with slow pace and she was moaning loudly aaaa aaa aaaa haaa aaa aaaaaa aaa yeaa aass ss ssss ssss ssss ss uuu uuu uuu uuu umm mmm mmmm haa aaaa aa ssss sss ssss mmmm mmmm comeee onnnnn vikram mmmm mmm mmm darlng gg gg ggg makee eeeee e it harderrrr rrrrr rrr sssss ssss hardee eeee eerr rrrr and increased the speed and fucking her like hell and fucked her for 30 mins and finally fallen over her mean while she cummed twice and we slept in that position for 10 mins and changed the position for doggy, banana split and many more

finally we went to shower for hot bath where I rammed her keeping her to the wall and in tub.

How can I leave her so early my job is to satisfy her so after shower we went to bed and started the second session but this time its her ASS I am going to plough and told her for which she thought for a while and agreed hesitatingly and started licking her asshole and kept my finger inside for which she screamed loudly and I understood and asked her for Vaseline and applied it to her hole and kept my finger again but this time the pain is less and moaning sound is low and made a to and fro motion with slow pace and continued for some time and then added the another finger and made it a big hole that my dick can enter

I this time with more desperate to fuck and with severe hard pushes it finally entered in it where she screamed loudly and moaned aaaaa aaaa aaa aaaaaa aaaaa aaaaa im dying gggg ggg ggg please babyyy movee eee inn fastttt aaa aaaaaa sss sssss ssssss uuuuu aaaa aaaaa ahhh hh hhh hh hhh hh uu uuuu ummm mmm mmmm ssss sssssss ssss and fucked her like hell in the ass and cummed inside the ass after 20 mins.

After that we had 3 more sessions and bid a good bye to her in the evening which she complimented me and gave me a bunch of bucks and asked me to keep in touch and i left happily with more memories….. Thank you guys for bearing me please mail me your suggestions and comments for me that’s all for today byee ee eeee e.

Thank you and fucking dreams..

All around Delhi women, girls, aunties, divorcees and widows who are hungry and desperate for sex and secret relationship are welcome secrecy and satisfaction is 100% guaranteed mail me at [email protected] and [email protected] always there for you at your doorsteps.

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