Rescue My Wife From Her Affair – Part 3

Hello readers, hope you enjoyed my previous stories “Rescue wife from her affair part one and two”. Those who are all not yet finished yet, go and read it.

After fuck with maid rasaathi, I went to our room and have some hot drinks. Due to tired and drunken position I fell in bed. I woke up at evening 4o clock only. Some of my friends went. I ask my friends that when are they leaving? They told waiting for me only; they need to reach their home before 6. I ask them to go, don’t wait for me. After sometime everybody left.

I went outside to search Raasathi, I just want to confirm things that has she ok? Or whether she will complain about my fuck to someone? She’s in kitchen. I went there. She turned to me and smiled and continues her work. I ask her I need a strong tea. While her preparing it I went beside and hug her. While caressing her breasts I kissed her neck.

She turned and responds to kiss my lips.

“Hope I didn’t hurt you dear?”

“Not at all, am not sati savithri, I had affair with neighbor’s driver, but you are the first educated guy who slept with me, I am glad for it”

“You are very hot”

“Thanks, do you need any additional session now? Don’t hesitate to ask me, you are always having wrights on me”

“Thanks, but I have to go, here is my card, call me whenever you need me, and I will come whenever I need you”

“Note my cells no, call me before you come and don’t tell about me to anyone of your friends, specially my boss”

We tried French kiss, that neighbor’s driver trained her well I think. After left from there I directly went to my home. My kids are excited to see me after a day. I gave them what I brought for them. My wife hug me, as usual I can’t find anything from her eyes. May be she is honest or she become expert. I directly went to my system. To avoid disturbance I ask m wife prepare dinner quickly.

I played my cc videos simultaneously. I don’t have interest to note timing in it. My wife returns to home around 11o clock. She came inside the home and changed her dress from saree to red color nighty (which I bought for her) without inners. While watching this video I can’t saw her as my wife, she appeared as a whore to me. Hereafter I will point her by name.

After she combs hair, I forgot to said, shanthi has a long hair till her huge ass. I got distracted because of someone entered into hall. I saw it in parallel video. Without making noise that motherfucker came behind shanthi and hugged her. She shocked a little while and laughed.

“You naughty always done like this, made me frightened”

Prakash kissed her lips and told

“That’s the kick hottie”

“Whatever, am always scare for something, you came inside without lock the door, and now am scared what will happen if my husband came?”

“If he came mean tell him that I am your colleague and I am like younger brother, like you told to our company staffs”

“Oh ho, then you are sister fucker, isn’t it?”

“Ya, if I get the chance to fuck a hot one like you, I am ready to be a mother fucker”

They kissed and caressed each other body, my wife separate from him and went to close the entrance door. And then she came and jump on him, both fell on sofa. Shanthi kissed him, his face, neck and she removed his shirt button and kissed his chest, bite his nipple. Then he push her and changed his position on top of her, kissed her lips while pressing her breasts over nighty.

After sometime he got up from her and removes his pant and inner. I paused and zoomed my video and saw his cock size, that’s not bigger than me, I got settled in a position and check my wife’s activity. She was busy with her kitchen work. I resumed my video.

After removed his bottom dress, prakash hug my wife and remove her nighty. She was full nude with his colleague in my home. Both of them kissed passionately. Shanthi went to bed room without said anything. Prakash followed her. In bed room, while prakash reached inside, shanthi pushed him in my bed where me and my wife sleep daily.

They play like a lover and laugh like adults. Shanthi start kiss his stomach, hip finally laps. Then she holds his penis and shakes it. She kissed it and starts to suck it. Within two minutes, prakash evacuate his load. I don’t know why the fuck she had affair with him? He can’t control less than five minutes.

But my wife doesn’t leave him. I knew how that hunger she was in bed. She cleaned his cock and ball with her lip. And continue to kiss him from cock to entire body. She rubs her boobs in his face. He caught those boobs and kissed it. He starts to suck her nipple one by one. She plays with his cock. After finish her boobs, he start to play with her pussy. He kissed it and sucked it vigorously like dog. My wife starts to moan like scream.

He start to fuck her with his tongue, my wife shanthi screaming “ummm, ahh, yaaa ohhh yees fuck me”. She combs her hair with her hand. Hearing her hottest voice my cock got erect as well as prakash cock too. She released her juice in his face. He didn’t drink it. But clean it by rubbing his face in it.

Shanthi pull his face and kissed him madly. He guided his cock in missionary position and starts to give little stroke and gradually increase his speed. My wife moans and kissed him. He continuously fucked her for more than 10 minutes. Then he collapsed over her. Both of them slept in that position for half and hour.

Later shanthi awake and went to rest room. After he went and back. He sit in sofa and check his mobile. shanthi go to near him and kissed him. She started to caress his ball. He was tired but got hard on. This time my wife sits over his fuck and starts to fuck his cock. He plays with his boobs and kissed her lips. This time she collapsed in 10 minutes, then he fuck her in same position for two minutes.

Later both went to bath room together, before switch to bathroom camera my wife calls me for dinner. I close the player and switch off the system.

In next part I will explain what they done in bath room and what’s my plan to rescue my wife from him.

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