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Hello, everyone – I want to apologize for taking nearly four weeks to publish this sex story. Life became busy and it took up my time. However, I am back!!!!. Thank you, everyone,, who continued to read, comment, like and send feedback! I really appreciate the support and encouragement. Thank you to those who contacted me in the past few weeks to motivate me to continue and write the next part of the sex story, and Special thanks to people who advised me to keep writing in future also, I will certainly try to write, it was great interacting with you all @ vk@[email protected] and this is just an amazing journey which has just begun.

I woke up little later in the late afternoon and sat around thinking of where we were heading, in the meanwhile, my views regarding sex had transformed completely. I began to think of sex solely as a means of seeking pleasure. I had started to believe that it was perfectly okay to have sex with anybody as long as it was on mutual consent safe for both & should be mutually satisfying. Eventually, both Pallavi & I shared these views which lead to this steamy romps together while enjoying ourselves to the fullest. We were playing out all of our sexual fantasies & it turned out to be a wholesome experience for both.

It was the wildness of it that got us going: the primal lust, the sheer needs of two people in heat, quickly finding ways to express their sacred hunger to each other in animal passion.Pallavi was a mother, my boss, well-wisher, mentor and most & more importantly my mother’s student and the initial little reluctance to violate the sanctity of the relationship between us went haywire and eventually the needs and starvation of two mature adults body needs and eventually my penis overrode any sense of decency and loyalty that had to be maintained towards her as a long time employee and this had given new dimension & a new relationship as sexual companion.

I looked towards Pallavi she was sleeping in her world of dreams, I was looking at her and the craving was so intense I was finding it great difficulty in keeping it as an eye-crossing pleasure. Okay, I was older now and okay, she was a few too many years younger too, but the itching for a woman’s body……… Wow, her body, well she has kept it in royal form. And I loved it and I couldn’t get over loving it.

Sitting beside her I leaned in, my left elbow grazing her perky round breasts, I smiled, not because of that harmless physical contact, but at the realization of my arousal in my shorts. She was sleeping wearing shorter than appropriate denim shorts, her silky soft boobs somewhat covered by a low neckline t-shirt, pushed up all the way to the chin, some sickly-sweet deodorant mixing up with her sweat and making me dizzy as my lips moved towards her. She was dead to the world. Wrapped up in a soft sheet on her bed, I woke her caressing and kissing her lips and earlobes, in very little time she was half awake enjoying my soft foreplay which was now and then breaking her sleep.She was changing positions and trying to sleep but I was not allowing her to. Definitively it was the fuller figured woman which drew me more towards her, not her thoughts, her money or words, and ideas, had me looking at her – her hair.

Her eyes. Her facial structure. Her upper body, her thick, curvy hips, and figure…And it all consumed my developing desire of wanting more of her. However I started seeing Pallavi face, and body again. Yes, that body of hers. Oh yes, that body…Her body, her lips, her breasts…Her thighs ….. Her rounded ass ……………all of her, again and I was going mad again, her plunging deep neckline gave a wonderful view of her unfettered tits which were fluttering to set free from the clutches of the soft fabric.She woke up and pulled me towards her and hugged me taking my lips in her mouth softly sucking and trying to push her tongue in mine, after enjoying few minutes of our lip love I moved between her legs and positioned myself to eat her pussy, she moved in the other direction so that we were in a perfect 69 position.

I could not hold myself, with almost acrobatic precision I hoisted her up and dropped her pussy onto my face. Pallavi’s wet petals spread out allowing my tongue to work its magic, going from side to side and up and down. I lightly flicked up and down her pussy lips, then opened them up with my fingers and feasted on her sweet tasting pink cavity.

She was whimpering, groaning, moaning and uttering the every obscenity as I flicked the contours of her pristine pussy, she started to get aroused and she started to push my head more toward her pretty pink love pot, her soft moans of “ ah, uff mama, mama, oh god, Vinay keep doing it, ah, Vinay don’t stop pls, oh god, yes Vinay yes, pls ah mama, mama Vinay yes ah ah “set a perfect backdrop for another fucking session with her.With my head between her thighs, my tongue began to explore the inner depths of her pussy. I gently probed her pink petals and then inserting one finger into the base of her crack, I pulled it down & licked up and down her soft warm pussy lips.

Her body jerked dramatically as I plunged my tongue deeper and deeper into her love hole. Both of my hands were fondling her soft boobs.,as I moved up and down and she was in ecstasy. Her voice went up two octaves when I managed to squeeze my 2 fingers up between her legs in one hard push, she moaned “ ah Vinay slow, uff mama, ah aha, oh god, Vinay yeah pls, pls don’t stop, ah Vinay keep doing ah ah “. I widened her legs making more space so that I could stretch back her groove and insert my thick 3rdfinger.

It was impossible for me to be gentle anymore, I was dying to see her cum and I went at it fast and furious and shouted “ fuck you Pallavi, ah oh god “ she responded, “oh keep doing that,” she cried breathlessly, “keep doing that – I like it.” I took my time, sucking, fingering and eventually putting my tongue deep into her crack while gently rubbing her breasts with the palms of my hands.

The combination of sucking her tits and fingering between her legs sent her over the edge and she yelled at the top of her lungs “o my god,”. “that is so fucking good.” Vinay you fucker, don’t stop, ah, ah pls fuck man yeah, yeah “oh god, god this is ah aha, pls fuck me Vinay oh god “. She was bouncing her ass up and down on the bed and flinging her arms around as if she was doing the backstroke. The perspiration was dripping off her perfectly shaped tits swinging in sway as I increased the pace and I felt her juices traveling at breakneck speed all the way down to her pussy. I reached up and held onto her tits as I licked and sucked her cunt.

Pallavi threw her arms back it pushed her boobs up like a small white hill, creating a sight to behold and cherish, she was in complete surrender to me and lost as I continued to work my magic. Those few licks, in and around her vulva, were really quite pleasant. She had wild warm jerks rising in her vaginal canal. She moaned “Vinay, uf, fuck me, ah, ah oh god, I cannot pls Vinay, mama. Mama, Vinay fuck, fuck yeah, yeah, pls don’t stop, oh god ah ah “, Vinay ah aha god Vinay mama, mama, slow pls “.

As I sucked the lips of her cunt, she groaned and even seemed to sob at times, but when I changed my tactic and began to take long licks from close to her ass up to her clit she started to moan, groan, shout and yell, “you suck so good – keep sucking me Vinay I want to cum.” this was followed by “I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming!” and her body began to shake as if they were in an earthquake. Soon her body was shaking violently, I could feel the muscles in her vagina contracting around my fingers when it started to quiver and vibrate she began to hold her breath and then suddenly she let out a piercing scream. She went off like an overflowing bottle of cola well shaken.

She swung her legs in and smooshed my cheeks together with her thighs. Holding onto the top of my head for balance, she rode out wave after wave of spine-bending spasms until she felt normal and pushed me backward onto the bed. I was almost breathless when she held me tight in between her thighs. She kept oozing that tiny little drops of honey and her moans were intoxicating the atmosphere of the beautiful bedroom.

She moved little adjusted & kissed me on my thigh and inner tickling points. I needed some stimulation on my cock and with one hand on my now flaccid cock and her lips and tongue on the lower inner area, she hoped to accomplish just that. In less than a minute, Pallavi felt my burning dick in her hand begin to grow and expand and then, it was ready! She turned her body around and took my still dripping bushwhacker into her mouth.

She moaned as she sucked on it as if it was the flavor of the week and it started to get rigid and hard all over again. She took hold of my dick and began to suck it with great tenderness, occasionally pulling it out of her mouth and gently teasing the end with the tip of her tongue, ah it was just irresistible. When she stopped for a moment to breathe impatiently I moved my ass up and down as if I was fucking her mouth and that prompted her to start sucking me harder than ever sending me into a tizzy. I could not imagine anybody to have better sex that what I was experiencing, two mad bodies competing to outwit each other seeking the divine pleasure.

My balls felt like they might burst into flames any moment and then when I thought life couldn’t get any better, she gulped the entire dick deep into her mouth. As she took me in further and further I started to groan loudly and almost lost my mind when I realized that I was about to cum. I asked her to slow down. She slowed only for a moment just allowing that breathing space to hold back my release.

Pallavi peeled back the foreskin of my dick in a single stroke to the maximum back hilt and oh god it was painful, my pink knob popped out and she was licking it, she shook it vigorously which was now rock hard, and then she very gently put it between her lips, just did little sucks before engorging the whole thing up to the hilt. My legs felt weak as she thrust it in and out of her mouth fondling my balls with her fingers. She was pushing back her long black hair back which were a hitch often breaking her rhythm, and oh god she was just a sex goddess, she had learnt the trick to anticipate and just hold back on the right time to ensure that I did not cum, she was completely in control of making me ejaculate only when she wanted.

As my dick went deep into her throat I exhaled, my dick seemed to disappear completely as she slid her ruby lips up and down my dick. She was taking the whole thing into her mouth and was trying to lick my nuts at the same time. Taking it out of her mouth occasionally to gently chew on my gonads. I was beginning to feel flushed as the blood pumping through my veins seemed to be building up the enormous pressure. She increased the intensity and the speed and I yelled out as I felt my cum shooting up through my veins and into her mouth. I offloaded all my cum in her mouth and was breathing heavy as my dick had got a real tongue-lashing. I was one of the best blowjobs I had received from her.

After a break of 10 minutes, with Pallavi resting flat on her back, I moved over her with one knee either side of her rib cage and positioned my cock for her to sit down and impale myself on her. I knew it was her favorite position. It was the position of power. It was like this that she derived her greatest pleasure. In spite of the fact that our bodies was still tired and drained out I knew she was ready to take a good pounding on her throbbing pussy.

She lowered herself slowly as if to tease me.When she felt my lips on her breasts, she reveled in the sensations as I twirled my tongue upon them. I slowly raised up over her and started to suck her tender supple nipples which had turned hard and firm just like the firm nipple of a child’s milk bottle allowing me to suck them like a child drinking milk for the first time, one after the other I kept playing with them occasionally biting them softly which would cause her to shout softly, my right hand made its way to tease her damp groove my fingers playing hide and seek to move softly in and out causing her to twitch and itch for more. She was letting out soft tiny moans and indicated me to insert my dick in her soft patch of velvet.

Pallavi was so beautiful and so seductive it took real willpower not to plunge my dick straight into her which had by now again retained its glory and was standing erect, she became very excited and I knew she wanted to feel my throbbing cock deep inside of her but I first tantalized her by just rubbing the head into her folds. She started to frantically claw at my arms and when finally I couldn’t hold out any longer I tried to push in but she wrapped her legs and hid her pussy teasing me.

I applied force but she did not open her gates making me go mad, I tickled her waist and pinched her nipples to force her open her legs. Then carefully taking aim I rammed it with maximum force as my dick traveled as far as it would go and we gasped in unison. Even with all the lubrication after the licking my dick seemed it was a tight fit and she groaned a bit as I applied pressure and it went in further and further.

As my blog, man-meat moved into her warm love channel and she was subjected to a whole new set of sensations she started to moan. Her pussy was tight, wet, warm and waiting for a pounding. As I slipped in and out, slowly at first and then picking up speed, she started to whimper and then started to scream, like she couldn’t wait for me. I slammed hard jerks in a very fast and rough means against her desirable body and sweat was dripping from our bodies, Pallavi held me tightly and screamed “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me yes, yes, oh god oh pls Vinay, fast, don’t stop, oh god, god, Vinay fucker, ah ah, oh my god, fuck fuck, yeah, yeah “ go deeper” she yelled at the top of her voice, her tits were bouncing from side to side and her fingernails were piercing my skin as I pounded her pussy mercilessly. Pallavi was gyrating her pelvis area all of the time, making it even more exciting, and compelling me to ram her at a faster pace.

I never thought of myself as a ladies man but here I was banging my horny lady boss and rubbing the palm of my hand over her beautiful breast and squeezing and sucking them like lemons and ripened mangoes and instead of objecting – it actually increased the intensity of her passion and wanting for more. My dick was going at quite a pace and the force of each thrust resulting in fiery moans from Pallavi in the room. She screamed out loud as my fire pole streamed into her, and she entwined her fingers in my hair and rained passionate kisses all over my face and lips.

As I looked down at Pallavi beautiful tits swinging from side to side, I seemed to lose control and increased not only the speed but the power behind each stroke. I was literally crashing into her cunt. The call from Pallavi to make it longer session slowed me down as she could sense me tense, I slowed down and changed the pace of pumping, I almost stopped my dick still firmly in the hot pot and with and with a steady stream of juices dripping from her love canal, I looked into her eyes, she hugged me by my neck and I rammed in a hard pussy tearing jerk she yelled in pain and shook her head indicating not to do it but again I rammed another furious jerk sending her in disbelief and prompting her to bite my shoulders. Another 2 jerks in the same force caused her to moan and she yelled “ Vinay bastard, don’t do it pls, ah, it’s fucking painful, pls slow, don’t hurt, ah ah and she loosened her grip from my neck, I again slowly increased the tempo as I also got the rest that my aching back deserved.

I started to ram her hard again and she started to scream “oh fuck me, fuck me hm yeah, Vinay Vinay, yes, yes, fuck, fuck oh god Vinay, Vinay, mama, uff, oh don’t stop pls “ as I made that last final thrust I bellowed like a bull and I broke her grip on me and put my hands around her waist and pulled her forward towards me as if I wanted to force in that extra inch of dick also inside her fire-breathing pussy. “do it to me, Vinay, do it to me,” she cried, as the pace got faster and faster and her voluptuous tits slapped together as I pounded her mercilessly. Soon the whole thing turned into a frenzy and Pallavi lifted her legs in the air and she let out a little cry whenever I applied that little extra force and rammed my unstoppable dick into her.

Pallavi held on to my arms that were soaked with sweat and arched her back as both were about to have a monster orgasm. She started to shout Vinay pls, fuck, fuck, don’t stop, I love you, ah, ah, fuck me yeah, yeah, oh god, god, Vinay mama, mama and in no time we both blasted our way out releasing our juices and spreading the whole bed with our love juices.

It was a completely draining session and we did not have any energy to go for another round of expedition despite having the desire to do so.

We both lay on the bed for some time and Pallavi phone rang it was her husband, I indicated Pallavi that I am heading to get something to eat and left allowing her the space to speak to her husband, after 15 minutes I returned with some snacks and juices and when I was near her room I could hear her arguing that how can he take such a big decision without consulting her, I stood my ground without going in the room and the conversation was still on for few more minutes where I could realise that her husband had got a new better job in Dubai and they have to move there in 3 weeks and he was returning along with both Pallavi and his parents to help then in the process of winding up, she finally hung the call accepting his decision with no choice left.

Unfortunately, fate sometimes plays awful fucking tricks on a person and it so happened on that day, I was absolutely gutted hearing this and could not believe that I had only 3 weeks to live with Pallavi. I tried to be as normal as possible and entered the room she was lying there absolutely shattered and tears almost rolling down her eyes, all her dreams had been shattered, her first love her boutique was to be closed, her lifestyle which was so much dependent on me was taking a topsy-turvy turn, she had to manage all alone now at a new place between unknown people, I was feeling very bad for her, but the period I had to spend with her was only 3 weeks and I wanted to make is more memorable, after this 21 days would I be able to meet her again, would things remain the same, what would happen again with my life whom will I turn to satisfy my physical needs.

The best I could think now was to make the best use of the available 21 days. I kept the plate on the bed and sat asking myself was it love that so much of emotions erupted in my mind hearing this. I was clear it could not be as she was a mother of a child. No, it wasn’t loved. If anything at all, it was an addiction; maddening, exhilarating, yet very much an addiction. And it didn’t have boundaries and if there were any we had managed to cross them. I was very expertly appealing to my sense of self-perception: I was older, more experienced man and now with some level of control over Pallavi but absolutely no control over things that were taking place in our lives.

I touched her and she got up and gave me a tight hug and burst into tears explaining me her husband decision, she said she wanted me badly and was in despair trying to visualize her future life without me to support her day in and out and trying to accept the reality that how quickly things had changed. I calmed her down and expressed my feelings to her and she acknowledged that there was no choice but to make the remaining period memorable.

I did not allow her to speak any further and took her lips in my mouth, sucking them wildly like this one was last time I could savor them. I made her sleep on the bed and pounced on her body with Pallavi responding with the same amount of passion and desire. She held my hair and looked into my eyes and said “till I am here every single day at every possible opportunity I want you in me Vinay and I want it my way “, you know how I like it to be done “, I said, “ sure Pallavi “.

The very next day the whole team of 7 people including one of Pallavi cousin dropped to help them in to wind up things. A quick decision was taken the same day that I would run the boutique for another 6 months and then they will visit India and a final decision would be taken on it, they also requested and forced me to move into their house once they left and I agreed. In the meantime, all the rooms were occupied and I was back to my home all alone again, I thought that my last chance with Pallavi was done and there could not be any more opportunity for us to enjoy.

Pallavi also got busy in her routine and other works, whenever our eyes met we could read see the passion in our eyes.Occasionally she would check on my ass when we would stand side by side discussing or feel my dick while passing by or quick deep french kiss and fondling and sucking of her breasts is the kitchen when we were alone were the only opportunities that we could encounter, we were in need of more, 1 week passed and there was not a single opportunity I was starving to get her but in vain.

At this juncture of life, I learned and realized how we tend to wait for opportunities and good things to come and happen to us. And by waiting, we miss out. Usually, what we wish for doesn’t fall in our lap; it falls somewhere nearby around us, and we have to recognize it, stand up, and put in the time and work it takes to get to it. This isn’t because the universe is cruel. It’s because the universe is smart. We don’t appreciate things that fall into our laps.

Next day, we were in the kitchen and she asked me not to come to work for the next day, I asked why she said you don’t come that’s it and don’t attend my phone calls also. I said ok next day I followed her instructions and she gatecrashed at my doorstep, I was surprised she said she has informed her husband that I was disturbed as I would miss the little boy Rahul so you have not come to work and she have come to convince me, her husband was returning from another part of the city and he will pick her in 30 to 45 minutes time and that is the time we have for us.

“I like you,” she smiled and hugged me, “I like you a lot, I think we’re going to miss each other a lot, she was looking hot to the trot as desirable as ever, she said “I wanted to surprise you” she said, “do anything you want with me – I’m yours”. We have very less time with us. She reached over to kiss me on the cheek but I quickly offered her my lips. With our tongues entwined and groping each other all over, we moved to the bedroom, she looked incredibly sexy and her melons covered so delicately in her bra that they might slip out any moment, her gorgeous body, big tits, a narrow waistline and a shaved crack were just the best that anyone could carve for in life.

She slowly and seductively took off my clothes. I followed suite and undressed her feeling and touching her body, for a woman of her age, she had a remarkably well-preserved body. I was completely naked with my cock sticking out like a barber’s pole, Pallavi slipped quickly to her knees and started to examine my bottom jewel. She gently poked my balls with her fingers, and then handling my shaft as if it was a priceless work of art, she took it between her full lips and slipped it into her mouth slowly. I gasped as she continued to absorb more of it, and then she stopped and held it there for what seemed like an eternity. As I started to breathe heavy, waiting in eager anticipation for her next move.

Pallavi began to plunge my cock in and out of her mouth. She sucked and fondled, as if she loved what she was doing, I held onto her shoulders as my legs were already going weak, Pallavi with her thumb and forefinger encircling the base of my dick, continued to slide up and down my dick in her mouth, after few hard dick numbing sucks I felt my cum boiling up and ready to make a break for it I started to groan and this seemed to excite Pallavi, she increased the force of sucking and I blew my load in Pallavi mouth I yelled out loud.

I flopped back on the bed for a few seconds to catch my breath but I knew it was payback time. Standing up I took my sexy beautiful boss in my arms and slowly lowered her onto the sheepskin rug. She looked up at me with big brown eyes as I bent over and started to swipe my tongue across her protruding nipples, then squeezing one tit in my hand I began to suck the other. Switching every so often, I continued to feast on her gorgeous rack until I sensed she wanted me to run my tongue up and down her pussy lips. Crazy with a passion I sucked and licked her tits like a man gone berserk. Pallavi body was writhing all over the place and she was calling out my name loud along with, moans of “oh fuck, oh shit and oh fuck,”, Vinay, uf mama, mama, Vinay, fuck man yeah, yeah “.

Embedding my face between her warm ebony thighs, I licked my way up to her cunt and opened it gently with my fingers, then I flicked up and down the moist folds as she whimpered and held onto my arms. As I increased the pace she got more and more vocal and then she began to shake violently and dug her nails deep into my flesh, I kept darting my tongue around her pink petals like a little bee searching for pollen, I played with the lips of her cunt fingering then very gently and then I began to lick the inside of her thighs which sent bolts of lightning through her whole body, she left out a gasp as I pressed my face against her muff and my tongue licked up and down her crack. A few minutes later her body began to jerk all over the place and she screamed at the top of her voice as she came.

With my face dripping with her vaginal moisturizer, my throbbing cock was anxious to enter her steaming crack and hardly able to control my animal instincts, I rammed it in her steaming hot pot of love with considerable force. I did not need a second invitation I just drove it in and started to pound her like a mad dog. Her legs were high in the air and her arms were outstretched and holding onto the bed rail as I continued the frenzy of fucking her like mad, she gasped and entwined her fingers in my hair and held me tight, as I was fucking her brains out with all my manpower and showing absolute no mercy on her request to be gentle. Her moans and shouts drove me fucking crazy and all hell broke loose. I kept pummelling her love pump with my prick.

I started to drive my dick into Pallavi like a piston rod as she kept calling out Vinay fucker, slow, ah ah, “fuck. Fuck, fuck” yeah uf uf oh god, fuck, fuck Vinay, Vinay mama, mama. I felt as though I was in a completely new dimension, my body was on fire, my balls were aching, and then, her soft little clit started to throb with every punch of my dick and my slap on her ass seemed to build on the epic vaginal route from my fire breathing dick. She kept using all filthy words which I would never imagine in my wildest dreams to utter from her mouth but she was on a different level willing to accept whatever I could throw at her. Completely battered and behaved she shouted ‘bastard “motherfucker!”, fuck me yeah, yeah, deeper, Vinay. Still deeper, pls aha don’t stop, ah ah “ fast Vinay, fuck fuck “, and widened her legs allowing me more space to operate.

As I mercilessly squeezed her boobs and bit her lips slowing down a little she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me towards her. I felt my cock had grown to the size of a fire extinguisher as I continued my barbaric thrusts, perfectly matching the climactic waves that were ripping through her like bomb blasts. She let out another unintentional scream, ladylike grunt as I continued to ram her with my rigid rod right up to the dead end of her pussy.

In very little time I shouted “ Pallavi I am coming yeah, yes, yes and increased my force, she said, “ Vinay yes yes, fuck fuck ah, ah oh god, god, pls mama mama uff, oh god god, fuck, fuck and I felt my cum moving up and shooting in a continual stream deep inside of her hot lubricated vagina. I pumped every single drop inside her and kept ramming her after it had all gone. In very quick time she also squirted all her semen with loud moaning and groaning, when all the moaning and groaning had settled we regained our senses quickly, we quickly got up dressed up and in 5 minutes her husband called and came up.

We acted like a good boss and employee and after receiving a good 5-minute pep talk from her husband to cope up with the situations and my emotions, I returned to work muck excited, energized and motivated waiting for Pallavi to create the next opportunity.

We got one more opportunity a day before she left and we had a stupendous session of sex in the craziest way in her boutique as we could not find any other place, it would be too long if I narrate the same, I wanted to write about it but then I feel writing too much about the same subject in a single stretch is sometimes boring and the interest and excitement to read is lost, so I am closing this for now. Pallavi has left to Dubai with her family promising me to come back in six months. I am managing her business waiting for her to come back but 6 months is a long period and we are in a fast paced world not waiting for anything.

All of a sudden after she has left as I have realized that, her absence hits me like nothing I have ever felt before — oh, shit, I really liked her. This is like often someone you’ve known for a long time, even a friend, a co-worker, or the dreaded so-of-a-friend, and then all of a sudden you can’t get them out of your head. It’s like they’re a totally different person and every interaction you’ve ever had needs to be a magical memory and to be replayed and reconsidered all over again and again like there must have been some kind of hidden meaning in it.

You try to get them out of your head, but they are in your mind and thoughts every morning, evening, night haunting you and making you happy in equal measure, this is my precise situation currently. To sum it up in a single phrase “sex is the consolation you can have when you can’t have love & the difference between sex and love is that sex relieves tension and love cause it, I am happy I am not in love”.

Hope you enjoyed the journey with me and I will be back when something interesting happens. Thank you, all and cheers – comments and feedback about my sex story @ [email protected]

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