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This story is being narrated by my real sister Pooja. Send me your opinions on [email protected] My Aarti bhabi died in an accident and my Man Bhaiya refused to remarry. I am Pooja, and my husband Kiran works in a big company in Dubai. Man is just 30 years old and I am 32. My brother is handsome. He had suffered a huge loss when my bhabi died. It left him a broken man.

I was also suffering from the long absences of my husband from home and I missed my regular supply of hard cock. I was a lonely and horny woman. When Man bhaiya refused to marry again, I decided to keep his house and give him company. I knew how to cook and keep the house clean. Now, I stepped in and did these things for my brother. Would and fix breakfast for my brother.

I made sure that Bhaiya always had clean, well pressed clothes to wear, and that he ate well. I loved him, no and I love him. I wanted his life to be as happy and as comfortable as I could make it. I still do. Although I was able to do all of the cooking and housework almost as well as my bhabi had, I was unable to give Bhaiya and the love and companionship my bhabi had given him. I could see the loneliness in his eyes and I knew deep inside that he was hurt badly.

Bhaiya was in a gloomy mood most of times and I felt sorry for him. I got a clue about what was bothering Bhaiya and one day when I took some clean clothes into his bedroom to put them in the closet. Under his underwear’s was hidden a rolled magazine and It seemed strange that Bhaiya had hidden it there I unrolled the magazine. Wow! It was a porn magazine. The picture on the cover left nothing to the imagination.

The big titted girl in the picture was bent over a table. She had one foot on a small stool. A strong man was behind her. Both of them were naked, and the man’s stiff cock was buried deep inside the girl and shaved pussy. Caption under the picture was my brother treats me Like His wife.

I took the magazine to my room and lay down to see and read it. The story line was incestuous coupling between a brother and sister. The pictures were clear, erotic and hot. The text said that the siblings loved each other like husband and wife. I remembered that a few days ago, I had hugged Man Bhaiya and had felt his cock twitch against my stomach, and it was not limp. It was fatter and a little firmer.

It kind of thrilled me to think that my Bhaiya was starting to get a hard-on while hugging me, but neither of us did anything to further. We broke our hug and went to our own rooms to sleep. But, now, looking at these pictures, I felt that Bhaiya had this magazine because it showed what he wanted to do. My brother wanted to fuck me! More than that, as I looked at those pictures, I wanted it to happen. I wanted my brother to fuck me!

As I looked at the pictures in the magazine, and read the story in the magazine my hand slipped into my pajama and fingers danced over my clit and plunged into my sopping wet cunt. Now, I knew why sex with Kiran never really satisfied me. I wanted my brother. And, if this magazine meant what I thought, it meant, Manu Bhaiya wanted to fuck me and become a sister fucker, a behnchod as he swore in Hindi.

That evening, when Manu Bhaiya got home, I was in the kitchen, wearing loose cotton pajama and a thin revealing T-shirt with no bra and no panties as I prepared the food. And Didi is the food ready? I am hungry and he said. It was raining, and his clothes were all wet and dripping water. And Manu Bhaiya and I said as I entered into his hug. His arms closed around me making my thin T-shirt wet and my nipples visible as my boobs pressed into his broad chest. And will be ready in 15 minutes.

Bhaiya you are wet, why don’t you take bath and I will get you a brandy to warm you up. And He smiled at me and his eyes went to my heaving breasts. Thank you, Didi, I don’t know what I would have done without you. When he went into the bathroom. I was curious and wanted to see him naked. I went after him to bath room and bent down and looked into the hole in the door and saw my brother standing under the shower naked.

His hands were holding his huge cock, moving it up and down. The water was making too much noise. He was standing there with his right hand and wrapped around his stiff cock and he was moving it rapidly back and forth along the shaft. I put my right hand down between my open thighs. While Manu Bhaiya and stroked his hard-on, I fingered my clit.

I was excited and began to cum and I saw Manu Bhaiya and shudder and heard him moan, and saw his semen squirting out and falling on the wall. I quickly got up and returned to the kitchen. I washed the pussy juice off my hand in the kitchen sink. I was pleasantly surprised when my brother came up behind me, put his arms around me, and gave me a hug.

His and body against mine felt marvelous. I was sure Manu Bhaiya and dindi and know I had masturbated while watching him do the same. The touch of his cock between the cheeks of my ass made my nipples hard and made my pussy wet. I turned in his arms and when I was facing him, kissed him. It was no sister brother kiss. It was a horny woman and kiss. Manu Bhaiya and must still have been horny too.

He dindi and pull back to break the kiss, as I had expected him to, but returned the kiss with a passion that matched my own. As we kissed, my stiff nipples bored into his hairy chest. My hands were on the back of his head keeping his mouth tight against mine as I slipped my tongue between his lips. Down below, my cunt was flowing like a river, and his cock had been rubbing my stomach, stiff, long, and hot and I began to rock my hips and I moaned from sexual pleasure.

Man stopped suddenly and I disengaged from my brother and embrace. And I am sorry Dindi. I got carried away too far and I was red faced too. His cock was standing out stiffly in his pajamas. I will eat after a drink. Will you have a drink with me Dindi? I don’t want to drink alone and Bhaiya smiled at me and I said and I don’t drink often and drink makes me naughty Man and so what it’s only you and me.

Sister you can be naughty with me andMy nipples stayed hard, as did my clit, and my pussy continued to leak so much that I was afraid that and it would show a wet patch on my pajama. I accepted a drink and we ate in silence. Bhaiya and must have been thinking about that kiss too. When he stood up, his cock was still almost as erect as it had been when its tip was pressing into my ass hole.

I knew then that, Bhaiya and I were going to sleep together that night. We did the dishes together. He washed and I dried and put them away. We then went into the living room to watch TV. The television was showing a hot English movie with erotic love scenes. We sat on the sofa close to him, and I snuggled close to him, Bhaiya said and Dandy I you make me aroused with your nearness. I am losing control over myself and

Why Bhaiya? Don’t you like it when I sit close to you? And yes dindi, I do. And that’s why you shouldn’t do it any more But you saw and felt what happened when I we kissed and Yes I did. I liked it. I felt great when I felt you’re…….Cock on my ass. Didn’t you Hell yes, I liked it. I liked it too damned much. But I’m your brother, not your husband. We simply can I do what I wanted to do there in the kitchen and

And oh bhaiya. It’s not anything bad. You love me, and I love you. Why can’t we show one another how much we care? And Honey! what you’re suggesting is incest and If anyone found out, we would be ruined, and you would have a reputation so bad that you couldn’t live in this town. And bhaiya, no one would have to know. No one would see us, and neither of us would tell any one and

Bhaiya lost control and began to undress me and I began to pull his pajamas down. We were both nude in no time And My right hand was between my brother’s legs. I began to stroke his cock. His breathing quickened. Something else quickened too. I felt his cock stiffen and rise up. Good, I told myself. Be cool now, don’t rush things. Don’t scare my bhaiya and I put my mouth on Bhaiya and hard cock head and when he felt my hot rosy lips close around his cock head he moaned. I held on, however, and kept his cock in my mouth. In fact, I sank it in even deeper.

The sensation of having his cock sucked must have been so powerful that he began to move his hips in fucking motion. I smiled inwardly and began bobbing my mouth up and down on his cock while sucking. He could not hold back and came in my mouth His cum was delicious. I swallowed it all of it. When Man finished coming, I sat up and kissed him. I wanted him to taste his own cum when kissed him and let our tongues dance together.

Bhaiya hands were all over me, on my breasts, between my pussy lips, across my butt. I loved it. My nipples were so swollen that they hurt. My pussy was flowing like a river And Bhaiya, suck my tittles, please. I need your hot mouth on them just as my husband does and He didn’t have to be told twice. We stayed on the couch for about another five minutes. By then I knew my brother was mine and Bhaiya, take me to bed.

He grabbed my naked body in his powerful hands and lifted and me When we got to his bed, Man put me down on it and lay down beside me. I rolled on top of him and began another torrid, open mouthed, deep kiss. I made sure my hard nipple tits were tight against my brother’s, and reached down between us to stroke his cock. It had softened after he had come in my mouth, but I soon had it on its way back to a full erection.

Bhaiya pulled his mouth from mine and began kissing his way down my body. He sucked both nipples for a while and then continued downward towards my cunt. He buried his nose in my slit brushing my erect clitoris That touch set of the first of so many orgasms that I had that night that I lost count of them. My brother seemed to love the taste and smell of my pussy. I can’t even begin to describe the sensations he gave me as he licked and sucked my inner lips and clit, and plunged his tongue deep into my sopping wet cunt.

I couldn’t wait any longer. And bhaiya I wanted and Put it in me. Do it to me now. Bhaiya, fuck me, fuck me….my cunt is burning….my pussy is hot for your cock…..fuck me the way you fucked Aarti bhabi, fuck me the way the brother fucks his sister in the magazine in your cupboard. I want you bhaiya…be a sister fucker tonight….Bhaiya your sister wants you to be a BHENCHOD. ..I want you as I have wanted your juju…I love you bhai!!!!

All thoughts of incest were lost to both of us. Bhaiya got between my wide spread legs and placed the tip of his cock at my opening. I wrapped my legs around his waist, grabbed his ass, and pulled him into me. His cock was so much bigger than Kiran and It filled me, stretched me, and sent me into nirvana and Yessss Bhaiya…chod dalo apni Pooja ko…apni didi ko chodo bhai…meri chut mein dalo apna lund (yes brother fuck your Pooja, fuck your sister, put it in my cunt)!!!An I cried with lust as his cock filled me to the fullest.

Man lowered his mouth on my nipples and sucked them and hugged me as if he did not want me to go away. His naked body was perspiring now and his huge cock went in and out of my cunt like a piston and Hoch fuck dindi…You are so tight…so wet… are better than Aarti….you fuck like a hot woman….I love you Dindi… are hotter than a whore…Yes I am a BHENCHOD, a sister fucker…but I am a sister fucker only because you are my sister…You are my whore….Pooja dindi you are a hot cum are you not?

I was lifting my ass to meet his thrusts. Then my brother inserted one finger in my asshole. I cringed at the assault on my virgin ass. My body tense and you bastard….fuck me…fuck your sister….you fucking bastard…..yes I am a hot cunt for my Man Bhaiya because your juju is fucking around in Dubai and your whore sister needs a cock to feed her hungry cunt…Yes’s bastard fuck my whore pussy…give me all and your cock and We rocked and fucked, and thrust, and moaned and kissed and there’s no way to describe all that we did.

Our bodies and our souls were locked together in an embrace. We were in bliss with one another. Then he withdrew his cock completely and I looked at him wondering why he did it. And Pooja now bend like a bitch that you really are. I want to ride the horse….I want to cum when your are bent like a bitch. I want to see your ass as I cum….come on sister bend now and I obeyed as I went on all fours. Man slapped my ass and fingered my sopping wet pussy and nodded your cunt is ready sister….Feel my cock in your cunt sister.

I have dreamt of fucking my sister like a bitch. You love being a bitch, don’t you ask and I really loved it. Doggie fashion is my favorite. Man rammed his cock in a single thrust and a moan escaped my lips. It was a moan do pleasure and lust. He rammed deeper and harden into his sister and pussy and I am a bitch bhaiya….I am your bitch…fuck me like bitch that I am…fuck your bitch sister hard….harder…deeper…brother yes…… your are stretching my pusssy….you are taking me to heaven,….brother I am coming…..fuck fuck…fuck meeeee…..oooohhhh bhaiyaaaaaa!!!

And Man had grabbed my hair and was pulling my hair as he fucked me like a beast. His crotch was hitting my ass as I came and came and came. My orgasm went on and on as my brother and cock fucked me mercilessly. When he was about to cum, my brother withdrew again and sprayed his cream on my ass. I turned back and saw him fisting his cock and spreading his hot cum on my ass. Then we lay together naked. I cradled him in my arms, his head against my breasts and rubbed his back until at last he fell asleep. I slept that night in bhaiya’s bed, pressed close to him.

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