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Let’s get straight to the sex story. It was Friday and we all were packed to go. Me my friend Ajit and Rohan were ready to go to Himachal Pradesh with our friends Sahika, Annu and Gurpreet. We were all set and logged in our car for the round trip from Delhi to Himachal.

The plan was to travel fast, enjoy more, take a leap in nature and enjoy freedom, which all six of us earned.

Coming to the sex story, Ajit and Rohan already were settled with Annu and Gurpreet in the middle and back row of the rover. I and Sahika were in front seats, me driving a car, she playing music and we were a best friend from when were kids so we knew each other completely. While we were busy in our talks my friends in the back have been endorsed in their pleasure. I see their every moment in the back mirror.

Ajit and Annu started slowly by caressing each other, then they started to feel the moment and bend for a kiss, they started to smooch each other like there isn’t gonna be a tomorrow.Tounges exploring mouths and arms exploring body. Ajit unhooked her bra inside her t-shirt and asked her to remove it. Now that the bra has been gone Ajit has full access to her milk without anyone being able to see them. He continued smooching her, pinching and pulling her nipple over the t-shirt, Annu was red due to the intimacy and thrill.

In the back Rohan has already half nude and was sucking Gurpreet’s breasts one by one, kneading like a baby, they look so contained. He bit the nipple and Gurpreet moaned so loudly, it sent down chills through our nerves. They were enjoying it like monkeys, they quickly changed into the 69 position and gone crazy with each other’s part. Rohan kissing the piece of wonder and gently poking it to check how wet it is and his fingers were drenched in the love juice, he started to play with his tongue on Gurpreet who got taken over by lust, with each moment of Rohan’s tongue she moaned pleasure and now took his tool in mouth, took it completely down to through and giving him a rock solid ride.

Now Ajit and Annu were also fully engorged, Ajit took Annu and placed her ass on the seat and pressed her boobs over a t-shirt and then getting down to his business making Annu moan every moment he’s under her skirt. She was getting mad, asking him to penetrate but waited as she knew fun was just started and how much Ajit enjoy making her want more and more. lust has her she took Ajit’s dick in her mouth and made it iron solid and begged him to enter, Ajit positions his dick on entrance and play with the libido, teasing Annu making her want him even more. But by looking Annu and lust in her eyes, he penetrated and Annu gave a loud moan, he started to ramp her roughly and by the looks on her face she was enjoying it a lot, due to excessive heat hear top was drenched in sweet so she removed it. what a marvelous pair, I thought. Ajit gulped one in mouth kneading it and playing and pinching both in turn while mercilessly pounding her. The sound in the car made everyone horny.

While in the back, both Rohan and Gurpreet were exhausted after such a wonderful oral. they took a break but Gurpreet being really horny started to masturbate in front of Rohan and Rohan was mesmerized by her, she put three fingers in and took them out completely wet and put them into Rohan’s mouth which took him by surprise and Rohan started to kiss Gurpreet like a mad dog, after making out for five minutes Rohan position Gurpreet in doggy style and without waiting any moment started to pound her like a bitch, abusing her, cursing her, scolding her, with every stroke his speed increase, he continuously fucked her and when she reached climax he stopped and make her unable to reach orgasm, which made Gurpreet hornier, she took his cock in hand and put it back where it belonged (inside her cunt) and dominated him and asked him to fuck her rigour. He pounded her like theirs no tomorrow and they both collapse on each other taking huge breaths and their juice spilled all over the seat, they were sweaty but sleeping together like it’s the last time.

Ajit was about to reach climax, suddenly he stopped, took out vanilla ice cream from bag and put it in her vagina and starts to lick it, she was in heaven the taint of vanilla with cold of cream made her so horny, Ajit hot tongue mixed with ice cream reaching the ends of pussy walls making them cold and contracted, Annu was frustrated she got so horny from this, she was shouting in pleasure, after completing ice cream of her pussy, he started to fuck her again and this time they both had orgasm and slept side by side on the seat naked. Annu’s boobs were shining due to wet, little drops of sweat on her breasts make them heavenly, so firm and ripe. I wished that I was fucking her instead of driving.

As everyone was exhausted from the fun, we stopped near discovery wines and bought a dozen beer and started our journey now Ajit and Gurpreet(still naked) sat in the back and Rohan and Annu(naked too) in middle all six of us enjoying beer and making fun of each other.

The beer and the road made the journey even more delightful, Ajit and Manpreet kissing in the back, holding beer bottle in each hand and playing with each others body with other, Ajit made her lie and put the bottle in her vagina and poured some into it and tried to drink from it.

Heaven Ajit exclaimed and Gurpreet laughed in appreciation they were tipsy making fun cuddling each other, touching the sensual parts, kissing in between and Ajit put his two fingers permanently into her holes and making her mad with his vigorous fingering, her expression tells it all, she was in need of good pounding…

This is my first sex story, hope u guys like it, I will continue it further in some due time mail me@[email protected]

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