Real Incident Of My Life Part – 2

Hi ISS Readers!!!! After overhelming likes and good responese I am back with the second part of the story those who have not read the first part can read “Real incident of my life Part – 1”. Lonely girls / bhabhis can contact me on [email protected]


Let me describe about the heroine of this story her name is khushi obviously name changed and was from surat. She is very beautiful, tall and a tom boy when I met her… her figure was 32-30-36, milky skin and she was very sexy and open minded… I will not waste more time and bore you guys and continue the next part of the story. So we met on the station just to tell you she came in Tshirt and Jeans and headed towards national park in rick… after sitting in rick I hugged her and kissed her on lips she stopped me as driver was watching us..


It was 8:30 in the morning, many peoples usame for a walk we entered in National park and searched for lonely place and finally we sat near one big where no one can see us. Pahle kuch chit chat hui fir maine use nihara aur fir use chicks pe kiss karna shuru kiya … fir face pe kiya and uske baad uske lips pe.. woh bhi mera saath dene lagi aur almost hum ek dusre me kho gaye the aur kab aadha ghanta bita pata nahi chala….. dhire dhire maine uske boobs upar se press kiye… she started moaning… hmmm hmmm hmmm.. fir maine thode jor se boobs ko press kiya she moaned loudly and said dhire dhire….


I was enjoying it (now since I’m  writing this I am very hard now and really missing her lot) and woh bhi bahut co-operate kar rahi thi kab uska haath mere pant pe gaya pata hi nahi chala… she started playing over the pant and slowly started stroking over the pant…. I moved my hand under her t-shirt and then slowly inside her bra and touched her bear boobs and started feeling the softness of boobs and aerola of her nipples… her nipples got erected and I started pinching it and simultaneously she started enjoying the hardness of my penis… I really didnt understood when she took out my penis and started stroking… this was the first time when someone was stroking my penis….. fir maine uski zip open ki aur pantee ke upar uski pussy ko sahlane laga… woh puri gili ho chuki thi. fir maine dhire dhire apni fingers uski pantee me daali aur uski bare pussy ko touch kiya … she started moaning and started storking my penis harder.. maine meri finger uski pussy ke ander dali aur use sahlane laga and started finger fucking her slowly slowly inserted 2nd finger and den third finger and make her cummed and juices started flowing……


After her first orgasm she started stroking harder and gave me my life’s first hand job and make me cumm…. hum ek dusre me itne kho gaye ki kab 3 ghante bite pata hi nahi chala…. Fir hum dono uthe aur kapde thik kar ke bahar aa gaye… hum ek dusre se bichadna hi nahi chah rahe the…. we took rickshaw and headed towards station she dont wanted to leave me so to stop me she was seducing me by touching my penis over pant but finally we said bye to each other…..


In the evening I called her and talked for almost 40-45 minutes, somewhat I remember, was the following conversation:

R (me): hi, how are you khushi… I’m missing you a lot, dear

K (khushi): hi jaan .. I too missing u

R – today I felt like I was in heaven and missing your lovely touch

K – I didn’t understand

R – nothing just I was missing those lovely moments, what are you doing?

K – Just came from bathroom

R – hmmm can I come in..


K – ya sure (laughingly)

R – let’s do roleplay … what say…

K – ok you start….

R – just imagine I’m  there in front of you.

K – Raj nahi na please mujhse fir control nahi hota

R – I know thats why. I want to enjoy my jaan

K – hmmmm ok you come to my place


R – I hug you from behind and started kissing on your neck and ears

K – hmmm gudgudi ho rahi hai

R – what are you wearing?

K – Shorts and loose T

R – mmmm really good

K – what do you mean


R – I mean you said na short n T so I was like you are wearing nothing inside

K – ya I told you that I don’t wear anything, it seems you forgot

R – hmmm I move my hand inside your t-shirt and press roll mu finger around your boobs

K – gudgudi ho rahi hai


R – dear just feel it… i’m pressing your boobs slowly and touching & pinching your nipples

K – slow jaanu… its hurting


R – now your nipples are erect… i’m pressing hard your boobs….

K – moaning …. slow…. I’m  touching your pant and saying hello to my love

R – I was waiting your touch to your love….. now I’m  removing your tshirt

K – I pull down your pant and remove your tshirt.. now you are only in UG and its fully erected like a tent in your ug


R – jaan say that word na pls…. I took to you on your bed


K – na…. I pull your UG and take your penis in my hand and feeling it

R – I started kissing all over your body… your boobs… biting your nipples and pressing your boobs… slowly I remove your tshirt and started sucking your boobs … aaahhh


K – aaaahhh uhhhh slow jaan….. I am stroking your LUND…. in out… pulling your skin and moving it


R – aaahhh do it faster.. it all urs my love… I’m  inserting my hand inside your shorts and feeling your pussy… oh its wet ….. fluids coming out

K – aaaahhhh uuuuhhhhh you are killing me…. I’m  missing your presence….. I want you to come to me in real and have me…. suck my boobs….. bite my nippless……have me I’m  urs raj….


R – let me have u… I removed your shorts now you are fully nude in front of me…… I am kissing your naval… and going further down…… the first kiss on your vertical lips……… hhhmmm its so tasty…. you taste so tasty………

K – aaahhhhhh aaaahhhh I’m  loving it ……………


R – I’m  rolling my tongue on your V lips…. inserting inside your love hole… and moved my legs near your face …. (for 69)


K – jaan I’m  not able to control now………. you are killing me like a hell………. please don’t kill me…. I cannot continue now I have to go to the washroom and want to relax…….


The scene was so intense that we both were like in killing situations so she disconnected the call saying call you later I have to go to the washroom and relax for some time. She said you killed me my jaan…..

After 2-3 days we again met and before we met we had a long chat on yahoo as well as over phone… the same will describe in next story after getting responses.


all hot girls and bhabhi just imagine and read this… I’m  sure you will like the story and respond on [email protected]……….. Any girl or bhabhi want secret relationship please feel free to email me on [email protected]


Waiting for the response…. Thanks for reading my story………….. Give your response for the next part till then byeee……. Love you all Indian Sex Stories Readers…….

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