Recent Experience With A Telugu Aunty (Client)

Big hello to all beautiful and horny ladies.Those who don’t know me i am giving a short intro here.I am rakesh native of vijayawada,AP presently being in Hyderabad.Recently have done my B.Tech(2016) in tamilnadu,trichy in a reputed university.This is the 4th story i am submitting here and in this i would like to share my experience with a lady whom i met because of ISS.

Let me describe about her. She is fair in colour aged 39 and a mother of one boy who has done his 8th class this year.Her stats are 36B 30 34. Seriously guys her boobs are firm even at the age of 39 since those were not used that much.

After submitting 3rd story got a mail from her.she introduced about her and told she is sex starved from the past 8 years.Her husband is alcoholic and they always fight with each other.Therefore totally both of them have lost interest on each other. I told her that i am working as a ESCORT/CALLBOY from the past one year. She told ok fine and asked when i will be free and i told about it and she asked me to book a hotel which she will pay that money with the service fee.

I told ok and booked a 3 star hotel and mailed her the venue details. She said that she will be there by 12 noon and i told ok for her. I reached there on my bike at 12 sharply and she came at 12:30. I smiled at her because we already exchanged our pics in mail to avoid confusion. We checked into hotel and there was silence for 5min.We both were looking at tv without looking each other.

To ice break ,i called her and asked what she is waiting for? She smiled naughtily and told she is feeling shy. After hearing those words from her juicy lips(lipsticked well) i went and pressed her boobs on her saree.She is laughing me and told me you are very excited. I asked her what are the services she is expecting from me. She told that she can be here for 4 hrs with me and asked 3 rounds from me.Told yes madam and started to remove her saree slowly.

Then started to press her boobs with both hands smoothly and increased my speed and she is breathing heavily. i removed her white coloured bra and those two ripen mangoes jumped out. Immediately i started to suck her boobs by interchanging.She is moaning and making hiss sounds and asked her how she is feeling now? she came forward and gave liplock and we started to exchange our saliva and internally we were twisting our tounges for 10 min. She reached high and took off my i am in inner wear and started to press over it very hardly and giving kisses on my body. Next she removed it and saw my monster of 6″inch and of nice circumference started to stroke slowly. Took it in her mouth and pumping very fastly.

When i was about to splash my cum asked her to stop because i want the first one to last for longer time. Then i took out KAMASUTRA dotted condoms and she wore condom over my cock and enlarged her pussy area but i dint insert in.

I started fingering with my hand by making it very fastly and she is shouting like anything now and started to talk bad words in telugu ( ahhh dengu ra baga dengu ika nunchi nenu epudu veelaithe apudu denginchukunta. raraaa alage chey naku chala bagundhi).Then after some time took my cock and started to insert in her bermuda triangle but really it was tight because it is not used from so many years.Its like virgin pussy. I started to pump her fastly but she asked me to be slow for sometime.

Then i started to give strokes slowly to make her comfortable and after sometime started to hump her fastly by giving deeper strokes.She is giving thrusts accordingly and started to dig her nails on my back. while doing i was licking her ear lobes and kissing her neck region by that act she is becoming more wilder.Like that i did for nearly 20min and splashes out my volcano and slept on her for next 5min without taking out my cock and we talked naughtily whether she like it and some bullshit.

Again we started to do romance by hugging tightly and kissed . Now my monster was ready for next act. I asked her to bend down (doggy style) i inserted from back went in smoothly this time and started to fuck by pinching her nipples and she became more wild with that act and started to shout loudly.

I was also in full pace and fucked without stopping till i cum .She also came in between and pussy juices oozes out and in between i was pressing her hip region very roughly. I saw her face and she gave a satisfied look. She told you are a master in fucking and we will keep in touch through mails.

i told more work here is pending and why you are thinking about future? for that she gave a killing naughty look.Again she started to told about her husband how waste he is..

Now went on 69 position and exploring each others and her pussing is dripping out with juices. Again i was ready for 3rd round and told her.

Fr that she told me ” you are having lot of stamina and your wife is very lucky”. I told her you can become my wife whenever you want and fucked her fastly. She started to talk bad words again ” rakesh fuck me ,fuck me .from now i am you are wife and dont leave me forever(Rakesh dengu baga dengu na kasi theere dhaka dengu , ika nunchi nene ne pellanni,nannu vadalaku).Now i took my mobile and looked the time. it was 4:20pm and she told that she will leave at 5’o clock.

She was tired much but she wants more because “lust has dominated her energy”. Again we fucked for one more round and at last we kissed badly for 10 min and she handed over me a 100Rs bundle for my service and told she will intimate whenever she needs me.

So, Girls/ladies/housewives who needs my service can mail me at : [email protected].

Feedbacks are most welcomed since they boost us(authors) to write more experiences.More writings are pending and in next stories i will tell you about more experiences with other clients. Dont ask for details because i respect the privacy of women.So dont waste your time and my time by asking information of clients. Sorry for this .. signing off for now . bubyee. Love you all. Yours Rakesh. Thank you all.

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